Republican Blames Pelosi Attack On George Floyd Protests

By | November 1, 2022

Chuck Todd talks to New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu in the wake of the assault on Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul at their home in San Francisco. Sununu claims a rise in political violence stems from the demonstrations in the summer of 2020 after numerous instances of police brutality across the country, and that both sides of the aisle are responsible for the escalation.

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Check out more from the MR crew:
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It is the case that Kavanaugh and Sotomayor both were subjects of Attempted or at least you know the Nascent attempt at some attack on them Obviously politically inspired Steve scalise Was uh shot at A uh Congressional baseball game By someone who I think Was politically motivated The difference is is that you cannot Find A democratic lawmaker a Democratic Candidate I you know I don’t think you can find even like People who do what we do Who say things like Marjorie Taylor Green did at a speech where Nancy Pelosi Is guilty of treason and the the Punishment for treason is death Or let’s hang Mike Pence Or just a response from supposedly the Responsible leadership Here’s Chuck Todd with sununu let’s just Give you like the range of responses to This this is the best that you’re Getting out of it because he remember He’s from New Hampshire Where they’re like like the closest like You can get to some type of moderate Republicans I guess You had to cancel your outdoor Inauguration in uh at the start of 2021

It was the day after the January 6 Attack you talked about direct threats Against your family I think it was the Code your covet policies that seemed to Fire up some people to do these threats Look you’ve had to deal with this where Do you think that came from the right Incident uh political violence is coming From The beginning this started back in the Summer of 2020 right when you saw cities Burning you saw not a lot of a whole lot Of accountability there the line for Folks that were disagreeing with What Might Have Been happened not happy with What’s happening in their communities The line completely moved with very Little accountability and that set kind Of a new standard in in a very dangerous Way and then that carries over into the Politics and what happened in 2020 the Insanity of uh what we saw in January 6th uh what has happened to Steve Scalise that was years before 2020. the Threats on uh justice Kavanaugh so Noah Gabby Giffords I mean there’s there Doesn’t seem to be an end to this it’s On both sides of the aisle but look People have to just take the take the Heat down here I mean this is America This is one of the most amazing places On the planet Earth we should all wake Up and be grateful we can disagree and Have heated arguments of course but when

You cross that line into violence uh it Does your cause no good it does the System no good and it just brings Everything to a more fragile state all Right let’s just be clear here like like Uh It doesn’t occur to Um uh like Chuck Todd to say like we it Seems like you’re just sort of Spitballing here because your whole Premise was this is this is a function Of protesters in 2020 And that the protests ended up uh Inflicting property damage on places and That basically said Open Season to go After Um uh political figures And then all of a sudden you remembered Like oh wait but much of this happened Before then so that’s not a function of That has nothing to do with the rhetoric Look coming from look what you made me Do politics this is like one of my Favorite themes to hit back on about the Republican party it is Con it’s never Never the this they are never the source Of their own violent rhetoric or Extremism it’s always because the left Made them be there of course and here’s Chuck Todd who wants to bring it back to Trump But in fact like we had I don’t was it Corning I can’t remember which uh Senator was from uh Texas who I think it

Was 10 years ago was saying like uh I Don’t blame people if they want to go Shoot a federal judge because of all the Way that the these black robed people Are I mean There’s no historical context for this There’s like or that is presented by the News Like uh he’s on the floor of the Senate Justifying an assassination attempt Against the federal judge I don’t know It was 10 years ago or what maybe it was More Play this Former president Donald Trump and all of This Oh this connection to everybody in all Of this no absolutely everybody it’s not It’s not just about former president Trump it’s about I mean people are Getting upset about inflation they’re Getting upset with you know issues that Happen on what we would consider a very Minor level but to them it’s passionate It’s the end it’s just the end of days For them and they’re going to go to that Nth Degree and it’s just absolutely Insane it is and again the answer isn’t Just well we’re just going to have more Security of course you’re going to have To do that at some level but I don’t Need to hear anymore this so they get The idea like oh yeah no no it’s Trump It’s like everybody and he couldn’t even

Come up with Like it’s it’s Trump on one side but It’s also inflation Both these things can drive you to try And assassinate somebody with a hammer Break into somebody’s house I mean If the left gets Lefty enough look what You made them do But at least we’re getting you know That’s the incidentally that’s the best Answer you’re gonna get out of a Republican oh yeah that’s the best Answer like you know Trump but also Inflation and he’ll be the one who’s More representative of Republicans in The media’s mind than uh you know the Top one of the top Republican Influencers in the Republican Party Former adviser to the president himself Here is what he does Um the internet remains undefeated also If you switch out the hammer for a red Feather boa you could be Hunter Biden in An instant this is Um someone who’s uh dressing as Paul Pelosi for Halloween which is underwear And a hand it doesn’t quite make sense Yeah Right right well no this is because of The of the Of the immediate uh conspiracy that was Pushed by everybody you know Whether it was Donald Trump Jr or you Know Jimmy Dora whomever that obviously

This was a um a secret affair yeah That’s probably gay people he was Probably gay people yeah that was the One thing that stuck out with with doors Thing it’s like well I’m sure it wasn’t Gay sex and like why didn’t you just say Sex Like people can figure it out if it’s Two guys we can figure out that they’re Like what do you say like gay sex porn Like like it wasn’t like he was having An affair with the guy but he has to Like look you know he’s old I mean well Old my in his perspective but Um yeah we’re the same age I know I know I I I I’m sorry but who I apologize who Do you think is uh a more popular figure In the Republican party with voters Donald Trump Jr or Chris sununu Uh Yeah I’m gonna just go for Donald Trump Don Jr is like polling as someone who They think should run for president yeah I’d love to I’d love to see how many uh Campaign itineraries for candidates that Don Jr’s on relative to Chris sununu Can’t imagine sununu is going out on Campus Yeah Or Blake Masters All right a couple more items and we’re Out here Adam from Indiana I gotta go uh Do some trick-or-treating with my kids Ldj5 sounds like an awesome Latin disc

Jockey name Uh uh chit down Lefty HR person here Employees data needs to be retained for Seven years legally Amazon probably Takes advantage of this for Communicating to the Union uh Team Buster Sam out of curiosity how far in Advance do you usually book guests I Imagine it depends on the guest and the Topic but what’s the typical range You know uh relevant or pertinent Because some people just some we may Have booked three weeks out right some Not yeah And I’ll tell you what I said books it’s Probably more uh a longer time in Between the booking and the yeah and we We were going to have Chris on before But you were really you were sick yeah So Dave from Jamaican Uh Twitter dead in a year replaced by New version software else Sam you are The only normal divorced dad Maybe that might honestly we got some More normal divorce dads shout out all The normal divorce dads in the audience I have all the normal divorced dads in The house southern accent we all love Jews so much we’re laying them house sit Until the rapture Catfish James it’s wild to me that Amazon did not take Christian more Seriously listening to this interview He’s clearly not only incredibly

Intelligent he’s clever and personable I Hope he continues the good fight is it Racism and classism they looked at him And they thought oh we got this and not Realize that like the way he is Um just the Christian Christmas of him Is really useful in talking to people That work at those warehouses

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