Republican: We Just Want The Freedom To Bully Kids Who Are “Transgendering”

By | November 6, 2022

Republicans LOVE to spew transphobia. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.


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[Music] And genital mutilation has been nearly Universally condemned genital mutilation Has been condemned by The Who The United Nations Children's Fund the United Nations population fund American culture Is now normalizing the idea that miners Can be given hormones to prevent their Biological development of their Secondary sexual characteristics Of the kids that they brought in my Classroom when they said that this kid Is transgendering into a different sex That I couldn't have kids laugh at them I'm an Hispanic man could could I decide I was an Asian man would I have the Ability to be an Asian man and challenge Harvard's discrimination because I made That decision they put tampons in men's Bathrooms and they're just this oh my Goodness yes and the war on women that Was Marjorie Taylor green uh commenting On the tampon shortage that we're Experiencing and uh she doesn't want to Blame it on supply chain issues the war In Russia and the high cost of cotton no She's decided to blame it on Tampons being available in men's Bathrooms because she's alleging that Transgender uh people are looking to use Tampons Um none of it makes sense but who knows Maybe I'm wrong okay maybe I'm the crazy One so let's watch our argument and then

You decide Men have taken over everything they're They're they're they're they're women of The year in every category in women's Categories and the latest news is Brian That now there's a shortage of tampons And that's probably because men are Buying tampons and is this breaking news Right now is a joke no it's not a joke Right now you're not telling me that This is legit I'm telling you the truth They're putting the tampons in the men's Bathrooms not a joke not a lie Where exactly are they putting the Tampons Why okay why like where where where Where do the tampons go look where do You put your tampons lady like what are You talking about look that I she's so Dumb that if she wasn't a politician Attacking other people and causing Damage in the world I wouldn't allow Anybody to attack her right because you Feel like you're attacking someone who Might have a serious you know no I'm Being totally serious yeah I know I am Too yeah like I'd almost want to protect Her like poor girl right like like so Look none of what she's saying is true Of course I mean everybody knows that Genital mutilation has been nearly Universally condemned genital mutilation Has been condemned by The Who The United Nations Children's Fund the United

Nations population fund according to the Who genital mutilation is recognized Internationally as a violation of Human Rights American culture is now Normalizing the idea that miners can be Given hormones to prevent their Biological development of secondary Sexual characteristics Dr Levine do you Believe that minors are capable of Making such a life-changing decision is Changing one sex Um so by the way in what he was saying Obviously he's talking to uh to Dr Levine because she's the first uh Transgender nominee that could Potentially get confirmed for such a Position like this and so she must be The one that's in charge of doing of Everything that's about this that's his First thought and also demonizing her as Just for who she is Um yeah let me just go head on to what Rand Paul was saying so it's deeply Offensive to compare to General Mutilation which is uh is not in reality Of their own volition okay they do it to Very young children uh it has no Relationship uh to trans Folks at all Who are choosing to be who they actually Are so what Rand Paul is saying is I Don't really believe in Freedom And I don't want you to follow your Beliefs I want you to follow my beliefs My interpretation of my religion says

You shouldn't do this so now I'm going To impose that on you because I never Believed in America And what we have done is become Comfortable with what is okay in our Society I am not comfortable with the Transgenders Um the kids that they brought in my Classroom um when they said that this Kid is transgendering into a different Sex That I couldn't have kids laugh at them Like I couldn't have um Like other kids got in trouble for Having transgender kids in my Car that was hilarious that was amazing Yeah so now I couldn't even have the Other kids laugh at them and Bully them The guy's like okay I got his attention and when I watched That clip the first time I was like did The volume go off because I think she Realized that she'd clowned herself she Stepped in it yeah and then she she Paused for like Four brutal seconds And then she's like no I'm sticking with It the real problem is the transgenders And how we can't mock them okay I mean All the other kids were having fun Mocking them and then they get in Trouble for what the hell kind of Country do we live in anymore huh but

What like if you really want that Ignorant like The ignorance is crystallized in my mind When she says the phrase Kids are transgendering yeah totally I I mean it's a terrible story but it was Hard like not to be amused by her the Depth of her ignorance right like Insanely ignorant yeah and then they Bring the transgenders in here And there's transgendering all over the Place and now we can't even bully them I Remember the good old days I mean we'd Do much worse yeah that's the most Evangelical uh you know District I'm an Hispanic man could could I decide I was An Asian man would I have the ability to Be an Asian man and challenge Harvard's Discrimination because I made that Decision Senator I'm not able to answer your Question you're asking me about Hypotheticals and Um well I'm asking you how you would Assess standing if I if I came in and Said I have decided I identify as an Asian man I would assess standing the Way I assess other legal issues which is To listen to the arguments made by the Parties consider the relevant precedence And The constitutional principles involved And make a determination Yeah it's they make a mockery out of

Government they make them they make a Mockery out of the Supreme Court what is The point of having these hearings if You're going to be asking her questions That are super irrelevant to what she Would be doing as a Supreme Court Justice look I get that there are people Uh who don't understand what the Experience of a trans person is like Partially because our society has Pretended that it doesn't exist for so Long partially because there's been so Little representation in media it is Difficult for people who haven't had That experience to understand it but it Takes extra work to try to draw an Equivalence with what if I what have I Thought that I was Asian what if I Thought that I was rich do you have to Give me no that's that's not actually How gender Works gender is a Self-expression some of the other things That you jokingly use to attack Um an alienate trans people are based on Something else

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