Should The Right CANCEL Kanye West?

By | October 15, 2022

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Kanye West has divided the right with one of his questionable tweets, this time about Jewish people. What exactly was Kanye talking about? And do we have enough information to cancel not only him, but those who associate with him, like Candace Owens?

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Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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Hey Lauren here let’s talk about the Whole Kanye West situation as we all Know by now Kanye West seems to be in Another one of those phases where he is Very interested in talking about social Issues current events and politics we Saw this previously from him before at Around 2016 he ended up kind of backing Away from these issues but now that Perhaps he’s divorced from his wife Kim Kardashian who seemed to be trying to Put a muzzle on him when it comes to These more controversial things he’s Back at it Full Speed Ahead not only did He wear the white lives matter shirts With Candace Owens at Fashion Week but He also did a very highly publicized Interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News and if you missed it I did do an Entire video dedicated to at least the First part of that interview check it Out if you haven’t already and now that Interview was apparently so long that They chose to break it up into two Different parts airing on two different Days and it was right on the heels of The second part of that highly Publicized Fox news interview airing That uh Kanye decided to break the Internet a little bit he posted I’m a Bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death Con 3 on Jewish people All caps the funny thing is I actually Can’t be anti-semitic because black

People are actually Jew also you guys Have toyed with me and tried to Blackball anyone whoever opposes your Agenda so muy caliente to say the least And that tweet was very quickly deleted By Twitter and as you can imagine that Tweet despite getting deleted did get a Lot of very negative attention with many People rushing to say this proves that Kanye West is not only anti-semitic but Is actually threatening the lives of Jewish people with that phrase death con 3. now my opinion regardless of what Else you think about that tweet I don’t Actually think Kanye West was Threatening anyone I think he genuinely Thought that Defcon was actually death Con and why he chose three instead of One to five no clue say what you want About whether this tweet is Prejudice or Not but I think it is a very far cry to Say that this should count as a threat And I know it may surprise some of you To hear this and it’s kind of surprising Me actually but it turns out that this Kanye tweet is actually causing using Somewhat of a rift or at least Disagreement in conservative circles Which we’re going to be getting into but First I do want to say a big thank you To today’s sponsor Noble goal did you Know that silver prices are low right Now since investors are selling their Holdings because of low demand however

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At least one person who seemed to hold Off on condemning Kanye was Candace Owens who when addressing the whole Situation in her podcast said this You’re an honest person when you read This tweet you had no idea what the hell He was talking about I had I had no idea When I read this tweet what the hell he Was talking about this tweet inspired Questions not answers first and foremost What is deathcon 3. now that clip was Shared very heavily on social media with A lot of people saying that this was Kenneth Owens defending Kanye and his Anti-semitic tweets but I think if you Go back and watch that clip and pay very Close attention you will notice that Candace Owens is not really defending Kanye or what he said at all here Essentially what she’s says there is That she didn’t understand Kanye’s tweet She doesn’t know what he means and that We should be asking him what exactly he Means before rushing to condemn him and Certainly before trying to accuse him of Committing another Holocaust and you Know what I have to say that I agree With Candace Owens here as soon as I saw That that tweet was deleted I Immediately lamented that now we will Never know exactly what Kanye West was Going to say and I think that is exactly Why censorship when it comes to this Kind of stuff is such a bad idea if

Nothing else actually hearing and Waiting to see what Kanye said would Have either just solidified the fact That yeah the man is bigoted or maybe Absolved him but now we will never know That situation that Clarity has been Taken from us because Twitter as usual Was way too fast to hit the ban button And now this is the part that frustrates Me because here on the one hand we have What Kanye West said his tweet and some People calling him anti-semitic hey That’s one issue but once Candace Owens Made that statement on her show Basically saying hey uh let’s not be too Quick to attack someone let’s try to Figure out what he means first because Frankly we just don’t know that tweet Wasn’t very clear just for saying that Which keep in mind is not really a Defense of what Kane said it’s uh I Don’t know what Kanye said Candace Owens Has also since been smeared as an Anti-semite one of the people who shared That clip of Candace online is someone Named Jason Campbell his entire job is Just essentially to sit around all day Clipping uh different parts of daily Wire shows and spreading them online to Try to make them look bigoted in my Opinion though he usually just makes Them look bass especially Matt Walsh What can you expect he works for Media Matters for America which is a trash

Organization but when sharing that clip Of Candace he wrote Candace Owens on Kanye West’s anti-semitic tweet if you Are an honest person you did not think This tweet was anti-semitic adding it’s Like you cannot even say the word Jewish Without people getting upset and that’s Right became a hot spot not just for Calling Kanye West anti-semitic or Candace Owens wrong for not seeing how It was anti-semitic but also Colin Candace Owens Anti-semiticusparian wrote absolute Trash shelter wrote even after my whole Last life of the GOP and seven freaking Years of the trumplican GOP they still Regularly managed to take my breath away With their BS and someone else named Harris piskin for democracy just kind of Weighed in with Candace Owens is an Effing idiot it’s very great and Meaningful discourse happening over There but canis Owens I think to her Credit never being one to bow down to Cancel culture she kind of doubled down On the fact that she was not willing to Condemn Kanye West for a tweets she did Not understand and so at the premiere of Her new documentary the greatest lie Ever sold Candace Owens was actually in Attendance with Kanye West and what Disclosure I was invited to this event I Did go I did not get to meet Kanye Though a lot of people seem to meet him

Afterwards after the film had screened I Actually kind of had to run home and This may be TMI but it’s it’s a ma Moment so I’m sharing it because uh my Milk was coming in and I was in a lot of Pain so I I had to feed baby so yes that Is now forever the story of why I did Not get the chance to meet Kanye West Which brings us to the rift that is Being caused in the conservative Movement it seems that people are upset But not so much over whether Kanye’s Tweet was anti-semitic or not but Whether it’s still okay to associate With him or not specifically Ben Dominic Or Dominic I’m not sure I’ve never heard The name said I’ve only ever read it He’s Megan McCain’s husband though oh The fact that Candace had Connie in Attendance of the premiere and a bunch Of other celebrities he wrote The Daily Wire and bet Shapiro stand with Kanye Candace Owens anti-Semitism and Kanye’s Trolling of his ex-wife with the guy who Plowed her on camera winning the culture Looks like this yikes and so with all of That negative attention on Candace for Being with Kanye and with what he said About Jewish people it could come as no Surprise really that eventually Ben Shapiro Weighed in on this whole thing let me Just say this Candace and I disagree About a wide variety of topics one of

The features not the Bugs of daily wire Plus is the fact that we openly disagree About all of this stuff I I share my Opinions about what I think Candace is Saying she shares her opinions about What she thinks then I am saying we Battle it out it’s one of the things That you get a daily wire when it comes To Kansas defense of those remarks I Think Candace is dead wrong on what she Said while respecting her relationship With Kanye she knows Kanye a better Denial okay whatever all of that I’m Sure is true and I will take that for Granted what she said about Kanye I Radically disagree with I think that She’s dead wrong I think that it is it It is not a a it betrays a Lack of understanding about Anti-Semitism and and the scope of Anti-semitism But we’re allowed to have those Disagreements that’s the way this works And similarly Dairy boring who’s uh I Could think co-ceo of the daily wire he Also wrote do you agree with Candace’s Defense of Kanye’s comments answer I Disagree with a lot of it question so Why did daily wire allow her to say it And invite him to her premiere answer Allow we aren’t in the business of Telling our hosts what to think say or Do now that kind of attitude that you Can disagree with one of your hosts but

Still have them as part of your platform And still talk about it and still be Friendly with them that is exactly what We should want in the right wing Movement however despite those words as Many people myself included did notice The official daily wire account didn’t Promote canis’s Premiere where she had Kanye and the other daily wire hosts Were not in attendance of that Premiere Though they do all have other Engagements I think Ben is in Israel and Matt Walsh is on his college tour but Some people might wonder all right well If there’s if this is not a problem why Couldn’t the scheduling have been Changed so that you could attend this Premiere of your platform’s film or at The very least why could you not have Promoted it or said congratulations for It on on your social media but that Wasn’t done either even though that Could be done no matter where you are in The planet what other engagements you Have and so basically this is my Position on the whole Kanye West Situation I like Candace would like to Know more before I condemn him because I May be burning some bridges here because I know a lot of people will disagree With me but I don’t think talking about Certain Jewish people who you happen to Know counts as anti-semitic and I don’t Know if that’s what Kanye West was

Trying to do talk about the people he Actually knows in the industry that he’s Had experiences with or just condemn all Jewish people we don’t know enough from That tweet in my opinion and I’ll also Say that if you are someone who doesn’t Like Kanye’s tweet to the point where Now you also don’t like Candace Owens And you also think that it’s bad that The daily wire employs Kenneth Owens who Is friends with Kanye West and you are Ridiculous because let’s face it that Level of toxicity that level of guilt by Association that would not apply if Kanye West had said those same words About other black people or about white People I think it’s fair to say that you Cannot like what Kanye West said and While at the same time still Acknowledging that the reaction to it Readiness to cancel not only Kanye but Anyone associated with Kanye who still Associates with Kanye that is cancel Culture that is exactly what the right Criticizes the left for all the time and Ultimately that is a huge double Standard with the type of rhetoric that We allow to be said about other races But anyway those are just my thoughts And as always I would love to know what You guys think do you think Conservatives should be disassociating From Connie and maybe even people who Are just friends with Kanye or is that

Cancel culture let me know down below And as always if you enjoyed this video Please be sure to like share and Subscribe it helps me out so so much Until next time

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