Saudi’s Claim Biden Released from Strategic Oil Reserves to Manipulate the Oil Market.

By | October 26, 2022

Saudi Arabia is angry that Biden released 118 million barrels from the oil strategic reserves to manipulate the oil market and make it seem like gas prices are going down right before the midterm elections because of his policies!

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Hello folks my name is Jenna from Golden State times welcome back to The Newsroom And today I have a breaking International story this one comes Courtesy of again That’s and it says Saudi Arabia slams Biden for releasing Oil reserves Saudi Prince says Joe is Attempting to manipulate the market you Heard it right folks this comes courtesy Of golden and it says Saudi Arabia’s energy Minister on Tuesday blasted the release of emergency Oil stocks as an attempt to manipulate The market the latest appearance spent Between Washington and Saudi Arabia over Oil production It says that Prince Abdul Aziz bin Salman told an investor Conference in the Saudi Capital quote People are depleting their emergency Stocks in other words the United States Or they have already depleted it meaning The United States once again Used it as a mechanism to manipulate the Markets while its profound purpose was To mitigate shortage of supply So pretty much without naming he is Claiming that Biden depleted his Emergency stocks in order to manipulate The market And make it seem like the price of gas Is going down but he says it is nothing

But a mirage it’s false He went on to say however it is my Profound duty to make it clear to the World that losing emergency stock may Become painful in the months to come Prince Abdulaziz did not single out the United States in his comments by name About emergency stocks but last week Joe Biden announced that he was putting the Final 15 million barrels on the market From a record release of U.S strategic Reserves now 15 million barrels Do you know how useless that is The United States uses 10 million Barrels a day A day And he released 15. That is a day and a half Worth Of oil One day and a half That’s how stupid this guy is The complete release was a hundred and Eighty million barrels That he authorized in Spring In response to price hikes linked to What Biden called Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which was false 180 million barrels 18 days worth of oil 1 8 18. It also comes on the heels of the Decision by OPEC Plus To cut oil production by 2 million

Barrels A day Starting in November Starting in November It says that OPEC Plus’s decision Comes weeks ahead of the U.S Congressional election into the United States And has drawn in test criticism from the White House Which has said it amounted to aligning With Russia in the Ukraine war Because that’s all we need we need to Keep pointing fingers And we we need to continue pissing People off Because that’s going to help us right And the only reason that Biden is Attempting or is not not just attempting But he is manipulating the market Is to make it seem that Democrat Policies is lowering the price of Gasoline which is false Because just wait until the November Election passes and see what happens Optics folks it’s all about Optics Prince Abdul Aziz pushed back against that Assessment At his speech on Tuesday And he said in front of the audience I Keep listening are you with us or Against us The United States always pointing

Fingers is there any room for we are for Saudi Arabia and for the Saudi Arabian People It goes on to say that when asked about Getting a decades-old partnership Between Rion and Washington back on Track he said quote I think we as Saudi Arabia decided to be the mature people And let the dices fall where they may So we’re pretty much on our own is what He’s trying to say meaning the United States In Washington State Department Spokesperson Ned price Said that he will not respond directly To the prince but that the release from The Strategic reserves was part of Biden’s effort to meet demand For 18 days 18 days Price told reporters at a at a state Department press conference We’re doing everything we can To see to it that Supply is adequate for Demand Now back to The conference that’s going on right now In Riyadh Saudi Investment Minister Khalid al-fali Described the dust up between the United States and Saudi Arabia as as Unwarranted and temporary And he said in a statement quote if you Look at the relationship

With the people side the corporate side And the education system You look at our institutions working Together we are very close and we will Give over this recent spat That I think was unwarranted So right now Hundreds of CEOs and finance Moguls are In Reon For a three-day future investment Initiative Called Davos in the desert Now A lot of People from different Countries Different governments Delegations from different governments Were invited Along with thousands of CEOs from all Over the world But the only people the only delegation That was not invited was the United States Saudi Arabia doesn’t want anybody from The Biden Administration there Saudi Arabia did not want Biden at that Event No one from his administration was Invited Instead they invited over 400 American CEOs To that event Now when the price of gas goes up above

Eight dollars six dollars in small towns Just note and just know That is all Biden’s fault It’s 100 Biden’s fault He went to Saudi Arabia to try to make a Deal he couldn’t do it because he’s Useless You try to make a deal with other people On behalf Of the United States Meaning France He couldn’t make a deal because he’s Useless He tried to release from the Strategic Reserves But only enough for 18 days because he Is again Useless And now he just released a final 15 Million barrels That is only going to last us a day and A half because he’s Useless Two million barrels less starting November Just in a few days And guess where they’re going to take Those 2 million from What they send to the United States We get 25 or like between 21 to 25 Percent Of our oil from Saudi Arabia The rest of the oil that we get is from Canada that comes from Russia so we

Don’t get it directly from Russia we get It from Russia through Canada But between 21 to 25 percent comes Directly from Saudi Arabia but guess What Now we’re gonna get two million barrels Less Which is going to cause a massive strain On our economy Oil prices Shortage of gasoline that might be Coming in the future And no one is to blame except Joe Biden He couldn’t deal with the Saudis The way that Trump dealt with them The Saudis tried to pull this kind of Crap back in 2017. And it only took one trip From Trump To put him back in line To show them who was boss And to show them That the United States does not play any Games But with the weak Quote unquote leader that we have today Meaning Biden They tell him jump And Biden says how high master Because that’s how it is with Biden not Only with Saudi Arabia but also with China With Iran with Iran And now it’s going to be with

Venezuela Because when he can’t get enough oil From Saudi Arabia he’s gonna go On his hands and knees crawling To Saudi Arabia He’s going to go up to the leader of I’m Sorry of um Of Venezuela Well I’m probably he’s going to do the Same thing too Saudi Arabia to be Honestly but to Venezuela He’s going to go on his hands and knees To Venezuela to the dictator in Venezuela bow down his head and say Please give us some of your oil We’ll take off embargoes we’ll take off Tariffs we’ll do whatever you want Please give us your oil He’s going to do that in Venezuela he’s Going to do that in other places in South America he’s going to do it with Iran Just a matter of time but let us know What you guys think about this whole Situation in the comment section below Do you think it’s a good idea to piss Off the Saudis right now that we’re not Getting any oil from Russia because of The whole Ukraine Russia BS going on Let us know what you guys think about This whole situation in the comment Section below but that is what’s Happening folks This is all Biden’s fault and when gas

Reaches eight dollars a gallon in big Cities and six dollars a gallon in small Ones Just remember It was all Biden’s fault And don’t allow any Democrat or any Liberal to tell you otherwise Because this type of situation Could have could have only been done by Biden or another Democrat but most Definitely Biden So if you guys found this report Informative click the Thumbs Up Button Share the video on social media don’t Forget to subscribe and also visit our Website again that’s thank you so Much folks and we’ll see you soon peace

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