REPORT: LAPD Captain Allegedly Helped Les Moonves Cover Up Sexual Assault Allegations

By | November 4, 2022

An explosive report about an LAPD Captain who allegedly helped CBS Boss Les Moonves cover up sexual assault allegations. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“The New York attorney general’s office released a sweeping report Wednesday that detailed an elaborate cover-up at the highest levels of CBS in late 2017 and 2018 to try to contain allegations of sexual harassment by former chief Leslie Moonves.

The report comes five years after a Los Angeles Police Department captain tipped off CBS executives, telling them a woman had come to the department’s Hollywood station to report that Moonves had allegedly assaulted her in the 1980s.

“Somebody walked in the station about a couple hours ago and made allegations against your boss regarding a sexual assault,” the police captain said in a Nov. 10, 2017, voicemail message left for a CBS executive, according to the report. “It’s confidential, as you know, but call me.”


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Pretty disturbing story and I want to Probably give you two warnings starting With the first one this is a difficult Story and I want to give you a trigger Warning in case Um you know stories of sexual misconduct Details of sexual misconduct make you Uneasy with that said let's get to this A new report from the New York attorney General Leticia James reveals the Corruption and collusion between Les Moonves a former CBS executive who was Ousted after reports of sexual Misconduct came out and the Los Angeles Police Department who essentially Provided cover for him to prevent the Story from getting out in the first Place the details of how they work Together back in 2017 and 18 to cover up Sexual assault allegations against Moonves are damning to say the least now First here's a reminder of the Disgusting assault allegations he was Accused of but I do want to give you a Warning that the details here are Difficult to even talk about and the Description is a graphic and contains Details of sexual violence Moonves's accuser Phyllis golden Gottlieb who has since died was a TV Show development executive in the Mid-1980s when she worked with moonves At Lorimer Productions in Culver City She told the times that in a parking lot

Outside a restaurant he forcibly grabbed Her head and slammed it into his crotch And then it ejaculated into her mouth He was You know confronted with this uh he Immediately denied it said the Allegations were false and the Los Angeles County Prosecutors didn't bring Charges against him because the statute Of limitations had expired now back to The report from Leticia James and how The LAPD was involved in all of this the Report comes five years after the LAPD Captain tipped off CBS Executives Telling them a woman had come to the Department's Hollywood Station to report That moonves had allegedly assaulted her In the 1980s somebody walked in the Station about a couple hours ago and Made allegations against your boss Regarding a sexual assault the police Captain said in a November 10 2017 Voicemail message left for a CBS Executive according to the report it's Confidential as you know but call me Now over the next few months the LAPD Met in person with moonves and secretly Provided him and other CBS Executives With status updates on the investigation You know helping him out giving him the Inside Baseball Insider information he Needed they also gave moonves uh details Uh personal details about the alleged Accuser now the captain slipped CBS a

Copy of the accuser's report and top CBS Executives then began investigating the Victim's personal circumstances and that Of her family the report said and this Is very common Harvey Weinstein did Something very similar to his victims Where if he thought there was any Possibility that they would report him To the police or if they had already Accused him publicly he would have all Of his Oppo researchers dig into these Women's personal lives and then he would Uh tell them look we're going to come Out with this terrible information about You we're going to destroy your Reputation it was a form of intimidation To prevent these women from coming Forward or to recant their stories Now apparently the police captain had Such a chummy relationship with moonves And cbs's Executives that he had been Part of moonves security detail for the Grammy Awards for several years so he Actually had a personal relationship Here both sides wanted to downplay the Seriousness of the woman's allegations Which Came In the Heat of the metoo Movement CBS Executives were assured by The captain meaning the police captain That LAPD implemented controls to Prevent news of the police report from Leaking to the Press hopefully we can Kill media from PD then figure out what Complaintant number one wants moonves

Wrote the captain and a CBS assistant in One text message obtained by the Attorney General And then eight months later Turns out LAPD couldn't really help him Because the public became aware of the Allegations against moonves then in July Of 2018 uh there were allegations from Six more women who said that moonves Assaulted or harassed them uh while they Were working together so I've got more Details this guy was so gross and just One side note remember Les moonves was The CBS Executives who just openly said Donald Trump bad for the country great For our ratings right that's who that Guy was and he said bring it on Donald Yeah Um and he did yeah well I mean moon was Knew a thing or two about that Apparently so so look uh two parts of The story one is that when I was growing Up I didn't understand what cops were I Misunderstood I thought they were here To protect us uh now I realize no They're here to protect the rich and Powerful period and so if you're still Under that misimpression that they're Here to protect you God bless you but uh Look if you're upper middle class you're Gonna be all right you're gonna be all Right they generally come to help you Um uh and if you're rich you're set They're they're basically your

Bodyguards that the rest of us all pay For okay so that's why this guy doesn't He probably thought like this is the Most obvious thing in the world a poor Uh powerful person is is being accused Of something they probably did I have to Immediately help them So I mean if they hadn't gotten caught With the Roman Pharaoh did a great story On moonves he had done it many many Times they had at least six women on the Record and with very similar allegations But if if they hadn't found that all out What would have happened The cops in La would have covered it up For moonves moonves would have gotten Away with it and the poor woman who Walked in thinking the cops are going to Help her didn't realize no the cops are Not here to help you at all if you Report someone rich and Powerball doing Something bad to you very likely the Cops will turn on you and by the way They then handed over our personal Information so that CBS Executives could Figure out how to ways to smear her so By going to the cops she actively hurt Herself and also prevent any personal Damage that they might experience from Let's say the stock of CBS going down After it's reported right that their Executive is sexually assaulting and Harassing people that he works with and That's part of the investigation as well

So let's talk about that a little bit Um first let me just note that after Word got out that moonves had done this Allegedly and that he had been fired Um the CBS board fired moonves September 9th of 2018. that day the LAPD Captain Emailed moonves uh underlying Underlining Um Ian metros saying quote I'm so sorry To hear this news Ian sickens me we Worked so hard to try to avoid this day The captain sent a note to moonves two Days later I'm deeply sorry that this Happened I will always stand with you Buy and pledge my allegiance to you it's So disgusting it's absolutely this guy Victimized women that he was working With and this now retired LAPD captain That was based in Hollywood is isn't Reaching out to the woman who was Victimized brutally reaching out to the Perpetrator to say I'm so sorry you got Fired after we worked so hard to protect You So who was this guy uh Commander Corey Polka was his name he's no longer with The LAPD he was able to retire before Facing any consequences uh and he was The captain of the Hollywood Station in 2017 and 2018. James's report also by The way exposed other Shady dealings With CBS the New York attorney general's Report contained other findings Including how cbs's former Chief

Communications officer Gil Schwartz who Was who has since died sold more than 160 thousand shares of CBS in June of 2018 as the company tried to contain the Explosive allegations Schwartz sold the Stock with cbs's approval netting more Than 8.8 million knowing that damaging Information could come out and it did a Few weeks later yeah they they knew and They cashed in on it yeah so that cup Might not have been able to save moonves Because he was such a Serial Predator But he did at least save a couple of CBS Executives millions of dollars is they Were able to cash out before any of you Found out I'm gonna come back to the Shareholders because that's the second Large part of this story but I just want To clarify a couple things first of all The cop wrote the note to Ian metros who Was uh moonves's main underling that he Had communicated with earlier they had Coordinated moonves sent Metro to Coordinate with the dirty cop now I say Dirty cop but LAPD is now pretending to Be outraged by his actions but they're Not they're liars and so why do I say That they're Liars well if you were Truly outraged you'd think about Bringing charges against the cop there's No statue of limitations on that right It's obviously a super dirty cop who Worked for the rich and powerful and Screwed over a poor woman who was coming

In to report sexual assault and he took Advantage of her no charges you I would Go back and say no you don't get to Retire you're fired and I would try to Recover money that he got in the Meanwhile after he did these acts that Are clearly wrong every dollar that he Got from the Department we should try to Get back right because he obviously was Not here to Serve and Protect all of us Did the exact opposite did LAPD do any Of that no of course not because they're A gang and gangs look out for each other And they call us in Blue Line because We're not against policing we've had a Lot of fights with even the people on Left wing about policing we want Policing but we want policing for all of Us it's not too much to ask for is it a Police that had just hired security for The very very very rich and Powerful but When you ask cops to provide security For all of us they go oh my feelings are Hurt my feelings are heard I'm not going To show up to help any of you when did You ever Anyway come on get real now Back to the suit Leticia James oh okay Look the Attorney General in New York Stick it up for the little guy is she no The money went predominantly to the Shareholders of CBS yes who are also Extraordinarily wealthy there might be a Couple in there that are middle class But overall the great majority of them

Are very wealthy so don't get it twisted It didn't go to the victims it never Goes to the victims no and I get why Leticia James did it don't get me wrong It's easier to to bring charges and and And to press forward on civil or Criminal uh but especially on civil Litigation for shareholders because they Have certain rights than anyone else That's exactly right so but the problem Is with the system that says Shareholders get rights but you don't Right yep so I don't mind the Shareholders having rights I think That's good I think this suit is good Credit to limitation James for pursuing It but wouldn't it be nice if the rest Of us had rights too yeah did her if She's not passed away but was she ever Going to get money was about her family Of course not only the Beloved Shareholders thanks for watching The Young Turks who really appreciate it Another way to show support is through YouTube memberships you'll get to Interact with us more there's live chat Emojis badges you've got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those are super fun but You also get playback of our exclusive Member only shows and specials right After they air so all that all you got To do is click that join button right Underneath the video thank you

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