Roy Wood Jr. & The Golden State Warriors Take The White House | The Daily Show

By | January 19, 2023

Roy Wood Jr. heads to the White House with the Golden State Warriors to ask Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr, and Draymond Green the important questions like, why are athletes invited to the White House? #DailyShow #Comedy

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In American Pro Sports if your team wins The championship you get to go to the White House enjoy a five-star meal and Hand the president a jersey he'll never Wear I got to attend this year's event With the Golden State Warriors to Celebrate their NBA championship Something they didn't get to do the last Two times they won let me just say that The Golden State Warriors are always Welcome in this White House [Applause] To find out why Demand 46 himself How you doing Mr President well how are You doing now quick question Mr President the Warriors won in 2017 and 2018. why didn't they come to the White House those are the two times well you Have to ask the other guy but he didn't Work here anymore New boss new rules all right well thank You well mystery solved time to talk to Some basketball players why are athletes Invited to the White House Sports in General brings like so many people Together I think basketball especially Like we're very visible and whatnot so When you win a championship you get Invited here we all can leverage our Platform to to you know change the game In a way that will be bigger than Basketball and I think this is a great Moment to reflect on all of that do you

Think it's fair that only the warriors Were invited and not the other 29 teams That y'all would hell no what about Inclusions no everybody was included in The uh in the 82 games but that's where The inclusion stops do you think events Like this where teams are invited to the White House create opportunities for Conversation about real issues they Actually do I I actually took part in a Panel before our ceremony with the President and the vice president on gun Safety and gun violence issues we get to You know go see the president see the White House but also actually kind of Take part in some some real discussions What is one one rule that you would have The president change in the NBA one rule No tax that's the easy one for me no Technical files You can't go no text no you can't three Texts no why why three Three full text it's a person deciding That you deserve a text because they Didn't like something you did You're right uh better crib your crib or The White House My crew I I like my crib better my crib Got a kitchen I got access to I don't Even know where to go to keep the food At over here The Biden Harris Administration Understands the challenge that higher Education has been for so many people

Across the country so 40 million people Are eligible uh in our opinion for debt Relief we're working on loan forgiveness We've forgiven over 48 billion dollars With a B to make sure that people have Access to higher education and we're not Stopping Secretary of Education you know The people that be forgiving the loans Okay okay Can you take care of my student life I Guess players showing up to the White House does help draw attention to the Important issues but how are we going to Elevate these cabinet members to sports Starter Royal Virginia Daily Show when Championship teams visit the White House The president gets a jersey but no one Else are you jealous no I'm not jealous Of course the president it gets a jersey Well you know what I made you a Jersey Oh my cousin stole it he worked at T-shirt shop well thank you I appreciate It Roy they loved my jersey idea you Know I have an eight-year-old who can So I gave out some more then started Hooping with some Oakland rappers man I Need to come back next year as a player YouTube Hey I used to play wreck league If you need another To God just let me know yeah Yeah do you have a card I'll just call You Don't call [Music]