Supreme Court: Lindsey Graham MUST Testify in Georgia

By | November 2, 2022

The Supreme Court has ruled that Lindsey Graham MUST testify in Georgia. Ana Kasparian and Emma Vigeland discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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”The U.S. Supreme Court dealt Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) a blow on Tuesday afternoon by ruling he must testify as part of an investigation into Donald Trump’s post-2020 election activities in Georgia.”*


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In a surprising but not unwelcome turn Of events the conservative Supreme Court Has ruled that Republican senator Lindsey Graham must respond to a Subpoena that’s part of an investigation Into Donald Trump’s actions in Georgia Following the 2020 election these are Efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election uh if you can recall Donald Trump had called the Secretary of State in Georgia and asked him to find Votes so he could win the state and Lindsey Graham himself had made two Separate calls to the Secretary of State To essentially well he would deny this But it seems like he was applying Pressure to get him to do what Trump Wanted as well now why was Graham Avoiding this testimony as part of this Investigation in the first place well Fannie Willis who is the district Attorney in Fulton County Georgia is Seeking to question Graham about calls He made to Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad raffensberger about allegations of Voting irregularities in November of 2020. now Trump had called raffensberger Himself after the 2020 election and told Him to find enough Trump votes to beat Biden uh Emma if I remember correctly I Think he called and was like I just need Like 11 000 votes 11 000 votes it’s it it sounds like Somebody who is calling up like their

Drug dealer just like I just need to fix Like something to tie me over for the Weekend not to not to you know belittle Anybody who might be doing that who Might be in a bad place but really like That was true that was the kind of mania That Trump was exuding in those calls Yeah no it’s insane now um Graham had a Few conversations with raffensberger Himself and he gave an excuse for why he Called raffensberger Graham’s lawyer Said that he was reviewing election Related issues in his role as chairman Of the Senate Judiciary Committee but we Should take a look at what the Secretary Of State Brad raffensberger actually Said about the call and he disclosed as Much during an interview with CNN let’s Watch You came away with the impression that He essentially wanted you to look for Ways to toss out mail-in ballots what Exactly did he say to you Well yes that the balance could be Matched back to the voters and then I I Got the sense it implied that uh then You could throw those out uh for any Really would look at the counties with The highest Um frequent air of uh signatures so That’s that’s the impression that I got But uh you know we’ve got signature Matching in place we have signature Match when you request the ballot

Absolutely ballot and then we have Signature match when it comes in and Then with our new online absolute dialer Portal uh that has photo ID and so we Feel very confident that the election Officials have done their job and that’s What their charge to do is do their job And make sure the signatures match So you can understand why Willis wanted To subpoena Lindsey RAM and ask some Questions prosecutors say Graham has Unique knowledge about the Trump Campaign and the multi-state coordinated Efforts to influence the results of the Election in Georgia and elsewhere and uh You know I think Graham was really Hoping that the conservative Supreme Court Justices would do him a solid and You know help him avoid having to Testify but luckily they didn’t side With him and he will now have to reply To the subpoena and testify in this Investigation Emma what are your Thoughts I think that there is an interesting Split uh on the right and you know I Would include Supreme Court Justices uh The extremist Supreme Court in that Split Um that want to basically do away with Donald Trump they they understand that Trumpism and his Rampage to uh Essentially disprove the 2020 election Is not going to be something that’s

Beneficial electorally for republicans And gets a bit in the way of their Agenda of deregulation of corporate tax Breaks of tax breaks for the wealthy of Dismantling the administrative state Which by the way the Supreme Court is Going to be at the Forefront of in the Coming weeks and years so they feel like He’s a bit of an inconvenience and so Lindsey Graham Having to testify in this probe kind of Just accelerates what they feel is Probably this excommunication of Donald Trump and a way for them to turn the Page so that they can move on to doing Everything that Trump really wanted to Do giveaways and uh corruption and just Uh capitalism being unfettered and not Have the added baggage of having Donald Trump at the helm of that and Lindsey Graham you know he has no idea who he is If he’s not Standing alongside someone else right I Mean you saw that you saw that press Conference he did with uh not Raphael Warnock but um but with uh Herschel Walker and he was just like ah this They’re going after this guy it’s an Outrage it’s an outrage and I’ve never Seen him get more fired up than when He’s defending other people and so this Is his sole purpose in life is to be a Water boy for uh the alphas in the Republican Party frankly and uh and he’s

He’s now he gets to do that and uh gets Cornered uh hopefully he gets cornered In his testimony yeah just to buttress That point and I’ve made this point on The show before because I think it’s Really important in understanding who Lindsey Graham really is he’s an empty Vessel and he’s incredibly spineless but Also self-interested like a lot of Politicians to be honest and I’ll never Forget when he was asked by New York Times reporters on that podcast the Daily for the new York Times why it is That he was willing to go from Very viciously criticizing Trump during The Republican primaries in 2016. and Obviously siding with his good friend John McCain in hating Trump to all of a Sudden being Trump’s you know most vocal Defender And he just honestly said that he wants To remain relevant So it’s not even about having principles It’s not about values it’s not about Defending constituents and representing Their best interests it’s just about his Own political career and if it means Tucking tail and sucking up to someone He had horrible things to say about Earlier he’ll do it because he wants to Say stay relevant it is just so gross Now um I want to go to a few more Details about this because the Supreme Court’s order was just a few paragraphs

Long it included no dissent So they all agree that he’s going to Have to uh you know testify however the Order did uphold the previous rulings of Lower courts which are as follows last Month the district court judge a District court judge said that Prosecutors could not question Graham About portions of his calls that were Legislative fact-finding I don’t know what that means but let’s Continue but the judge said Willis’s Team could explore coordination with the Trump campaign in its post-election Efforts in Georgia public statements Regarding the 2020 election and any Efforts to cajole or exhort the Georgia Election officials which I think I think Those details that specificity is Important because that’s really all we Really care about right that’s what we Want him to testify about and a Three-judge panel of the U.S court of Appeals for the 11th circuit agreed that Those actions could not qualify as Legislative activities under any Understanding of Supreme Court precedent Two of the judges were nominated by Trump but again I mean based on the Specificity we see there in regard to The post-election efforts in Georgia the Public statements regarding the 2020 Election and the efforts to essentially Pressure Georgia election officials to

To do what Trump wanted that’s that’s Really the whole issue so uh I’m overall Happy with how the courts ruled on this I’m curious to see how it plays out uh Once Lindsey Graham does testify under Oath any final words on this yeah I mean It’s going to be an interesting few Weeks on this front because as of now Donald Trump is supposed to be Testifying uh in a few weeks for the January 6 committee and Um that’s going to be a uh an Interesting to say the least kind of Demonstration and it could even be made More interesting if the Democrats lose The house which is likely at this point And then there’s kind of been nothing Left to lose mentality especially when Liz Cheney also knows that she’s going To be out of the job soon so uh Hopefully they continue the to to drag This along Um I want voters to be reminded of the Anti-democratic nature of the Republican Party and not Ultra Maga not trumpists Not mega mega trickle down or whatever The hell body was talking about Republicans Republicans Yeah I mean this is what unfortunately The Republican establishment has turned Into And uh it needs to change I mean if if They actually care about maintaining What’s left of our Democratic process

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