San Francisco PD URGENT Update After Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Attacked with Hammer!

By | October 28, 2022

San Francisco Police Hold Press Conference on Attack Against Paul Pelosi husband of current speaker Nancy Pelosi in his wine country home.
San Francisco police hold a Press conference on the attack against Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Mr. Pelosi was attacked by an assailant who invaded their home early Friday morning. The suspect is now in custody and Identified.

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My name is Sergeant Adam lobsinger L-o-b-s-i-n-g-e-r I’m the public Information officer for the San Francisco police department in just a Few minutes Chief Williams Scott and District attorney Brooke Jenkins will be Providing an update on the incident it’s Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office this Morning All right ladies and gentlemen Chief William Scott and district attorney Brooke Jenkins [Music] Foreign [Music] Can we close that door so we don’t get The noise [Music] Okay good morning Okay we’ll go ahead and get started good Morning everybody my name is Chief Bill Scott with the San Francisco Police Department At approximately 2 27 this morning San Francisco police officers were Dispatched to the residents of speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding an a priority Well-being check when the officers Arrive on scene they encountered an Adult male and Mr Pelosi’s husband Paul Our officers observed Mr Pelosi and a Suspect both holding a hammer the Suspect pulled the hammer away from Miss Pelosi and violently assaulted him with

It our officers immediately tackled the Suspect disarmed him took him into Custody requested emergency backup and Rendered Medical Aid The suspect has been identified as 42 Year old David de Pepe Mr Pelosi and Mr de Papi were Transported to a local hospital for Treatment This is an active Investigation currently being led by the San Francisco Police Department’s Special investigations division We are working closely with our partners From the FBI the U.S attorney’s Office The U.S Capitol Police and our district Attorney here in San Francisco County D.A Brooke Jenkins and her team the Motive for this attack is still being Determined Mr de Pepe will be booked at The San Francisco county jail on the Following charges Attempted homicide assault with a deadly Weapon elder abuse burglary and several Several other additional felonies Before I go any further I’d like to Thank the responding officers for their Swift action this morning though San Francisco police officers are officer Colby wilmes officer Kyle Cagney and Sergeant Edmund Huang I’d also like to Thank our emergency dispatcher Heather Grimes who’s standing here to my left For

A really amazing job For inquiries regarding Mr Pelosi and His condition we refer you to the Statement issued by Speaker Pelosi’s Office this morning And with that I’m going to turn it over To our district attorney Brooke Jenkins For a few brief comments And let me say in advance this is what We know at this time we will update you Further but we will not be able to take Any questions after the statement Thank you Chief Scott and I do want to Commend the San Francisco police Department for their immediate response To this home and for swiftly making sure That Mr Pelosi was okay and that the Suspect was apprehended we are working Closely with them right now with respect To the investigation and will proceed With the appropriate charges As things unfold as long as as well as Work with the U.S attorney’s office and Our federal Partners thank you Okay all right thank you all for being Here I know you may have We’ll update you when we get more Questions that’s it for right now we’re Not going to take any questions thank You we our office will be issuing uh News release very soon but that’s it for Now thank you All right folks so we do have some Updates regarding the person that

Um That attacked Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Um with a hammer So according to the fake news media They’re trying to pin him as a Right-wing conspira conspiracy theorist Or something like that but we’re going To be updating with more reports in just A few moments uh we just wanted to Upload what the San Francisco Police Department said regarding the um the Situation But there’s already news coming out Saying that he’s a trump supporter and That he’s a conspirant conspiracy Theorist and that he was brainwashed by Who knows what and all his other stuff So Just get ready for them to say that most Most definitely the guy was just out of His mind but they’re trying to pin it Right before the midterm elections that He is a right-wing extremist just Letting you guys know that so we’re Going to be updating Um in just a few moments uh we’re going To be uploading uploading more videos And stuff like that giving you guys a Little bit more information but until Then make sure you guys share this video Click the Thumbs Up Button let us know What you guys think in the comment Section below and I’ll see you soon


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