SEE IT: Herschel Walker Hits Back At Obama With SOLID GOLD Response After Barack Insults Him

By | November 3, 2022

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FOX News reports, Former President Barack Obama repeatedly attacked Republican Sen. Herschel Walker in Georgia, who faces Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in a crucial battleground state Senate race.

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Watch this Herschel Walker hits back at Obama with solid gold response after Barack insults him in this video we’re Going to show you the Epic response from Herschel Walker when Obama calls him a Celebrity candidate wait till you see it Every day we work to write the ship of State with rail reporting join us tap Subscribe below enable notifications and Let’s grow the next news Army thanks for Watching Next News Network I am Ivory Hecker filling in from my YouTube that Is Ivory Hecker on YouTube before we get To that report a new study reveals that Veteran suicide rates may be nearly 40 Percent higher than what’s reported by The Department of Veteran Affairs one of The ways I support them is by carrying This beautiful veteran challenge coin This challenge coin is a favorite Collectible of mine thousands of Patriots carry their veteran challenge Coin on them every day for this reason Try the veteran challenge coin risk-free For 60 days by simply clicking the link In the description below or by visiting The veteran coin dot com that’s the it’s free all you have To cover is shipping now back to the News all right it’s no secret that Barack Obama is not a big fan of Donald Trump but it seems he’s not too fun of Herschel Walker either watch as Obama Tries to downplay Walker’s chances in

The upcoming election and Walker fires Back with some epic words this is one Video you don’t want to miss Fox news Reports former president Barack Obama Obama repeatedly attacked Republican Senate uh Herschel Walker in Georgia who Faces Democratic senator Rafael Warnock In a crucial Battleground state senate Race after returning to the campaign Trail for his fellow Democrats just a Week and a half before election day the Former president criticized Walker as Quote a celebrity who wants to be a Politician Walker was a former college And professional football star and a First-time candidate take a look Some of you may not remember But Herschel Walker was a heck of a Football player I mean I I mean some of you are too Young to remember but in college he was Amazing one of the best Running backs of Alta But but here’s the question Does that make him the best person to Represent you in the USA [Applause] Does that make him equipped Two To weigh in on the critical decisions About our economy and our foreign policy And our future Let’s do a thought experiment Let’s say you’re at the airport

And you see Mr Walker and you say hey There’s Herschel Walker Heisman winner Let’s have him fly the plane [Applause] You probably wouldn’t say that You’d want to know does he know how to Fly an airplane Or or let’s say you go to the hospital And you see you you say you know that Walker guy he sure could tear it up in Sanford Stadium Give him a scalpel No you wouldn’t say that You’d you’d ask at least I would Has he done surgery before And and by the way the opposite is true Too like you you may have liked me as President but you would not want me Starting a tailback for the dogs I mean can you imagine my Slow old skinny behind getting hit by Some 300 pound defensive title who runs a Four six forty You’d have to scrape me off the field no I can’t No I can’t I’m good at a lot of things But that would not be one of those Things that I’m good at Hahaha As noted by Red State in a hilarious and Honest four and a half minute response Walker skewered Obama to Pieces notice

That Walker wasn’t using notes Teleprompter or closed captioning during His response it was just real talk Here’s a portion of his remarks Julie talked about President Obama was Here last night y’all saw He said I’m a celebrity Yeah You got that one wrong didn’t he I’m not A celebrity I’m that Warrior for God And uh he got he got something else Wrong too you remember two years ago he Told us to vote for Joe Biden You got that wrong did he not hey you Got that one wrong he lost twice till George already hasn’t he so I think he Probably need to set this one out don’t You think so he probably need to set This one out because let me tell you This was so funny he said that he Wouldn’t get me to be a pilot I wouldn’t Hire him to be a pilot either I haven’t taken my pilot license have I So he got that one wrong and then I tell You what he will hire me to do before You hire a uh uh Warner I bet he’ll Hired me to be on his debate team before He get worn out winning live yeah Well Obama needs to go back to Martha’s Vineyard with his Hollywood friends and Leave Georgia politics alone the Democrats are so desperate for votes That they have stopped to attack

Herschel Walker and a successful athlete A businessman who wants to serve his Community Obama’s Jabs at Walker as a Celebrity candidate only show uh out of Touch how out of touch Obama is with the Real world Walker has proven himself Time and time again while Obama is Trying to stay relevant by being a Bitter Petty attack dog for the Democrats Walker’s response was pure Gold he didn’t even dignify Obama’s Insult with a real response because his Actions speak louder than words he owns Obama in every sense the word and it’s Only a matter of time before Obama Fades Into irrelevance while Herschel Walker Continues to serve the people of Georgia And make his mark on the political stage Bottom line Obama should watch out Because Walker owned him this time and Will continue to do so after he wins the Election I mean it just shows to me that The Democrats are very threatened by This guy when they’re going to bring Their star Obama out to try to take him Down Herschel makes them nervous let me Know your thoughts let’s continue this In the conversation Below in the Comments section and be sure to check Out my independent reporting on my YouTube search Ivory Hecker on YouTube For Next News Network I’m Ivory Heckert And now let’s continue the conversation About veterans suicide rates because a

New study reveals they may be nearly 40 Percent higher than what’s reported by The Department of Veteran Affairs we Must support our veterans to see through Their challenges now more than ever and One of the ways I try to do that is with This beautiful veteran challenge coin Carry this veterans challenge coin in Your pocket on your gear or in your Vehicle as a reminder of what our Servicemen and women have done and Continue to do for us in addition to Being an honorable accessory to your Everyday carry it doubles as a gift That for yourself for your family for Your friends so try the veteran Challenge coin risk free for 60 days Click the link in the description below Or just visit the it’s Free all you have to cover is shipping We’ll see you at the next report for the Next News Network I’m Gary franchi Zest the power to impact the global Narrative please share this report and To get more videos like this become a Next News subscriber by clicking the Link below thank you for watching the Next News Network Foreign

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