Steven Crower MOPES About Getting Paid $50M

By | January 21, 2023

Steven Crowder and Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing are sparring after failed negotiations to acquire crowder and his content for their company. Jayar Jackson and Rick Strom break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“An increasingly ugly and personal feud has publicly broken out this week between two of the biggest names in the conservative entertainment complex, with one popular YouTuber accusing right-wing media boy king Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire empire of colluding with tech companies to tamp down right-wing content.

“Big Tech is in bed with Big Con,” Steven Crowder said in a video this week, complaining about a contract offer he’d received from The Daily Wire—without specifically naming the company.”

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Foreign [Music] People I thought were fighting for you A Lot of it has been a big con Stephen This is a very important Point Stephen You know he talks in this video about Being one of the only true independent Conservative voices uh and I find that Incredibly offensive now I'm Specifically avoiding Naming names or going after individuals Uh in this video it's not exactly a Self-made man that that's not true don't Sign don't sign these contracts Oh it's the fight that's happening all Week Stephen Crowder Jeremy boring CEO Of the daily wire and of course you know Stephen Crowder talk show host they were Gonna collab but now things have hit Kind of a wall so uh as you guys have Heard I'm sure if you've been following This Crowder this week has been uh Talking about the VidCon and big Tech They're both in bed Khan and Tech and It's a disgusting situation matter of Fact it's a contract situation that he Has uh discussed over let's see him uh Talk about that a little bit more Big con now I'm specifically avoiding Naming names or going after individuals In this video Because I genuinely hope that those I'm Addressing and you know who you are have A change of heart don't sign don't sign

These contracts I know I now know what You are signing out there I have the Luxury of not having to you know let me Go through this if any of the major Platforms issues a Content strike such That Crowder cannot be monetized on such Platform the fee will be reduced by 25 And then another 20 of it happens on Apple and then another 10 of happens on Facebook and then another 10 of it Happens on Spotify and then if you get Then if you get a strike Meaning of suspension another 20 just to Drive it home you get hit by a car you Have a sick day you could lose a hundred Thousand dollars a day this is what's Sent out to everybody So coroner didn't go through too many Details but he kind of went through some Details of the contract situations that He does have it's about being De-platformed or even uh some of these Major uh sites not liking what he's Saying and how he'll lose some money Let's go to graphic too because he kind Of broke down the first part about this This is a part of what he has an issue With Within These contracts it says if Any of the major platforms YouTube Facebook Apple podcast and Spotify Issues a Content strike other than a Company-wide Content strike such that Crowder content cannot be monetized on Such platform and the company is not

Able to resolve that issue within 90 Days then the fee will be reduced by That 25 that he point out uh from that Point forward that's one portion of that Contract uh that he shared with this Audience did read he wasn't very happy About that whole thing of course because You know you don't mess with my money I Think he even equate it to Maybe I feel like I heard this in a Blurb like slave labor or something like That like he's not getting uh this type Of stuff that he's deserved if these Things happen by the way if you get De-platformed and then now you're Concerned hey this is going to screw up My entire situation it's a bit of an Acknowledgment right that you tend to Break terms of service and that's how Your popularity grows we know this but Now it has to be said up front because You know us knows this the daily wire uh Jeremy boring was explaining some parts About it in his rebuttal to Crowder Eight ownership this is a very important Point daily wire will own all of the Content created here in and will own all Of the DW created channels and Brands Created by US during the term and to be Clear we can exploit those channels Brands and content and perpetuity at our Sole discretion what does this mean well It means Just like all of the back catalog that

Crowder would would have been bringing Over we would have a license to have That all over a daily wire plus during The four to six years that Crowder was Here but at the end of that four to six Years he would take all that content With him A little bit different with the content That we're paying You know tens of millions of dollars for Uh during the course of that content Would always stay with us we would have A sort of Perpetual right to monetize That content even after Zach broad paid for it it's mine really Fast Rick because I can't wait for you To jump in here but apparently there was Elite audio from Crowder show revealing Just how upset he is over this whole Thing maybe it's leaked maybe it's Accidentally leaked let's see watch For a little bit Make a salary and grow their brand That you then own Parts of it I don't own it they can when Their contracts up they can still go out And they'll still be famous they can Keep doing their show so go to a show Somewhere else it'll be even far far Better place you hope to make them No no I'm not alone at this contract This contract owns it in perpetuity even After the contract you're paying a lease But getting ownership

So this contract is Yes Maybe a lease to own program I can put You in a 98 Altima for only two hundred Dollars What's your thought Siri Um all right so look I think this might Turn some people off Because on that side of the aisle excuse Me because they cannot believe how much Money these people make like they you See it with you saw it with Kelly Lefler When she would put on the Plaid with Jeans and then Tucker goes out and Shoots some Fox documentaries and puts On the plaid and jeans they think these People are one of us and they go against The elites These folks are Elite baby He got four years 50 million dollars a Contract offer That could have been extended to 75 Million dollars On some NFL teams he might be in the Middle of the pack or the upper echelon Of highest paid players per year just to Put that in perspective of how you how Many viewed the woke NFL My thoughts are this Keep fighting I I love it I I mean like it's it's the Toko get your popcorn ready I love it Um and the reason I do is because they

Are peeling back the curtain little by Little now I will say To see the pivot from Stephen Crowder About paid leave is the same as Jesse Waters suddenly being affectionate with Paid leave because they didn't think About it until it affected them 100 I Have a big problem with that obviously You should be sympathetic towards other People not until it just happens to you Um but then I I found it interesting how In one of those videos Crowder talked About name image and likeness but then I Go back to how he said this is a slave Contract which like bro you are Out of this world insane to think that But then he said Um Colin Kaepernick relating the NFL Combine where they weigh you they take You take your height take your Measurables hand size finger-sized ring Size you know everything possible He said that that was wrong of Kaepernick to equate it to having A slavery feel Um I think it is completely hypocritical But the biggest sticking point is he is Afraid of getting demonetized because It's happened many times over and might Screw the badge well they all know it Whenever contracts come in like this They're thinking hey what's for the Future especially the number one thing Is money but they're paying him for this

Stuff so I guess it's more of a purchase Than it is at least if he leaves or when He leaves and all that stuff happens but Since you like the fights Rick we got More fights because there's other folks Within the daily wire and they're Talkers they're public figures they like To give their two cents let's start with Ben Shapiro Okay meanwhile I I would just like to take a moment Speaking of big Tech and suppression of Free speech take one moment to comment On a controversy that has broken out Because my friend Stephen Crowder been Friends with Stephen for a long time Well over a decade I was his lawyer when He first signed a contract with Fox you Know I've been friendly for a very long Time he put out a video essentially Accusing daily wire of being in League With big Tech He's accusing us of being in League with Big Tech because of a term sheet a Negotiable term sheet that we submitted To him that offered to pay him 50 Million dollars over four years That does not mean that he happens to be Correct about the term we submitted to Him and um and there is something rather Nasty about attacking people who have Been friends for over a decade Colleagues Defenders for over a decade On the basis of your own

Misinterpretation of a document that Offers you 50 million dollars over the Course of four years Friends colleagues Associates can't Believe that you would let money get in Between us it's not like that's all we Care about Kenneth Owens was talking to Us she got a little bit more explicit Let's go And you're over here crying because Somebody couldn't meet you at 120 Million dollars and it is crying I don't Like it it was a total move but to Do a total move and go out to the Public rather than trying to resolve These things in these in these slight Differences behind the scenes and to Make it seem like you're the hero and You're the true one you keep it Authentic when something really nothing Happened other than you didn't like an Initial term sheet and all you had to do Is tell them that and tell them what you Didn't like and go back and forth with Lawyers like everybody else I think it's Crappy I think it's I think Stephen is a Little egocentric he probably will do Better on his own I don't think he knows He'll play on a team Sounds like uh big Khan is in bed with Big Tech They've been exposed and they're not Very happy about it oh the popcorn is Still flowing I love this stuff uh do

You have thoughts before we go to this Break right we're here I'll be good Assistant now I love this I mean yes but Like who cares like I I love to see them Fight keep fighting keep telling us more Of what goes on behind the scenes as Well and I I will end with this which is What I opened up with people are going To be turned off by this because they Think that these folks are one of them When really they have Devos-sized yachts and our Mega Millionaires and they laugh about how Much these folks have been fooled by Them you guys think it's some kind of You know a cartoonish description of What these folks do but they laugh about How much they're making and taking and Running and now when the money's all Getting disputed between all the Criminals in the room after the bank has Been robbed fights start breaking out It's an age-old added