Ron Desantis Spending Taxpayer Money To Investigate Drag Shows

By | December 31, 2022

The DeSantis administration has revealed a probe into holiday drag shows. Benjamin Carollo, Jessica Burbank, and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) on Wednesday announced it was investigating a holiday-themed drag show in South Florida.

It said the department had received “multiple complaints” alleging a Dec. 26 performance of Drag Fans’ “A Drag Queen Christmas” was “sexually explicit” and “marketed to children.”*


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Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation the dbpr under Ron desantis's Administration is Investigating a Christmas themed drag Show that's been touring the state Claiming that the show is a sexually Explicit performance marketed to Children details from the hill the Department have received multiple Complaints alleging a December 26 Performance of drag fans a drag queen Christmas was sexually explicit and Marketed to Children the department is Actively investigating this matter Including video footage and photographs From the event the statement from the Department makes it clear that whatever They find will be turned over to law Enforcement for a criminal investigation Following this so the Broward Center for The Performing Arts the Fort Lauderdale Venue that hosted the holiday drag Performance at the center of the state's Investigation may be at risk of losing Its liquor license and its ability to Operate as a business in Florida the Statement said Now this is despite the spokesperson for You know this Drag Queen performance a Drag queen Christmas on December 26th uh They worked with the venue they said it Was limited to patrons of 18 years or Older unless they were accompanied by a Parent more details from the hill to

Ensure viewers were aware of the adult Themes and content of the show ticket Buyers were informed directly through a No before you go message that is sent Out via email in advance of most shows Hosted by the Broward Center so Republicans in Florida have sent out a Warning to venues across the state uh in An email to the Orlando Philharmonic Plaza Foundation a stop on the drag Queen Christmas tour venue operators Were warned by dbpr secretary Melanie Griffin that minor should be barred from The upcoming performance which is of Sexual nature in short if you allow Children to attend the drag fans show at Your facility you are putting your License in Jeopardy Griffin Road in the Email so this is just an extension of The culture war that Ron DeSantis is Waging against the lgbtq community in The transgender community so DeSantis in July filed a complaint against our house That's not Republican house that is a Miami restaurant after it hosted a Drag Brunch event where children were present Citing a 1947 State Supreme Court ruling That men impersonating women in a Suggestive and indecent fashion Constitutes a public nuisance but Desantis's culture wars uh they've been Far-reaching for the lgbtq community Reporting from the hill that no fewer Than 124 drag performances have been

Targeted by direct threats this year According to a recent report by glad the World's largest lgbtq media advocacy Organization So what's going on here is is pretty Intense and it's a Witch Hunt if I've Ever seen one Jank Yeah so um I've seen drag shows in Miami In specific and uh they were wild and They were super fun Um and were they uh the one that I Happen to see was it appropriate for Children no uh you know how I and as Luck would happen I have kids I have a 12 year old and a 10 year old Um you know what I did then to avoid This uh apparently National Emergency I didn't bring my kids to it Hey problem solved look at that amazing Right so are there things that are Sexually inappropriate uh sometimes Attractive sure could be are they things That are sexually inappropriate at Straight venues like Hooters who today In the news is bragging about how much Boobs they have to show Yes of course are there pickets in front Of Hooters are people trying to tear Down right Wingers trying to tear down Hooters but they're trying to support Hooters So they're not worried about things that Are sexually appropriate here the drag Show says do not bring children Hooters

Says yeah sure we got great Wings bring Children The right wing doesn't care about your Kids at all if you see a right when You're talking you're seeing him lying No they hate people in lgbtq community They're deeply bigoted Ron DeSantis is Spending taxpayer money to try to Target These people and get people to hate them Based on nothing at all that's the kind Of sick Depraved people that Republicans are That's a fact it's an absolute fact they Hate gay people they hate this community And they target them through legal means And using our tax dollars tax dollars to Do it and if you're at one of those Right winners you're like no I'm a good Parent and I care about my kids that's Why I'm worried about the drag queen Shows really when's the last time you Complained about sexually explicit Material that was straight in any way Shape or form you know you didn't you Know you didn't you know you're a giant Liar and you've been taught hate and You're trying to spread that hate to Others Ben Yeah seriously I mean think about it This is they they went by the same rules As a rated R movie right is there stuff In rated R movies that's not appropriate For children as a general rule yeah of Course there is right but yet we all as

A society have agreed I guess that if You have a kid you can bring your kid to A rated R movie and you they can they Can get led into that as long as you're Like their parent and you consent to it Right and then it's just like an Individual parenting choices and people Different having different opinions About what is appropriate at like Different ages you know maybe somebody's Like a 17 year old and their parents you Know have like just a different mindset So like that that's just one part of This the other part of this is the Specific precedent that uh Ron DeSantis Cited which I think has definitely been Overturned but aside from that we need To understand that at the root of this Is a desire to ban queer people from Public life period stop that is what This is all about that is why they are Not only targeting the people who Actually did the drag show but they're Also targeting the venue and everybody That worked with them because what they Want to do is not only prevent queer Folks from being in public but Specifically to prevent anybody from Engaging with queer folks in any type of Substantial way and the way that the the Ruling was read like men impersonating Women in a provocative way I mean let's Be real let's be like we've all seen Ben Shapiro reacting to that video of that

Femboy okay like we've all seen at this Point it doesn't matter how much clothes You're wearing they're going to say that Just being Trans in public is Provocative right because that's what's Going on in these Republicans mind all The time right like we don't need to get Into people's search history to reveal That fact right it's it's really really Cut and dry but all of this is really Just about trying to ban queer people From public life period stop right and Because I mean think about it right Think about it right if they Define Being trans as exactly the same as doing Drag right which is what these Republicans believe Um and then you go with their logic of Oh well drag shouldn't be around Children well children are everywhere Right there Target Walmart like out in Public right and so effectively what They're trying to do is establish Precedent in order to take money wealth Jobs businesses away from queer people And to prevent queer people from being Themselves in public it's quite it's Literally that clear because like look I'm a trans woman look at me is this is Am I provocative right now is this Suggestive or am I wearing like a normal Sort of like professional attire right Like it doesn't matter in the minds of These Republicans it literally does not

Matter they don't care all they care About is is is like quite literally Using State violence to prevent queer Folks from being allowed to exist in Society and that is why you see you know States like Texas for example like Deleting the suicide prevention pages on Their website that were targeted towards Like queer folks okay we know exactly What these people want right these People without a doubt if given complete Control would run would they would be Starting an extermination campaign of Queer folks across the country and I Know this is true because people like Tucker Carlson pretty much say as much You know in in pretty clear terms Yeah uh and by the way they're using an Old 1947 law uh here because they're Backwards that's their neanderthals who Want to go backwards and go back to the Days of hate and discrimination and Prejudice and so you you know you are Just Own It by the way if they uh had Any kind of actual principles and they Actually believed it when they arrest Stephen Crowder who cross-dresses more Than any person in media period no well Of course they love Stephen Crowder Because they think he's making fun of Trans people Okay the last piece of hypocrisy here is That they were mad we weren't Celebrating Christmas now we do

Christmas stuff and now we're in trouble It's like I thought you were upset that We weren't doing Christmas stuff now We're doing drag Christmas and it's a Problem and honestly it's all a Distraction like for them to make this Essential issue in people's lives is Insane I took an Uber in Kentucky just From the airport uh to my hotel and my Uber driver was a conservative woman and She was transgender and her main issues That she was thinking about was the Economy had been tricked that Republicans Were Somehow going to be Better on the economy and inflation People's pockets are hurting they're Struggling to pay their bills and keep Food on the table and conservatives want To do the bidding for corporations and Distract you with this culture War stuff And of course there are people who are Terribly hateful of the lgbtq community But the reason it's a number one Political issue and not just a social One among groups of people who want to Live their lives differently is because They're manipulating the public thanks For watching the young truth so really Appreciate it another way to show Support is through YouTube memberships You'll get to interact with us more There's live chat emojis badges you've Got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those Are super fun but you also get playback

Of our exclusive member only shows and Specials right after they air so all That all you got to do is click that Join button right underneath the video Thank you