So…What Should We Do About All This?

By | December 30, 2022

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The plague of liberalism is so much Worse than I can show you here on YouTube if you saw how many teachers and Generation Z kids there are on Tick Tock Talking about their pronouns and their Warped view of the world you would pull Your kids out of public school forbid Them from having a smartphone until They're 18 and move to a small town in Montana thankfully many people are Finally beginning to realize the extent Of the culture Marxist attacks being Waged against the human race and the Foundational fabric of society but few Know just how deep the rabbit hole goes And what most people see is just the tip Of an iceberg of insanity that's Spreading throughout the Western World And what's worse is that the Marxist Democrats have been quietly and steadily Passing new laws across the country Which now Force business owners Landlords and teachers to go along with This agenda forbidding them from firing People who no normal person or business Wants to be around claiming it would be Discrimination and they can't even speak Out against it or they might get sued For harassment the social media Companies are in lockstep with them and Forcing orwellian terms of service Designed to censor criticism from Conservatives who disagree with this Madness or who post basic facts about

Biological sex differences or statistics About crime or denounce people raising Children in certain kinds of Lifestyles And it's all in the name of progress and Creating a positive community in safe Space they say Ronald Reagan once Remarked that if fascism ever comes to America it'll come in the name of Liberalism and it surely is they want us Defunded and de-platformed to totally Banned from being heard on social media Major corporations like uber and Airbnb Or even Banning people from using their Apps because of their political beliefs Or if they happen to have attended a Protest or other political conference That the thought police have deemed Racist it's not even just Fringe people That few outside of their circles have Heard of Michelle Malkin was banned from Using Airbnb after speaking at a Conference let's not forget that Restaurants have even refused service to People for simply supporting president Trump conservatives understand that our Rights come from God not the government And so certainly not from corporations The government's job is to protect our Inherent rights not give them to us or Decide who gets them and when and for What reason we're born with them but Liberals are doing everything they can To take them away from us we are up Against a well-funded and dedicated

Group of conspirators who will stop at Nothing to get what they want to fight Back against them you have to vote in The midterm elections and in your local Elections not just every four years in The presidential election your local Republican party should have a voter Guide with their recommendations for who To vote for regarding various positions In your city from the mayor to the School board members and even the County Treasurer start showing up at your local School board meetings along with their Friends and neighbors and give the School administrators a piece of your Mind and ensure that they're not Secretly brow beating your children with Anti-whiteism or trying to turn them Into a bunch of gender-bending drag Queens as Plato famously said one of the Penalties for refusing to participate in Politics is that you end up being Governed by your inferiors you have to Look at voting like paying your taxes it Takes a little bit of time and effort And certainly isn't what you would Prefer to be doing but if you don't do It you're going to get screwed if you Can afford it put your kids in private School and learn the dangers that lurk For them on social media and be sure to Provide them with plenty of entertaining And educational Alternatives instead of What the pop cultures programming kids

To think is cool we are under assault And we have to fight back with lawsuits With tweets Facebook posts and YouTube Videos to counter their propaganda on Every platform with a flood of new Conservative content every day we need Armies of anonymous trolls to engage in Meme Wars producing clever and viral Images which capture the essence of our Message we need silent soldiers too who Are just as important to quietly fight The liberal agenda simply by not Adopting their ridiculous ideas and Instead living their lives in accordance With the truth and set examples for Their children and grandchildren and Others liberals want to turn our society Upside down and dismantle the very Institutions which help to make our Country so great to begin with and They're trying to stab at the very heart Of humanity hoping to cause the social Fabric to completely unravel they're Targeting families friendships Intimate Relationships marriages and children Claiming the humans have been doing it All wrong for thousands of years and It's time for a total Revolution to Overthrow the old order in the 1960s Drug-fueled teens and young adults Experimented with free love and hippie Communes as they rejected modern society But after a few years their lives became Hopeless disasters their pipe dreams of

A utopian society soon collided with the Harsh realities of Life their childish Minds had ignored or hadn't yet Contemplated the hippies later realized That it's problematic as it could be Sometimes the nuclear family which had Been the way human beings had lived for Tens of thousands of years is the best Way to live and capitalism despite its Flaws is the best economic model for People to prosper the fantasies of the 1960s soon faded away and the flower Children eventually grew up let's hope We'll have a similar Revival of Traditionalism and that the progressive Politics and toxic social experiments of Modern liberalism will soon come to an End let's hope that we can quickly put This dark chapter in the history books And move forward to a more rational and Reasonable Society while that is the Goal it is possible that we may have Passed the point of no return there are So many vultures out there that have Sunk their claws so deep into the psyche Of our species they may have permanently Damaged a large segment of society and They're enjoying it the spiteful Mutant's only mission is to spread their Misery to others like Jesus said for why It is the gate and Broad is the road That leads to destruction and many enter Through it but small as the gate and Narrow is the road that leads to life

And only few find it so while we may not Be able to find a care for the liberal Plague that is affecting the masses you Can find comfort in the fact that you Can largely insulate yourself and your Loved ones from the cultural craziness By continuing to practice the Traditions That have been proven effective around The world and across time no matter what The majority of people are doing or what The news claims is going on and what the Celebrities say we should think or what The social media trends show is right or Wrong we know the truth and the truth Will set us free if you like my serious Monologues like this then you'll love Reading my books like liberalism find a Cure which isn't just a great t-shirt That you can order from my online but also a very Serious book complete with over 800 Footnotes because everything is Thoroughly documented and sourced my Books are a lot more in-depth and Hardcore than my videos which I have to Tone down a bit for obvious reasons so Head on over to or click the Link in the description below and check Them out [Music] Foreign