Sweet Potato Pie vs. Pumpkin Pie – Hold Up with Dulcé Sloan & Josh Johnson | The Daily Show

By | November 17, 2022

“First of all, I’m a good person. Okay? So you know for fact that I pick sweet potato. Because ain’t no way on God’s blue marble that I’mma act like that I am going to be eating something that people carve faces to.” – Dulcé Sloan

“I’ve never had a bad pumpkin pie, mainly because they’ve been store bought. But I have had some homemade pumpkin pies that were good.” – Josh Johnson

It’s sweet potato pie vs. pumpkin pie this week on Hold Up with Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and writer Josh Johnson. #DailyShow #HoldUp #Podcast

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Hello friends it's Dulce Sloan Corresponding for The Daily Show before We get into today's episode we want to Know what do you want to hear us argue About on this podcast drop a comment on Any hold up clip you see on the daily Shows Instagram Facebook Tick Tock or YouTube Pages or tweet us using the Hashtag hashtag holdup let us know [Music] Hey I'm Josh Johnson running for the Daily Show and this is hold up I'm here With my co-host This one Today's topic is sweet potato pie versus Pumpkin pie and Tell the people Let them know first of all I'm a good Person okay so you know for a fact That I pick sweet potato because ain't No way Oh God's Blue Marble That imma act like that I am going to be Eating something that people call our Faces too Okay the only time anybody messes with That vegetable with that squash okay With that ground dwelling Vine climbing Orange vegetable is from November to December people ain't thinking about Pumpkin the rest of the year it's like Oh pumpkin spice pumpkin spice is not Made for pumpkins it's just nutmeg it's Like

Other stuff it's just the season that we Put on pumpkin and also we call it Pumpkin spice but I've had a pumpkin pie The pumpkin spices ain't in that pie But spices ain't good and don't act like Oh they equal to each other oh you know That we can't you can't even tell You can tell look at who's at that party Look at who's at this kit together okay Whatever the majority is That's what that pie is That's what that pie is I'll just say it I'll just say it Okay and and and So my mother's allergic to Pumpkin right And so we got a sweet potato pie from The store one time I guess this was in Atlanta and the Pumpkin wasn't selling They had snuck the pumpkin Into the sweet potato because my mother Was eating it and decision my tongue Itches my throat itches I was like wait What She said what's the ingredient she's Like wait we cooked everything else and Then she was like what's the ingredients On that pot because you started trying To figure out what it was and these Bastards them snuck pumpkin into this Good Christian sweet potato pie So that lets you know that they trying To hide pumpkin they try this is the Cheese you know this is they're trying To put the broccoli in okay

Because you put cheese on you try to put Cheese on the broccoli okay that's what This is stop making that face okay I'm Making I'm making that face because even In the example you're using broccoli is Still a good thing broccoli is delicious What I'm saying is that but a lot of People don't like broccoli a lot of People have brussels sprouts like my big In college she doesn't like broccoli Because she says it's like licking the Afro I don't agree with that I love Broccoli also I have an afro Um yeah that's a genuinely insane thing To me like I I I kind of understand what She's trying to say but No Listen I was 18 at the time it sounded Crazy then I'm 39 it still sounds nuts Mm-hmm but you know That's Aaron Kennedy okay I was not here For it so I'm saying is that pumpkin is So disliked and so undersold that they Had to slide it and sneak it in as a Filler in a sweet potato pie because the Pumpkin was so good on its own it Wouldn't have to slide it in there and Tried to kill my mama listen they should Not have snuck in pumpkin into a pie That was not supposed to be pumpkin I'm With you on that also especially because People have allergies What I will say How many times have you been at a dinner

Have you been somewhere and You look at the table And like you said you said look at the People you'll know the type of pie but I'm saying let's keep it on the pie for A second let's keep it on the actual Color and Hue of the pie okay you look At a pie that could be sweet potato or It could be pumpkin you can't tell me You know with a hundred percent Certainty which type of pie it is you Know these pies are very close they're Barely they're barely barely edging each Other out with homemade you can see the Spices right with store-bought You're still on a sweet potato pie You can usually see the spike like You'll see a little bit of the spice Right Uh but store pot pies is very hard to Distinguish between The two because they do end up being Similar colors But sweet potato pie is usually darker But because of the spices there are more Nutrients In a sweet potato pot in sweet potatoes Then there are in pumpkins now some People try to say that there are less There's less sugar And pumpkin pies versus sweet potatoes But I really feel like that has to go Down to just The recipe because I don't of course

There's gonna be less sugar in a pumpkin Pie a sweet potato is sweet and also if You're sitting up typing in what is a Healthier pie Um yes If you are at the pie section of the Grocery store and you go to Google which Is the healthier pie just take a step Back and realize it's all pie it's all Pie So even if you grabbed an apple You're getting some sugar you're getting You're getting some pastry you're Getting some very buttery base listen That's why people on keto I did not know The people on Keto and stuff can't even have fruit so What is that because some one of my Friends just started keto and said Betty Can't have fruit and what why is that I Think keto is just Atkins it's just South Beach it's just one of those Things first of all when I started doing My first nutritionist back in 2018 Like you know what just working hard to Keep my neck as you see I have one Shot You thought that girl was gonna lose her Neck in a panty dropper in a pandemic in A Panasonic in a panorama in a Popeye's Nah [ __ ] yeah anywhoes so Yeah you know I put on my Grandma makes Uh my chinchillas uh we all know this is Very also just because you bring a mink

Doesn't mean you're right okay don't Don't do this thing now in future Episodes where you try to dress up and Then Flex as if you don't have to make Your points and stuff because because That's so disrespectful to show up not Give me any warning right so already you Don't say anything you just let me show Up in a regular shirt but then you're Like I'ma bring a mink this feels like When somebody invites you to a party and Don't tell you it's horrible because Then you show up in a make and then you Start talking down to me about my Choices and okay this feels like a setup Listen first of all this is from Torrid This is not a mink this is very Flammable okay This is very flammable This is what the kids call the faux fur All right I have I've cut I've acquired Real only because I was bullied into it Okay this is just because because of the Lights and the equipment in this room You have to keep it chilly in here Otherwise I'd be butt ass naked by the End of this podcast every time we do it So no I will judge you in anything [ __ ] I'll judge you in a wifey okay I will Judge you in somebody else's t-shirt so Don't think That me coming out here oh you didn't Even and it's on the slip on the sleeves Though come on baby just because I'm

Wearing my poncho Don't mean that I'm not here for the Judgeifying and critification I'm always here for the judge of finding The gratification you know that'd be About me Joshua okay that's why we are Such good friends could you try to act Like the joy here for the judgified and The credification but you know you are Here for the gentrified and the Gratification yeah but I'm saying don't Rest on your laurels all right because I've seen it before sometimes it happens With rappers I don't even know who she Is Sometimes Oh my gosh You're like you're like true you're like Truly a menace uh so Um Laurel all the time all right what do You mean there there will be rappers who Really come through that first few Albums and then they really get their Money up and then they start wearing Well and the music suffers all right are You trying to say that my points are Suffering because I was chilly I'm Saying they could in the future all Right if we get you know what that means We're flexing okay that means that the Next time we do this I'm gonna have to Wear my [ __ ] my Crystal Fox Poncho and Dunk on you the whole time why would you Make me do that why not let me sit out

Here in my faux fur in whatever fabric This is this is from Torrid okay this Was also free they sent this to me And I'm very excited about it but don't Think don't think I'm very happy for you Listen I've got on the Skins bra I don't Even know what it's doing but my titties Aren't far I haven't gone so for the Winter we in here I got three hooks and Abroad last time I had three hooks on The bra was a Clinton administration What I'm saying is just because your Friend is out here wearing free Moderately priced clothing okay this Shirt also from Torrid also free shout Out to Torrid So what I'm saying is Um Just because your girl is trying to be Warm in my studio okay Does not mean that I cannot be making Valid points I'm not saying it doesn't Mean that you're not making valid points I'm specifically saying You know Just make sure you always come through With the With the insane energy you know negro I'm drinking out of a suit cup that I Punched a hole in for a straw so don't Act like Honestly it's the best way for me to Keep up with my water intake oh yeah Yeah because you know exactly the size

Of the cup and yeah no I'm with you and It's just fun I don't know why I like it I like a good cup Yeah but also the the structure of the Lid you can really like pinch the top Right and so because I have like this Very fancy color changing like those Really like fancy cups that they have Like the double insulated I had one for My birthday it would change colors and You put like something ice cold in it And then one day it I went to reach for It fell out of my fridge Exploded it's like 15 bucks this came With wonton soup and it's strong as hell So yeah it's very strong I can hear the Ice from here Yo my mom like I was like I think a year Or two into doing stand up can't even Want to open mics and usually they make You change if you have a glass glass They make you change a plastic cup but They let my mom keep her glass because It's my mom Um And this comic went up and he was Bombing Bombing and my mom was like twirling Just sitting there doing this and this Guy goes am I getting heckled by ice and My mother goes yes Yes you are I don't remember who that comic is Because I don't think I saw him again

After that I maybe saw him a few more Times but yes he got heckled by Ice he Was doing so bad that's either the Origin story of the next biggest comic In America or someone who just started To a hedge fund work because they were Like this isn't for me you know well Brian what happened I went back and got My masters because uh I got heckled by Frozen water This is not the profession I need to be In but yeah yeah anytime it's quiet Enough that just the elements are at Play bro ice on glass whatever it's cold Enough that you can just hear wind Outside Foreign I want to get back to this topic at hand Because this This is like the State of the Union Address okay and I understand and I also Understand the history of why of why Sweet potato is a staple I'm not Disrespecting sweet potato pie it's the Ancestors Joshua I'm I'm just saying This for me I'm saying for me it is a 49 To a 51 percent I love both of these pies you give Pumpkin pie a 51 but I will steal your Shoes I steal your new medical shoes And it's slightly edges out for me tell Me how tell me how tell me I think I Think that some of the sweet potato pies I've had especially the ones that were

Homemade before Have had just not the right texture Because just like pumpkin sweet potato If it's too if it's too like soupy if It's too you know I mean if it's too Loose when it's going in You barely have a pie you've got like a Bunch of thick ened up soup and crust Okay so you're putting sweet potato pie In a crust and it's not like a batter Because the batter's a batter and a Batter we know will hold to a spoon it's About like you're talking to someone who One year I made between Thanksgiving and Christmas I made 30 sweet potato pies oh you told Me about this yeah yeah and my mother Was selling them it was supposed to give Me the money or some of the money And then I never get any of the money She said at one point I had an allowance But I never saw it my mother bought me a Hand mixer because I used to make like Cakes and stuff and my mom would sell Them at work and then the money would Somehow just get reinvested in the cakes Right so I was never paid for my labor But you know I'm a black child so When was Robert said make the cakes I Made the cakes right and so I made cakes For the house or cakes for the friends You know aunties and stuff like that and So I was making sweet potato pies and I Was just mashed I was you know you cook

Them up I mash them straight sweet Potatoes I didn't like the Masher wheat like the Mac you know like a sweet like a potato Masher got the big holes in it so it Wasn't doing the work that it needed to Do to get down the protection the Consistency that I needed I just had a Pla a little white plastic cup Um I'm just mushing and mushing and Mushing I made this before we had an Electric mixer so I just had two forks And a strong elbow Walk okay Out here breaking these pies down and They were delicious okay I mean but they Have probably between like 30 35 pies Between Christmas and Thanksgiving And I was like I still have to Go to school I was like Mama's child Left but she said well I'm I'm selling Them at work I was like and I was Wondering I was like Mommy sold out of The products she said yeah I said oh How much did you make off of selling the Prize she's like What you mean Hahaha Mommy In my allowance oh we gotta make more Pies Okay wow That's an early lesson in Which was wild because like I'd have

Like other businesses and she I was like I don't know what it was I think Eventually she gave him like a couple of Bucks this year I'm like 35 but I'm just Like I only made a dollar a pie And she's like you know Christmas Which is not actual reasoning that's That's awesome what does a black parent Really gave you great reasoning on stuff Before I will say this is what happened to me To explain so that you see where I'm Coming from yeah because I have like Nostalgia I've got flavor this is a Family recipe but I've also had other Sweet potato pies like this like people In my family can cook right so if you're Coming from an experience where people Are making homemade pies That were either too wet or too dry or They're not doing what they need to be Doing they're not doing what the kids Say give them what they need to give I understand that you would have these Instances where like I'm an a Particularly fan of this because A person experience like I to this day Can't eat a runny egg Because they made us paranoid or raw Food Yeah yeah that's true so like first was Just the salmonella and eggs it's like For you know because as long as after Black people we did that's why we had

Steaks well done and stuff like that but That comes from a history of us being Sold the worst Quality Meat so if you Didn't have it cooked all the way you'd Get sick right yeah So I'm just now learning to get that This was out of a necessity and not Because of this like we should that's Why we season stuff because we did have The best quality meat also that's just Genetic so I understand like you've had Experience where you're like so for me It's okay that's exactly it it's like in Life I've had great homemade sweet Potato pies I've had good store-bought Sweet potato pies but I've also had bad Sweet potato pies so far in my life Even though it doesn't quite it doesn't Quite out Edge the best sweet potato pie I've ever had I've never had a bad Pumpkin pie mainly because they've been Store-bought but I have some homemade Pumpkin pies that were good Okay so you've had more homemade sweet Potato pies That you've had yes pumpkin pies yes And okay It hit wrong a few too many times you Won't talk about runny egg Yeah if you cut into a pie like that and It There's any type of liquid and it gives Up yeah I can't say the thing that Always confused me about sweet potato

Pies is that when you make a sweet Potato pie this is like a blender or Something there are strings in it it's a Fibrous vegetable I've never understood a lot when you Have the pie where did the strings go I guess they just cook out or Well I think they just really get as Close to dissolving as they can I know But that was the thing that always Confused me as a wee girl and as a grown Adult lady Um also I think I'm confused about Pumpkin pie because I've just never Enjoyed the flavor Of Sawdust So I guess I just can't quite understand What wow no no no no no no no no what no What you know exactly what you did You would be looking up like that if you Didn't know what you did a real what is Like what You did what No no no no it's fine it's fine what Does it say because the thing is it's Like I feel like the spices you put in a Pumpkin I can tell you I've had a Pumpkin spice beverage And how to slice of pumpkin pie and it Doesn't seem like any of the spices that Were in the pumpkin spice beverage or Even the spices that you smell in a Pumpkin spice candle

Don't end up in a pumpkin pie So where do these spices get put Not always not always so some of them do Some of them have like a special what You know whether it's topped with a Little bit of whipped cream and then Some pumpkin spice on that cream or Whether they top the entire pie with the Spice it's absolutely top of spice Supposed to be mixed in no it is it is You're not wrong I'm just telling you Where the spice goes sometimes because I Felt like that was the question It was now what I can't listen what I Really wish we could debate which I Don't think we'll ever have enough People to do is A sweet potato pie versus a bean pie That I yeah I don't know if we'll ever Really get there because I first of all I'd have to eat both in the same week or Day to really like fresh refresh the Palette's memory And then we'd also have to Really go in One second Are you getting a fax what the hell was That sale That's the uh door for my apartment oh I Was like Josh getting fax is over there They think doing real business Uh you know maybe one day Maybe in the future if we're blessed uh The last time I sent a fax is 2010 I was

Trying to send in my timesheet to work Because I worked for a temp agency you Have to get your timesheet signed and Then they were just every Friday they Were just somebody who would round up Everybody's time sheets and then we have To go get them signed and then fax them And I just every time going We have the internet hey we have email You know what the [ __ ] are we doing this Or something like well don't fax them Just scan them into one file and I'm Like why yeah Everybody knows I logged into a system To [ __ ] be here why am I faxing Anybody the fax machine was also kind of Cool when you think about it Technology when it was at the top yeah Yeah Like I remember we had like we used to Be able to get a printer fax scanner Mm-hmm you would have a fax machine at Your house and I was like I don't know Why we need this but we're gonna need it And when we do need it it's gonna be Great Because my mom used to work at Kinko's And so many people would come in having To fax something if you don't know what We are talking about that means you're Probably under 32. Yeah wait Josh how old are you 32. hey right on the line baby Joshua just made it he might even use

The rotary phone before not not uh not Quickly but yes [Music] Well we want to kick this to you the Listener all right I listen I stayed on Test didn't I Because you never prove all it was Better all you said was I've had bad Homemade sweet potato pies so pumpkin is Better Yeah that At what point were we supposed to come Through with data all right That's a weak argument usually there's a Weak argument they look almost identical They have the same texture all right That is not true the texture of uh Potato or pumpkin pie is the same You know I had a friend in college who Wouldn't eat uh like apple or peach or Anything like that because she didn't Like cooked fruit There's also the same girl that said uh Celery is just crunchy water so So It's a real country too I never Understood like uh yeah she was a black Girl that was so country that she wore Dixie Outfitters shirts I don't know if this person Is an innovator Or has been left so far behind like this Is this is this is someone who we either Need to be researching and taking notes

From or we need to be researching and Avoiding the thoughts of I can't tell You that her name was a conversation of Her mom and daddy's name so whenever you Get one of them situations Then I hope she's doing well I hope She's living the life she wants to live Serving to God she wants to serve Um I just was like but Apple a pumpkin Listen I do have a quick question though how do You feel about cobbler You know what that's a different episode Okay all right okay that's okay I can't But I can say that I think this hits Home on I think because sweet potato and Pumpkin pies because they come out when They come out right especially pumpkin Being the one trick pony that it is [Music] You know getting your little Jabs in Whenever you can I'm sure it feels good Sitting up there with your minks all Right No no no no I get it it's called a fink Thank you okay foaming I think Whatever you want to call it I I see I See you there all right I see you Talking down on the pumpkins I see you At all your hubris are humorous And all the very humorous Possibly be wrong the sweet potato out Here living a year round life okay they Are doing so much with the sweet potato

They're turning it into chips okay there We are roasting them we are making them A summertime salad situation the sweet Potatoes out here doing the work that The pumpkin could never do okay there is This how about maybe pumpkin is out here Once a year because it's not common it's Not cheap okay but it's a selective it's A selective hmm it's a selective spice It's a selective treat okay you have to Listen you can't keep bringing up the Spices you can't keep bringing up spices Because pumpkin spice is not made out of Pumpkin it is made to season pumpkin What's used to season The sweet potato nutmeg and other Regular things that you put in a pie So I feel like this is a moot point as Far as is sweet potato is also getting Spiced we're gonna see what's in pumpkin Spice all right pumpkin pie spice also Known as pumpkin spices an American Spice mix commonly used as a flavoring From pumpkin pie but does not include Pumpkin as an ingredient There's no pumpkin in it so it's Generally a blend of ground cinnamon Nutmeg Ginger cloves and sometimes items All spice okay now do you are you Because basically a lot of those spices Are the same ones that go in sweet Potato pie So If the spice profile is the same then

What's giving you the flavor is the Actual vegetable itself because at the End of the day we have to remember these Are vegetable pies Yeah yeah We picking somebody sat up I was like Okay that vegetable because there's no Regular potato We're not doing this with a regular Potato mm-hmm we're not doing this with Butternut squash We found whatever works rhubarb is just Red celery and I'm still not sure what We do with that because we're doing the Same spices that means That is the flavor of The sweet potato or the pumpkin itself How do you know it's delicious I think I've made my position clear I'm not Saying one is trash and one is amazing I'm saying that it slightly edges it out For me because of my past experiences And now I want to hear from you the Listener what do you think or do you go Pumpkin do you go sweet potato all right I'm not gonna judge you and act like You're crazy for picking either one this Isn't a situation where duels and I are Diametrically opposed I'm just saying This is how I feel I think pumpkin pie Is awful you like both of them yeah That's where we are but I wasn't we're Not at a thing where we both think the Other ones is trash is what I'm saying

We've had much more heated debates about The thing than this one you know there Are things that you like that I hate and We've proven that you were wrong on all Of those fronts grills are trash all Right grills are terrible What Why are you going against people who are Blessed The chain is perfectly fine Show the people you're blessed without Having to you know the whole entire Mouth no yeah listen Um I'm listening no better There's so many ways to display that You're doing all right right there's Nothing this is the best part of the Grill is the fact that it's removable Okay It's not a permanent gold tooth is it an Uncle in the 80s all right You're not selling crack destroying your Neighborhood in a new leather jacket in A BMW oh chain is even more easily Removable I've seen I've seen grills get Stuck listen we were in chains for so Long Josh Wow [Laughter] I'll actually agree with that I'll Actually agree with that but people who Were like have that kind of that Argument against chains which is like I

Would never wear something that would Bobby like bro shut up if you're broke You're broke don't act like that you Don't wear a chain that's a Brooklyn Thing that's a big they'll be on the Intercom in Brooklyn talked about they Had us in the chain and now you want to Buy the chain so you can wear the chain In front of the people that put us in The chains right and it gives me the Same energy as like look if you want a Chain what you're gonna have to do But you have to lay down what you have To you have to put in that time you got To put in that sweat the chain is made Of sweat all right sweat poured together Turns to Gold because that's the grind Damn it Yeah I gotta make sure that I don't say Anything that'll be yeah yeah you just Teared me up every episode you've been Really So what sweet potato things how can I Grind To turn these sweet potatoes into Diamonds Joshua tell the people tell the People how they can be out there using These pies look let me tell you Something if you're sweet potato pie is Not turning to Gold you haven't put the Oven up high enough okay All right And if you can't put your oven up any Higher you need to grind till you get a

Better oven until you get that stay of The art till you get that new new okay I don't Understand why people are out here still Asking these questions when the book's Already been written all right [Laughter] Nah just look just grind just work and It'll all work out okay this new Josh Has too much power oh my God Listen I know this is a highly Contentious Highly debated cultural argument and Needs here United States of America But just know Stick with your people Okay Stick with your people if you out here Supporting sides you know you have no Business support That's between you and your mama okay But just know who you are Where you come from And make sure you support the right side You guys have your opinion You can think what you want to think but You know what You're wrong And just so you know you can you can be With your people you can love and Support your people without going with The herd okay so if you yeah Wow You did you a little dirty and you love

It as much as other people that's okay Too all right that's all right too okay If you if you've been done truly Dirty By pastry and you don't really love it The way that other people love it you Don't deny that it's good you just say Hey I'm out here I've had different Experience all right I'm saying let me respect that maybe my Experience comes to the fact that Pumpkin tried to kill my mama okay And it's been out here trying to kill my Mama since day one So we just want to thank you for Listening to the hold up uh yeah we're The only true fellas in the world yeah We're the only ones talking about what Needs to be talked about pumpkins Plantains lasagna okay we're the only Ones telling people why Uh Club bangers are better than anything That's out in the streets right now That's not what we said that's exactly That's not what we said as a whole That's what we're talking about that's What we're talking about look at these Episodes go back find find your way okay Get your score card together okay get Your hold up score card together and see Where you stand are you on the right Side of history or do you agree with Josh that's what you have to figure out Um [Music]

Josh you want to wrap this up for the People if you are looking to catch up With us on any of the socials you can Find me at Josh Johnson comedy on Instagram on tick tock on YouTube at Josh Johnson on Twitter and if you're Looking for dual saying you can find me On all the social medias at dual say Sloan D-u-l-c-e e s l o a n my name is Dulce And I Dolce my mother went to college And we got dates coming up which you're Gonna hear at the beginning ends of the Podcast but look at this look look us up Listen to us come see us in our cities Thank you for all the people that came Out to my show in Chicago and thank you For the people that have been coming out To our shows and telling us that they're Big fans to hold up thank you so much we Appreciate you and we hope you have an Amazing rest of the weekend we finally Got a piece Hahaha All right [Music]

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