Thanksgiving Meltdowns Have Started by Liberals Upset About White People

By | November 23, 2022

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Well Thanksgiving is just hours away Which means that of course Liberals are Upset about it and many Native Americans Are regretful that their ancestors Traded the island of Manhattan to Dutch Settlers back in the 1600s for 24 Dollars worth of beads and trinkets I'd Like to make a toast to that that's a Brilliant move Hey Jay look what I got The virtual signaling has begun in like Most moral decay in America it's being Led by Hollywood actors like John Leguizamo whose name is familiar but I Can't recall a single movie that he's Actually been in he led the charge Getting started early posting this on Sunday denouncing Thanksgiving saying Happy indigenous survivors stay and F Thanksgiving this from the Pennsylvania Capital star which is not supposed to be A parody News website with a reminder For your holiday table Thanksgiving Celebrates a racist genocide that's neat Please pass the gravy and who could Forget this classic by the now co-host Of Jeopardy Miriam Bialik I grew up Coloring pictures of pilgrims and Indigenous people of the Americas Indians called them Indians having this Beautiful joyous Thanksgiving meal Together yes there was corn and turkey And pumpkins and a cornucopia wait for It pouring out on the table everybody's

Having a great time the truth is European Invaders came to this land took It from the indigenous people raped Pillaged gave them all sorts of diseases Called it their own and desecrated a Culture it is one of the grossest Examples of genocide in recent history And much as I don't want to think that Thanksgiving's about that it's really Hard for me to not think about that when I think about Thanksgiving Actually speaking of genocide that would Be what various Native American tribes Have been doing to each other since well Long before the European colonizers came Here and helped put an end to it just Like the Spanish Christian conquistadors Who came to Mexico and then put an end To the Mayans cutting people's beating Hearts out but the marxists want us to Apologize for European pilgrims coming Here and building this great country and So now it's a common occurrence for them To do what's called a land Acknowledgment which is literally an Apology for Europeans coming and Improving the culture here like at the Official White House Christmas tree Lighting ceremony last year Good evening I'm grateful to join you on The ancestral homelands of the Anacostia And Piscataway people for the 99th Lighting of the National Christmas Tree Oh she called a Christmas tree that's a

Big mistake lady that's not very Inclusive I bet you this year they'll Call it a holiday lighting meanwhile at The University of Minnesota the new Class of medical students apologized for All of the great benefits that Western Medicine has brought to the world With gratitude We the students of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Medical School Class of 2026 Stand here today among our friends Families peers mentors and communities Who have supported us in reaching this Mind wait for it our institution is Located on Dakota land today many Indigenous people throughout the state Including Dakota and Ojibwe called the Twin Cities home we also recognize this Acknowledgment is not enough We commit to uprooting the Legacy and Perpetuation of structural violence Deeply embedded within the Health Care System we recognize inequities built by Past and present traumas rooted in white Supremacy colonialism the gender binary Ableism and all forms of Oppression this Is what they're doing in medical school You would expect this kind of nonsense That Starbucks but these are future Doctors anytime anybody complains about What white Europeans did to the Native Americans they should be forced to watch This segment from the PBS documentary

Series Finding Your Roots which features The actor Don Cheadle who learned a Little surprising fact about American History unlike most African Americans Who were freed by the end of the Civil War your ancestors weren't take a look At this This document is an official enrollment Card for the Chickasaw Friedman the Former slaves owned by the Chickasaw Nation owned by the Chickasaw Nation Owned by the Chickasaw Nation Your ancestors were enslaved by Native Americans You are one of the few African-Americans Who was not enslaved my wife I don't know how I feel about that you can't blame the white man That's how you feel about it another Stunning Revelation from the Finding Your Roots series occurred when Michael Moore sat down to learn about his Ancestry who by the way no matter what His celebrity friends are doing and no Matter what he says he will not be Boycotting Thanksgiving he hasn't missed A meal and would never miss a meal if His life depended on it but he learned On the show that one of his ancestors Was brought to North America from Scotland as a slave and then was later Killed by the Indians yes many white People were slaves well in certain parts Of the world in the third world still

Are slaves today other liberal lunatics Are concerned about the climate impact Of Thanksgiving and we see these Articles every year now for the last Several years where they literally Calculate the size of the carbon Footprint for growing the turkey and all Of the other food that everybody eats These are the same people who want to Ban meat and make everybody eat bugs Food for thought at Thanksgiving most Religious people consider the Earth Sacred yet few actively helps slow Climate change I'm sure your cornbread Is really good grandma but you're Killing the Earth here's some more food For thought you could save 15 off of any Of my shirts from starting Today through the whole weekend by using The promo code turkey at the checkout And Trump claws his back if you want to Make Christmas dinner extra special this Year and I just released my new Ultra Mega Shirt all available on a t-shirt Lone sleeve and a hoodie and a whole Bunch of different colors as well so Head on over to or click The link in the description below and to The promo code turkey at the checkout to Save 15 this whole week and check them Out