The Best of Trevor Taking on Conservatives | The Daily Show

By | December 18, 2022

Trevor sat down with a slew of high-profile conservative guests and Tomi Lahren during his time as host of The Daily Show. Here are some highlights. #TheDailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah

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[Music] Foreign Like Why are you so angry I'm actually not that angry it's just There's things that need to be said Trevor and a lot of people are afraid to Say them in an angry way I mean you Can't say you're not angry and I mean This is this is what you're known for It's a strange thing to say I'm not Angry but that is the one thing it's Like Ellen saying I don't like dancing It's like yeah you do Ellen you do you You are angry about everything it seems Sometimes you will just need to be Called in there you know I mean what When you say that what in particular This is the thing protesting a you know Fair and free election that to me you Get called in your head a little bit It's time to clear the streets it's time To accept reality it's time to move on Time to make America great again you Consider yourself a conservative I do okay I mean I'm Millennial so I Don't really like labels but yes I'm Conservative in thought My brain you just It's just funny Um in terms of black lives matter like You know you have quite a record for Somebody who is not racist you have to Spend a lot of time saying I'm not

Racist [Music] What is your biggest issue with black Lives matter I think and I've said this many times it Started with Gus it was well intentioned the moment The started pushing don't shoot which is A false narrative proven time and time Again to be a false narrative the minute That that became their slogan the minute That protesting turned into rioting and Looting and burning in militant actions That's when I lost respect for black Lives matter okay but now here's my Thing let's address each of these things One by one when you go protesting Turning into rioting and looting that's Not a black lives matter phenomenon that Is what happens when there is a protest A lot of the time there were people who Rioted and looted when teams won in Chicago years ago it doesn't mean that They are now bad people that's what Happens there are some bad people in Every instance going back to black lives Matter though for you to say that you Say they have good intentions they had The good intentions how are you labeling Out the actions of a few and condemning An entire group because you don't Understand that they subscribe to the Black lives matter movement they say we Are the black lives matter movement fry

Them like bacon F the police there's These are a few people these are a few People this is not the black lives Matter that is not the platform though I Saw it in my my city of Dallas I saw What a black lives matter protest look Like and I saw five fallen officers Because of it so that's not that's not Fair that's true no no no no no no no it Is fair term because the shooter said Point Blank shooter said he's doing this Because of black lives matter yes and There are many things you can say I mean If you go outside you can say anything About doing something because of you Cannot deny that the man had mental Issues as well and he was in a tough Place just because you say the thing Doesn't mean it's what it stands for Right because you're the same person You're the same person who argued on Your show that just because Donald Trump Has supporters from the KKK doesn't mean He's in the KKK so it goes against say I guess tonight is the senator a senior Senator from South Carolina please Welcome Senator Lindsey Graham [Applause] [Music] [Music] Oh Senator Lindsey Graham thank you for Being here Good As It Gets Wait which is kind of sad really wait What's as good as it gets you or the

Show what are you saying what's what's The song of the opening is that it's Just a phrase you say no this is just Something it's an observation more than Anything else how you doing I'm doing Great thank you very much for being on The show thanks let's let's get straight Into it let's cut to the chase let's cut To the chase you have officially Endorsed Ted Cruz I'm on the Ted train Absolutely Oh it's not gonna like okay which is a Very interesting train for you to be Aboard Well I started with 17 cars I'm down to Three well you actually you were Actually one of the cars which is yeah So that didn't last very long you were An empty car and then you got on the Train now absolutely there's a weird Thing to happen This is why this is so interesting to Have you here because uh if we can play This hotel If you kill Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate And the trial was in the Senate nobody Could convict you So It's safe it's safe to say that you are Slash word slash R not a fan of Ted Cruz It tells you everything you need to know About Donald Trump Yeah but I don't I don't understand this

You you really really don't like you Don't like Ted Cruz I don't dislike Ted Ted and I have a lot of differences I'm Getting better at this so uh You know what I feel like you guys are Like a buddy called Dave choice now what Can I say What he's not completely crazy Good uh he's really partially crazy Partially crazy hey that works in Washington you got Bernie Okay okay Yeah that's a tick what else does it Take for him what turns you on about Cruise uh that he's not Trump And that he's a republican he will not Uh we will not get completely killed and If Donald Trump cares to better my party I think it taints conservatism for Generations to come I think his campaign Is opportunistic race baiting religious Bigotry xenophobia other than that he'd Be a good nominee Here's a question I have for you though Here's a question I have so and we're About to lose he's the finest woman in America here's the thing here's the Thing if you say if you say Donald Trump Is not a republican why does it seem Like the Republican base fits him like a Glove what's going on do the voters not Know that this or have you maybe given Them the impression that maybe this is a Party that supports

Bigotry and all of those things Is that possible it's possible that some Do absolutely 35 of my party believes That Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya He's locked that crowd down now 65 Percent of us just think he's a bad President [Laughter] I don't get paid you should I hear what you're saying so you're not On that train so you're saying so you're Saying no no but you're saying I Understand that you're saying that there Are some people in the party who do not Have the correct views am I a citizen Yeah no I'm not I'm not why you have a green card I do Not if I were you I'd be in a hurry [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] This is fascinating because you're Literally like we're all gonna die we're All gonna die we're all gonna die you're Like you know what you look like right Now have you ever seen those movies Where there's like one guy then he just Got like a shotgun that he's running Down the street he's like at the end is Near yeah the end is near it's funny you Say okay you say Ted Cruz you say Ted Cruz over Donald Trump but then here's Here's another clip and this is Interesting

But he has no chance let's play this too Would you prefer a cruise nomination and Skin is like being shot or poison what Does it really matter I don't understand I don't understand If it is like being okay first of all Who is shooting and who's poisoning Between Trump and Cruz well Donald is Like being shot in the head okay you Might find an antidote poisoning I don't Know but maybe there's time Are you saying Saying My party is completely screwed up but Then why would you why would you Nominate I don't understand it then why why Nominate anyone why not why not why not Go behind King we wouldn't nominate Anybody we'd start all over again but You know this is It's called democracy Welcome to America Boat face Graham See if that helps you should call Yourself This is so much fun I mean I I feel for You and we're going to talk more about Uh the party but uh that's all we got Time for in this segment we'll be right Back with more from Senator Lindsey Graham everybody [Applause] I feel like everybody has a different Definition of what they think Socialism

Or capitalism is it genuinely feels like That so for instance you bring up Venezuela what's interesting to me about Venezuela is when people have that Conversation they always ignore the fact That Venezuela is plagued by multiple Other issues so people go look at what Happened in Venezuela socialism then I Go does the corruption not count at all Right right because as I understand Socialism if the people at the top are Taking everything is that then is that Then truly Socialism or is it now a Corrupt form of Socialism which is more An oligarchy is that is that not what it Is well socialism is when the government Owns the means of production they can Either own some of them or a lot of them The oil industry is owned by the Government down there but all the prices For all the goods and services are set As well So what you have are massive and Profound shortages but if you want to See how devastating exacerbated by the Corruption though once the crisis Happened but here's the question in a Market economy like ours uh people Become rich because they sell something That people want in an economy like Venezuela what happens is you become Rich if you control the reins of Government and so as power becomes more And more centralized to a few people the

Possibility for corruption is much Greater unless the power is diffused one Of the great principles of our country Is we have always resisted Centralization of power we didn't like a King and we didn't like a powerful President but we still resist we still Resist the idea and and we promote the Idea of separation of powers and checks And balances this is interesting because No no two no no to this point though but This is interesting because I I do like What you're saying there about America Has resisted that idea but could one not Argue that Capitalism has gotten to a point in America where you do in fact have Kings And rulers you do in fact have people Who Define how other human beings can Live because of how much Capital because What you just said was people become Rich because they sell something other People want but oftentimes we've seen With capitalism you can also become rich Because you control a certain resource In a monopolistic way where you can then Force people so like let's just talk About for instance just the medicine Industry in America we've seen opioids They know how to get the people addicted To them they can then set the prices They can then figure out how to keep you Within that Loop of staying with so now You're in a world where you you don't

Have a choice anymore When you saw Trump becoming a viable Candidate it you the race changed quite A bit did it change your friendship You know interestingly no because we Never except for one instance that I Detail in the book right which what is That instance well that is this was I Got the the endorsement of the Manchester Union leader in New Hampshire Which is the biggest newspaper in New Hampshire and the biggest endorsement to Get in the primary and he was really Pissed right and so he was in South Carolina when it happened and he and Then he gives some speech saying that oh You know Bridge gate he knew all about It right I know he knew about it he had Breakfast with these people every Morning what were they talking about it Was all made up right all made up how Does that how do you still stay friends With somebody who's accusing you of Being part of something that is a crime Well part of what part of it is politics Right I mean people accuse people of Everything in politics sometimes and if You break every relationship you have With someone who says something bad About you you're gonna be eating dinner Alone in politics because it's a nasty Game but also what happened was when he Did that then I went after him so I was In Iowa when he did that that night I

Went after him and I said listen Donald Trump said a whole bunch of lies About me today let me tell you the truth We don't need a wall we're never going To build a wall even if he's elected and If we ever did build a wall I can Guarantee you one thing Mexico ain't Ever going to pay for it right and you Know the crowds don't believe all of Those things listen it looks like I was Right Um no but do you still do you still Believe all of those things yeah I mean Yeah right that's what I ran on I don't Think I don't think we need those things Um do we need some more security at the Border of course we do and I think Everybody agrees on that right um but Did we need what he was talking about Then which was a concrete wall yes from One end to the border to the other no And and I said that at the time and now He doesn't even say anymore We're still slats or something like that But but the point was when when I went After him the next morning Corey Lewandowski who was campaign manager at The time called my campaign and she said Listen Donald's really Um sorry he didn't mean to say any of That he knows it was wrong he knows that That wasn't true and he wants a truce And so I said to my guy if he wants a Truce he calls me

And so he called me and he admitted he Never he didn't mean it he knew it Wasn't true he was just angry and he Apologized There are school boards where people are Fighting about CRT and they have no CRT Curriculum well I mean now what they're Doing is they're getting rid of other Books Yeah by like Tony Morrison they're Going like these and books that have Been in the schools ironically well Let's look at a recent example because There's all this Fanfare going on and Controversy going on in Virginia we've Got a governor's race coming up and this Is at the Crux of it right what's being Taught in school and so has CRT been Promulgated at the school level the Answer is yes I mean there was Directives from this this current Administration in Virginia that says you Will teach critical race Theory so it's Absolutely infiltrating schools Oftentimes I think you're right that There's not a class in high school Called critical race Theory but it does Infuse the teachings of it to infuse Something like diversity and inclusion Training why would who would be against Diversity and inclusion training but I Would be against it if you're teaching White students that they're evil when When a child has to come home and say Mom my evil because I'm white or a black

Student has to say no no I'm Disempowered am I automatically yeah Because I'm black that's bad you're Setting that black student up for for um For basically to be imprisoned by the Sense of Despair for the rest of their Life and I don't see why you would start Somebody's life off that way this goes To a certain Republican ideology and We'll we'll move on after this um Where I feel there's a difference I feel Between Telling somebody where they are or what What things they what obstacles they may Face and victim mentality and I think There's a difference between the two Because I don't think it is wrong to Tell a black child hey we live in this Neighborhood because of this your Grandfather's house was taken away in Hermosa Beach or wherever Manhattan Beach or whether they lived we had a Business that we lost in this place you Know Tulsa Oklahoma whatever these Things are I think it is valid to have Those conversations the same way America Has these conversations about the British and like this is how things came To be the same way Jewish people have Conversations like hey your grandparents Got kicked out of Poland that's why We're here today and so I don't think That that necessarily is creating a Victim mentality I think it's I think

It's crucial to say it doesn't have to Right but I think it doesn't happen I Think the one can exist without the Other they can you just have to be Careful about it and I think CRT uh Forces US forces that pendulum to swing Rather far to the victimization Mentality okay I see what you're saying But you're saying you're not against the Conversations it's just how the framing Of the conversations decisions are Threatening [Music]