Russia to annex parts of Ukraine

By | September 27, 2022

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For months on end, Russia has laid the groundwork to permanently annex parts of Ukraine. Moscow wouldn’t just be expanding its territories; it would be expanding its nuclear umbrella.

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[Music] Foreign Russia has a new plan for Ukraine Annexation instead of secession from Monsoon land Russia has laid the Groundwork to permanently Annex parts of Ukraine it has introduced its currency And welfare system it has taken down Ukrainian media and signs and replaced Them with Russian ones a new tax system Is being designed to make it compatible With that of Russia meanwhile the Kremlin has appointed its officials to Administer Ukrainian provinces and Putin Has passed a decree to issue Russian Passports to Ukrainian citizens Russian Teachers construction workers and Doctors are moving into Ukraine Desperately trying to win the hearts and Minds of the local communities in the Meantime the Russian language has Replaced Ukrainian in schools and the Educational curricula are rapidly being Rucified The Ultimate Gold has been to engineer a New social political environment fit for Annexation now Russian appointed Officials in the occupied Ukrainian Territories locked to Stage referendums To approve joining the Russian Federation Moscow wouldn’t be just Expanding its territories it would be Expanding its nuclear umbrella making it Legally permissible to employ tactical

Nuclear weapons in Ukraine if this be Provocative Russia is looking to make The most of it Foreign [Music] Sponsored by established titles a Project that allows you to buy 1 to 10 Square feet of land in Scotland to help Preserve The Woodlands of Scotland and Support A4 station in places elsewhere Established titles teams up with one Tree planted and trees for the future And commits to planting a tree with Every order the neat part is that Established titles is based on a Historic Scottish custom where Landowners are referred to as Lords and Ladies so by acquiring a small piece of Scotland you get to call yourself a lord Or lady now that doesn’t actually Grant You the right to rule and no you don’t Get to hold a referendum of your own and Succeed but you do get a certificate With a unique plot Number that shows you The exact whereabouts of your land Here’s where my plot is located and if You use my landing page you will Effectively have your land next to mine Within a few minutes of walking the Pretty neat it also makes for a great Last minute gift established titles is Actually running a special sale right Now plus if you use the code caspian10 You get an additional 10 off go to

Established Caspian10 to get your gifts now and help Support the channel A zebra can’t change its stripes but a Snake can always shed its skin after Switching tactics back and forth Russian Lawmakers on state television have Proclaimed openly and loudly that Russia Will never leave the occupied Territories of Carson and saporosio and That exchanging territory is not up for Debate even more unsettling Russian Foreign minister Sergey lavrov said that Ukraine’s geography had changed and that It no longer was only Donetsk and Luhansk looking to break away lavrov Then said And other regions had the right to Determine their Destinies independently Basically what lavrov is implying is That a legal redrawing of borders is in The works now lavrov’s Revelation is Coming true officials in luhansk and Donetsk have announced referendums to be Held this week with Kirsten and Zaparosia planning similar elections Down the line These referendums aim to create Quasi-legal grounds for annexation it’s The same Playbook the Russians used in 2014 when they organized a referendum in Crimea and then annexed the peninsula The veneer of pretense is thin but Through referendums Russia looks to

Whitewash and legalize its actions Though much of the International Community is likely to reject Russia’s Actions unequivocally Russian officials in Crimea are Currently helping to organize a Referendum in the zaparosia region by Organizing it should be understood that The Russians are looking to gather about 90 percent of the vote anything less Would hurt its credibility on July 23 The Russian approved leadership of the Zaparosia region signed a decree to Establish an election commission with The intent to hold a referendum on Zaparosia joining the Russian Federation Meanwhile the Russian appointed Leadership of the Carson region signed a Similar decree on the same day and then Asked Russia for help organizing the Vote At this point what can be expected are Referendums at gunpoint [Music] There are a multitude of reasons that Explain why Russia looks to Annex the Occupied territories in Ukraine First Moscow doesn’t trust the expertise Of the local russian-appointed Ukrainian Elites they lacked the technocratic Know-how on governance and they lack the Local support which means they barely Have any authority over the territories They claim to cover as a remedy since

The beginning of July the Russian Leadership has appointed Russian Bureaucrats as heads of Ukrainian Executive parties Russia believes Appointing Russian bureaucrats makes for A more effective means of control but it Has still proven to be insufficient now Officials in Moscow want even greater Preferably direct control over the Occupied Ukrainian territories so in Russia’s view to achieve more competent Governance in the occupied territories They need to be a regular part of the Russian Federation Foreign [Music] For annexation is that the Russian Armed Forces do not have a firm grip on any of The territories they operate by annexing Territory President Putin wants to Accomplish what his army failed to Achieve on the battlefield in recent Weeks Ukrainian forces have successfully Pushed the Russians back undoing months Of Russia’s Invasion Ukraine’s Counter-offensive has weakened Russia’s Hold on the donetsky and luhan’s regions As well as the Carson region in the South Russian Logistics are under stress It’s weapon Depots command posts and Supply routes are under constant Fire by Himars launchers and biodactyl drones The Russian Hardline and hawkish Elite Are outraged with the military setbacks

And have been calling for a dramatic Escalation pressure is building within Moscow to act now and act harshly Should Russia Annex parts of Ukraine it Would create an irreversible reality Foremost it would allow Russia to extend Its nuclear umbrella over the new Territories it would also give Putin the Right to reinvent the Special Operation As a war and declare the shelling of the Newly annexed territories as an attack On Russia itself as a consequence the Russian army would be motivated to Defend the annexed territories at Extremely high human and material costs The Kremlin could go as far as to Respond with tactical nuclear weapons to Crush hostile forces as prescribed in Its National Security Doctrine The threat of nuclear retaliation or Nuclear posturing would pressure the West to stop arms deliveries to Ukraine Russia could raise its nuclear Threat Level or move its nuclear-capable Systems closer to Nato borders but Whether the West would surrender to Nuclear blackmail remains to be seen Russian Armenian editor-in-chief of Russia Today Margarita simonyan stated That the referendums would either mark The eve of Russian Victory or the eve of Nuclear war meanwhile former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned of Severe consequences if Ukraine were to

Continue attacking the region after Russia annexed them hinting to use all Powers of self-defense [Music] Now Moscow could still delay its Annexation plans later this fall or Winter The Russian leadership doesn’t want to Upset the West any further while European political Unity is still strong Some Russian policy makers argue that it Would make more sense to reschedule the Annexation plans to a later date when Divisions between the European States Will likely be more tense due to high Energy prices yet regardless of the date Russia will eventually try to Annex Parts of Ukraine it’s only a matter of Time the Ukrainian leadership however Believes that the referendums will not Change a thing since they would take Place against the backdrop of a Fast-changing battle space Ukraine is not going to give up on its Lost territories and Ukrainian Counter-attacks are likely to keep going Likewise U.S officials have repeatedly Stated that Ukraine is permitted to use Western weapons to strike within its Territories including Crimea If attacking Crimea is permissible then Nothing is off limits [Music] But be that as in May the only tangible

Way to prevent its territories from Being annexed is to push back on the Battlefield the more territories Ukraine Takes back the more Russia’s annexation Plans are disrupted it’s a Race Against Time but it’s also a double-edged sword The thing about holding referendums in a War zone is that the polling stations Are known beforehand making them Vulnerable to Ukrainian partisan attacks Failing to guarantee security during Referendums would in fact undermine the Authority of the leading officials plus Should Ukraine push out the Russians and Take back its annexed territories Putin’s survival would come at risk just As Putin’s approval would see a spike After annexation his approval would drop Should the annexed territories return to Ukrainian control [Music] I go as difficult as it is to imagine The conflict would enter a new phase of Brutality With the way things are going history Writes itself politicians just take Credit for the words I’ve been your host shiron from Caspian Report if you enjoy our content and you Want to show some support please Consider joining our YouTube membership Program or the patreon community Platform thank you for watching and so [Music]

Foreign [Music]

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