Stacey Abrams INSULTS Black Men Over Her FAILING CAMPAIGN!

By | November 7, 2022

Georgia Governor candidate Stacey Abrams has taken time out of her campaign to label baseless insults against black men. This comes from an “effort” to regain the black male vote… (CONTINUE READING / SOURCES:)

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So I'm not putting black men down but Sometimes it's like well some of you Kevin Samuels following Tariq Nasheed Clothing people please look at the truth And see what's happening and get in line With some of the black women is majority Like he said both Democrat How's everybody doing my name is Anthony Bryan Logan and today we got to talk About the Democratic candidate for Governor down there in Georgia Stacy Abrams attacking black men yet again now What you just saw was former now former MSNBC host Tiffany cross attacking black Men talking about hey y'all following All this weird stuff for Kevin Samuels And treatment she all this stuff on YouTube don't worry about that just get In line with the black woman just just Get in line do what we say and vote Democrat no we're not going to bring Anything to the table no we're not Really going to campaign for your vote The way that everybody else does We're Not gonna do that just vote Democrat and Shut up about it get in line with the Black women who vote Democrat 95 almost 100 of the time unfortunately shout out To all the black women who don't vote Democrat who are off the Democrat Plantation and shout out to the black Men who don't vote Democrat as well who Think for yourselves unfortunately There's far too many of us who vote

Democrat and we don't really ask for Anything in in return so therefore these People like your Tiffany cross and your Stacy Abrams feel like the vote is Entitled to them now before I go any Further into it let's play what Stacy Abram said and I do not believe it's Because of a deep well of enthusiasm for My opponent we know that black voters Are often discounted and unfortunately This year black men have been a very Targeted population for misinformation Not misinformation about what they want But about why they want what they Deserve and my campaign has been the Only one that has very intentionally Thoughtfully and consistently reached Out that has been misconstrued as Concern when indeed it's just respect There's there's so much there okay first Of all first first things first Um misinformation is is that what it is When you say something like that you act Like we're just dumb and we are Believing whatever we're told If that's the case then why didn't that Work the last time we voted for you Because you got to understand there's Been a dramatic drop-off in the black Male vote for Stacey Abrams I think it Was over 90 percent last time or close To it now is it down into the 80s or the Low 80s I think she's at 80 for Black Come in but it may have been over 90 at

One point or close to it if y'all know The exact numbers let me know in the Comments but I know there's been a drop Off for black women it's pretty much Been the same it's right it's not really Been much of a change it's been right Around the same like 94 95 which is very High Now the reason why that particular thing Matters is because Georgia is 33 black If I'm not mistaken the entire State not Just Atlanta Atlanta obviously is Probably majority black at least in the City limits but Georgia itself is 33 black which is very high it's much Higher than the 12 or 13 population we Have in the entire USA so the black vote Means a lot and in order for Stacy Abrams to win she's going to need all That black vote she's going to need Every single vote she can so 90 is not Enough the and and she's not done Anything to get the vote let me come Back here so you can see me clearly She's not done a thing to really get the Vote well I'll take that back I I gotta Retract that statement she's been trying A little bit a little bit she put out This plan I did a video about that her Outreach to Blackman it was so corny There was a picture of her and two black Men one guy was Kiki in the hollering And just like she told the funniest joke Ever like she's Dave Chappelle Eddie

Murphy Richard Pryor George Carlin all These guys wrapped into one he was Having a fit and then it was in front of This um monitor that said black men for Stacey Abrams never have I ever seen That shirt worn anywhere in the state of Georgia I'm in Atlanta all the time and It's running areas I've never seen that Before in my entire life but different Story I digress the whole point is that She had a page on the website dedicated To quote unquote blackmail issues all The things on there it wasn't really About black men specifically and some of The things on there were kind of Insulting talking about oh well if you Make nine bucks an hour you're able to Get minimum wage or apartment uh Medicare or something some kind of Benefit you'll be able to get if you're Super low income but you got to Understand if I'm voting for you And well if I voted for you in 2018 And now in 2022 I'm not going to vote For you there's a reason there's an Intellectual reason so if I'm using Intellectual reasoning to change my vote From left to right or from left to Something else I'm probably going to make more than Nine bucks an hour it was very insulting What she was talking about there okay And there is a concern she says there's No concern we're just it's just respect

No there is concern you saw the poll Numbers they were lower than they were Before so now you're doing things you Did not do before why didn't you do it In 2018 for about respect it's not about Respect it's about you trying to Recapture those votes to be able to win Georgia and the things you're talking About right now and my humble opinion do Not represent the best interests of your Constituents or potential constituents In the state of Georgia all right so That's the reason why you're not doing Very well and like I was saying earlier Whatever happened to actually just Trying to campaign and get the vote that Way whatever happened to that everybody Else does that everybody else goes Places shout out to Killer Mike Killer Mike said on Charlemagne show that Brian Kemp actually went through the He he actually went places where Tennessee Abrams was not going and he Was saying hey if y'all went and a tip On how to try to gain more of the Blackmail vote how to really Outreach Rather than that website added that last Part I know myself but anyway if you Want to look at a good way to outreach Look at what Brian KIPP has been doing He went down to King Randall School in Georgia the the was that the extra boys He went down there visited that hey Stacey Abrams been there I'm not really

Sure about that it doesn't matter if King Brandon was conservative or not you Got prescribed to Al you got to reach Over to these guys and see if whatever You bring to the table is worth them Switching their vote from right to left You got to do that and if you're not Doing that then you're just playing Games now there's another video here On MSNBC yet again and I don't know at This point what MSNBC stands for does The Ms and MSNBC stand for misandrist Meaning you have a hatred and some kind Of negative Viewpoint about men if That's not the case then I can't tell But here is former mayor of Atlanta Keisha Lance bottoms another black woman Attacking black men again rather than Campaigning rather than saying hey we Have this for you we have that for you We have the third for you you just want To attack and shame and guilt us into Voting for Democrats that's not going to Work too much anymore let's roll the Clip and shout out to the lgbtq Elemental P black man right there Um I forget his name Jonathan Jonathan Something Um he he's married to a white man just For context nothing against lgbts mayor Bottoms I picked up on that because I'm Just wondering her Stacey Abrams focus On the misinformation that's being Targeted at black men and it makes me

Wonder is she not getting the black Support she needs in her race against Brian Kemp Listen Jonathan I I think that Stacy is Spot on with that I listen uh as my kids Watch NBA highlights and whatever else They watch on YouTube I hear the Misinformation being typed in my 12 year Old my 14 year old son my 20 year old is Getting it so there is definitely a Target toward an African-American men Mayor bottoms I picked up on that Because so I mean again it's like you're Just saying there's misinformation out There and my question would be what is Misinformation what things are being Said but I guess maybe guys like me Since I'm on YouTube right I'm getting Into a few straights here I'm a YouTuber Pushing misinformation okay what did I Say that's false hey you know what no no To be a great thing as I close let's Have all these MSNBC commentators your Jonathan K parts of the world who was Just right there on the left hand side Of the screen the LGBT black man the Former mayor of Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms let's have the now ousted MSNBC Host Tiffany cross and then let's have The Georgia Governor Kennedy Stacy Abrams Come to the table and let's have a round Table let's have a round table and bring Guys like me there bring some lefties

There bring guys that you're trying to Get to vote for you or to see things Your way bring us there and ask us Questions and we ask you questions and Then we answer them we have a Peaceful honest and healthy dialogue Rather than just attacking making Accusations without much basis for them But I think I'll leave that right there For now and what said you how do you Feel about Stacey Abrams attacking Black Come in yet again but not only her but The entire MSNBC trying to play Kate Park Keisha Lynch bottoms Tiffany cross Even probably Joy Reed and everybody Else too why why attack us why not reach Out to us Ask us what the issues are ask us why Are we not going to vote for you right Now ask us why we are conservative ask Us why we're disillusioned ask us why Figure out a solution rather than just Saying oh it's misinformation if they Don't know what they're talking about They're being blinded don't do that Treat us like we have brains in our head Treat us like you actually deserve to Get our vote rather than being entitled To the vote But whatever your thoughts are please Let me know in the comments below and That's all I gotta say for this video if You like what you heard please comment Rate share

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