So…This Is Corporate “News” These Days? 😂

By | January 16, 2023

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Media analyst Mark Dice takes a close look at some of the reporting of ABC News, one of the Big Three brand name corporate news outlets to see how accurate and ethical they are.

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Mark Dice is an independent media analyst and bestselling author of “Hollywood Propaganda: How TV, Movies, and Music Shape Our Culture.” He has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from California State University and was the first conservative YouTuber to reach 1 million subscribers (in 2017).

He has been featured on Fox News, the History Channel, E! Entertainment, the Drudge Report, and news outlets around the world.


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ABC always broadcasting crap every night Millions of people tune in to the ABC World News the broadcast Network's half Hour evening news program and well it's Certainly much better than any show on CNN or MSNBC in terms of reporting Actual news instead of endless Grievances about Trump January 6 and the Republican Party ABC News is still a Massive Cog in the liberal media Industrial complex not just putting Democrats spin on their stories and Carefully choosing topics that'll Further their agenda but the deception Goes far beyond basic liberal bias They've stitched crime scenes Deceptively edited Clips to give the Opposite impression of what people said And have been sued for almost two Billion dollars by a company claiming Their fake news stories destroyed their Business seriously ABC set up their own Police line for a live shot to make it Look like the reporter was standing Right in front of a crime scene with the Yellow police tape swaying in the wind Right behind her and they would have Gotten away with it if it weren't for Some locals who came out to watch the Reporter and posted pictures online show Knowing that the producers had put up Their own police tape by tying it to two Different tripods that were off camera And out of the frame after Dr Drew

Expressed he was quite concerned about Hillary Clinton's health problems as the 2016 election approached KABC radio a Division of ABC broadcasting deleted the Webpage about his interview in an Attempt to protect Hillary from the Negative publicity it was generating I Just called a friend of mine Dr Robert Passionately sat and evaluated the Medical record that she had released and Based on the information that she has Providing her doctors have provided we Were Gravely concerned not just about Her health care not about her health but Her health care whoops Dr Drew Inadvertently gave more ammunition to Those who were raising concerns about Her diminishing health so he had to be Censored not only did ABC delete the Article about Dr Drew's comments but the Following week his show on CNN's at Sister station HLN which had been on air For five years was abruptly canceled Even the Washington Post couldn't help But notice the connection and published A story with the headline Dr Drew show Canceled days after hosts negative Speculation about Hillary Clinton's Health he was also called the conspiracy Theorist for thinking that her health Was failing and was labeled a Hillary Clinton Health truther just two weeks Later she completely collapsed and had To be carried away by her staff

Confirming what many had been concerned About for some time of cards that would Have been completely covered up by her Staff but someone happened to have been Watching when she was whisked away to Her motorcade and capture the whole Thing on video less than one week Earlier The Washington Post published This story with the headline can we just Stop talking about Hillary Clinton's Health now some of ABC's ties to the Deep state are obvious anchor and chief Political correspondent George Stephanopoulos used to work as Bill Clinton's former communications director So he can't even pretend to be an Objective journalist when he was Literally on the payroll of the clintons Not to mention he donated 75 thousand Dollars to them through their sham Charity when the donation was discovered He apologized for not disclosing it to ABC News and its viewers and was forced To then drop out of moderating one of The Republican presidential primary Debates despite the obvious conflict of Interests caused by him donating tens of Thousands of dollars to the clintons ABC News called it an honest mistake here's President Trump trolling him to his face By the way about it during an interview When you look back over the sweep this Pain going back to last June is there Anything you regret oh absolutely I'd

Love to have done certain things over But you can't you can't but that's your Life I'd love to have done in life Certain things over I guess and you Would have to give me one you would have Loved not to have contributed to the Clinton Foundation as an example there Are things that you wish you didn't do That's some quick thinking right there That's God level trolling Fort George Didn't even see it coming of course After president Trump's controversial Travel ban which aimed to stop people From terrorist infested countries from Coming to the United States was blocked By an injunction from an activist judge Appointed by President Obama and Iraqi Immigrant who had just arrived to JFK Airport in New York was interviewed by The media and he was very gracious and Said that America is the greatest nation In the world and was happy to be here But that's where ABC cut the clip they Posted online what they didn't show was That immediately after that someone Asked him if he wanted to say something To Donald Trump tried to tee him up to Denounce the new travel screenings and There are many forms of unethical Journalism one of them being not showing The full context of someone's statements Instead of criticizing Trump he Responded that he likes him and was very Understanding of the extensive screening

He had to go through before being Allowed into the United States you see If ABC showed him saying that he didn't Have a problem with the increased travel Restrictions that would have Contradicted The Narrative that the Media was pushing at the time which was That the travel restrictions were Anti-muslim bigotry in government Sanctioned discrimination but that's Just the beginning of ABC's deceptive Editing the network issued an apology After being caught deceptively editing Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer's comments about Trump's first Few days in office after they cut him Off mid-sentence in order to cast him in A false light which like I said is an Obvious and egregious violation of Journalistic Ethics after being called Out by Fleischer on the deception ABC Surprisingly issued an on-air apology Saying this and finally tonight a note On last night's broadcast in our segment About the new Administration we Interviewed former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer in editing the Piece his quote was shortened and as a Result his comments mischaracterized we Corrected the piece online to include His full quote and context we apologize And regret the error that was three days Into the Trump Administration when the Mainstream media still cared about the

Illusion of having integrity and when They got caught red-handed reporting Fake news they were a little embarrassed But as everyone knows in the following Weeks months and years their lies and Deceptions went supernova and they would Continue to pile more lies on top of Lies and no matter how obvious they were They never stopped their gaslighting and Do everything that they can to maintain The facade that whatever they say on air Or online is straight from God's mouth Thankfully ABC hasn't always escaped Repercussions for their Reckless Disregard for reality they were sued for Almost two billion dollars by a South Dakota meat processing plant for a Series of reports calling their ground Beef product pink slime the company Alleged that their revenue dropped 80 Percent after the reports aired causing The word pink slime to go viral online ABC later settled the lawsuit for a Reported 177 million dollars which is close to an Entire Year's profit for the network Stories showing behind the scenes Activities of meat processing plants Tend to be Sensational and shocking but It appears ABC went too far trying to Scare up some viewers for their pink Slime Expose and it came back to bite Them but ABC doesn't just broadcast fake News and liberal bias they're also part

Of the cultural decay of the United States their Flagship Morning Show Good Morning America is the one that featured Child drag queen Desmond is amazing Trying to normalize the idea of pre-teen Boys being dressed in Drag and in 2016 They rebranded the ABC Family Channel to The freeform Channel because they hate Families and didn't want to have Anything to do with wholesome content Anymore ABC is owned by Disney which Sadly is now also on the Forefront of Grooming children and indoctrinating Them in the gender bending and if you Saw the leaked Zoom meeting of the Disney Executives you know that they Openly discussed queering up the content Their words for the children if you like Watching my monologues like this then You'll love reading my books so order The true story of fake news how Mainstream media manipulates millions or Hollywood propaganda on TV movies and Music shape our culture get them a Paperback on or download the EBooks from Kindle iBooks Nook or Google Play and of course there are links to The Amazon listings in the description Below so click them and head on over There and check them out Foreign