Roy Wood Jr. Makes a Hit with Nick Love | The Daily Show in Atlanta

By | November 3, 2022

Many have heard of major Atlanta artists like Young Jeezy, 2 Chainz, and Bobby Valentino, but what about the man behind the legends? Roy Wood Jr. chats with manager Nick Love, the man behind the sound of Atlanta, and tries to make a rap classic about voting. #DailyShow #Comedy

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You've probably heard of major Atlanta Artists like Young Jeezy 2 Chainz and Bobby Valentino but you probably Wouldn't know any of them if it weren't For this guy Nick the hit maker love Atlanta born and raised he's the reason Atlanta artists go from local Legends to International Stars if we're going to be In the city I had to sit down with the Man himself Nick looks now you're a Humble brother uh you know but this is Your chance to brag give me some of the Songs and artists that you helped to Break in Atlanta that eventually became Global touring success like I've I've Touched everything that has come out of This city Period and that's not a brag it's just Kind of what it is I established a Pipeline through working with these guys That was like it was just a blueprint Right so everybody said okay cool the Thing that you did with Jeezy can you do That for me you are a hit maker that's True okay so Jeezy Luda whoever they Give you a song what's the next thing You take it to a DJ where everywhere Like I'm hitting the strip clubs I'm Hitting the regular clubs I'm hitting The mixtape guys I'm trying to put it in Front of everybody who has an ear that I Respect and I'm saying what do you think What is this because I like it you start To visualize like I can see the girls

Dancing to this I can see the dudes Riding their car down Peachtree Street Playing it outside their cars I know it So Nick loves secret sauce it's just Taking a song he likes and getting it Into Atlanta hot spots sounds easy but It's actually a lot of hard work you Gotta form relationships get people to Trust your taste and apparently you have To hit the strip clubs a lot nobody want To say the Magic City every day but in My 20s I was willing to do it You know I was willing to sacrifice take One for the team and sit in Magic City Every day what is it about being butt Naked that with people like I'm naked Now I can feel the music pretty girls And money if you stick pretty girls of Money in the same room there's influence There right we want to do what the girls Like we want to impress them if you can Catch both of those crowds because those Are the people who are dictating what's Popping in the city I get what you're Saying bro all of these transients from All over the country and all over the World are here right and they're all Going to the clubs they all going to the Strip clubs they're all going to the Lounges so if you can play a song that Pleases this demographic chances are This demographic yeah it's gonna go so This city just one big ass focus group That's exactly what it is it's a it's a

Research facility at the end of the day With strippers and wings if this is such An effective way of getting things in Front of people why is music the only Thing do the politicians come to the Club I mean at the end of the day Politics hasn't historically been cool Right we know how important it is but It's rarely been cool we know that cool Sales from the time that puffy did uh The voter die campaign that was the Switchover of hip-hop culture being Involved in politics we do influence What happens if we're on board We can affect change wait Nick love Makes hits the midterms are coming in Georgia it's a swing state if Diddy can Do it so can I right so you can take any Song and get it in front of the people Who decide if it's a hit any song There has to be a way to activate Georgia voters [Music] So I borrow some cash from my cousin's Cousin's mother's aunt and I linked up With suede the remix God you know this Guy beans creams potatoes Tomatoes Let's make a hit in the studio It's good it's good Eric airdrop [ __ ] Time to take this heat to the street Hey what's up everybody my name Roy I'm A rap out of Birmingham I'm 43 years old It's never too late to chase your dreams This Nick the hit maker I got a track I

Want to play for y'all and you know and Y'all let me know if y'all feeling it or Not all right all right it's called it's Called get out and vote with your voting Ass Even the campaign is heating up campaign Is heating up Georgia Georgia is one of The key races that could determine who Gets control Senator Raphael Warnock Going up against Virtual Office [Music] Come on [Music] I want to make sure my vote is So not a hit I've heard worse I mean you Know what if you play with a little bit Turn the music stop stop just stop All right so what did y'all think about My track That was pretty cool Why are you stuttering now why are you Stuttering what do you do how many Entertainment business I'm a club Promoter [ __ ] perfect You want to hit it you wanna hear it one More time no okay Said he had a truck Yeah that was the song Don't vote be honest with you okay do I Have a hit on my hands yes or no I think You can get there You could get there that's like the Nicest you ain't [ __ ] I've ever heard do You feel more motivated to vote having

Heard my song I will say 100 yes I think You have a new career coming your way Thank you how much rap do you listen to More Country Than Rap Get Low that's the last song you listen To is Little John Get Low yeah What does the song mean why is it not a Hit to you I don't really hear you in it Though Well that was because I was sampling Some other stuff and my wrapping point I Hadn't finished yet so no verses just Features so you're saying it needs a Verse for me yeah yeah cause that and That would make it you rapping and these Atlanta folks tripping this [ __ ] fire I Know I can still make a hit and I think I have just the thing swing the wind Makes noise I want to make sure my vote is counted And make sure my vote is counted We voting in Georgia we voting we voting Let's go woman control gun control Police control black phone doing the Vote in the 404 in the Fulton code in The Cobb coat Herschel Walker might be Your daddy your mom gave me some ass [Applause] [Applause] Got it [Applause] [Music]

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