Ted Cruz Called Out By Republican For His Constant BS

By | November 7, 2022

Dan Crenshaw calls out pro-Trump lawmakers like Ted Cruz for knowing that the election was not stolen. Adrienne Lawrence breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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Uh and in fact this book is the first Inside account of what happened on January 6th and so I take the reader Through the events of the 2020 election Leading up to January 6. I take them Through the evidence of election fraud And voter fraud in November 2020 which The Democrats and the corporate media Insists doesn't exist we all knew it was A Result from Donald Trump and apparently Trump supporting lawmakers know it too Now that's according to conservative Congressman Dan Crenshaw welcome into Tyt's over rules I'm your host Adrian Lawrence on his podcast hold these Truths Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw Admitted that behind closed doors Pro-trump lawmakers knew and have always Known that the 2020 presidential Election was not stolen oddly enough Crenshaw was none too pleased with his Colleagues who continued to push this Big lie knowing that the messaging could Lead voters to lose faith in the Electoral process Give a listen to what The former Navy SEAL had to say about it This was it was always a lie it was Always a lie the whole thing was always A lie and it was a lie meant to rile People up and you know I've talked about This ad nauseam it really made me angry Because I'm like the promises you're Making that you're gonna that you're

Gonna challenge the Electoral College And overturn the election there's not Even a process for you to do that it Doesn't even exist Like I also was like what the hell are We doing and I would tell that to people Kind of behind closed doors too Especially a lot of the rabble rousers Like like the political Um personalities not even the Politicians we definitely had the Arguments behind closed doors in the Republican party before that but like so We have a lot of people in the political World that are just willing to say Things they know aren't true they know Aren't true and it's it's a huge Manipulation I think the bigger the more Generic threat is this extreme Willingness to say the the most extreme Things just to grab people's attention And then people's willingness to believe Some of it doesn't it could it could be Election stuff it could be again like I Said earlier this doesn't seem to be the First time that Crenshaw has pushed back Against his fellow lawmakers pushing a Big lie this part of Texas Tribune Crenshaw was among a handful of Texas Republicans to vote against GOP Objections to the results of the 2020 Presidential election although the Objections delayed the certification of The results culminating in the violent

Attack on the capitol on January 6 2021 The effort was always doomed to fail With a democratic majority in the house But we must bear in mind that Crenshaw Was among the Republicans who did Support a losing lawsuit challenging Trump's defeat in 2020. Crenshaw had Joined 126 Republicans who signed on to The challenge that made its way all the Way to the U.S Supreme Court So really I just kind of want to know What was it that made Crenshaw want to Speak out now because nothing's really Seemed to change as far as I'm concerned The gops pushed baseless claims of voter Fraud and election fraud Sans evidence From the jump and again I appreciate That Crenshaw finally seemed to have Found the light and been vocal about it I can't really forget that he played a Role in casting some of the darkness but Those are just my thoughts you let me Know yours in the comments below hit That like and follow button and thanks For watching

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