Right-Wing Grifter Hits Pathetic New Low On Fox News

By | November 3, 2022

Glenn Greenwald appears on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program just in time to not address the myriad lies Tucker has been spreading that directly involve Glenn’s own reporting. Instead, they discuss ”inconsistencies” in the story surrounding Paul Pelosi’s attacker, and how it appears as if skepticism surrounding the case is being discouraged by people in power.

Greenwald says that this skepticism is necessary regardless if it turns out to be unfounded: ”Skepticism itself can never be wrong…even if evidence does emerge later on to prove it, the skepticism itself was not just valid, but necessary.”

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Check out more from the MR crew:
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It was an interesting night on Tucker Carlson Here’s Tucker Carlson Carl silly the um Where he’s he’s not happy with Lula Winning in Brazil It’s really funny actually To look at like how sort of some of the Tucker Carlson crew Is reacting to the whole Lula Victory And not just the Lula Victory like uh Mata told me that uh Jimmy Dore had like A half hour video on trying to reconcile The fact that Biden Both in the run-up to the election and Right after basically shut the door To the extent that that uh you know a U.S president can shut the door on Bolsonaro’s you know Ambitions to Essentially Shimmy around the election results a Pure example of why it’s preferable to Have say even a Joe Biden in the White House compared to a Donald Trump Donald Trump And and you know We without a doubt During the course of The Trump uh presidency pointed out how Much sort of like oxygen and room Trump’s presidency both in terms of like Being a an example and in terms of Material benefits that they provided to Bolsonaro Um

We opened up the show the other day with A clip that was from uh pre uh covet Where you know Trump and bolsonaro have Been hugging and Michael was laughing Hysterically at the prospect of that After you know it came out that Bolsonaro had covet Um so it’s really interesting to see how The sort of like Tucker Carlson Supposed genuine leftists or whatever I Don’t know how they brand themselves it Seems like Tucker Carlson has a bigger Influence on them than they have on say Pulling Tucker left as you well I mean Look there’s an opportunity for people To go and correct you know to to get Into the minds of fox people the proper Perspective like for instance here’s Tucker on Lula Presidential election the runoff was Sunday according to official figures the Incumbent president Jared bolsonaro was Narrowly defeated by his far left Convicted criminal opponent I pause it For a section it’s cover convicted Criminal First of all he was convicted but that Conviction was overturned So there’s no real way you can call him A criminal even if you’re going to be as Technical as Um as Tucker is I mean Tucker usually Cares about things like due process Which is why the uh that conviction was

Thrown out yep I mean uh continue Lula de Silva the margin of Victory is Less than two percent now there are a Lot of questions about this election Whether all the ballots were counted for Example and bolsonaro has not conceded But questioning the election results in Brazil is no longer allowed there or Even here YouTube has just announced it Will censor anti any posts that raise Doubts about the vote total in a Statement YouTube told us they have Quote expanded our existing election Integrity policy to prohibit content Advancing false claims that widespread Fraud errors or glitches occurred in the 2022 Brazil presidential election Wait a second the election is still Ongoing the incumbent is not conceded How do you know the claims are quote False well of course you don’t you are Taking sides and using censorship to Cement the results in place This is propaganda YouTube is interfering In a democratic election in a Sovereign Nation how is that allowed Well there are also reports that several Bolsonaroos for one second let’s just be Clear on this because you know Tuck is very good at like taking these Little tiny steps and all of a sudden Like uh you you you’re you’re you’ve

You’ve wound up in a place that’s very Very different first of all the failure Of a candidate to concede does not mean The election is ongoing That did not mean that the election is Ongoing And According to Tucker Carlson that It would mean that any candidate can Determine By virtue of not conceding that The result’s not final But that’s not the way that elections Work There are processes in fact I would Argue probably better processes in Brazil To assess The validity of an election Or to certify essentially the validity Of an election I mean let’s be honest can we ever Really know what the real numbers are Nonetheless each individual in this Country counts each individual ballot we Need 200 million people let’s say in the United States to count the 200 million Ballots that are cast yeah and this is Funny like they’re just asking questions A political posture like a question I Would have about the election is oh when The highway police were set into Blockades on Election Day how much did That impact like say Lula’s turnout like

Those are a question that I would Posture because I like you’re concerned About democracy Um Tucker is concerned with elections is That uh people are too many people are Voting and and he’s concerned that it Puts into into a bad light all the Election deniers in this country oh yeah Because they’re the exact same thing That’s exactly what’s going on here and So you know it’s fitting into the Narrative that YouTube is censoring Misinformation YouTube is not helping Bolsonaro do a coup and therefore it’s Picking sides yeah I mean I I this is a Hyperbolic uh comparison but like one of The things I remember from criticism of Technology is how people were generally Saying like IBM shouldn’t have Collaborated with the Nazis Um so much for like punch card machines And I just feel like what is the what is The what are we asking of Technology Firms that they are completely Apolitical to the point of making uh Sort of like special uh um allocation For right wing propaganda Yeah I mean it’s How do you how do you like He he wants there to be absolutely no Responsibility for YouTube whatsoever uh In in in determining what gets uploaded I mean why is it not censoring

If they don’t allow child pornography on There Because you know it’s illegal slippery Slope it’s illegal To Stage a coup In a country According to that country’s laws So what is it where does he decide uh That well All right let’s keep going here In the streets the footage is online Obviously all this is a major threat to Democracy but hasn’t done the bite Administration has not said a word about Any of it why is that exactly and why Can’t we know why can’t an American Citizen watch whatever he or she wants To and why is YouTube trying to affect The outcome of a presidential election a Supposed democracy someone should ask Them All right now this is where he must uh Bring on Um Well it would be nice if there was one Of the guests that purports to like sort Of like impact and have access and set The record straight for Fox News viewers About what’s going on in Brazil about What’s going on in Brazil well Fortunately I don’t think he’s on the payroll but He’s certainly on the speed dial Uh Glenn Greenwald the guy who was

Um Uh on the receiving end of a leak of a Lot of uh information Regarding lavajato the conviction of of Uh of Lula uh Da Silva in fact put up That tweet Apparently this is snippet from an Interview uh which proves that he was The guy that got the uh the stuff Um It was a guy named delgadi who Apparently licked us leaked this Information and uh in this interview uh Delgadi said that he now has mixed Feelings about the Greenwald and The Intercept I only sent the intercept 57 Gigabytes of the conversations from lava Jato after this Glenn refused to take Any more of it he said no what I already Have is already going to give us enough Material for one year of Articles and They did they they wrote a bunch of Articles and ended up leading to Um The Nullification of that conviction Um it’s a lot of stuff I have to say Okay and he didn’t want any more of it I Had a lot more information and he didn’t Want it Now he has released very little of what He received oh uh received to this day I Don’t understand why I haven’t spoken to Him about it I don’t know if after the Attorney General’s office filed those Charges against him that were later

Dropped he might have felt pressured to Pause things a little bit that’s when He’s referred to many many times uh uh That he almost went to jail Uh which as far as I know is is accurate He almost went to jail Uh I don’t know because I haven’t had Any contact with him but I see he’s Released very little so far I like the Way he has contextualized these things He has published and I thank him for This Like I say very helpful in terms of like Uh uh a Lula in that respect Uh But um But I don’t know the motive but I see That he’s really just been publishing These leaks drop by drop and he hasn’t Shared everything he’s received I don’t Know the motive for this the fact is I Sent him so much and he hasn’t ended up Sharing it the truth is I feel a little Disappointed and don’t understand why he Did this well we’ll never know but at Least he’s coming on Fox Right after that segment To set the record straight Let’s watch them we should just say like There were criticisms of that with the Snowden leaks um as well the way that Those were absolutely in fact they got Rid of the archive Um uh at one point but nevertheless

Um this is 20 minutes after Tucker said That uh bolsonaro Um you know may have had the election Stolen from him right uh well at least That he’s got the Greenwald on to uh set The story straight So everybody feels obviously Um pain thinking of an 82 year old man Being hit with a hammer it’s like the Worst thing imaginable But wait wait why should the rest of us Sit here wait wait wait wait wait wait Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait Go go back go go back to the part what Was he talking about with the 82 year Old there go go to the part where he’s Talking about where where Glenn goes in Explains no he’s not a uh he’s not a Criminal to the bolsonaries to attack Someone with a hammer too what I’m Confused Go go to the part There’s no there’s no part what all Right just play what we got then Talking everybody feels obviously Um pain thinking of an 82 year old man Being hit with a hammer it’s like the Worst thing imaginable it was quite Common now but why should the rest of us Sit here and accept obvious Inconsistencies in a story that has Public policy implications And not say anything We obviously shouldn’t and I think this

Is the most important point about all of This which is how many millions of People have been conditioned to believe That it’s Immortal or even some kind of Reflection of mental illness like you’re A conspiracy theorist if you don’t Immediately and unquestionably accept Whatever story is told to you by Institutions of authority and the Amazing thing about that Tucker is that This framework is being positive I love The look on Tucker’s face go back Because this is Tucker going like this Dude’s got such game this is Tucker These Tucker’s almost laughing at this In the same way it’s like oh my God this Is so over the effing top Uh that it’s that it’s like it’s not Like because every single one of you was Taken out to the shed and you were told You will believe these reports of this 82 year old getting hit with a hammer And not believe that it was actually a Secret rendezvous with his lover that Went awry yeah I mean the thing that Glenn’s pissed that people are being Conditioned to be skeptical of is GOP immediately following a like uh Of course of course of course And in here yeah being conditioned to Assumed that YouTube is censoring uh the Authorities when they won’t talk about Bolsonaro having the elections oh wait No that’s not it okay but watch watch

Tucker Carlson here because Tucker is doing his damn well best Not to crack up at how over the top and Ostentagious uh Glenn is being Like like Tucker’s thinking like How much Adderall is associated with What I’m watching right now and and and And how how well like like channeled is It now of course I don’t know what’s in Tucker’s mind but um or Glens for that Matter I’m just uh I’m just guessing Cause I won’t take the conditioning to Assume that he’s not thinking that But here believe that it’s a moral or Even some kind of reflection of mental Illness like you’re a conspiracy Theorist if you don’t immediately and Unquestionably accept whatever story is Told to you And the amazing Tucker is that this Framework is being to go back to the Series by journalists people whose Primary purpose in life is supposed to Be the question and challenge the claims Of the powerful and instead they’re Demonizing anybody who does so Skepticism itself can never be wrong Skepticism says there’s dividendiary Holes and there’s faulty reasoning and What we’re being told even if evidence Does emerge later on to prove it the Skepticism itself was not just valid but Necessary So Jeffrey Epstein killed himself the

Russians blooped their own pipeline Julian Assange is a criminal I mean Maybe we’re in the habit of just Accepting the most ludicrous possible Claims and moving on to the next thing That’s it feels like where we are I I remember you know Victoria Newland Who’s the state department official in Charge of Ukraine went before Congress And said we’re really worried that you The U.S and Ukraine have biological Labs That are very dangerous and if they fall Into the Russian hands it can be a Disaster and anyone who said wait what Does she mean was instantly branded a Conspiracy theorist how many people are Called conspiracy theorists maybe they Question whether the vaccine works the Way they were told to work or anything Else to do is demonize questionings yeah Look look I mean listen it’s Irresponsible not to speculate on what’s Going on here It’s irresponsible not to speculate like Why did Glenn Greenwald not release all Of that information that that person Gave him Like why why like what is it I mean it’s Irresponsible not to speculate on this There’s I’m not going to take that face Value That Um You know all these things why Glenn

Greenwald is going on uh on Tucker Carlson maybe he’s subject to the Conditioning of not questioning that are You kidding me it’d be irresponsible It’s irresponsible not to speculate What’s going on there irresponsible not To share this uh fair and accusing Reporting article a greenwald’s Bombshell Brazil Scoops have curious Blind spot for us involvement and that Goes uh it also talks about what we’ve Shared earlier about the amount of Information I was given to Greenwald and How it’s been drip dripped out for I Mean monetary game I mean it would be irresponsible not To ask those questions First off A reporter Who is thousands of miles away Like you’re in New York City or in Chicago or in Florida Or in Rio And you are like well like how is it That exactly are you reporting on Anything When you express skepticism like you’re Assuming that the reporters on the Ground are not doing any work whatsoever These news reports are coming from Somewhere now I happen to agree that at the Fri at the Very least you should not take it Face Value the reporting that happens within

The first couple of hours for any type Of like event like this right whether It’s Uvalde whether it’s uh you know uh Something involving a high profile Person uh whether it’s you know Something that is politically charged Whether it’s something that comes out of War of course not But to then say the proper response is To develop Whackadoodle theories that have zero Zero evidentiary basis And the existence of two men In a house In no way Increases the likelihood that there’s a Secret gay Affair going on Yeah not only is there no evidence for It but it can coincidentally rhymes with The gop’s sort of hate mongering in Advance of an election right I mean like Why couldn’t have been like well I mean What what about what if it was like this Was obviously a Russian hit person who Came there who probably is also working For the Chinese because Nancy Pelosi Went to Taiwan I mean couldn’t that have Been a theory why didn’t we hear that One why could why didn’t we hear that One What if I mean what if we did hear that Theory Isn’t this like like also like what he Has a an issue with in terms of like uh

Russiagate because look we do know There was Russian whether it was and I I Happen to believe that it wasn’t Terribly uh impactful but I could be Wrong on that But there is no doubt whatsoever That Russians Interfered or attempted to interfere With our election I mean there’s just no Doubt about it And There’s no doubt there were contacts With Russia and you did have I don’t Know 30 40 people indicted under the Mueller investigation the Durham one Which he touted Was twice as long in terms of uh time Twice as long Zero Zero zero nothing embarrassment Embarrassment and I suppose you have a Supposed Smoking Gun there Igor Danchenko was completely embarrassment I Don’t think he ever said a word after it Uh you know after like the first Indictment This is just such it’s Unbelievable what joke this guy’s become What an absolute joke I wonder if he wanted to talk about uh Bolsonaro and Lula um again the media Seems dark that Tucker would say that And then bring him on ring Glenn it’s Almost like talk about it’s like they’re

Trying not to show pose here’s my little Puppy we got him look at him watch he’s Gonna watch this for us He’s gonna dance for us Right after the moment where he should Be sticking his or in actually yep Perfect opportunity Incidentally uh Tucker He’s not a convicted Criminal But

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