Republican’s Wife Charged In HUGE Voter Fraud Scheme

By | January 20, 2023

Kim Phuong Taylor, the wife of failed Iowa Republican congressional candidate Jeremy Taylor, is facing a long time in federal prison for her 2020 election antics. Adrienne Lawrence breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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Hi it's Jeremy Taylor and we just have About two and a half hours till the Polls close make sure that your friends And family go and vote until nine O'clock tonight I have the hardest Working best supportive wife who is Helping me and she's dragging right now So she's not going to look back uh two Hands on the wheel the wife of an Iowa County official has been charged with 52 Counts of voter fraud and connection With her husband's 2020 Congressional Run yeah they're Republicans welcome to Tyt's overruled I'm your legal analyst Adrian Lawrence on Thursday the FBI Arrested Kim Fung Taylor of Sioux City Iowa in connection with multiple schemes Of voter fraud including absentee Ballots that she had cast allegedly in Favor of her husband's unsuccessful Congressional bid this per the AP Prosecutors allege in an indictment Unsealed Thursday that funk Taylor Filled out voter registration forms or Delivered absentee ballots for people in Sioux cities Vietnam in these Community Who had limited ability to read and Understand English the 49 year old Pleaded not guilty to 26 counts of Providing false information and Registering and voting three counts of Fraudulent registration and 23 counts of Fraudulent voting now how did she get Caught well Taylor's alleged criming was

Outed when the County's election Commissioner was contacted by someone Who had said that a ballot had been Fraudulently cast in their name now the Election commissioner turned over that Documentation to the FBI an unfortunate For Taylor while her efforts did not Help her husband secure the win Fung Taylor committed the fraud before The June 2020 Primary in which her Husband Jeremy Taylor a former Iowa House member finished a distant third in The race for the Republican nomination To run for Iowa's fourth district Congressional seat prosecutors allege The winner of that race Randy finstra Easily won election to Congress that November Taylor's husband who lost by More than 2 000 votes was not included In the indictment as there may not have Been evidence that he knew but you would Have to wonder how he didn't notice Given that this allegedly wasn't her First time stuffing ballot boxes in her Husband's favor prosecutors contend that Fung Taylor committed the same fraud Before the November 2020 election in Which Jeremy Taylor was elected to the Woodbury County Board according to the Indictment yikes I cannot help but Wonder if Sioux City is going to demand Mr Taylor step down from office now miss Taylor's trial is scheduled for March 20th although as I would think she'd be

Better off probably trying to settle This because for each of the 52 charges She's facing up to five years in prison With a possible fine of up to ten Thousand dollars so in total that could Be 260 years in federal prison and you Know 520 000 there is something about These Republicans out here who are Claiming voter fraud is running rampant Yet they're the ones who are running Rampant doing it anyways if she is Convicted which I kind of think she'll Probably be well do you think she's Going to get probation actual prison Time you let me know in the comments Below hit that like and follow button And thanks for watching