Republicans Agree To Disagree With Reality

By | December 14, 2022

To many Republicans it seems like reality is a matter of opinion.

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This caramel lawsuit focused only on Detroit voters the blackest city in Michigan one of the blackest large Cities in the country if there's a new Rule that needs to be imposed why not For the entire state of Michigan instead Of what would likely be an advantage Toward Democratic uh candidates yeah You've got me at a disadvantage on the On the finer legal points on this one But I'll just say I think if you've cast A legal ballot it ought to be counted Anybody who knows me personally or who Has spent time really following my work Paying attention to it knows I'm a Registered independent I'm not a Democrat I got plenty of beef with the Democratic party but it's really funny How Scott Jennings can say that the Democrats are focused on voter Suppression as a distraction a Distraction from what Scott the Democratic process is the whole thing It's like literally the focus in order For us to get anything that we want Scott let me ask you about the question Of voter suppression a judge rejected a Bid to throw out absentee ballots in Detroit this was after a republican-led Lawsuit led him to that their wash post Is reporting that Republican officials And candidates in at least some three of These Battleground states are pushing to Disqualify thousands of mail-in ballots

What do you say to the accusation from The left and even some down the middle That say this this is all points to Signs of voter suppression I disagree I Think all legal ballots should be Counted and I think each state should Follow the rules that they have on the Books Republicans are going about Implementing policies that are Incredibly unpopular with practically Everyone in the country you know whether That be reversing Roe v Wade whether That be being completely against any Popular Economic Policy even a public Option nope can't do that you know I Mean Republicans just voted against gay Marriage in the house they just voted Against women having access to Contraception okay you know so what Exactly are you talking about it's a Distraction that's why Republicans are Implementing voter suppression because The policies you're putting forward suck And you know that people don't like them That that's so it's not a distraction Scott that's what any political party Should be for I think the Democrats have Been arguing about voter suppression for The better part of this cycle as a Distraction when in fact we're gonna Have a massive turnout I'm 30 years old And every single Republican president in My lifetime lost the popular vote I mean what is the is that normal is

That that's just fine like that's you Know if you said that to somebody who Didn't live in an electoral college System they would be like um but uh they Lost so why did they win and that's what Republicans defend they defend their Majority positions over and over and Over again right so whatever the results Are going to be today you know whether The Republicans take both Chambers or Whether the Democrats keep one or Whatever ends up happening the Republican agenda is what impeach Joe Biden why because we impeached uh Donald Trump that that's why there's there's Nothing else going on they're completely Focused on the culture War so when Democrats try to put forth anything That's even kind of good Republicans are Against it Clarence Bartlett is no fan Of Democrats but didn't blame Democrats And all them takes is ruined this Country and we're trying to get us back Outside this Trump rally near Asheville North Carolina I ask him what's going to Happen if Trump wins his answers are Shock or they'll kill him if he gets Elected that's how bad they are they're The most evilest people I've ever seen Lion deny who would kill him well the Democrats the ones that's trying to Cause rights and everything it's obvious It's in the news they don't care about The American people because they're in

Their Elite little Tower and so we're Just sick of it you know and we're not Gonna We're not gonna take it anymore I See a Civil War coming I do I see Civil War coming there is a Demonization of political opponents and It's particularly prevalent on the Republican side you know there's a There's a normalization of of violence And violent rhetoric and that has to Change you know the change has to come From within the Republican party and and You know in my career at CI I saw Countries that that had problems with Radicalization and the change always Came from within and that's really Important you know we can sit here and Talk about this all we want but until The Republican Party admits there's a Problem you know nothing is uh nothing Nothing will change what's up everybody Major retired Richard Ojeda here and the Gentleman speaking here is a Counter-terrorism expert and surprise Surprise this expert has declared what We've known long ago Fox News is America's terrorist Network and the mega Republicans are nothing more than a Domestic terrorist sale operating from Within our own country look what Happened last night with Donald Trump Calling Nancy Pelosi an animal I mean I Was horrified you know I wrote the piece For NBC think in in 24 hours after that

You know I was subject to all this kind Kind of crazy right-wing hate mail and Rhetoric you know the the a different Cable network wrote a piece that I was Actually advocating for CIA terrorism Measures to be used on conservatives Now what Cable News Network did that It was Fox and to prove this guy's point All the more the bone-headed fox viewers All with their pants upon being Confronted with the truth and lashed out With the barrage of hate male adamant That they are not terrorists and if this Guy is going to call them terrorists Then they're going to burn his house Down and murder his family and that Should be all the evidence that you need That fox viewers are absent of any logic And full of every form of hate Fox came Out with a piece that said I was Advocating of counter-terrorism Techniques to be used on conservatives That's not what I said what I said Who was the writer at Fox News that said That It was on Fox digital and my phone blew Up then with all sorts of hate mail Which again goes to show it affirms my Point that the Republican party is not Ready to just admit there's a problem It's okay to admit that because violence Is as you said before it's against kind Of the foundation the principles that we All grow up with but they're not ready

Right now in the last 24 hours have Certainly shown it certainly the Donald Trump's comments last night and of Course this evil violent strain of Domestic terrorism has its Origins and Its Origins can be found in the rotten Orange imbecile who walk into the Republican party in 2016 looked at a Field of soulless thieves and brain dead Followers and saw a con in the making And like all of History's fascists the Orange Overlord leveraged blind Hostility by waging a war on US versus Them while picking the pockets clean of Very people he snookered into worshiping His corrupt criminal Empire right now You have Donald Trump going around and Kerry Lake going around mocking an 82 Year old man almost being killed uh by Having his own wild Applause getting Wild Applause for it Donald Trump's not Going to like this but I got to tell you The people I talk to they say we don't Like all the drama we have we like Ron DeSantis hi this is Alonzo Bowden with Another Rebel HQ tyt video yeah I'm kind Of enjoying the midterm results but you Know who isn't the Republican Party wow You talk about a flip they have turned On Trump and fallen in love with DeSantis so fast that Ted Cruz don't Know who's asked to kiss you talk about A flip they flipped on this as fast as Well well the Republicans flip on

Everything but it went from Trump tells It like it is to we don't need all this Drama This is hilarious oh I'm enjoying every Minute of it when you say DeSantis um You almost can't get through the rest of Your speech because there are a lot of Tears calling it deaf future the depth And the width of the DeSantis wind and And Marco Rubio's win as well cannot be Overstated if you are the GOP wrote One Journalist you elevate DeSantis and as He says that leadership is what works Okay I'll admit I was wrong about the Midterms and I'm happy to be wrong about The midterms not that I predicted a red Wave of course now even Fox news is Saying what what Red Wave we we never Mentioned a red wave yeah they're Flipping on that too but I'm happy to be Wrong I wanted the Democrats to win I Just didn't know they could pull it off But not if the Democrats have held on to The Senate and they might even take the House and we may even get rid of bobert Things are looking good for everyone Except baby hands Trump oh baby hands is Sitting in Mar-A-Lago saying they don't Love me anymore Even Candace Owen Candace Owens said That Trump was rude to her you know the Way he's rude to everyone and she was Fine with it now he's been rude to her Guess what Candace I think Donald Trump

Realized you're uh you're black yeah Yeah now you're one of us sorry Candice Happens that way and they love DeSantis They think DeSantis is their savior Which is kind of scary to me but I'm Still enjoying how they're blaming Trump For everything I can't wait till he Announces he's running for president It's Trump at 71 Rhonda sanctimonious at 10 percent Mike Pence at seven oh Mike's doing Better than I thought no I was just in Florida shout out to Side Splitters Comedy Club in Tampa I always have a Great time there I'll be back in Tampa December 16th with wait wait doing Live Comedy but but that that's a side point Just being in Florida listening to Trump And DeSantis insult each other call each Other morons and idiots listen it's not Often I agree with two Republicans but When DeSantis and and Trump call each Other morons I kind of got to go with Both of them hello pot meat Kettle it is So bad that Fox News is twisting on Itself Fox News is actually saying look We didn't predict a red wave but we Didn't have a red wave because of trump But we didn't predict it is that two Lies in one set I I can't even keep up With how twisted they are this is really Going to be a rough one what are Fox and Friends gonna do when your friends turn On you I oh man the Red Wave was a

Trickle and the best joke I heard came From Stephen bear he said it was more Like a pink more like like if you wash Your Maga hat in the same laundry as Your clan row I'm paraphrasing but it Was a hell of a good joke but uh I guess That's Trump's fault a lot of Mega Hat's Gonna go away