“The Atlantic” Wants To Declare A “Pandemic Amnesty”… I Think NOT!

By | November 1, 2022

An opinion piece from ”The Atlantic” seeks to request what they label as a ”Pandemic Amnesty”. This request is essentially about asking people who were harmed by ridiculous virus policies… (CONTINUE READING / SOURCES: )

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I have to laugh at that I should be prosecuted [Music] How’s everybody doing my name is Anthony Brian Logan and today we’re going to Talk about this now a viral article from The Atlantic called let’s declare a Pandemic amnesty basically what they’re Trying to say is this We all said and did a few things during The pan scam plan Demi whatever that Were not really good things to do we Didn’t really treat each other very well We crossed a boundary in certain places But hey it’s all good now right we now Know that certain things that we say Like wear a mask that wasn’t right get The Vex that wasn’t right stay in your House that wasn’t right don’t go to work Don’t go to school don’t go to church Don’t go to your grandma funeral those Things weren’t right So rather than any kind of you know Negativity any kind of grudges being Held let’s just declare all of that just Water under the bridge and let bygones Be black guys now personally I’m not necessarily A really mean guy an Evil spirit to guy and I like I like to Let things go you know I don’t really Hold grudges that much but some of these Things I mean are unforgivable because People went through a lot and they’re Still going through a lot as a result

You’re talking about lives ruined people Deleted themselves family members are Gone it was it was crazy I remember I don’t want to get too personal but I’ve I’ve experienced some things as a Result of the pandemic put it to you That way I’ve experienced some things That I would never be able to forgive Because I can’t get that time back you Know that time where I should have been Somewhere where I really wanted to be And I couldn’t be there because of Certain restrictions I will never get that time back I will Never forgive them for what they did now Before we get any further into my Opinion getting triggered and whatnot Let’s go ahead and Roll the not roll the clip let’s go Ahead and read this article here this Article is going to be kind of what we Focus on And you see the the headline let’s Declare a pandemic amnesty we need to Forgive one another for what we did and Said when we were in the dark about the Virus now one thing about this The the subhead is already kind of Gaslighting we weren’t talking about the Virus really how are we in the dark I Mean we knew kind of what it was we knew What was going on we knew what the Symptoms were we knew that if there was A a vax that it wouldn’t be 100 prepared

For human consumption we knew all these Things this wasn’t a thing that was news To us we knew all this so we were in the Dark really according to who according To like how how was that really the Thing but let’s keep on going here Okay so you see this little painting or Picture or somebody wearing the mask Okay Now let’s let’s go ahead and get here in April 2020 with nothing else to do my Family took an enormous number of hikes We all wore a cloth and masks that I Made myself so Automatically wearing the mask outside While you hiking doesn’t make any sense It makes no sense it doesn’t even matter What somebody tells you hey put the mask On Outside like how is that even going to Help you You know and and then if you have on the Mask and you can smell anything through That if you can breathe through that Enough to be able to hike then it’s not Going to help you these things I I knew That before there was any quote unquote Scientists that came out and co-signed My beliefs but I digress and and the Reason why I’m saying that is because a Lot of these things that they wanted us To forgive them for were Common Sense Things that should never have happened To begin with but let’s keep on going

Here We had a family hand signal which a Person in front of us would use if Someone was approaching on the trail and We needed to put on our Mast so silly Once when another child got too close to My then four-year-old son on the bridge He yelled at her social distancing oh That was crazy remember the the stickers On the ground like all of that stuff Didn’t make any sense I’m like I’m I’m In Walmart And now I’m looking at these stickers on The ground I’m like how are these Tickets are going to help anything how Old he took was going to help you know Stop this virus from being transmitted Okay you got to go to the bathroom You’re going to be around a lot of germs And stuff there you’re going to be in a Public place and then beyond that You have stickers on the ground in Walmart meanwhile Mom and Pop Shop gets Closed down all together because of Virus restrictions But Walmart can stay open because They’re quote unquote essential This the silliest thing so you’re gonna Shut down the smaller businesses and Funnel all the traffic that would Normally be at the smaller businesses Into one bigger place doesn’t make any Sense no it doesn’t again Common Sense Was not followed here because of fear

And this could not happen anymore we Cannot abandon our common sense because We’re afraid of a particular thing Let’s keep on going These precautions were totally misguided In April 2020 no one got the virus from Passing someone else hiking outdoor Transmission was finishingly rare our Cloth masks made out of old bandanas Wouldn’t have done anything anyway but The thing is we didn’t know well that’s Kind of your fault really for not Knowing I mean most of us Knew most of us understood okay that Birthday hats mask on your face is not Going to do anything that bandana you Have over your nose ain’t gonna do Anything we knew that So why didn’t you know that again you Caught up in fear but anyway I’ve been reflect on his lack of Knowledge thanks to a class I’m Co-teaching at Brown University on the Virus we’ve spent several lectures Reliving the first year of the pandemic Discussion and many important choices we Had to make under conditions of Tremendous uncertainty fear again Some of these choices turned out to be Better than others to make an example Close to my own work there is an Emergent if not Universal consensus that Schools in the U.S were closed for too Long the health risks of in-school

Spread were relatively low whereas a Cost to students well-being educational Progress were high the latest figures on Learning loss are alarming but in spring And summer of 2020 we only had glimmers Of information reasonable people people Who cared about children and teachers Advocated on both sides of reopening of The reopening debate See that kind of language right there if You care about teachers and students That’s like the same thing oh if you Don’t want to kill your grandma and your Granddaddy you pop out your meatball put On the mask you know because you’re not Doing it for yourself you’re doing it For them same thing with the Vex oh You’re not doing it for yourself you’re Doing it for them which was totally Bogus and I knew that back then many of Us knew that back then but we were Bullied into thinking otherwise We had no choice you had laws and rules In the books things we had to abide by You had to go to school had to go to Work had to be the Future Family he had To buy these ridiculous nonsensical Rules to be able to make a living to be Able to go to school to get an education Many of us did not want to do these Things But let’s keep on going here because I Don’t like the way they’re trying to say That it was a thing that oh if you’re a

Reasonable person then you would do that I think people did it because they had No choice largely but let’s keep on Going Another example when the vaccines came Out we lacked definitive data on the Relative efficacies of the Johnson Johnson shot versus the MRNA options From Pfizer and moderna the MRNA Vaccines have worn out have went out but At the time many people in public health Were either neutral or expressed J J Preference this misstep wasn’t nefarious It was a result of uncertainty but see I knew not to get any of these shots Because it just came out I mean you’re Going to get a brand new thing that has Just come out to the market there’s been No human test they rushed it out of Panic and fear you don’t know what it’s Going to do to you in the short term as Far as side effects let alone the long Term 10 15 20 years later you’re going To see a commercial when TV talking About hey did you get Johnson Johnson Facts how about the fisa modern mRNA you Could be entitled to financial Compensation call 1-800 XYZ one two Three again 1-800 XYZ one two three and You can be part of a class action Lawsuit go to the post office at 12 Midnight you can get five US dollars for Your 25 years of suffering I knew that was going to be a potential

Possibility end up seeing things now Talking about oh myocarditis and Everything else heart and back and blood Clots and come on man Come on man obviously some people Intended to mislead and make wildly Irresponsible claims remember when the Public Health Community had to spend a Lot of time in resources urging Americans not to inject themselves to Bleach see see what I’m saying You want to talk about you want this um You want this uh this amnesty right but You’re doing the exact same things they Did back then the exact same things okay And it’s the same thing like people are Not going to inject no bleach but things Like I don’t know uh what was that um Ivermectin I don’t see chloroquine these Things were legitimate drugs that had Been around for many many years when Nobel Peace prizes but you guys told us That that was the equivalent of drinking Bleach so then people didn’t do it and Then it was banned from the shells Although it had already been on Themselves as over the counter for a Very long time and people died as a Result because we now know that these Things are effective in treating the Virus we now know that But y’all told us not to do it so again I don’t want to hear this whole thing About uh a pandemic amnesty because you

Guys still using that same kind of Language you use back then to stop us From doing what we could have done to Help ourselves right and what might say That bleach might be safer than the Thing we get out there right now as far As the facts okay blood clots and Whatnot these crazy 18 foot long Organisms I’m exaggerating what you Understand what I’m saying but I move on I’m getting real tricky as you can tell If that was bad misinformation was and Remains a huge problem but most errors Remember people who were working on Earnest in the good of society Okay I don’t want to read this entire Article actually because I think I Pretty much have been able to sum it up What they’re trying to do here they’re Trying to you know do a vision this History say oh well we all would have Done the same thing I I think tonight Okay people just saying no we were just We just didn’t know we were just Uncertain artists and that in the third Right okay so here here’s the part I Kind of want to get to and then wrap it Up We have to put these fights aside and Declare a pandemic amnesty we can leave Out the willful purveyors of actual Misinformation here we go again while Forgiving the hard calls that people had No choice but to make with imperfect

Knowledge LA County closes beaches in Summer 2020 ex post facto this makes no More sense in my family’s Max hiding Hiking trips but we need to learn from Our mistakes and then let them go we Need to forgive their attacks too Because I thought schools will be open And argue that kids as a group we’re not As not at high risk I was called teacher Killer and a general sidere it wasn’t Pleasant but feelings were high and I Certainly don’t need to dissect and Rehash that time for the rest of my days Moving on this crucial now because the Pandemic created many problems that we Still need to solve student test scores Etc etc Okay now let me see Oh something about uh vaccine like Regular vaccines Yeah I’m not really feeling this too Tough I’m not I’m not feeling this Because it but it it reminds me What I get from this article is that the Person is trying to just gloss over the Obvious things that were done To the American people negative things That were done to the American people The obvious I guess you would say Mistakes ever made let me come back so You can see me clearly they’re trying to Gloss over what they did to us about the Same time using some of the same Language so then when this comes around

Again they can go right back to the same Language they used before and try to Justify new rules on this oh well you Don’t want to hurt your grandma hurt Your grandpa what about back then well That back then we had limited knowledge Back then and that’s water under the Bridge you should let it go okay don’t Hold grudges don’t be so upset and Triggered it but hurt move on from that But now in this brand new scandinic We’re going to use some of the exact Same language you used before and we’ll Do the exact same thing and it won’t be An issue to worry about the other thing That happened because that’s water under The bridge but as I close I want to say This I mean as I said before I’m not really a Hateful guy I’m a fun-loving kind of guy Like the correct jokes and smiles and All this and that but some of these Things I’m not going to be able to let Go and the reason is because If I let it go then it would happen Again I need to remember what people did Hold them accountable So then when they come back in five Years and like you know try like I for Like I forgot about it and try to do the Same thing go freaking be like no no no I remember what you did back in 2020 21-22 I remember that article you wrote

Talking about let’s forget about it I Remember all those things that you did So here we are five ten years later I’m Not going to allow you to repeat the Same thing that we did back then because I remember and I did not let it go but I Think I’ll leave that right there for Now and what said you how do you feel About this article should we just bypass All of what they did to us back then Back in the past couple of years Whatever your thoughts are let me know In the comments below you guys pretty Much know where I’m at with it I think That this article was ridiculous and the Whole thing about forgiving the people For what they did to us was ridiculous Because I mean there was so much I could really Talk about that happened during the Pandemic people’s lives turned upside Down ruined ended Nah no no no no I’ll move forward from Myself I’m not going to stay in the State of bitterness and upset And have my mind there but I would never Forget it I would never forgive them I’ll move on but I will remember who did It why they did it what their words were Forever But whatever your thoughts are please Let me know in the comments below And that’s all I gotta say for this Video if you like what you heard please

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