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By | November 14, 2022

It’s Casual Friday! Sam and Emma host Alex Pareene, Contributing Editor at the New Republic and proprietor of the AP newsletter on Substack, to sum up, what’s happened since Tuesday night’s midterm elections. Alex Pareene gets right into parsing through the state of the midterms three days out, with the Dems having essentially secured 50 Senate seats, and the loss of the House largely able to be attributed to races in CA and NY. Next, they discuss the state of Roe coming of the elections, as even with the House minority Dems likely have the strength to push for codification, and walk through the recent judicial obstruction to Biden’s student debt relief plan. Alex also gives his perspective on the DeSantis-Trump beef, whether either of them will think twice about running (doubtful), and why – no matter how bright the spotlight – running against Trump is a mistake for GOP politicians. Wrapping up, they tackle the very valid criticisms of New York State Dem leadership by AOC and walk through the likelihood of Twitter declaring bankruptcy and the general destructive force of billionaires.

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Back with us, it seems like it was only almost yesterday or a couple days ago. It does. He is the co-host of the politics of everything. He is contributing Editor to the new Republic. He is the proprietor of the AP. The good one. That hasn’t been corrupted by corporate forces AP on the sub stack. And now writing over at which is a cooperative. Alex Pareene. Welcome back to the show this week. Yeah, it’s great to be back you know I don’t know four or five hours of sleep after I last saw you. And I I mean it was quite a night. and you I think you were the only one sober living. I was. yeah. which was yeah I feel like you should have walked us all home that night. yeah. what was your experience Alex in being the only sober one in this environment? It was a new experience for me. And one I don’t hope to repeat. I trust everyone acted appropriately to you though. yeah. Nobody was too rude. All right so things like I mean when we left Tuesday night I guess it was almost Wednesday morning actually when we left this the off the the the the studio. Certainly, the trend was very positive. And it feels like that trend has only sort of like continued. bit by bit. Drip by drip. It doesn’t look like the Democrats are gonna hold the house. but just the fact that we have to say that yeah it is sort of shocking. to everybody except for John from San Antonio. I should, I should say. who certainly thought it was going to be this close. but in it increasingly it looks like they’re gonna keep the Senate and maybe get to 51 seats. yeah yeah and I mean I don’t know I think that it looks pretty likely they’re going to be at 50 again. and I know that a lot of the networks don’t want to call it that because they love the drama. but it seems pretty likely that they’re gonna at least be at 50 then it comes down to Georgia. yep, Wasserman has said that you know it’s all butt over and he called it for Kelly. which I think is pretty locked in. John Ralston, who is like the dean of Nevada politics, continues to say that he thinks that there are enough votes out there for Masto to pull it off. and he has made a call but he’s convinced that there are the votes there for her. and then let’s talk about this runoff. We had talked about it a little bit because it looked like it was going to head there on Tuesday night.

Back with us It seems like it was only almost like Yesterday or a couple days ago it does Uh he is the uh co-host of the politics Of everything he is contributing uh Editor to the new Republic he is the Proprietor of the AP the good one uh That hasn’t been uh corrupted by by Corporate forces uh AP on the sub stack And now uh writing over at Which is a uh a cooperative Um Alex perine welcome back to the show This week Yeah it’s it’s great to be back uh you Know I don’t know four or five hours of Sleep after I last saw you and I I mean It was quite a night and Um and you I think you were the only one Sober leaving I was yeah which was yeah I feel like you should have walked us All home that night yeah what was your Experience Alex in being the only sober One in this environment it was a new Experience for me and one I don’t hope To repeat I I trust everyone acted appropriately To you though yeah nobody was too rude All right Um so Things like I mean when we left uh Tuesday night I guess it was almost Wednesday morning actually when we left This the off the the the the studio Um certainly the trend was very positive

And it feels like that trend has only Sort of like continued bit by bit Drip By drip Um it it doesn’t look like the Democrats Are gonna hold the house but just the Fact that we have to say that yeah it is Sort of shocking Um to everybody except for John from San Antonio uh I should I should say uh who Who certainly thought it was going to be This close Um but in it it increasingly it looks Like they’re gonna keep the Senate and Maybe get to 51 seats yeah yeah and and I mean I don’t know I think that um It looks pretty likely they’re going to Be at 50 again and I know that a lot of A lot of the networks don’t want to call It because they love the drama but it’s It seems pretty likely that they’re Gonna at least be at 50 then it comes Down to Georgia yep uh Wasserman uh has Said that uh you know it’s all butt over And he called it for uh Kelly which I Think is uh pretty locked in and John Ralston continues who is like the dean Of Nevada politics uh continues to say That he thinks that there’s enough votes Out there for uh masto to pull it off Um and Um he has made a call but uh he’s Convinced that uh that there’s there’s The votes there for her and then let’s Talk about this runoff we had talked

About it a little bit because it was Looking like it was going to head there Um on Tuesday night but increasingly Particularly like well first of all if It’s the 51st vote right like the the Republicans don’t necessarily have the Same they’re not the same incentive They’re incentive to to you know you Know whatever it is ride or die on Herschel Walker Yeah and you know we were talking about Um at least the theory that you had a Lot of people who were turned out by Kemp who are less enthusiastic about Walker who won’t be turning out for this And I I like to think and I don’t think This will actually happen but I like to Think that Um you could juice Democratic turnout Just by making it the we don’t have to Care about Kirsten Cinema uh run off the Official the official like no longer Worry about what Kirsten Cinema thinks About anything right off uh ought to Ought to at least help turn a couple of Votes out well you know we mentioned This on Tuesday too but I think the the The there has to be something more Right I mean remember the last uh runoff There it was you you elect a John ossoff And you left uh Warnock you’re gonna get Those two thousand dollar checks now Ultimately they subtracted the 600 that Just came out in the last one and they

Did 1400 but but as a as surely as an Electoral question right they need to Offer something and it’s unclear you Know what it is that they can offer at This point right with 51 votes and Particularly if they don’t have the House Um but it could be Judges it could also be like and here’s The other here’s the other thing that I Hadn’t really contemplated Bless you uh thank you sorry that There may be and and it it’s it’s we’ll We’ll talk about this too but if the Democrats get as close as it sounds like To retaining the house and they don’t Retain it it’s going to come down to Some California and and New York losses Um and More than likely those Republican Congress people are going to be more Amenable To uh codifying Roe or feel the pressure More oh certainly yeah then the New York Ones especially yeah yeah yes and and And so It seems like there is an argument that With 51 votes maybe you can get You know maybe cinema at this point with No no no point in switching over to the Republican party maybe she thinks my the One way I can maybe get back into the Game uh for Democrats is to Save essentially abortion rights in the

Country I mean so I I don’t know but What what do you think that they could Offer You know as like if you elect uh Warnock You know Making Kristen Cinema Irrelevant in Terms of switching over to the Republican party that’s a mouthful What’s the sort of like material benefit That they can offer yeah yeah and and I Don’t know it’s it’s funny you you say Judges and it’s that that’s been a a Motivating concern for conservative Voters For decades now and it’s it’s harder to Make that case for whatever reason for Democratic voters Um you know I I hesitate to suggest Um leading with uh that kind of deal Making but I think that you are right That they’re gonna have to say Um we have all these vulnerable house New vulnerable new New York and and some California House Republicans who are Um not from the pro-trump caucus and They’re going to want to you know Protect their narrow victories and there Is an Avenue there and I I think that You know you’ll have to make some sort Of case that they can actually get Something from them I think I think grow Is probably the the or a abortion Protection a codifying role in some case In some sense

Um might just be this the smartest path Forward uh because I don’t know if You’re gonna get promises on anything More Sort of direct and material that you can Actually get through whatever this Congress whatever this house looks like Because that’s still completely up in The air well I mean maybe you also the Senate could finally try to move forward On their uh marriage equality yeah That’s still been they’ve still been Sitting on that I mean I was bullish on This and I keep returning to it because It pisses me off with Schumer he allowed This bipartisan group of senators to Negotiate a religious liberty exemption For weeks and weeks and they’ll lead up To the midterms and then everybody left And there there was never a vote taken On it I mean these are all kind of Monday Morning Quarterback things but You could that could have been used as a Cudgel in say a much closer race Than People anticipated initially with Mandela Barnes and Ron Johnson where he Was made uncomfortable by that vote like You could at least have the foresight With abortion here because even though The momentum is gone to pressure the Republicans maybe to to to hit a 60 vote Threshold in the Senate that’s still a Vote on their Ledger uh that’s like Helpful for the future

Yeah no absolutely yeah and you know There’s there’s Um I mean I don’t know we’ll see there’s There’s obviously a lot of Unfinished Senate business and we have uh still a Lame duck session coming up but uh uh Yeah I mean it does it it Remains to be seen what they can Actually sort of promise to do you know I think we know we know what they can Prevent with 51 votes but yeah it’s a Little bit of a trickier case to make in A campaign And and I wonder too if there isn’t a Good opportunity for the Democrats to Talk about Judges particularly uh the The bide Administration has now shut Down the process Of yeah applying for for loan debt Forgiveness student loan debt Forgiveness and it was a super easy Process uh Matt went in there he said it Took him like 30 seconds uh you Basically just put your name in and then Uh but they’ve shut it down because this Trump appointed judge Has this novel Theory uh about whether And this is going to end up at the Supreme Court and so this is it seems to Me like A a great opportunity to talk about how Republicans have gone to Great Lengths You know there was like eight court Cases and like half of them got uh

Dismissed Republicans have gone to Crazy Lengths to stop this and if they do stop It it’s because of Judges this seems Like a great opportunity for Democrats To start to like get their uh Constituents to care about the courts Yeah I agree and and uh for I think Because I think in part because they Don’t Um Don’t necessarily have a plan Beyond Confirming their own judges but they’ve Been hesitant to to put it in those Terms right like the these sort of Unelected trump judges Um stopping us from doing all these good Things but I think that’s that’s really The case they need to make like the the Student loan one is I think we have Evidence now that it was politically Popular and helped and if you say it’s Under threat and you know the way to Protect it is to uh you know maintain a Senate majority so that we can like get Our guys on the bench um it seems like An easy enough case to make but yeah They they have been hesitant to make it On those sort of naked terms and the Bottom line is this they’re going to be Making this case over into over and over Again because this is just the beginning Of all of the the policy the popular Policies that if Democrats get in a Position to actually pass are going to

Be stopped by these courts it’s not Going to end here it and and we’re just Going to see this constant rollback I Mean the the I am convinced and and I’m I guess you know there’s a certain Amount of like confirmation bias here on My part uh but I’m convinced like the Like the the fundamental dynamic Is either going to be uh the courts Rolling back Sort of things that we take for granted In this country as we’ve already seen it In the context of of abortion rights uh Rolling back rights rolling back Functions of government that we have Taken for granted for for decades upon Decades and then shutting down in the Event that Democrats are able to pass Anything shutting down these things that The Democrats are able to pass uh or or Biden’s able to Um you know do uh via some form of Executive order I mean this is going to Be the dynamic I think over the next Five ten years yeah absolutely yeah and And Um uh obviously Um The goal is to you know the the goal Pretty nakedly is to you know The executive when a Democrat is in Power and then empower the executive When a republican is in power and Um I think you can you know I I think

That the message does need to be Formulated around this idea that like Um there’s lots of things that we are You know not in the sort of uh we’re Helpless we’re helpless like we can’t Get this done because judges said so Away but in the like Um you know this is a political fight That actually matters and that you Should care about uh and and I don’t Know to to There’s still a hesitancy to Um to treat the Judiciary as political That I think like not I think that a lot Of people a lot of Democrats are are no Longer on that page but like it’s it Still seems like a red line that a lot Of like senior White House people don’t Want to cross Um let’s talk about the other potential Uh thing that could impact the runoff Regardless of whether it’s for the 51st Seat for the Democrats or the 50th seat And that is Donald Trump something Special is going to happen at Mar-A-Lago On the 15th Um now it could be he’s introducing like Some type of like all you can eat buffet Uh at the club uh it could be like a Reduced a reduction in membership fees Uh unlikely Or it could be Um or it could be a uh He’s I mean I think he’s going to

Announce but there seems to be a lot of Pushback against this because they’re Afraid of him announcing before the Runoff what is the likelihood that Donald Trump is going to a accept that Uh that that he hurts in the runoff and B if he does give a I think it’s Very unlikely uh I mean look he uh Um you know first of all you’re not Gonna be able to to convince him that he Had any negative role in Republican Performance right like that’s always Going to be someone else’s fault Um but no I have to imagine I mean or Sorry like all of his candidates they Either didn’t lean into the and I know Bolduc wasn’t his but they either didn’t Lean into the election denial enough or Uh they they uh were you know walked it Back and were pandering to the libs in The general yeah yeah and and so I you Know I I imagine that no matter what Anyone tells him and uh he’s going to Believe that whatever announcement he Makes can only can only help uh that That the more he’s in the news the more It helps Um so I don’t know there was I mean it Wasn’t reported he wanted to do it Before the midterms and then they Actually did convince him to at least Put the brakes on that yes I’m sure I’m Sure the the way that it that it went

Down was like you’re not going to be Able to use the money you’ve raised for Your legal defense if you use it before The uh if you do it you know the sooner You do it so just keep that in mind he’s Like well how much and I I mean I heard A story way back in the day when he Wanted Um uh I can’t remember that uh adult uh Uh uh film actress or uh Henry Daniels Or yeah you wanted Stormy Daniels on The Apprentice and this is an Inside Story I Heard actually uh from somebody who was Sort of in the know and and all the uh The ABC was it he was on NBC all the NBC Executives had to convince him not to do It because he was talking about it and So they basically at one point just like Figured out how much advertising dollars They would lose Uh because it because he had Participation and they put that on a Piece of paper and put it on his desk And he literally was just like Yeah okay forget about that and that was It that was the end of the whole thing Like three months of him posturing to Have her on and he just threw it away Um but uh That uh you know the isn’t there the Idea too that uh you know the the Justice department doesn’t want to uh Act before an election Right so then she can’t he can’t enough

For the election but then he can just Make the next election start exactly Exactly exactly the urgency Start the clock on the next election so That’ll be political to prosecute him Yes and and I let me ask your like I am of the Opinion that that that much of this Stuff about like Trump’s candidates Um you know didn’t fare well is Manufactured because Donald Trump’s Candidates have never particularly fared Well no no Um and it’s not it’s like I don’t Remember ever a time where where it was He was his rate of endorsements this is Off the top of my head wasn’t was Anything more than like a coin flip uh In terms of like it helping Um you know in in Alabama it’s not like 2018 was some year where he had the Magic Touch no and uh and and and not in 2020 either uh I mean like there there’s This you know it’s not terribly Surprising but certainly Um you know Obama didn’t have have that Ability either it didn’t feel like Um but uh so here is this starts like in And he is sort of fighting too it’s Really just one front right though but It’s it’s it’s DeSantis here’s a tweet That he uh well it’s a theory he put out A statement but I think he also like Truth it out or whatever the truth the

Truth it out too put this up from the Desk of Donald J Trump okay Matt will you please put it up and read It in your Donald Trump voice please Okay yeah one moment uh News Corp which Is Fox The Wall Street Journal and the No longer great New York Post bring back I don’t know what that means Paul call Alan okay Sanctimonious an average Republican Governor with great public relations who Didn’t have to close up his state but Did unlike other Republican Governors Who overall numbers for a republican Were just average middle of the park Including covet and who has the Advantage of sunshine where people from Badly run States up north would go no Matter who the governor was just like I Did uh one sentence that’s one sentence The weather is helping Randy Ron came to me in James Joyce is my Favorite of it yeah this is this is a River run uh run to me in Desperate Shape in 2012 2017. he was politically Dead losing in a landslide to a very Good agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam who was loaded up with cash and Great poll numbers Ron had low approval Bad polls and no money but he said that If I would endorse him endorses Capitalized uh he could win I didn’t Know Adam so I said let’s give it a shot Ron when I endorsed him it was as though

To use a bad term and The exact words that Adam Putnam used in Describing Ron’s endorsement he said I Went from having it uh go ahead Bradley Having it made with no competition uh to Immediately getting absolutely clobbered After your endorsement I then got run by The star of the democratic party Andrew Gillum who was later revealed to be a Quote crackhead by having two massive Rallies with tens of thousands of people At each one I also fixed his campaign Which had completely Fallen apart I was All in for Ron and he beat Gillum but After the race when votes were being Stolen by the corrupt election process In Broward County and Ron was going down 10 000 votes a day along with now Senator Rick Scott I sent it in the FBI And the U.S attorneys and the ballot Theft immediately ended she was prior to Them running out of the votes necessary To win I stopped his election from being Stolen and now Rhonda sanctimonious is Playing games the fake news asked him if He’s going to run if president Trump Runs and he says I’m only focused on the Governor’s race I’m not looking into the Future well in terms of loyalty in class That’s really not the right answer [Music] 15 in 2016 a media assault collusion When Fox News fought me to the end until I won and then they couldn’t have been

Nicer or more supportive The Wall Street Journal loved low energy Jeb Bush and a Succession of other people as they Rapidly disappeared from sight finally Falling in line with me after I easily Knocked them out one by one where we’re In exactly the same position now they Will keep coming after us Maga But Ultimately we will win but America first And make America great again I mean yeah good job man where’s the LIE Yeah Matt well done Matt needs some Water Oh man let’s just let’s just handle the Let’s just put aside the part about Where he weaponized the doj yeah where He said the FBI yeah yeah we missed that Part yeah well but but but the rest of It is Um you know I I guess he’s like what’s What’s Like why like is he just he he just Feels like he’s gonna put out the whole It almost feels like a personal appeal To DeSantis like like I’m really Disappointed at you yeah like and here’s Why like I’m genuinely hurt Um because I think it’s it’s of a piece It’s of a piece with the sort of I don’t Know was it like a veiled blackmail Threat though yeah right like it’s of a Piece with that because he’s saying like Um it’s basically it’s I will destroy You in the and and I think

Uh his account of 2016 is not totally Inaccurate I mean it’s it’s true it’s Totally accurate It’s true certainly that and I and I Think you know to what you were saying Trump doesn’t have the Magic Touch for The people he endorses but his account Of what happens when people run against Him on the Republican ticket is pretty Spot on and it seems yeah and he’s just So silly that like I mean the news that The Press is just again I said this Earlier they’re trying to wield into Existence but they still can’t Understand while they talk about this How it’s a trump uh Cult of Personality With Trump that a cult of personality Only really works in that like people Follow the personality not the proxies That he half-heartedly endorses so he Can go the rallies and get attention And and but here’s the real like here’s The real question in my mind is how does Everything he said was true about 2016 Although not in the beginning like in The beginning none of those Outlets Criticized him And none of those other candidates Criticized him they I mean they were Steadfast in avoiding criticism of trump For months because they’re gonna take Him seriously well it’s they thought That he was going to flame out and they Took they they took the

Um that the fact that he had some Hardcore supporters seriously because They didn’t want to alienate those Hardcore supporters all of them wanted To be Romney in 20. 2012. that’s what they were all the game They were all playing like play along With him and then get his get his Endorsement at the end yes and But I wonder if DeSantis is going to Enter the race in that same way Because like I mean they’ve only got one Sort of template right which is 2016 and If people are around DeSantis they got To be saying you know dude you got to go After him from the beginning because if You wait until he gets like some Momentum But how is he gonna do that like I this Is that’s the big central question and And you can see they’re so like they’re Trying to get him to to not to just drop Out and that’s not gonna happen yeah and I I that’s why like I’m not even Convinced you know and I don’t know em And I were talking about this for you Like I’m not 100 convinced that DeSantis Actually jumps into the race Uh because I you know he’s gonna have to Make he’s gonna have to like He could he could just avoid any type of Conflict with Trump and just hope that For some reason that Trump there’s some Magical reason why Donald Trump will

Flame out but Um but otherwise he’s going to go at Trump and that it seems to me comes to a Great risk because If he’s going to jump out drop out of The race uh you know because he’s you Know after Iowa or something or after You know whatever it is New Hampshire That’s not a good look for him no he Doesn’t he does not in my opinion have Like the people around him nor the Constitution to to reverse course at This point is too short literally you Have Fox News you have Ben Shapiro all Of the media uh for conservative media Operation kind of begging for him I Think he’s peaking now but like you know He has the kind of ego in my opinion Where it’s like you’re he’s too far down This road can a politician say no when The entire like ecosystem is on his side You know rooting for him even if that’s Disconnected from like how primary Voters are going to actually Act Yeah I I don’t know it it it’s gonna be Interesting because I think Emma’s right I think he is ensconced in a bubble Where he’s Uh you know incredibly popular Um and there’s been this concerted Effort to to Um I think dissuade Trump you know try To dissuade Trump from running Um that’s not working obviously

Um and you have Republicans sort of Touting him as you know Trump without the baggage but you know The baggage is kind of the appeal Um though Um I don’t know I think it’s I can see Him Um being a little bit paralyzed by like Not knowing when and how to strike Trump Because Um you know he needs he needs those Voters uh but Trump has no compunction About just like striking first obviously Right and here is here’s a perfect Example of like you know sort of the the Counter forces that are gonna you know Be that like I you know Carrie lake is It looks like Hobbs is going to win in Arizona but it’s it’s certainly closer Than it was with Kelly and Blake Masters I mean Blake Masters was I think Uniquely odious to to people in a way That you know even Kerry Lake who is Really odious uh who was not I mean Blake Masters is like that type of guy Who like there’s no Blake Masters feels like you know like At high school there’s no group of kids That like no yeah I mean like even like Even though you know whatever the I mean Nobody he doesn’t fit in anywhere Um right here is Carrie Lake on with uh Stephen Crowder and it’s also Interesting to sort of say like you know

So much of the right are these like Media figures and they’ve got to decide Right remember what happened to Glenn Beck he got on the wrong side of of of Of Donald Trump and I don’t know that he Ever fully recovered from that uh but Here is Stephen Crowder with uh Carey Lake and um I know there’s a lot of things that’s Weird about this but here it is What I think they’re doing is Slow Rolling our Victory they want to take The air out of this movement and they Can’t do it because it’s a movement and We the people are fed up and we’re not Going to slow down we’re not going to Let them take the fire out of our belly And so they slow roll the results you Know Ronda Santos goes out gives his big Speech and then they want to make it Look like the Trump Republicans don’t Have a chance we do we’re going to win I’m 100 sure that I think that Blake may Even win with the look of what is left To be counted these votes are going to Go Blake’s way as well and so they just Want to control the narrative and they Can do that by how quickly they release Results yes what I think yeah times These are the votes right here I got This I got the either the votes are gonna go Time zones are against uh our Pro DeSantis I guess

But what’s amazing though I mean what’s What’s fascinating about this is she is Lumping DeSantis in with this sort of Like deep State you know vague Conspiracy that’s associated like Because when she’s saying they want to Stop the Trump Republicans She’s ostensibly talking about like Arizona counting officials and it’s sort Of like you know the the German servers That are impacting it yeah yeah and then She throws in Coincidentally DeSantis goes and gives His speech yeah [Laughter] Yeah I mean the I don’t know we’ve we’ve seen this we’ve Seen this play out before that a lot of People who move pretty comfortably in These conservative spaces are going to Be surprised at how quickly they can be Turned into the enemy uh or just like You know briefly be made uh useful as as That kind of anime Um not you know and it doesn’t even Really take doing anything besides Giving a victory speech at the time when You have won It’s it it’s a different order To start talking about DeSantis as part Of this like concerted effort to deny Yeah and that’s what he actually yeah That’s what he has to look out for that Too right because if he just wants to

The act of running against Trump itself Will be treasonous or treat it as Treasonous It’s almost like they’re almost setting It up to be worse than that right like It because you know it’s like okay Little Marco and lion Ted and uh boring Joe you know jab and Um all these others they had personal Flaws they were they were they but but Like Carrie Lake I mean I don’t you know It’s sometimes it’s hard to know like Just she’s just shooting off the hip or You know Trump gets wind of that and It’s like that’s a good like If they tie in You know uh um if they tie in uh DeSantis into the larger conspiracy of Trump was denied the election and that There are forces that are aligned out There with the Deep State that’s a Different order of things that’s a much Harder thing to come back from right Because Lion Ted can get there and go like I Don’t like Donald Trump well he said Something about my wife and then the Next week he’s like I’m phone banking For him Um it’s harder to do if you get into Like the sort of the slipstream of and Remember Q didn’t really exist at that Time like that deep deep conspiracy hole Didn’t exist yeah in the same way it

Wasn’t as cohesive and so now there’s This sort of like ready-made sort of Like uh you know like uh you know Disposal that is ready for like DeSantis Get thrown there you get chopped up in a Way that like I think Trump’s last Opponents didn’t and and all of those Opponents that he had were senators and The ones that remain basically just Showed there had had an opportunity to Showcase their fealty how does DeSantis Come back from running against Trump Yeah I don’t know yeah it’s it’s uh Um Like you say it’s a it’s a different Um Uh it’s a different like thing to do now Because of that entire Um element of it where I think uh Um you know the Anyone can be right anyone can be made Part of that sort of crazy conspiracy Narrative but like Um at that point it doesn’t even matter Um you know what kind of record you’ve Assembled in office because uh these It’s just like if they if they put you In the storyline and then like Um you can’t really get out of it you Know yep yeah I think it’s much harder And and you think about everybody who Was not a senator who ran against uh Donald Trump where are they now

Yeah gone right who knows yeah I mean But but like Graham uh you know who came Out strong against Trump uh uh Cruz Marco Rubio Um those three they’re still in the Scene because they had the uh they had Public uh opportunity to be contrite and Um and to actually you know sort of Exercise in that manner we’re gonna Support the Trump agenda on a you know Daily basis you send us down a bill We’ll vote for it Um but Christy and Jeb Bush Um and uh I don’t even remember who’s Left anymore uh of that uh that crew They just got obliterated uh they were Just done Um so it’s gonna be interesting to see And now I what do we make of this thing Where he sent the doj and the FBI yeah That’s a really curious that’s a really Interesting and curious claim we all Missed that story I guess I mean I I Guess we aren’t you know tuning in to Oannn every day or I guess it wasn’t Even around at that point but runs maybe You’ll hear a little bit more about it I was so humble so wait was there like Was there is there any part of that Story that anybody’s been able to Confirm never no A and B it doesn’t seem Appropriate that you got to just like Secretly send down the doj and the FBI To get them to yeah yeah yeah

You know it seems like it seems on the One hand like Maybe Trump asked for that to happen and Someone told him it did right right I know I think it’s perfectly possible Mr Trump then on on the other hand if Something something may have happened That we just don’t know about Also a weird relationship with the Deep State uh that he has been with the FBI Yeah Thank you Um there’s another truth social that we Might want to talk about I’ll put it up Here Um this is from this morning young kin Now that’s an interesting take sounds Chinese doesn’t it in Virginia couldn’t Have won without me I endorsed him did a Very big Trump rally for him Telephonically got Maga to vote for him Or he couldn’t have come close to Winning but he knows that and admits it Besides having a hard time with the Dems In Virginia but he’ll get it done I don’t know why he ends what does that Even mean I don’t even know I don’t know What yeah we’ll get it done Are you doing a rally telephonically It’s because people were like stay the Hell away from this race don’t come here But I still get on the zoom so it’s a Little difficult He’s just basically like he’s these are

Shots across the bow right I mean that’s What’s going on here he’s just saying Don’t mess with me watch yourself or I’m Gonna come at you and it’s gonna be bad And I would also Imagine That in whatever social media to the Extent that that Junkin or DeSantis has Any sort of exposure To constituents This is Trump saying like Let’s send a little like a little army To give you a little bit of harassment Just give you a little taste of what it Could be oh yeah yeah totally yeah yeah Um that’s definitely you know the part Of him weighing in on anything is just To be like Um you know if if I’m if I make you Enemy Number One let’s see let’s see What happens like let’s see how you like It I don’t know what the end of the I Don’t know what the end of The Young and He’ll get it done I don’t know what that Means he’s okay he’s okay I’m sure I’m Sure he’ll come uh for the Chinese Sounding guy Foreign That one literally just sounds like him Riffing and then someone writing it down Like oh yeah just he had just found the Name and then yeah we got to put that in There you got to include that or do you Think it could be that that he Has I mean this is purely speculation on

My part and it could be just as simple As like young kin that sounds kind of Chinese yeah write that write that it Does sound much better put that in there Or could it be that Junkin has like some Some child like potential Scandal uh That may have to do and that’s the Roger Stone way of doing things I feel that Would be this is Trump’s way of saying Like I know about it wouldn’t it be Weird if I dug into why you your name Sounds so Chinese like maybe it’s Because you got 200 000 from the Chinese Guy you know like who knows what it is Um but it’s uh this is gonna be I don’t think we’re gonna enjoy it as Much this time around no it’ll be yeah Because you know we sort of because we Know the implications of it right yeah But but it could be enjoyable I I I Wanted to talk AOC and Jay Jacobs Because I know you you follow New York State politics uh quite a bit and Um he should resign I mean he should Resign it’s it’s an Abomination also Sean Patrick Maloney is a piece of Garbage good riddance that he’s gone and He went out the door just as classless And as unhelpful as he was when he was Inside the door but let’s talk a little Bit about Elon Musk because this is Unbelievable yeah two weeks in he has Already brought this Con this company to Its knees to the point where like almost

Every executive of any relevance has Basically tried to quit or is quitting Or has quit or is out the door he is the Ad Revenue has completely plummeted they Have Come up with like 12 different plans I Don’t even know where they’re at right Now with the check mark thing I haven’t Even been able to follow that I saw some Reports that like people were trying to Subscribe and it was being frozen so Yeah I don’t think you’re you can’t sign Up for them at least right now I don’t Think but yeah I mean I mean did you get Duped by one yet Alex like we were about To go live for ESPN and I saw a fake Woge tweet that Kyrie Irving was Released from the Nets I was like we Gotta change the whole a fake a fake Adam Shafter got me for like a split Second yeah yeah and I yeah but just but There are other good ones like someone Had a fake Tesla saying like the second Tesla has taken to the World Trade the Tesla one is great The fake APAC saying we we love Apartheid and then a fake Carrie Lake Responded saying same here and they said Like what’s your venmo carry we want to Send you money like I mean it I saw Someone else say I mean it’s like the Titanic is going down but instead of the Violins being played everyone’s just Chucking ice at the captain and that is

Kind of the vibe that’s that’s happening Right now the UI Lilly one is amazing Because you can look at Eli Lily’s stock Price and it it dropped significantly Because That’s the thing about this that is so Incredible is that like yeah like the The goofy jokes are one thing but like People can and and and people can use us To manipulate markets like this Yes yes right this is like a thing with Real world implications and it’s Happening so so quickly oh my God it’s Amazing it is amazing and and and the Thing is that I think that like And and I actually think that listen if It goes into bankruptcy it is from from The user perspective it’s the best case Scenario yeah because what will happen Is the banks will take a huge uh haircut Uh essentially in the financing he will Have to ultimately sell because he can’t He he won’t come out the other end of This he he just can’t there’s just no Way that he can be in charge and make This company profitable at this point Because the there is absolutely no trust From the the sector that that he needs To make it even remotely profitable it Was worth 11 billion the guy overpaid by 30 billion dollars yes Who amongst us right right Um but and they’re going to end up Selling it for you know maybe half that

Maybe it’s going to end up like going in Bankruptcy to someone for five and a Half billion dollars I don’t know who That is and they’ll just return it to Back to where it was and this whole Exercise will have happened but the Thing that I think I feel like I think there’s a failure here of of Sort of just on our part but also on Like uh you know on on on leftist part This is why this is a perfect example of Why billionaires are so corrosive to our Society I mean imagine if you will that Elon Musk it wasn’t that he thought like Oh I I use Twitter I can run Twitter uh I’ve got some ideas here and I’ve got The cash so bingo bango I’ve got it and Now I just ruin it within two weeks Imagine he would say like somebody who Was a little bit more serious and wanted Decided like I have no education Background but I’ve been to school and Uh maybe I’ll drop a billion dollars and All of the the money that that attracts Which probably you know is like at that Like you know two to one three to one Factor of like if you put uh you know a A billion dollars into a system like U.S Education that is so starved for funds You can actually like redirect billions More uh and change the behavior imagine If they he was a billionaire who decided To do that and ran this experiment you Know by putting a billion dollars in for

Let’s say 10 years and completely Changed the trajectory of our education System in this country in a way that After this experiment was over they Hired the Rand Corporation and the Rand Corporation said you know we’ve done an Analysis completely failed yeah You should go back to listening to Educators that’s exactly what happened With the gates yeah 100 and like we Still feeling the reverberations of all This like value-add and high stakes Testing and this is why you don’t want Someone to have that kind of money Because on a whim instead of like Different stakeholders coming in A lot more messy but a lot more sort of Like cautious and and focused based upon Like on in the case of Twitter like the Users and the you know the coders and And the and the moderators in the Context of Education it’s all the other People in the context of like let’s say Uh vaccinations you want medical Professionals involved in this like this Is the problem with not just Elon Musk With billionaires period end of story This is why they should literally be Illegal like we should not have a system That allows someone to aggregate this Much money because of of how they can on A whim You know really implicate the trajectory Of society and no one has a say in it

Except for this guy yeah and if there’s A a really obvious I think you know There’s a lot of really interesting Discussions we could be having about You know the private control over the Quote unquote sort of public sphere and And debate and all that but uh at the End of the day it should just be between Elon Musk and the crypto sector that Should be just a time to say Um these guys are like because they have A a a large net worth does not actually Mean they know what the hell they’re Doing and like we have now we have on The ground proof of this and not only Does it mean they don’t know what the Hell they’re doing but despite not Knowing what the hell they’re doing they Have the power to screw with you and and Twitter can seem like a frivolous thing But it’s like this thing millions of People were using happily and enjoying And getting together with and a guy on a Whim because he has the money can just Come in and mess it up in a week in a Week not like make it slowly worse over Time but like over a few days uh it’s Just a miracle that the engineers were Not able to meet his insane deadline Before the midterms because like I mean You know who knows what the implications Of this were but we saw what happened The day after where all of these fake Accounts were cropping up and you know

This kind of stuff travels fast and it Doesn’t take much for people to get it Because it’ll show up yeah it’ll it’ll Show up on the you know before someone Has a chance to check it it’ll show up On the news you know because that’s just How this how this ecosystem doesn’t work For years reporters are like reading off Their phones on the news you know like That’s that’s how the information Travels It is it is astounding and I just hope That like there is a concerted effort And I don’t know by whom uh to educate The public as to like yeah but both Those two things that one just because You have a lot of money doesn’t mean in Any shape or form that you know what the Hell you’re talking about maybe even in The context of of how you made your Money uh but certainly in any context Outside of that it does not translate And B this is the problem with having uh You know individuals control this amount Of money because they have an intro so Much power over our lives Um you know Twitter not in my estimation As as ultimately as as relevant as our Education educational system well yeah But like you know it is a perfect Because it’s happened so quickly Um you know it it really is I think like A like a good Teachable moment as they say uh I mean

What you described is sorry just really Quickly kind of what Bill Gates did in New York like it’s exactly what Bill Gates did in this country yeah he put in He had a I mean I wasn’t literally Describing what he did oh okay I mean Literally he he had a 600 uh million Dollar uh experiment that they did on The uh Northwest but but what happened Is that like yeah everybody chased that Money yeah everyone was facing the money So you can go to like you know in the in Brooklyn there are schools that are Dedicated towards the model that he had Set up and they were going to Computerize everything and so like Microsoft was going to sell a bunch of Other stuff to it right you know the the There’s the big grant money and then There’s all the other money that that Gets that gets churned up around it and It was it completely changed the Trajectory of Education in the entire Country in the entire country Ernie Duncan and his whole uh sort of Like uh educational oh yeah apology was A function of Bill Gates’s influence on Our education system it’s going to be a Real real real hard habit for Democrats Who have been around since the 90s to Break away from treating Silicon Valley Guys as Geniuses because yeah that’s That’s what they have been doing for a Very long time now they’ve been their

Billionaires they’ve been their Rich Guys they’ve been the good ones and uh It’s we just should not have Billionaires we should just you just Should not have the ability on a whim to Say like Heck man I I went to school You know I’m an expert let’s see let’s Drop a billion dollars in that that System and see what happens and oh okay Well moving on to the next thing let me See what what works with it let me see How like healthcare let me I’m gonna do Healthcare now yeah Yeah I mean it’s honestly it’s like I I Get that you you retire and you want a Hobby But maybe your hobby maybe your hobby Should not be changing the course of of Jay Leno collects cars you know exactly No harm in that no harm in that you know Uh but the idea that like I’m gonna Dabble around with where you know the Trajectory of human civilization all Right but whatever Yeah um Alex perine I would trust you to do that uh but I Know thank you I’ll need a billion Dollars first but well folks once I Haven’t yet I think you can go to the AP Yeah and uh start me on the road start Me on that road yeah make it happen we Will put uh links to all of the things That you do Alex Preen and our podcast

And YouTube uh description as always Thanks so much thanks for uh Tuesday Night it was great having you there yeah It’s a pleasure see you Sam and Emma yep Thanks Alex

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