Sweden joining NATO would crush Russian power

By | December 10, 2022

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As #Sweden looks to join #NATO, it plans to increase defence spending by 40 per cent and raise an additional 30,000 personnel in the army by 2025.

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[Music] This is a statue of King Charles XII in The middle of Stockholm his left hand Points East towards Russia while his Right hand holds a sword the message is Unmistakable the king is warning his Fellow swedes of the Perpetual danger Coming from the Russians suffice to say Russia plays a predominant role in Swedish strategic culture so much so That the country has had a neutrality Policy since 1812 going about its own Business and staring clear of Russia in Recent years however anxiety over Russian aggression has surged the Invasion of Ukraine has proven to be the Final straw Sweden and Finland now look To join NATO and become part of America's security umbrella what's more Sweden plans to increase defense Spending by 40 percent and raise an Additional 30 000 Personnel in the Army By 2025. the swedes are also ordering New ships and some Marines and Reactivating former air and Naval bases The wheels are turning and frankly they Have to for those who do not move don't Notice their chains [Music] Today's video is sponsored by Masterworks household death has soared Rapidly and struggling portfolios could Spell disaster but McKenzie surveyed Some of the biggest money managers in

The world and Alternatives is the one Asset class that keeps going strong find Art in particular has been outpacing the S P 500 for the past 26 years even in 2022 Fine Art is up an average 26 Percent that's right however unless You're a millionaire investing in art Has been nearly impossible Masterworks Changes that using its platform you can Invest in artists like Banksy and Picasso for a fraction of the full cost Masterworks qualifies their paintings With the SEC and breaks them into shares So you can get a potential profit when They resell the results speak for Themselves there have been nine sales This year with the last three returning 21 17 and 13 net for their investors in Times like these that is nothing short Of remarkable sign up for Masterworks Now and use the link in the description To get Priority Access Swedish neutrality goes back over a Century but it is a policy made possible By geography while Denmark and Norway Have historically looked West for growth Finland has absorbed all the blows Coming from the East yes geography has Been good to Sweden but at the same time Less than one-third of the country is Hospitable the north is covered by dense Forests and mountains making much of the Region inaccessible it has valuable Mining sites but other than that it is

Sparsely populated further to the South Is the demographic and Industrial heart Of Sweden the belt from Gothenburg to Stockholm to Malmo is where most of Sweden's 10 million citizens live and Work and since the Swedish Heartland is Surrounded by sea Maritime trade with The European Union accounts for a great Deal of Sweden's Prosperity without that Trade Sweden would lose about 45 percent Of its GDP the Baltic Sea is one of the Busiest waterways in the world Accounting for about 15 percent of the Global Maritime trade the freedom of Navigation is thus essential to the Interests of all the riparian states However a good deal of shipping goes to And from Russia by the same token many Ports in the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bosnia freeze during winter and Since prosperity in the baltics relies On Maritime access each state must Therefore seek to acquire as many access Points as possible this Geographic Dilemma turns the Baltic Sea into a Battle space between West and East Sweden came close to dominating the Region in the 17th century until it Nearly lost everything from the end of The Finnish war in 1809 to the collapse Of the Soviet Union in 1991 the Baltic Sea was a Russian Lake in the 1990s There was a geopolitical timeout Poland Estonia Latvia and Lithuania were among

The Nations that quickly joined NATO Meanwhile Russia was left with the Weakest connection to the Baltic Sea Retaining only a narrow access point Around Saint Petersburg while its naval Base in kaliningrad was detached from The rest of the country NATO expansion Severely weakened Russia's hold in the Baltics so from Russian perspective the Only way to counter NATO was to Militarize kaliningrad and that's Precisely what it did Russia deployed Anti-axis aerial denial weapons Anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems As well as fighter bombers and anti-ship Missiles to kaliningrad by creating an Air C bubble the Russians calculated They could restrict the mobility of NATO Forces in the area and turn the Baltic Sea back into a Russian Lake for a while The strategy worked the nearby Nations Put up with Russia's new playbook though Relations remained uneasy the conflict In Ukraine however has changed the Equation anxious about a resurgent Russia Sweden and Finland announced Their candidacy for NATO membership in May 2022 while finland's membership Would crush Russian power in the cola Peninsula Sweden joining NATO would Crush Russian power in the Baltic Sea Though Sweden identifies as part of Scandinavia it is a Baltic Powerhouse Through and through it has the largest

Maritime domain in the Baltic Sea with Free access to the North Sea thanks to Gothenburg all this makes Sweden the Most strategic state in the baltics but The Pinnacle of Swedish real estate is Scotland an island 170 kilometers south Of Stockholm Scotland makes up less than One percent of Sweden's total land area But its extensive shorelines make it the Perfect site for a military base Scotland sits in the middle of the Baltic Sea and is only about 250 Kilometers from the Russian naval base In kaliningrad there are many more choke Points that could hamper Russia's lines Of communication but Scotland sits alone At the top by turning the island into a Watchtower Sweden and by extension NATO Would control a substantial chunk of the Air and sea movements in the vicinity Scotland is also a valuable cable relay Station in the Baltic Sea you see Underneath the sea a set of Submarine Cables connect the periphery these Provide Digital Data Communications like Internet and private data traffic but There is more to it much of the Communications among NATO members Including command and control functions Go through cable facilities on gotland In this way Sweden joining NATO would Grant the alliance strategic depth in an Area once dominated by the Russians now Sweden disbanded its units on the island

In 2005 but it is currently being Re-militarized for when it officially Joins NATO infrastructure personnel and Hardware on the island are being ramped Up Sweden aims to have at least 4 000 Combat-ready Personnel on Scotland by The end of 2022 that number is likely to Go higher as Sweden becomes part of NATO Seen in this way gotland is the single Most important asset in the Baltic Sea Whoever holds it and places integrated Air defense and anti-ship systems on it Will shape Regional military activity This may happen faster than in other Places the Swedish military is already Interoperable with that of NATO and when Sweden and Finland joined NATO all the Baltic riparian states would become part Of the same Alliance all aiming their Guns at Russia so gothland's Militarization would have swiftly and it Would Place Sweden at the center of North Europe's geopolitical map Russia Would be outgunned and outnumbered still Worse Russia's operational range would Be hampered by its lack of allies in the Baltic Sea you see in Eastern Europe Russia has military bases in Belarus in The Caucasus it has bases in Armenia and In Central Asia there are bases in Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in The baltics however Russia is all alone Surrounded by NATO on all sides without Allies Russia would not have the numbers

And the space to keep the fight going The size of the Russian army combat Ready units and mechanized units alike Is relatively low in Northwestern Russia Because the Kremlin has prioritized Heart power in the Caucasus on the Ukrainian border and in the Arctic Region the truth is that the Russian Forces in the Northwest are not not Equipped for an armed conflict Sweden Meanwhile is going in the opposite Trend Stockholm plans to increase defense Spending by 40 between 2021 and 2025. it Wants to raise the number of Personnel In the Army from 60 000 to 90 000 by 2025. it is also ordering new ships and Submarines and reactivating former air And Naval bases these rapid developments Are noteworthy because Sweden is a Deeply rooted Naval power with Naval Traditions going back to the Viking era Even today Sweden maintains the largest Fleet in the Baltic Sea with a total of 164 combat ships to Russia's 59 ships Granted most of Sweden's vessels are Combat boats but even without those the Naval capabilities of Russia and Sweden Come pretty close With so many new developments in Russia's Borderlands the militarization Of Ukraine the baltics Finland and now Sweden's militarization of the naval Domain and the Baltic Sea Russia is Facing an uncertain strategic future it

Will be more exposed than it has been in Centuries Sweden joining NATO will tip the scales In the baltics and that's the last thing Russia needs because it cannot handle Another crisis the Kremlin schedule as It stands is already full I've been your host children from Caspian report help us to beat YouTube's Algorithm by sharing liking and Commenting on this video and remember to Hit the Bell icon to receive further Notifications thank you for watching and So on [Music]