By | December 14, 2022

Pie lays into all the bloody poor people for daring to ask for better pay, conditions and job security.

And when quizzed about the upcoming Nurses strikes the conservative party Chairman said that demands for a 19 pay Rise for nurses would cost the NHS 10 Billion pounds which should instead be Spent on NHS Frontline Services back to You Chris Gaslighting [ __ ] if nurses aren't the NHS front line I mean what about Ambulance drivers and and paramedics are They not Frontline Services give them a Decent pay rise you [ __ ] they deserve It find the money you all spring into Action every time you crash the economy You can find the money then get round The table make a decent offer instead They're sending in the Army telling us The unions are holding the country to Ransom the unions can we all just be Clear about this our last prime minister Blew a 30 billion pound hole in the Economy overnight test and traced cost Us 37 billion pounds useless PPE wasted 8.7 billion pounds which ended up in the Pockets of Tory donors a shambolically Executed brexit lost as 40 billion in Tax revenue alone Richie sunac lost 11 Billion pounds by overpaying interest on UK debt and yet you read the front pages It's nurses who were the ones who were Greedy and irresponsible it's the fire Service that's holding the country to Ransom because they all just decided They'd prefer to drink tea on a freezing

Picket line than save children from Burning buildings it wasn't so long ago We were clapping them hailing them as Heroes they were all considered key Workers during the pandemic weren't they Bus drivers teachers nurses now they're Called lazy work shy [ __ ] postal Workers striking to save what's left of The Royal Mail it having been sold off To the lowest bidder for a quick Buck by The millionaires in Westminster but it's Your Postman who is destroying the Country the entire Northern rail network On the brink of collapse whilst rail Companies and their shareholders make Record profits but it's that fat lazy [ __ ] behind the ticket desk asking for A bit of job security who's destroying Our rail infrastructure 25 to 50 percent Of average households are unable to pay Their bills this winter whilst energy Companies announce record-breaking Profits in 2021 shell paid zero pounds On their oil production in the UK and Received a hundred million pounds of Subsidies in tax payers money working People are suffering at the hands of Corporate greed and unbridled economic Mismanagement and this is why people are Striking for better pay condition and Drop security recently the government Gave us the public order bill that even One Tory Pier described as an affront to A civilized society crackdowns on

Peaceful protest is the purview of China And Iran not British democracy and yet These reactionary [ __ ] tell us it's Scottish Primary School teachers who Were holding us hostage the bastards who Wrecked the economy squandered our Reputation on the international stage Sold off any and all of the country's Assets for a quick Buck are getting Their mates in the media to tell you That it's bus drivers bin men teachers Nurses postmen passport control workers And rail workers who are throwing the Country to the dogs don't believe them They are lying to you Well stun still some weeks ahead of Christmas industrial action misery for Commuters patience and holiday makers Frustration and anger at the unions for Deciding to strike over Christmas