SHOCKER: Report Shows Just How Terrified DeSantis Is Of Donald Trump

By | November 3, 2022

Sources say Ron DeSantis is telling his donors that he has no plans of standing in Trump’s way in 2024. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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Is Ron DeSantis planning to run in the Republican presidential primary in 2024 If Donald Trump is running and a new Report indicates that the answer is Probably not So Gabriel Sherman He's the hot Goss Ambassador okay over At Vanity Fair reported on this and Apparently DeSantis has been telling his Donors that he does not plan to Challenge Trump in the Republican Primaries sources tell me DeSantis Recently indicated two donors that he Would not challenge Trump for the Republican nomination he's LED them to Believe he will not run if Trump does a Republican briefed on the donor Conversations told me another source Told me desantis's calculation is that At age 44 he's only 44. I didn't know That he can easily increase his age Prematurely he doesn't look 44. he Definitely looks older than that he can Easily wait until the next presidential Cycle so why risk a brutal primary fight Against someone like Trump he can walk Into the presidency in 2028 without Upsetting Trump or Florida The Source Said Because God forbid you upset daddy Trump You don't want to get a spanking do you Yeah you're not like a grown man who Makes their own decisions you do Whatever he'll allow it's the feminism

It's the feminist fault what happened to Male masculinity I think the feminists Yeah yeah it's the feminists who uh have Been in Ron desantis's ear convincing Him to act like a little like all The other Republican male politicians Yeah when it comes to Donald Trump his Motto is the cuck stops here I think That's not going to get you to the White House buddy anyway Um so I don't buy it Oh interesting I'm not saying that he's Not I'm not saying that he's definitely Going to run and I think there's very Good reasons why he shouldn't run I Could make a long list maybe I will the Number one uh reason though is that Trump would demolish him Um just rhetorically like we we just Easily made fun of Ron DeSantis he is so Make funable can you imagine what Donald Trump is gonna do Like he doesn't even know anything about Evan McMullen and he came up with McMuffin can you imagine what he's been Spending like the last six months Thinking of about Ron DeSantis well I've Actually noticed that he's gonna show That picture of him the white boots done Because Ron DeSantis like hasn't Publicly said that he does not plan on Running I've noticed that Trump has Increased or ratcheted up his attacks Against oh yeah DeSantis and his

Upcoming VP attacking Bronson right as Well so Oh interesting I actually had not seen That the Marjorie green criticized Rhonda Sanchez for doing the migrant Flights says that he's doing what the Democrats want What She criticized a republican yeah a Maga Republican not like like Mitch McConnell Or something she criticizes veronic Santos That's interesting I had not seen that Um I don't think I don't think Trump is Going to run with Marjorie I don't know Whatever we live in America This week but anyway um whenever you're Whenever you're in doubt just assume the Worst what's the worst So here's the thing I I think If he says it would just be safer to Wait four years I think he's probably Right I think it would be safer I think He'll still be relatively young as Presidents go Donald Trump I mean I'm looking at his frame it don't Look like it's gonna last another six or Seven years but maybe but anyway he'll Be super old Unless he's entering into his third or Fourth term and democracy doesn't matter Or whatever uh then that is a safe bet I'm not saying that Rhonda santis is

Definitely gonna run I'm saying that Them putting out this statement that oh He's talking to donors that doesn't mean Anything I what I would do if I was Ron DeSantis and if I was Um you know a very shallow exterior of Pretending to be an alpha but inside I Was the scariest little boy in America That I wouldn't want Donald Trump Spending the next five months attacking Me before I launch my bid I would put Out something like this reassure Trump Oh I'm not actually going to attack and Then I'd be plotting in the background Waiting to eventually run this is like a Defense I think That's no no one's going on the record No donors are going on the record Sources no age sources Weak trial balloon stuff I don't mean Anything I am hoping that Ron DeSantis Does run in 20. oh me too It would be Um entertaining Right there with you and I think I would Enjoy look I'm not gonna lie uh I enjoy The Republican primary debates more than The Democratic primary debates and I Have no doubt that Ron desantis's Participation would make it far more Entertaining and I am curious to see how He would hold up on a debate stage where Someone like Donald Trump who resorts to Juvenile insults would be like hitting

Him in the face rhetorically politically I think he might actually cry I think there's a chance that it because It's not going to be like in 2016 where There was 12 people on the stage and Trump would hit this one and they'd make Fun of that one's hair and he'd call That one fat if it's him and Ron DeSantis he is going to hit Ron DeSantis Over and over and over and I think he Really might cry God I want it to happen so badly me too Me too I might vote for Trump I'm just Kidding I would never vote for Trump um Anyway yeah yeah so we'll see what Happens I I think your prediction is a Good one I try I don't know where I fall Yet I do think that Rhonda santis much Like other Republican politicians is Terrified of trump and doesn't want to Be attacked by him and he is young Enough but you want to keep his powder Dry as they say and just wait to run at A time when he wouldn't have to be Confronted with a big orange baby and Bear in mind there's also Like just waiting like four or five Months before he'd announce anyway There's no reason letting people know He's gonna run before he actually Decides to run Um think about what can happen in that Time Trump could theoretically get back On Twitter and remind everyone that he's

An absolute psychopath and that might Spook some of the donors to want an Alternative also maybe the doj will file Charges against him which could help him Or could hurt him I think there's a Couple of things that could happen in The next six months that in theory could Aid Ron DeSantis so long as Trump Doesn't spend all of that time like Absolutely destroying him and making a Mockery of him we'll see how it plays Out for now though LJ wombology and our Super chats has an important comment About John uh John is my new favorite we Got to go to a one shot of John as I Read this comment why would you do it Because because we have to John is my New favorite Greaser just saying someone Get this manamoto jacket Laughs I'm glad you're happy with this first of All I have multiple Moto jackets already The first time I have felt genuine Joy Today so thank you to LJ wombology for Making me laugh I really appreciate it Well I'm glad that that happened and I'm Glad that you reading it and laughing at It won't Inspire anyone else to do the Same what's going on though like are you Just trying to switch it up with the Hair you just don't want to get a Haircut well I'm I'm growing it a little Bit and in the meantime I got to figure Out what to do because if I just don't

Do anything it's mad you're throwing it Up for what a man to have hair I don't Know I've never had I don't even know What you do with hair that's why every Day I do something different I don't Have I've been buzzing my head for years And years and years and so this time I Just pushed it back I don't know you Know what do you boo oh I'm into it I Don't really hate it I think it's okay I Don't hate it either I don't hate it Either okay yeah but you don't mess with The greasers but you should definitely Get a moto jacket I feel like I have Motorcycle jackets because I owned Motorcycles I wear your moto jacket What's wrong with you I might it's Difficult though because look I've Always really wanted to but it doesn't Really fit our style and then on Friday I'm wearing a t-shirt on the main show Because it's Wednesday and you're Wearing a like a whatever the turtleneck Like but I wouldn't be wearing this if Jake was wearing his jacket anyway last Friday Jessica Burbank wore a leather Jacket on the show so now if I do it People will be like you're just coping Jessica burping I don't think anyone's Gonna care John they will okay all right We gotta take a break she'll make fun of Me on tick tock Jonah Morton writes in And says the pivot to Asia that never Happened we haven't left Europe or

Africa some pivot well you're right About not leaving Europe or Africa and I Don't think we ever will But there definitely has been at least Some attention toward Asia they kind of Started under the Obama Administration And that pivot is very much real Especially when you consider the Weaponry we've been sending to countries Um near that or in that region countries Like Japan India There's definitely a lot going on that I'm concerned about all right harand Writes in and says and then you have to Look at the chip Act Taylor Ellis is a freaking genius okay He's one of our producers he's amazing Because he's literally said that said This this morning and then you have to Look at the chip act and what uh us is Just what US is to store us is Destroying it Um so the chip Act is is correct right There's a reason why we are trying to Manufacture chips here in the United States it's because we've been so Reliant on China and there's this effort To kind of like decouple The United States and China in terms of Like the economic relationship we have To some extent and I think the chip Act Is just the first part of that Um there's also a secondary story to That where the U.S will not allow

Exports of these chips to China so That that means something I mean Obviously that's part that that whole Effort is part of this ongoing ramped up Tension that the US is is pushing for With China Progressive Canuck AKA maple Syrup Dragon says the government of Ontario Canada is trying to legislate That unionized workers in the education System not teachers cannot strike during Negotiations and is an act of the Government that goes against Canada's Charter of Rights hashtag I stand with Coop We'll look into that story but that's uh Super discouraging news sticky sticky Dank Brandon writes in and says Progressives get into Congress and lose Their backbone it's sad to see but not Surprising more progressives with the Spine please Okay Um No one in Congress is going to give a Crap about what we think or what we want Unless we're organized and know how to Apply pressure effectively outside of Like an outside pressure campaign that Is the only thing that's going to work Okay there's never going to be one Savior in Congress if anyone tells you That they're lying to you the idea that Like if we could just elect this one Person it's gonna change everything that

Is a lie and it is incredibly naive to Think that I'm I'm not venting toward the person Who wrote that comment I'm mostly Venting toward other people that you Know Shadow Boxing a little bit here but Like no it's mostly Jank it's not it's Not it's never going to be one person we Need to organize we need to apply Pressure from the outside that's the Only thing that works incentives Disincentives that's all they respond to Let's get back to the show

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