Steven Crowder Finished? – Feud With Daily Wire Has Taken a Dark Turn – UPDATE

By | January 20, 2023

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The Steven Crowder daily wire 50 million Dollar Feud has escalated the Rubicon Has been crossed and there's no turning Back now for Steven Crowder if you Missed my previous video please watch That first before sounding off in the Comments because I covered a lot of this In detail there there are some new Developments so we will continue now This involves two of the biggest players In conservative Media or at least in the New conservative media and it involves Two conflicting business models and I Have to be honest some very shady Behavior on the part of Stephen Crowder And if you've been watching my channel For any amount of time you know that I'm A big critic of the daily wire yesterday Stephen Crowder released excerpts of a Secretly recorded phone call that he had With the CEO of the daily wire the Co-ceo Jeremy boring supposedly showing The receipts the proof that he had that They were in bed with big Tech and we'll Get into how unethical it is to secret Record conversations with your supposed Friends that you've known for 10 years In a moment but Steven's trying to paint This as if he was just trying to look Out out for little YouTubers who are up And coming and might get ensnared this Next generation of YouTubers and these Terrible exploitative contracts at Places like the daily wire and not even

For me But for other people coming up facing These kinds of contracts let's say it's A kid who comes in with 500 000 YouTube Subscribers or something like they're a Hundred thousand let's say some other Kid you're paying you're paying six Figures to come in and do it there's There's not the penalty of the Demonetization or if they're removed From iTunes Apple YouTube Wow you mean when they lose their Audience and then the ad reads aren't Being heard on those platforms the Advertisers aren't going to pay the Daily wires so the daily wire is going To cut the pay of the hosts wow well What a surprise next Crowder will get The daily wire on tape admitting that Water is wet his other point is that the Daily wire will supposedly own your Content if you sign up with them and he Was worried about them stealing his Content or taking ownership of it and Then getting stuck in this terrible Contract that you then own I own parts of it I don't own it they Can when their contracts up they can Still go out and they'll still be famous They can keep doing their show so go to A show somewhere else they'll be in a Far far better place you've helped make Them

No not long about this contract this Contract owns it in perpetuity even After the contract you're paying a lease But getting ownership And so this contract But Crowder's new business that he's Launching would never do that here at Mug club we Will never take any ownership over your Social media platforms or your channels And I don't want a dime ever of your YouTube Revenue yeah you're also not Going to be producing their shows you're Not going to be providing them with Cameras and lights and the studio you're Just going to be giving people a Percentage of the memberships that they Sell for your mug Club totally different Than producing content in the case of Brett Cooper the young girl who works Over there is barely 20 years old if she Leaves the daily wire and go somewhere Else that is actually not her YouTube Channel that's the shows Channel they Not only created the channel but they Paid to produce her show she's using Their Studio their cameras their Producers their everything Jay Leno Doesn't own The Tonight Show when NBC Fired him he doesn't get to keep the Show it's not his Elijah Schaefer used To work for the blaze he has his own YouTube channel but when working for the Blaze they started another YouTube

Channel called you are here in the Blazes Studio the blazes staff the Blazes equipment and he's no longer with The Blaze and so that's not his channel And that's completely understood and Common sense I think Crowder was Misunderstood that he would no longer Own his show which isn't true he's Producing his own show his cameras his Lights his Studio his offer which wasn't Even a contract said that the daily wire Would own content that they produce like The movies that they make like Matt Walsh's what is a woman or Candace Owens Documentary on black lives matter and Crowder thinks that he really got the Goods on The Daily wire because he Captured Jeremy boring on tape making a Reference to wage slaves in the company And it's totally out of context clip and It sounds like he's just being quite Frank and honest about certain positions It's a figure of speech but Crowder is Spinning it as if it's proof that the Daily wire is enslaving people in their Contracts They don't get deals that Crowder had been friends with Jeremy Boring for over a decade and this was Long after the negotiations for him Possibly working there had fallen Through and Jeremy thought it was just Conversations between friends but Stephen had planned it to get third on

Them or try to get dirt to then use as a Publicity stunt to relaunch his Subscription service for mug Club Secretly recording conversations with Friends especially friends that you've Known for 10 years or even people who Are sort of your friends or just work Friends or work Associates that's shady As hell especially when you're doing so To try to cash in on it and stab them in The back throwing them under the bus While launching your own subscription Service to try to rival what they're Doing unless they started talking about Committing a terrible crime not only is That low that is extremely unethical Shady as hell in in many states illegal Especially when the phone call revealed The obvious they're not hiding their Business model what did Jeremy boring Reveal that their business model is Obvious obviously to have talent to do Ad reads and try to monetize their YouTube channels the best that they can Wow so breaking news there Crowder Crowder is right about some things However this is not black and white the Advertising business model has major Drawbacks like boycotts demonetization Brands that don't want to be associated With certain people or certain channels And crowded thinking along the lines of HBO like a pay-per-view with no Advertisers to be beholdened to and

That's a great model for edgy content And it sounds like Stephen Crowder got Hurt that he couldn't convince the daily Wire to do that I'm not suggesting that The Guidelines aren't terrible I'm Suggesting that thing that if making Money off The forms is part of Thin wind or the fee you're oh I keep Saying so the fee you're paying someone Then when those go away Everybody loses money you can't pay the Same amount with less Revenue how about You create a different business model But Crowder's painting this like he Walked away from 50 million dollars Because he didn't want to be beholden to Big Tech it's not about money at all What really happened was he made a Counteroffer to their 12 and a half Million dollars a year of 30 million Dollars a year and then the daily wire Just figured that there was no way that They were going to come to an agreement And so they told them that it would Probably be best if they just continued To do their own thing so it seems like Crowder wanted to sell at the big tech For more money but then after the daily Wire and decided that the two weren't a Good fit and they couldn't afford his Ridiculous amount of money and then Ended the negotiations rebuffing him and

Basically said you'd just be better to Do your own thing then he started Getting really bitter now a few things I Didn't bring up in my video yesterday And I'm glad that people brought them up In the comments so let me address them Yes the 12 and a half million dollars a Year that the daily wire was offering Him was not pure profit that was to Produce his show which as employees Writers Rand co-hosts but even if you Were to pay it cost a million dollars a Piece the writers are half a million Dollars a piece and editors and graphics People quarter million dollars or half a Million dollars he would still clear Millions of dollars a year how is Port Stephens supposed to live off of only 5 Million a year if Crowder doesn't want To be in bed with big Tech and beholden To their rules which nobody does but if He thinks that anyone who would submit Themselves to such tyranny as a piece of Crap then why is he posting on YouTube At all and speaking of restrictive Contracts why doesn't Stephen Crowder Release his former employees former Co-host or one of the sidekicks not gay Jared that's what the guy that's what he Went by on the show from his NDA from His non-disclosure agreement so he can Actually talk about what it's like to Work for Stephen Crowder Steven's Worried about young up-and-coming

YouTubers getting stuck in restrictive Contracts like the ones that he has his Employees sign he shot himself in the Foot with this whole mess he has some Valid points about the flaws in the Daily wire business model and only Relying on advertisers or mostly relying On advertisers and moving to a Pay-per-view model that could be very Difficult and the way that he went about This makes him look not only like a Jackass but a complete grifter Crowder's Coming across like those former Trump Administration officials who once they Left the administration then they got a Job attacking the administration Crowder Was once in conservative Inc in the Center of it rubbing elbows with Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin but now that he Has no Revenue stream and mug Club from The Blaze is gone he has to build it all Back up again and he will tell you the Truth if you just pay him ten dollars a Month and subscribe to the new mug club And he'll expose everybody that he used To work with all of those phonies that He was happy to rub elbows with and Promote and be friends with until they Rebuffed his offer and he has no Revenue Coming in and he's desperate and again He was misrepresenting a lot of things Things from that offer was in a contract From the hundred thousand dollar pay cut If he misses one show two well I don't

Want to go over it again just go watch My previous video if you missed it he Could have done his own thing and been Critical of the daily wires business Model without Burning Bridges and Throwing his supposed friends under the Bus and then pretending like he's some Hero exposing them I saw some comments In my video yesterday that people must Have posted before they actually got Done watching it you're a neocon you're A shill you're you're just trying to get A job with the daily wire when the Second half of my entire video was very Critical of the daily wire so is Stephen Crowder finished no he'll fund himself With his new mug club members and he'll Keep doing his thing but a lot of people Are never going to trust him again after That recording before the daily wire was Very gracious Jeremy boring's initial Response to him well isn't only thorough I thought it was actually very classy he Even told people to subscribe to Whatever it is that Stephen is doing and To continue supporting him but now that Bridge is gone and I'm rescinding my Offer to you as well Stephen about Calling and brainstorming and Strategizing because you'll probably Just record our conversation and try to Bait me into saying something about Certain people and then post a clip of It out of context online making a video

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