Study Reveals Mass Exodus From Collapsing Liberal States #shorts

By | January 8, 2023

Study Reveals Mass Exodus From Collapsing Liberal States #shorts

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American Outlook reports, During the pandemic, Americans fled certain blue states to red states like Florida and Texas. There was more freedom in red states, fewer lockdowns, and fewer school closures.

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If Republican Governors wish to avoid Succumbing to the same fate as those Misguided liberal states they must make Sure their policies are prepared for a Huge influx of newcomers looking for Stability and security these Republican Leaders seem to already have their hands Tied by the influx of illegal aliens Which they seem to be handling properly By sending some to Liberal cities that Love those open border policies the only Concern when it comes to American Refugees fleeing California and New York Is their voting habits so long as they Check those at the gates all should be Well American Lookout reports that during the Pandemic Americans fled certain blue States to Red States like Florida and Texas and of course my state of Illinois They fled here too there was more Freedom in red States if you were locked Downs and fewer school closures According to a new study The Exodus from Blue to Red States is ongoing residents Of California and New York are still Leaving for greener pastures in other States