Senator Raphael Warnock – “Georgians Are Gonna Get it Right” | The Daily Show in Atlanta

By | November 3, 2022

“I think about who’s ready and who’s fit to serve to represent them in the United States Senate, and I believe that at the end of the day, Georgians are gonna get it right.” Sen. Raphael Warnock, a senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, discusses the vast differences between himself and his Republican opponent Herschel Walker, and explains how working across the aisle with Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio benefits the people of Georgia. #DailyShow #Comedy

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Reverend slash Senator Rafael Warner Welcome to The Daily Show thank you so Much I'm gonna jump straight into it and I I Know so many welcome thank you so much You know no one has welcomed me back You're the first person you see this is What this is why you're Reverend I like That I like that Um First first things first this is turning Into a race that is way closer than People anticipated it is turning into a Race that has become a lot more National Than many people anticipated and what's Been surprising is seeing how little of The news is actually about what you're Doing wrong it's just about what the Other candidate is saying which seems Crazy And and yet it seems closer than it Should be so I'd love to start with that Why do you think Georgia or Georgian Voters or the polls are showing that Georgian voters are so close when it Seems like most people would say the two Of you are so far apart Well I agree with the last part of what You just said Wow The differences between the options that Georgians have right now are wide and Deep Yeah and um look the reality is we

Always knew this would be a close race And I think that speaks to where the Country is And where people are but I think when You look close and you don't have to Look that close Uh you you can see that Georgians have a Clear choice I think about who's ready And who's fit To serve Uh To represent them in the United States Senate and I believe that at the end of The day Jordan's not going to get it right Let's talk about let's talk about what Many what many Georgians may feel is is Going wrong there are many who are Saying we need change and as we've seen Multiple times in American politics it's It's all about what people's pockets Feel like it's all about what their gas Tank looks like that determines a lot of How they vote there are many Georgians Have said I love you Senator I love what You're doing and what you represent but I feel like in this moment the Republicans are promising something that Is better or different how would you how Would you respond to the people who say That to you Well in my case my opponent hasn't Promised a thing

Think about it What has he actually promised to do So look there's no question that these Are tough times And people are feeling the pain and the Pinch we've been through over two years Of a pandemic And now that the economy has opened up We're seeing these Rising costs supply Chain issues related to the pandemic We're seeing Rising prices by the way Globally right driven by the war in Ukraine and on top of that you've got Bad actors in the corporate space who Are literally exploiting a pandemic While we well So While while we are paying record prices At the pump at the pharmaceutical Counter at the grocery store they are Literally experiencing record profit Rights and so so so the question is Who's going to do something about it who Who cares about Ordinary People and I I All right I I take this job very seriously You know it's a real honor for your Neighbors to say we want you to Represent us in in high office and so That's the reason why I capped the cost Of insulin to no more than 35 dollars The reason I cap the cost of Prescription drugs so uh Women and men like my 84 year old mother

Wouldn't have to choose between buying The medicine they need and the groceries They need that's why All right Uh I've remained focused on the people And when I talked the other night About capping the cost of insulin And the fact that corporations are Gouging insulin a 100 year old drug my Opponent said people just need to eat Right So Nope those were his words right And you know as a pastor I have Encouraged healthy living but that Doesn't explain why the corporations are Engaged in price gouging and you can eat Right and still have diabetes right Right so So here's my recommendation I think Herschel Walker should be the dietitian And I'll serve in the United States Senate Let's let's talk a little bit as well About how you work as well I I have Found it particularly interesting that Even in your campaign ads in Georgia You've gone out of your way to talk About Republicans who you have worked With which so many people would seem Like suicide you know you say I've Worked with Ted Cruz I've worked with Marco Rubio now most people don't even Admit that that they know Ted Cruz and

And yet here you are here you are saying No I worked with Ted Cruz I worked with Marco Rubio you've made an effort of Talking about Reaching Across the aisle And working with other lawmakers to get Things done it seems like that is Dwindling in American politics as you Said people are retreating to their Corners and saying this is where I stand I work with no one else Do you not worry about alienating some Who say oh how can you reach across the Aisle or why is it that you choose to Particularly include that in your own Campaign ad I mean it's your ad why Include Ted Cruz's name why put it Marco Rubio's name in it Yeah I'm I'm the 18th most bipartisan Senator in the Senate uh based uh According to the Luger Center I'm the 18th and that's that's a little bit of An achievement because out of 100 Senators wow I'm 100. I'm the most Junior senator in the Senate and I've Been able to convince people to work With me to pull people together And so yeah I will be honest Ted Cruz And I are both on the Commerce Committee Most of the time when he's talking I'm Sitting there thinking to myself really Like you put on a suit and a tie to come Here to do that so that's usually what I'm thinking But

But when it came time to name i-14 a Priority Corridor in Georgia An interstate that would run through Texas and also through Georgia would Connect our military bases we would Revitalize a lot of our rural areas that Have been suffering all throughout Georgia I didn't mind working with Ted Cruz to Do that if we can build out the highway Nobody cares if you're a Democrat or Republican you get to use the highway so So what I've endeavored to do Is not to be a senator who used to be a Pastor but a pastor in the Senate which Is which is why I returned to my Pulpit I preach here every Sunday And you continue to do the important Work so I hope the people of Georgia will give Me six more years to keep doing this Work because Everybody

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