Tax Dodgers

By | April 12, 2022

Pie lays into the lot of them for being morally reprehensible tax dodgers.

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After last week’s revelations about his Wife’s financial dealings rishi sunak Has launched an inquiry as to how the Information was leaked let’s take a look You don’t need an inquiry mate it was The bloke next door trying to save his Own ass by dropping you right in it Because that’s the kind of man he is You know what i loved about all of this Right for a few days there there was This sense from tory ministers of how Very dare you Amazement that the electorate feel a bit Uneasy at those who struggle the most Having their taxes raised whilst the Multi-millionaire in charge of raising Those taxes is married to a tax dodging Billionaire oh she’s done nothing wrong Cries rishi well not if you take morals Out of the equation she hasn’t my tax Dodging billionaire wife is off limits Well she certainly was to the hmrc mate So boris has deliberately opened up a Pandora’s snatch of hastily written Statements saying oh yeah i did use tax Havens for a bit but now i’m an mp and It’s just not a good look yeah it’s not A good look because it’s morally Reprehensible well i used to be morally Reprehensible but now i’m not but as Soon as i’m kicked out of office i will Be again and boris he’s banking on it That we find all of this much more Morally reprehensible than him breaking

His own lockdown rules and probably the Law then lying about it and whilst the Chancellor and the health secretary who Is also the previous chancellor along With presumably many more to come Haven’t technically done anything Legally wrong the fact that their first Instinct is to keep as much of their Money as possible away from the treasury That they run Tells you all you need to know They are perfectly happy taxing you and Me taxing the [ __ ] out of hard-working Families but as soon as you’ve got Enough money too much money to pay tax On oh you don’t worry about that listen Just just pay what you can yeah it only Goes on hospitals for poor people don’t Worry about it And these [ __ ] they’re not just Immensely rich they are also incredibly Cheap into the bargain the prime Minister is happy to spend 840 pounds on A roll of wallpaper so long as he Doesn’t have to pay for it himself You’ve got tory mps claiming two grand Of expenses for their heating bills Whilst for millions putting the heating On now means lighting a couple of extra Candles whilst the government announces A major shift in energy policy which Does nothing to address the energy and Cost of living crisis with his latest Round of budget bum foolery rishi soon

Act deliberately and knowingly has Pushed a further 1.3 million citizens Into absolute poverty including half a Million children but then of course this Is the government who decided not to Feed hungry children during a pandemic And yet they sneer incredulously when You point out that whilst most of them Are tax dodging snake oil vendors we Have the highest tax burden since nazis In plains were dropping bombs on london The biggest drop in income since the [ __ ] 50s the biggest drop in living Standards since rationing But what ever happened to leveling up You remember that one leveling up taking Back control building back better they Don’t care about the country they care About money money and power because Power brings more money rich cheap [ __ ] running the country into the Ground without a single moral between Them Well we are likely to hear by the end of The day if the prime minister has been Fined by police for breaking lockdown Rules but

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