T-Pain – Nappy Boy Entertainment and Shaping Hip-Hop | The Daily Show in Atlanta

By | November 2, 2022

“I think the most important thing that came out of how I’ve done everything is the lessons I’ve acquired.” Grammy Award-winning artist T-Pain opens up about how he found acceptance in Atlanta, why he decided to talk openly about his anxiety and depression, and how he’s used his life’s lessons to mentor others in the music industry through his label, Nappy Boy Entertainment. #DailyShow #Comedy

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Praying themselves yeah man welcome Welcome to the Daily Show Welcome first of all second of all thank You for welcoming us you know obviously We know you started your career out in Florida but you’ve made Atlanta your Home and it feels like Atlanta has fully Adopted you absolutely man absolutely There’s no deny that music today cannot Say especially hip-hop cannot say that It hasn’t been shaped by T-Pain you know The way you’ve created everything Everything from from how you use Auto-tune so the way you define the Music you’ve also been really vocal About the journey that you’ve been on You know I I found it interesting I mean It was it was terrible for you but you Know people started blaming you for Music like you you came up with a style Of using Ultra tune that nobody had ever Seen before right you know in my humble Opinion I’m not a musician but I felt Like you used it properly then everyone Just came out and everything you know What I mean and then people started Saying to you they’re like oh T-Pain Spoiled music T-Pain destroyed music you Went into a depression and you spoke About how you had to work on your mental To come out absolutely I love being Vocal about things like that because it Wasn’t set in the blueprint before me Everybody was always you know it’s all

About bling and it’s all about having a Bunch of money and having all this and Nobody tells you about the down right Everybody always tells you about the up And I always look back at the the you Know the people that came before me and I’m like why why didn’t y’all tell me About this man like you know according To them it was it’s money girls big House somehow your wife don’t find out About any of that uh You know the fantasy world But you know nobody told us about the Down so I try to stay vocal about that To let people know these things are Gonna happen as much as you try to Create this perfect world around you no Matter what you do you can do you can Have Charities you can do all these Great things you’re still gonna have These Downs because there’s no magical World in the Multiverse that everybody Is happy all the time I feel like you have to You’ve also had to do what what few People ever you know think they’ll have To do which is write a way of immense Success go through a period where you Know your mental is challenged you know As you said you struggled with Depression and then financially you’ve Shared the stories of how you know you Thought you had it all forever and then You realize that the wrong people can

Give you the wrong advice all of a Sudden your money’s not always supposed To be but then you have to build Yourself back up and now you know nappy Boy is back in the game you know you’re Mentoring artists you’re creating music That’s that’s moving the culture forward Again where does T-pain go from here Because very few people have been in the Second peak of their life where they Have to rebuild everything and they have The opportunity right to do it all again What would you do do what would you do Differently and why uh condoms that Would probably be [Applause] That’d probably be I’ll probably invest in them No man I don’t think I would change Anything I think the the most important Thing that came out of how I’ve done Everything is the lessons I’ve acquired While doing them right you know and and Knowing each end of the spectrum is Always better than going in it blindly And going off of Faith Um you know as I said having that Information if I would have came into The game and I would have stayed Successful for this long the downfall Would have just been from a higher Height right like you know what I’m Saying so I kind of embrace the fact That I was able to go jump in the kiddie

Pool real quick and then move to the High you know I I just wanted to have That experience in my life and I don’t Regret any part of it I love everything That’s a good way to live life thank you So much I appreciate you so much [Music]

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