The 2020 Bill is in & Lockdowns Could Cost Students a Fortune in Lifetime Earnings!

By | January 8, 2023

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Daily Wire reports, those who miss out on critical skills during school lockdowns may lose between 2% and 9% of their lifetime earnings, according to a new study. Even ABC News had Child and Teen Development specialist DR. Robyn Silverman talks about how the lockdowns impacted the kids’ education.

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When scientists take their eyes off the Ball and pass the buck on to politicians To decide what should happen with their Own conclusions the results can be dire In this case the lack of foresight when It comes to the long-term effects has Left children at the top of those who Will suffer from what should have been An honest dialogue between science and Policy I'm Gary franci I want the top News every day hit subscribe and tell Your friends you saw it at the next News Network Before I get to that report if you want To improve your health this year here's Something that can help it's in my Protein shakes every day I've lost over 30 pounds since August I use this keto Powder to support my weight management Goals it helps me maintain a healthy Weight by elevating your body's Ketone Levels which Aid in appetite management Metabolism and energy levels by going to Keto with or by clicking the Link below you can get a bag for 51 off Now back to the news The bill from 2020 is in and the Long-term economic repercussions are More dramatic than was initially Anticipated despite all the negative Impacts none can compare to what's Happened to our children's education due To the various lockdowns did the Government consider how this decision

Would affect the future Financial Security of the youngest members of Society unfortunately it appears not and Now their lifetime earnings will be Directly affected due to the mishandling Of the crisis daily wire reports that Those who miss out on critical skills During school lockdowns may lose between Two and nine percent of their lifetime Earnings that's according to a new study Even ABC News had a child and teen Development specialist Dr Robin Silverman on to talk about how the Lockdowns impacted kids education watch Joining me now for more on this is child And teen development specialist Dr Robin Silverman Dr Silverman glad you're here To talk about this with us especially as A parent it's something I've been very Concerned about and in Ariel's piece she Showed how students are really falling Behind in multiple subjects now we know The pandemic has impacted our kids in so Many ways not just emotionally but Academically academically so do you Think we can get them back on track or Does it depend on where you live and What kind of school you're going to and The resources that you have We know from the research and from Practical all these people telling us What's going on that we've got a lot of Issues going on we've got lag we've got Gap and we've got lack of flow so with

The lag that we're seeing those kids are Not where the other kids were a couple Of years ago the gaps are widening as You just mentioned that those kids who Were behind are even more behind and Lack of flow the start stop I'm at School I'm at home has created this Feeling like these kids can't get their Feet underneath them so the answer to Your question is it does depend on where You live and what resources you have Parents are going to need to advocate For themselves but they also May really Need to get some help for their kids As a result of the most recent National Assessment of educational progress the Average reading scores of nine-year-olds Dropped five points and the average Mathematics scores dropped seven points Marking the first reading score decline In three decades in first mathematics Score decline in the program's history An economist from Stanford University And Senior fellow on the Hoover Institution Eric Hannah shuk Use the results of a recent study to Estimate the impacts of worsen's Educational outcomes at the state level And according to that study the average American student will lose 5.6 of their Lifetime earnings due to school Lockdowns students in Oklahoma were Projected to lose nine percent of their Lifetime incomes and students in Utah

Are projected to lose 2 percent During the school closures disadvantaged Students fairly worse than other Students that's according to the study Based on similar calculations State Economies would lose between 0.6 and 2.9 Percent of economic output over the next Century with Nationwide losses averaging 1.9 percent of GDP California the Largest state in the country could lose 1.3 trillion dollar although learning Losses among its students were among the Least severe According to the study the immediate Impact on the state's economies will be Zero since affected students are in School and not yet in the labor force Since the impact is not felt until these Students finish school and to labor Force and become a significant part of It people tend to ignore it that's a Mistake because the economic impact is Huge The damage is done and although there May be a sense of satisfaction on the Part of those plotting in the shadows For their globalist agenda the full Implications of their scheme have yet to Come into play once parents start Realizing what's been done to put this Generation at a distinct disadvantage we Can expect some pushing back from within Americans will show resilience and not Accept this new world order so easily we

Should never underestimate the Determination of a parent when it comes To providing for a brighter future for The children the globalists may have won A slim battle for now but the war is Still to be won and one would be a fool To bet against America let's continue The conversation in the comments below For the next News Network I'm Gary Franchi Let's talk more about your goals this Year because if you're hoping to improve Your health this year like me listen up The most popular resolutions every year Are losing weight and exercising there's One tip that I want to share with you That will make sure that you do not Become one of the large majority who Fail with this amazing keto powder you Can achieve your weight management goals As this supplement helps elevate your Body's levels of ketones it can Aid in The management of appetite metabolism And general energy levels allowing you To maintain a healthy body weight since August I have lost over 30 pounds by Incorporating this into my protein Shakes every day now is the time to get Your bag of Keto with Gary by visiting Keto with or click the link Below and during their winter special You'll not only say 51 percent but You'll also receive several bonuses to Help you take control of your health in

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