Sports Writer Blows The Lid Off Trump’s Cheating at Golf

By | January 26, 2023

Donald Trump is claiming he won a golf tournament he likely cheat at. Francesca Fiorentini and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“After famed sportswriter, Rick Reilly learned of the former president bragging about winning a golf tournament, he took to Twitter to call former President Donald Trump a cheater.

Now, this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone paying close attention. After all, the former Sports Illustrated legend published a book titled Commander in Chief, which details Reilly’s experience playing golf with Trump. First some background…


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We know Trump is a liar and we know that His favorite pastime is golf so of Course He lies about golf he lies about golf a Lot Um and one guy a sports writer is Calling him out for those lies so last Weekend Donald Trump claimed that he won A golf tournament at one of his courses Um despite the fact that he was not at The golf course so he wrote on Truth Social Here we go a great honor to have won the Senior Club Championship at Trump International Golf course one of the Best courses in the country in Palm Beach County Florida competed against Many fine golfers and it was and was Hitting the ball long and straight the Reason I announced that I announced this Fabulous I announced this fabulous truth Is that in a very real way it serves as A physical exam only much tougher you Need strength and stamina to win and I Have strengthened stamina most others Don't you also need strength and stamina To govern Okay so I don't ever want to hear or see Donald Trump write long and straight Which is just like it's like do you even Know how this game is played it went the Ball went in a hole like that's how Dumbly I hit the bell in the hood went In anyway um that's like something I

Would say about golf long I don't know We hit it long and straight I guess Um but the reality is on Saturday he was In North Carolina for Diamond funeral as In diamond and Silk's funeral Um and he was of course you know that Was a whole thing so he wasn't even at The tournament that day insiders told Daily Mail that competitors arrived for Day two of the contest on Sunday morning And were surprised although not exactly Shocked to see him his name at the top Of the letter board with a five-point Lead over the overnight leader so after Saturday they went to bed one person was Ahead I guess Trump flew in John Like putted a few holes or coarse rounds And then just became the leader Um Trump Justified it he said he told Members that he had played a cracking Round on Thursday and that that would Count as his first day of score Trump's Thursday round gave him a score of 40 Using the stable Ford method which Awards one point for bogey two for par Three for birdie and so on five better Than Saturday's best round so like if You could if you put it in like the Grand scheme of all the tournaments I've Ever done I'm still first yeah no I love That like showing up and being like uh Okay so I I didn't play at the Tournament but I once did well Give me credit for that that's not how

Anything works except of course that This is at his golf course and so he Just makes it first of all even if we Accept that he shot a 40 or whatever you Can't apply that to the tournament Because it wasn't part of the tournament But also I definitely don't accept his Recollection of what his score was would He let's let's test this The next time he has one of these Tournaments since this is now a thing You can do you can just show up and say Oh earlier this week I shot a really Good score uh I would like some of his Competitors to do that just come and be Like yeah no I just got birdie after Birdie was this Eagle after Eagle I'm Number one yay me and let's see if he Finds that to be a convincing argument But John you can't argue with the fact That um he has incredible physical Stamina and you need strength and Stamina to win when you're going long And you're going straight Oh God You need strength This this fool I'm sorry though like he Golf's Court like he just gets on the Golf cart and goes to the next hole Do you think he even goes to like Like that's all you do he doesn't even Walk to where his ball lies yeah I'm not Saying it's the easiest thing ever but And you know don't get mad at me I'm not

A golfer whatever Seem like the most strenuous thing or Whatever and we already know that Donald Trump believed throughout most of his Life that exercise drains your battery Like you have a certain amount of energy Through the course of your life and you Will drain it prematurely if you Exercise which is his his justification For never really doing that that is so Weird it's like my that's kind of like My husband's excuse though for not Exercising he's like I'm saving my Strength for the next time I exercise Like nope that's not how anything works That's actually not how the human body Works yeah but that's why we I mean I know it takes skill I just Don't I don't know about strength and Stamina yeah I I it's like some like You're walking I guess a little bit but Like are we gonna compare it to football Or swimming or whatever soccer I don't Think so No the worst part about this though is Wait we have to talk about the sports Writer hang on who just called him out On this because it's very fun this is Rick Riley who who wrote on Twitter uh Not on true social he said how could Trump win a two-day championship at his Course in Florida this weekend when he Spent most of Saturday at a funeral in North Carolina same way he's won all of

His attorneys he lies he scams he cons Just FYI Trump has now won 21 Championships in quotations by being the Only entrant Calling in a low score from oot putting His name on the wall anyway but never Shooting the documented best score Guy Cheats like a four-year-old at Monopoly I love The putting his name on the scoreboard Anyway just like in the same way that he Drew the hurricane path Right Um just like I'm just gonna write Underneath like it's it is so I was Saying this I think in the meeting that Like have you ever babysat like a Four-year-old and you guys are like Playing a game and you're like oh you Know you're gonna let the kid win Because it's a kid but then the kid kind Of takes a few too many Liberties and You're like okay now I mean give me a Point you know yeah same thing with Trump you're like I know it's your golf Course but like you can't win them all Buddy yeah and that's the part of the Story that that I and like about him Trying to make it out as if golf is the Same thing as like Like fighting a battle in Braveheart or I don't particularly care about that and I'm sure that it's so much strenuous Whatever you can get sore um no it's

It's the cheating it's the the constant Obvious cheating and like I that sports Writer listed a whole bunch of different Ways that he cheated I don't know how Many of those he's done I don't know if It's totally true maybe someone can Attest to him actually documented Winning a championship I doubt it but It's possible but we know that he Cheated in this one because you cannot Enter some previous ran round that Wasn't there when none of the Competitors were there you can't do that But more importantly It is it's not that he cheats it's that He would want to cheat he is a Full-grown man Who would cheat to win a tournament at His own thing that is so deeply sad I Don't yeah I I there like I've only Actually experienced like actually Seeing and being able to prove that Someone cheated at anything a couple Times in my life I remember once I was Playing a board game at Gen Con and I Saw someone literally steal money out of The money pile and I just like for the Rest of the game I was just staring at The person I didn't call him out on or Anything just staring at them like how Could this possibly mean that much to You that you would be willing to do this Like it really I think does come down to The how the four-year-old was treated

Like you have to learn that there are Things more important than you just Winning at all costs like how does that Not burn you up inside to know that You've never legitimately won anything That's such a pathetic way to live your Life so but that exactly it's that no One told you that no when you don't put You don't get the basket inside the hoop That's not a point like when I make a Basket you don't get my points you see Little kid no one ever told him that uh He just won everything automatically and Then if they you know if his babysitter Didn't let him win he'd be like you're Fired like that's that's how it worked Exactly yeah and he surrounds himself With people who would never call him out On it I am sure because he's he's so Blundering I'm sure everyone sees him do This when he cheats with them around I I'm sure that they all just take it as a As a given it's like it's the sports Version of all of these stories of Basically everyone that worked for him In the White House saying that he's an Idiot imagine knowing that you've you're Surrounded by people who know all of Your frailties and shortcomings and all That and making no effort as you Approach the end years of your life to Improve even in a tiny way it is it's Just it should be a cautionary tale for Us all it's so weird that millions of

People look up to him yes it it's it's a Cautionary tear to Mass to toxic Masculinity honestly yeah it's pathetic Um even if your goal was to be that sort Of stereotypical stupid caricature of a Man You're doing a terrible job of it we all Know that you're a cheater how is that Masculine thanks for watching The Young Turks who really appreciate it another Way to show support is through YouTube Memberships you'll get to interact with Us more there's live chat emojis badges You've got emojis of me Anna John Jr so Those are super fun but you also get Playback of our exclusive member only Shows and specials right after they air So all that all you gotta do is click That join button right underneath the Video thank you