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John Oliver said an alarming number of wrong things about transgender ”rights.” This is our largest debunking of one of the British ”comedian’s” videos yet! Also Kanye West is buying Parler. #JohnOliver #Ye #Parler

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So Find me [Music] Hey guys whistleblower here recently Stephen Crowder took a long Hiatus from His show because of some bad Complications from surgery apparently His lung collapsed or something but Don’t feel too bad for him yet because I’m here to tell you that everything Went according to plan buckle up because This one gets crazy Stephen Crowder is Actually Amy Schumer [Music] I got into this Rabbit Hole after Noticing Amy Schumer was taping her new TV series around the same time Crowder Was going into surgery This proves that chowder is surgically Augmenting himself every time he goes on Vacation to live his second life is Amy Schumer think about it the rivalries With each other to make themselves more Famous playing both sides so they always Win And I already know what you’re thinking What about the time they were both on Fox News I’m already a few steps ahead Of you it’s a classic Hollywood spliff Frame trick So now the only question that remains is Which came first the chowder Or the Schumer

Or are they something different Altogether that’s all for now I’ll see You guys in the next one whistleblower Out [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music] I guess of Monday and it’s the sound of You ever forget to breathe what we were Rushing and we were hustling to get Ready for the show and John Oliver you Know who will uh he’ll be a wonderful Trophy after Today’s Show and then you Just realize you forget to breathe Sometimes just breathe it’s always Playing in my head that’s true Faith Hill was right so it was a Chris gravel Dashboard Confessional amen remember she Asked you remember to breathe so uh look My first question to you is will you Start using parlor once Kanye uh buys it That’s what’s happening today but uh we Had a whole segment ready to go on uh Former Vice President Joe Biden being Creepy with children but more Importantly some things that people Miss But we’ll we’ll move that to tomorrow Because John Oliver is trending right Now And look I say this without a hint of Hyperbole uh they’re coming for your Kids there’s a 26 minute segment making The case as to why it’s a good thing for

Children to transition for children to Get on puberty blockers and it’s an Attempt to Gaslight you we’ll get it we Have so much again it gets a little bit Wonky but all references are available At live with we want to leave No doubt as it relates to the empirical Gerald how are you I am doing well my Irish got beat this weekend that’s right You went to Notre Dame for it Unfortunately yeah you spent all that Time I mean yet again you were Embarrassed I made memories with my Parents mostly of me being angry but I Made them yes why don’t you cry about it I was sure we did he called me he did I Replenished after the stomach flu I just Sat and I had a mission of just eating Ah yes well that sounds more fun no There have been negative ramifications To that as well I overshot it I went to Lou Malnati’s Pizza in in Chicago Fantastic oh really so good yeah I bet You he’s just he didn’t he went to he’s On his family joint demino It’s amazing It’s Little Caesars yes Little Caesar It’s a nice place homemade just ask for The Gerald No I ate too much because I was trying To replenish and it was it was like the Apollo 13 thing where I’m going like oh My gosh do I have to like do I have to Slingshot around the Moon do I have to

Keep going in order to come back and I Overdid it oh so here we are and uh you Know I’m 11 fastest man on his feet Quickest what in the west Dave Linda Ahoy you have a better weekend than Gerald I I did I was in uh Uh Ohio oh Yeah that’s where I was the midwestern I Forgot it was good it was great a lot of Fun fans a lot of good people yeah and Uh they love you and good and they love Gerald that’ll be fun where we’ll uh We’ll now discuss the worst people among Us here when we discuss not only John Oliver but a few other things so the People who agreed with the uh John Oliver were not at this year no no I Can’t imagine thank God no they were in The uh the ward no they were wait wait Yeah so I don’t even know this it’s 20 22. and uh you know women because of 2022 the year changes biology women are Not the only ones anymore who can get Pregnant Now if you think that a man getting Pregnant is weird if you think it’s Weird you’re a bigot Can we skip to the good part You’ve arrived at your destination [Music] Well I just want to die You have to do the home birth to be Extra weird about it yes do they do the Dolphin birth where they go out in the

Ocean like the Dolphins will give you Everything and my son has got your child Yes so oh boy you’ve seen the home birth Where they just do it standing and like Squatting in their house and it’s like Could you move you’re blocking the team Yes I want to end I want to kill myself when I see how far we’ve gone but I can’t I Don’t want to sell you the good name of Us so can someone bring me something at Some point any any way in which to uh Terminate myself uh that doesn’t Sully The name of a good spot that is not a Wolf we’ll find a good point yeah you Need a good anything else because They’re true blue but I want to die I feel bad for that child yes yes you Feel bad for that child the child looks Like like a happy like normal lovely Child but there is going to come a day Where that is going to be a molested Sorry I know I I’m just saying that That’s that’s just gonna be a really Weird hard position to be in I love that We blurred the nipples though I know I Did too I was like oh thank goodness I Didn’t want to see that and I’m going to Be honest with you because we don’t Really know the rules yeah on that you Have no idea What do we blur let’s just let’s just Blur the nip all of it but Charles Dickens would have wanted to see her

Nipples name that movie line uh You’ll always win people will name it Below This is what we were going to talk about Today uh because it was happening this Weekend Um but you’ve seen this clip we’ve moved It to tomorrow because there’s something Pretty thorough I want to address but Here’s the clip for those who don’t know Creepypetto former Vice President Joe Biden being what he be Okay Now very important thing I told my Daughter and granddaughters you no Serious guys you were 30. okay no what No serious guys to your 30s Me so everyone’s talking about how Creepy it is and of course if you’re a Father who would let someone uh treat Your daughter that way you probably are I mean just you should give up your Child to me I would rather you give them To the male of the Z is going to say let Me go back to that yes Alec cleanser Yeah but there’s something there that is Far more severe and I think far more Impactful uh than just him lightly Groping her comment below if you see What it is because we’re gonna address It tomorrow I think people are missing the macro Picture there Um which it’s for the girls it’s this

One’s for the girls tomorrow show is for The girls the there we go some of the Some of the uh I’ll just okay it’s the Advice spoiler alert I don’t know how to there’s only one Phrase so you guys know what the phrase I thought you’re going to be like the Secret Service guy going hey make sure That guy doesn’t record it anymore oh Gosh Joe’s going off script he’s talking About girls again that’s always a good Sign if the secret service has it on Their bullet point checklist to make Sure no one’s filming if he gets around A young girl Just get the camera gross it’s like for You know president Trump they’d be like Let’s keep him off of Twitter because They get with Joe Biden like keep him Away from children Well yeah they’re not they’re not even Going for the grope they’re going for The phone yeah exactly Trump had a Burner phone for Twitter yeah exactly I’d be using in the bathroom he’ll never Find my Cricket I have Boost that Travis Barker really Makes a good case now is this boost Still a thing it was amped in boost I Have no idea I don’t even know where you Get that you should be at the kiosk at The mall is that where it was remember Yeah maybe like you get all the same Benefits except for Speed except for

Texting except for calls I always keep My head down and pretend I’m deaf Because they try to talk to you yeah Like no no no no no you’re not a person Yeah exactly when you walk through the Mall and they where they go hey what why Aren’t you talking back to us because This isn’t a street vendor in Iran okay This is not okay Trying to go to Yankee Candle Store I Don’t want to have a Carnival Barker I’m Already having a hermit crabs and spider Marvel painted shells yeah she knows the Hermit crab exhibit where they have all The different painted shells no oh yeah That’s great You actually stopped and what like oh This is cool oh I’ve owned a few hermit Crabs do you have She-Hulk yeah That’s better than bedazzled phone cases Let me see what kind of phone you have It’s like No That’s the guy filming Joe Biden with The girl you hear the crunching of the Rhinestones Falling off let me see if I can waste More of your money here buy this one Okay so this one is in Gerald’s Wheelhouse so again before we get to John Oliver it’s going to be a pretty Long rebuttal here today because I I Just wanted to focus I was fired up this Morning a little bit before that this is

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers the coach Todd bull set it up For me so the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head Coach Todd Wells he’s he’s he’s black oh Yeah so he’s a black head coach in the League which there’s not a whole lot of Those and he’s being asked some Questions by reporters after playing Against another black head coach uh Tomlin in uh Pittsburgh yes and then he Gets white-splained by a female reporter Yes oh have you seen this I I I’ve never Seen anything more patronized yeah it’s It’s really you’re gonna have to watch Some of this through your fingers but Just keep in mind this is what the left Believes and occasionally it slips here It is you you and Mike Tomlin are two of The few blackhead coaches in the league I wonder what your relationship is like With them and your thoughts on Steve Wilkes joining that bowl I have a very good relationship with Tomlin we don’t look at What color we are when we Coast against Each other we just know each other I Have a lot of very good white friends That coach in this league as well and I Don’t think it’s a big deal as far as us Being coaching against each other I Think it’s normal so we’ll follow up From another reporter the job hopefully He does it and we coach ball we don’t Look at color

You also understand that Too right and that went young coaches or Even football players wear Merit doesn’t Mean anything Grew up like them that has to mean Something well when you say you see you Guys and look like them and grow up like Them means that we’re eyeballs to begin With and I think the minute you guys Start stop making a big deal about it Everybody else will as well [Music] Let me try what she should have said was She was they talk about white splitting She’s going you do realize that Representation matters like as a black They hired you because you’re a black Sheep let me try and put this in ways You cannot maybe you can understand hey You know man you were high because You’re black right because the coaching The coach’s representation do you agree And his what he really want to say was [Laughter] Well thanks for letting me know white I appreciate it You’re gonna be really happy to find out That a lot of the players are black yes Yes yes well that’s what they say They’re like oh the ownership’s just Keeping black coaches out because they Don’t like black people I’m like have You looked at the roster oh yeah there’s

A lot of people on that roster that are Not white and that’s perfectly fine with Them yeah it’s like you think that Larry Bird called the Bill ampere that’s it yeah And black guys loved it they were like Oh he was hard to guard just because he Would talk all this trash Oh so instead Of Bill land beer yeah part of the bad Boys they’re just a complete you just Talk about how rich his dad was and piss People off can we acknowledge genetics As it relates to you know as it relates Racially when it comes to athleticism Like there’s a the better it’s black People tend to be very good at a lot of These sports that’s in right it’s a Meritocracy exactly Dominicans seem to Be way better at uh baseball than Anybody yeah well that’s often because They’re like dead places them in a Closet and beats them for weeks on end As well you know hey whatever it works Yeah You mean the Tiger Woods strategies did You understand that representation Matters and this is going to bring us Into the John Oliver thing it is largely White women unfortunately white women Who are pushing this crap what happened To take a backseat and listen to black Women because when it relates to trans Issues as it relates to sports issues Guess what they don’t share the same

Opinion as a lot of white women that is Everything that is wrong with America is What she just said yes he represents He’s one of three black head coaches in The league right now or there’s two at Least and I think she mentioned somebody Else said joining the fold I think he Got another head coaching job three and You just told the guy who should care About this the most what he should think About it right he told you like I kind Of feel like you guys are making a big Deal out of something that we don’t Really think a whole lot about and You’re like oh no no no you’re not in Any position to understand what this Means for somebody’s like I’m the black Head coach in the NFL I’m the only Person in the room that can understand What it means to be here and you’re Telling me I don’t yeah I’ve met a black Black head coaches and I like the NFL And I didn’t even know that statistic Until just now when she brought it up Right We have a was it a new Harvard Harris Poll shows that only six percent of Americans said that race relations were A priority issue and it’s usually a Priority issue with uh Suburban white Women yes they make up 5.9 of the six Percent yes [Laughter] If it’s you know hey if it’s if you’re

Colorblind it’s racist uh and uh so Everything has to be about race what I Hated about that clip though she’s Talking down to him like the tone in her Voice just you do realize that this Matters it’s like no I don’t I make a Lot of money because I worked really Hard to be here you realize that racial Representation is like oh oh can you Repeat that I’m I’m sorry I’m sorry Master I don’t understand yeah She’s like you know Yeah like is this better for you It’s better if you want me to start Reciting lasting the help oh I would just love for a guy to do that Because you know that’s what he’s Thinking oh of course this well I Just love that he holds his head which Is the best nephew he’s like oh He’s like I just said it yes I just Answered his question and let me just Point out he did it very calmly but he’s Like and you said you guys and those People and grew up like them uh Did you hear yourself say that If I was any other person I’d be like What you guys and how did I I grew up in Bel Air what are you talking about lady Did he no no but who knows I mean she’s Guessing because black he grew up poor In rural Alabama like that I don’t know Right like come on all right uh okay Let’s move on to here John Oliver

Um okay so a couple things that I want To touch on here This there’s going to be an underlying Theme here that you’ll see recurring uh Namely that when we’re talking about the Transgender issue and particularly as it Relates to children they told you that It was a slippery it was a slippery Slope logical fallacy ironically because There are many logical fallacies Presented here today from John Oliver uh When we said they’re going to be Targeting children here it is they are There’s no doubt about that and they’re Trying to Gaslight you so the two themes I want you to see here and keep in mind Is gaslighting you’re crazy why do you Care so much about this issue that Affects such a small percent of the Population as they try to push Legislation that would affect every Member of the population and the idea of The empirical versus the anecdotal this Is really important because we just came Out of the era of trust the science but Here they ignore all of science At the right instead they decide to give The right-of-way to the anecdotal I Encourage you to go and watch the entire Video it’s available on YouTube gets a Lot of heavy promotional dollars right When John Oliver does these things it Gets FL it gets pushed everywhere if you Search Stephen Crowder rebuttal John

Oliver you’ll see John Oliver’s segments And you won’t see ours So um I want you to keep in mind Empirical versus anecdotal the idea of Gaslighting because we are dealing with Narcissists we are dealing with people Who believe that whatever makes them Feel good and largely that’s Praise of Their constituents must be right makes Me feel good it’s about how I feel and They falsely equate that with happiness And narcissists seek control And narcissists seek to make you think That you are crazy So that that way all of their behavior Is permissible and no one actually calls Them to the mat so let’s keep that in Mind with John Oliver as we go through This point by Point uh Sunday October 17th He released another segment this is a Second segment on what he presents as Transgender rights and by the way they Say transgender rights are human rights Let me make sure just so you know where I’m coming from here as it relates to Children specifically transgender rights What they present are not human rights Their atrocities that are being Committed these are sacrifices of Children At the altar of narcissism Okay now if you disagree feel free to Comment on any of the claims that we

Rebut below so let’s go through it Claim By claim Here is one that he makes as we lead it Off where he tries to tell you that what Is so why do so many people care about An issue that affects so few people even 12 states have signed into little Anti-trans bills doesn’t tell you what The bills are so here’s a claim that he Makes right now about anti-trans bills To try and set it up as though you’re an Extremist let’s go it is clearly more Than just bad jokes this year alone over A hundred anti-trans bills have been Introduced in state houses and 12 states Have signed or enacted them with all of This happening against a backdrop of Violence and threats including attacks And harassment aimed at hospitals Providing gender affirming care to you Okay so that’s the claim let’s get to The truth here again the empirical he Just says 12 states do we know does John Oliver make his sources publicly Available is can you go to HBO and see Probably not okay yeah so that app all Of ours yes no I mean how many salon and Slate links do you need So let’s look at some of these so-called Anti-trans bills all of our references Are available Link in the description Arkansas they passed the save the Adolescence from experimentation act Okay safe for short let me read it to

You the new law bans the user Descriptions bans the use of puberty Blocking drugs on minors and also Prohibits surgical interventions Including breast reductions now most of You would say including if you’re a Democrat that sounds reasonable And of course if this is why would they Why would this even need to be presented Because as a baseline we would all agree That you shouldn’t have surgical Procedures being conducted as an Experiment on children who don’t have The ability to consent to even sex let Alone decisions that affect their sexual Life for all All of eternity uh I don’t know in the Afterlife so I don’t want to that’s how They come back it may it may I have no Idea it grows back got a little joke but Here’s the thing the reason they had to Present that bill is because of the Kinds of pushes that you see from John Oliver case in point Rhino Governor There the Rhino Governor what’s his name What’s the Hutchinson Hutchinson yeah Hutchinson attempted DeVito this bill But the veto was overridden in passing The law which proves the necessity of The bill in the first place the reasons They need to create a bill that he says Is an anti-trans bill which specifically Bans the use of puberty blocking drugs On minors and surgical interventions

That’s the anti-trans bill remember we Went from Target won’t let them take a in the bathroom they want and it’s Just like the it’s just like the Pre-civil rights era now it’s you can’t Give puberty blockers or cut off a penis Of a six seven fifteen-year-old it’s an Anti-trans bill and the governor tried To veto it which shows you the reason For the bill in the first place let’s go To Oklahoma uh Governor Stitt signed the Save women’s sports act athletic teams Designated for females women or girls Shall not be open to students of the Male sex why did that bill for that Because it was happening yeah it’s been Happening across the country Virginia uh You see their new education policy says That students shall use bathrooms that Correspond to his or her sex except to The extent that Federal Law requires Years otherwise you can go look at all These bills that he presents as just Anti-trans bills again the attempt there Is to Gaslight you’re going well I’m not Anti-trans because you’re not a bit I Don’t hate hold on a second I wouldn’t Support those bills because you probably Believe that it’s Banning trans people From public forums These are very specific bills that were Required precisely because of the kind Of push that John Oliver makes by the Way it’s a live show here Monday through

Thursday 10 a.m Eastern no idea how long We’ll be on YouTube especially this this Is the third rail so tune in hit the Button there yeah nothing will make me More happy than all of you going over to Rumble or Mud Club and one of the things Look at every one of the the Common Thread through each one of those things Playing sports School restrooms right These are people who are kids right I’m Not talking about adults here doing this Stuff in their 30s or 40s or 50s and Making this kind of a decision in their Life we’re talking about a 10 year old Coming to their parents and saying I Identify this way and wanting to use a Different bathroom and wanting to plan a Different sports team these are kids That they’re experimenting with and They’re actively saying that this is a Good healthy productive actively Promoting it and trying to shut down any Debate yeah before it happens so here’s A case in point the next claim he goes On to accuse conservatives of Demagoguing uh and sort of appealing to Emotion and then John Oliver immediately Uses and I mean uses exploits a child to Appeal to your emotion in the absence of The empirical let’s also remember that It’s not actually the left talking about Trans rights non-stop it’s Republicans Who see an advantage in demagoguing this Issue and to ignore them doing that is

To allow them to have real calamitous Impacts on people’s lives a few years Ago voice profiled a girl named Kai Shapley and just watch how happy she is Talking about her hopes for her future Until she remembers something that Changes it and this has not been Scripted or this girl culture Yeah what would you change about the World if you were president Chance people be free and go to the Bathroom they want to go to Are you able to use the girls bathroom At school [Music] No they just put security guards up Oh I hate that that is brutal it is so Dark it’s genuinely hard to watch let me Change one thing here before we get to The truth well I do agree with that part Yes yes it is very good yeah uh let me Change one thing before we get to the Truth here’s uh ask that child About anything else regarding policy if They were president and would you take It seriously of of course not but you’re Supposed to take it seriously when this I believe boy who’s transitioned to a Girl at that age uh says I would make it So that we could use any bathroom we Want and John Oliver takes it as Legitimate if you ask them about foreign Policy if you ask them about immigration Policy but I don’t know anything they’re

A kid kids are stupid when it comes to Permanent life-altering decisions Yeah why why would you care what they They don’t know do you think all Pizza Should be free on Tuesday yeah well There you have it we have to have Little Caesar’s day every day do you like going To bed on time I hate that oh look how She changed we’re gonna do away with National curfews you here first yep all The ice cream you can have on Saturday Yep yeah and it’s free I love by the way Yeah I love that he went to her first Because we’ll come back to her later on When she’s 11 years old speaking so She’s ten nine potentially there that’s What you want John a nine-year-old Making these decisions or a ten-year-old Making these decisions and by the way When you said look how happy she is I Don’t know that anybody in the room that Saw that would go bubbly happy playful More like No because he lost it you’re just trying To set it up like she’s happy then she Becomes sad and it’s like that’s not What we just saw no that’s not what we Just saw that’s not what we just saw Really a security guard like if she’s Walking into the girl’s bathroom he was Like hey hey stop Dead naming Throwing her against the wall right That’s what they were so here’s the

Truth by the way too the empirical here Are the some of the statistics on child Outcomes uh for decades there have been Follow-up studies of transgender Children they’ve shown that a Substantial majority anywhere from 65 on The low end to 94 eventually completely Cease to identify as transgender wow Okay and if you uh don’t enter so if you Basically if you don’t intervene they All grow out of it if you do intervene That number goes down to some study show As low as zero percent and by the way The child conversion rate has increased By over four thousand percent in the Last decade especially among young girls I get it correlation doesn’t equal Causation but we’ll get to that in a Second That’s also a lot faster than the adult Transition rate just to be clear and Saying a lot faster is a very mild way Of putting it in it’s almost all Happening with kids yes four thousand’s A lot yeah four thousand percent Increase well they want you to believe It’s because now they’re more free Because before they were being oppressed Worse than uh American slaves because They couldn’t take a dump at the Gender-neutral bathroom in Walmart so The this is what caused the major Depression for the kids and what will Fix it is injecting them with estrogen

So let’s go on to the next claim that John Oliver makes and again these are so Pernicious it’s just it is I would I Would say it’s evil when you are saying That children should be making these Decisions and you are trying to strip The rights of parents who believe not Who believe who understand the science That it’s not good for children to Fundamentally alter their hormones or Make permanent decisions regarding their Sexual capabilities so here’s another Claim that he makes that conservatives Have nothing else to worry about that You’re crazy because you’re just making It you’re making a mountain out of a Molehill uh with the whole trans athlete Thing 18 states have laws aimed at Protecting Youth Sports and South Dakota Governor Christie gnome even made her State’s Bill a centerpiece of a campaign Ad now Governor gnome has a bill that Will give South Dakota the strongest law In the nation protecting female sports Okay if you time traveled here from the Past and the first thing you saw was This ad you would think two things one Wow the campaign centers around Youth Sports I guess literally every other Problem in America has been solved and Two she is not pulling off that cowboy Hat Yeah also if you’re an alien biologist Who came here to Earth you’d be like oh

We are not able to understand how they Reproduce with between the male and they Were just short circuit yes So here’s the truth I kind of like the Cowboy hat I like the cowboy hat as well Yeah I’m gonna be honest it makes me Very comfortable it played the truth is This is what we call a reverse Nirvana Fallacy okay it’s an intellect let’s Bring up the logical fallacy alert A lot of these are used with a bit of at Home and I’m thrown in so let me read You the reverse Nirvana fallacy it’s Comparing a realistic solution with an Idealized one in discounting or even Dismissing the realistic solution as a Result of comparing it to a perfect World or impossible standard so in this Case we also have basically well since It hasn’t become a huge problem yet why Would you do anything about it well First off that’s not exactly true it’s a Much bigger problem than John Oliver Lets on second it hasn’t necessarily Been a problem yet because the radical Progression the radical anti-science Progression stripping parents are the Rights hadn’t been enacted by Like you yet Doesn’t mean that it can’t happen and The solution is not to do nothing about It let me give you some examples here Connecticut this is one of my favorite Pictures of all time uh there were two

Trans athletes who actually ended up Winning uh the race in Connecticut human I think it’s overlay A6 uh there was 100 Meter and 200 meter these were records In the event overlay A6 there uh tokeno Yeah just give me a minute okay Um and all these references will be Available later with because I have to kind of go along pretty Quickly so you have that you remember The true transgender athletes breaking The finish line Let’s find that picture guys the two Trans athletes breaking the Finish Line In Connecticut and then one girl like Trailing far behind then of course you Can Leah Thomas was nominated as the NCAA woman of the year after winning the 550 meter freestyle this affected Other Women of course they’re scholarships Their ability to get a spot uh on uh on College rosters or their ability to Qualify for World Championships you have Fallon Fox who broke an opponent’s skull Orbital bone lived lived her life as a Man until 30s and I believe bothered Children oh wow Then you have cycling you have Rachel McKinnon set a world record at anything About the situation I’m laughing at the Absurdity of Fallon Fox who lived as a Man until 30 something years old Breaking a woman’s face yes yeah and This is the one time you care about

Cycling in the history of the world yes [Laughter] Examples internationally in New Zealand Olympic weightlifting they’re they’re Examples now it doesn’t affect largely White women so white women don’t really Care about it because many white women Don’t compete in sports you don’t see The same opinions by the way with most Women minority women I don’t know what Happened to listening to them yeah it’s White women exclusively not you if You’re listening you’re perfect Uh who have largely spearheaded this Under the guise of wanting to be Compassionate it comes from a good place It’s got to stop so we have these Examples that have happened she’s Leading bikes hold up pull up this Picture that’s half a mile down the Other way they didn’t even want the ones To be blurry in the photo they couldn’t Get one without it the only way it could Be more severe is if like you just had a Picture of Usain Bolt and like the Greek National team yeah yes So these are the examples that have Happened and then of course you have a Previous piece by John Oliver the media Sound like former Vice President Joe Budden it’s not a joke give me a kid I Need to replenish right as rain so just So yes like a poddling Um there were so many examples and there

Was such an aggressive push that now in The Olympics by the way you just have to Prove that you’ve been on hormone Blockers for one year and there isn’t Even a testosterone cap not an official One it’ll be delegated to the sports So remember it started with well if You’re legitimate transsexual at least You have transvestites and transsexuals Transvestites were people who dress like Women transsexuals are people who went Through the operation now I’ve added Transgenders where you can compete in The Olympics without a testosterone cap Without ever having actually gone Through the transition and beat the hell Out of women that’s the new policy of The Olympics hit the like button if you Think that’s By the way this in the homosexual Marriage the gay marriage bill Everything else when there’s an easy Obvious solution to the problem and you Choose to make it as painful as possible And as illogical as possible you know You’re just pushing an agenda that’s all That’s going on here if you wanted to Compete if men people who were born men I’m sorry women who transitioned into Men uh wanted to compete they could do That men more importantly that Transition into women in competing Women’s sports you can make a division For them go and compete and be the very

Best in that category why are we trying To make it difficult yeah how do you Feel about performance enhancing drugs In sports Because the advantage that a man on Steroids would have over another man is Not is infinitesimal compared to what The advantage that a male hormonal Profile would carry against any woman It’s not even close the walking human Pin cushions from Russia are not even Close to what a man enjoys as far as an Advantage over female athletes you know It we know it let’s stop lying as though We don’t all know it yeah well exactly Russia actually disbanded their entire Program of steroids and just Transitioned all their male athletes yes Exactly in all the gold medals oh nice Okay here this way that’s fair we have Uh Yanko emilianenko oh that is not Correct I am now Cindy All right It’s just full beard somebody should do This I swear a country an enterprising Country they are it’s called United States of America well that’s true That’s true they just do it be like all Right we own all records now I would say I am for performance enhancing drugs in Sports though it really made baseball a Lot of non-contact Sports yeah Yeah how about this how about clean mail Contact Sports

Clean female division yeah and then you Have an all other gender any performance Financing drugs let the games begin yeah All right could you imagine golf just The rage Skirt they have to blur six inches Beneath it And he lines up for the Putt and oh gets Tangled in his cockpitter That’s tough when that happens she’s Taking home the trophy it’s a set of Balls yes of course we know that Tower Athletes are allowed one piece of Athletic tape Do not constant advantage and this was Used on the left side of his upper thigh Uh not quite enough put it on with the Right side not a bit of sweat has held To the second hole And here’s how we know we’re dealing With narcissists in the gaslighter okay What they try and do is accuse you of Doing exactly what they are doing and I Do mean this a progressive it’s it’s an It’s a movement of narcissism It’s all about what makes you feel good And then that’s misconstrued as Happiness and you’ll see him do that Later they want to accuse you of doing What it is that they’re doing so right Here John Oliver here’s another claim he Takes issue with Republicans renaming Things to make them sound like exactly What they are

Branding the discussion of trans issues Under the umbrella of radical gender Theory and he tweeted out that Conservatives should start using the Phrase trans stripper in lieu of drag Queen it has a more lurid set of Connotations and shifts the debate to Sexualization and sure anything can Happen have a more lurid and sexual set Of connotations if you just rename it Okay so a couple things here’s the truth Again they’re cast on You by changing Language this is what they do they say You want you want to change language Like mostly peaceful protests Like no evidence of widespread things That we can’t discuss but you said was The greatest issue facing our national Security pre-2016 election you change The language and by the way in this case I don’t have a problem with drag queen Because it’s hypersexualized anyway but What if they are transgender and a Stripper it’s more descriptive well I Think they’re trying to hide behind drag Queen and say you know this is somebody In a dress who’s just dressed as a woman Right who happens to be born a male Right that’s not what’s happening when We saw all these drag queen stuff it was People with lingerie type stuff on it Was people with really short skirts it Was people with their butt hanging out Like we saw the one in church they were

Doing this in church and the girl comes Walking down the aisle I use that term Loosely and you could see you wouldn’t Have a normal Born This Way woman dressed like that in Church no it’s like a seat wasn’t Getting hot right no you’re right they Could be a stripper they’re probably not Literally a queen right that’s a good Example yeah yeah although actually you Can technically buy uh I think you can Buy a small piece of land in Scotland And you’re a lord is that true really I Know it because I’m a Lord oh can you Show me I got it as a gift I own one Square foot of land in Scotland so I am A Lord but I don’t believe that those Drag trans strippers are queens now That’s one thing I will say I cannot Fully substantiate it not on your land No well certainly not they’re not Allowed no I believe in property rights So Let’s move on to another claim there’s So much to get to here today and uh by The way uh share if you can that’s what Helps with these algorithms on YouTube And they do not want you to see this the John Oliver video will be thrust into Every single person’s timeline whether You want it or not and of course it’s Not even age restricted because that’s The goal so another claim that he makes Is uh and what they try and do is take

One example And say this is your entire argument So John Oliver goes on to site one and From what I understand a bit flawed Study about the role of peer pressure Increasing the rates of you know sort of Childhood transitioning but tries to Make it seem as though that’s the only Study or the only empirical evidence Then we have even though it’s not true But this is how he presents it the rise In kids identifying as trans is due to Social contagion that it’s just a mass Delusion a trendy fad that is rapidly Spreading among young people destroy Sometimes dresses her argument up by Using the term rapid onset gender Dysphoria which is total it comes from a Study published by a researcher in 2018 Hypothesizing that some kids identify as Trans due to peer pressure but it’s Worth you knowing that study was based On a survey of parents not actual trans Kids and targeted parents from Organizations dedicated to opposing Trans ideology which is instantly Disqualified okay so before I move on to The truth of addressing that they are It’s again they’re accusing you of what They do saying which is told total Horseshit the description of Rapid onset Gender dysphoria how could you change How could you add to gender dysphoria Hold on a second what happened from the

Dsm-4 to the DSM-5 gender dysphoria was Classified as a disorder in which Someone believes that they are born to The wrong sex wrong gender then they Changed it because of political pressure To say gender dysphoria is actually a Description of the symptoms of somebody Who was born the wrong gender so we just We just changed the definition of gender Dysphoria medically speaking with no new Empirical data to justify it and this is A problem with many people who work in The cycle uh the community of psychology And Psychiatry not to mention people who Actually work in endocrinology but of Course trust the science by that I mean Fauci thrown out the opening pitch Here’s the truth it’s not just one study That exists as far as this new Phenomenon of children transitioning at Record rates you’ve seen a dramatic Increase in surgery sex the sex Resignment Market in the United States Right now is valued at 1.9 billion in The United States alone Expected to grow about 11.23 per year From 2019 to 2020 a 15 increase in chest Surgeries for Trans males by the way That outpaces almost and I say almost Just because I’m not entirely sure I Haven’t had time this morning I’m Willing to bet all other elective Cosmetic surgeries yeah well and even When I mean I know we don’t love this

Guy all the time but sometimes he makes A point that we actually go huh that’s Lucid thank you no no you Dave Bill Maher uh you’re actually funny Bill Bill Maher is not at all not even remotely And he even came out back in May when I Think the New York Times released some Uh polling and for not polling study Information on this that says Transgender stuff is just blowing up Especially amongst the youth and not so Much among older people he said yeah I Understand that maybe people are a Little bit more free to talk about it And there’s some Freedom there that’s it Contributing to that number he goes but Why is it so much so in California Versus Ohio say like it’s this trendy Fad yeah it’s a dramatic difference in The Locale geography matters a whole lot And I know we’ll talk about that in a Second but when Bill Maher is at the Point where he’s like hold on guys yeah What are we doing here like you really Need to stop and take a look at your Argument because John Oliver all he did Was say it’s only because of Freedom It’s only because they can now do this Stuff and not be and the only example Pointing out this might be a problem is This one flawed study no it’s not only Study after study after study after Study which we’ll get into mental health Issues we’ll get into the likelihood of

Not only likelihood the verifiable not Only mental health but physical health Health as it relates to cancer issues These are all documented not to mention The statistics of children who Transition if there is no intervention Versus if there is all of that is Documented we’re also talking about the Economic data that we have in relation To surgeries being performed we’re Talking about the data that we have from Whether it’s a Census Bureau or a local State sort of polling institutions how Different it is regarding geography Regarding the politics of the parents Now you can say that haunts of the Chicken or the egg correlation is an Equal causation and maybe that’s because Those kids are more free because they Were actually trans sure sure we can Have that nature nurture conversation But only if you acknowledge that there’s A dramatic difference He doesn’t want to because he doesn’t Want you to do the digging please dig Through the references that I provide Please go watch this whole video I beg You please do the research all of it That you can this is about the soul of The country It’s about parents having the right to Make medical decisions for their Children which by the way is one of the Bedrocks it is the Bedrock of parental

Rights looking divorce that’s one of the Biggest issues that happens in divorce Court is who gets to make medical Decisions it’s parents kids are never Left to make their own medical decisions Let alone one this severe Let’s go on to another claim I don’t I Don’t think cosmetic medical decisions In a lot of ways which I know that they Argue this wouldn’t be but I mean you’re Looking at something where it’s not like You’re saying how it’s you know because Of Freedom it’s not legalized weed it’s Permanent mutilation in a lot of cases Because if you change your mind on it That’s what it is to you yep it’s it’s Your permanent destruction of your body He goes on to say well that’s not really The case it’s mostly reverse Reverse sterility but it’s a very small Choice very small chance and children Have the right to make that yes because They make informed decisions because When you’re seven years old you really Understand the full scope of a Barren Womb when you’re 28. You haven’t even had a period I’m right Or understood an erection you’re going To tell me how that’s disgusting I mean I understood everything that I needed to Why We had that tutor but It was the She-Hulk card 4q man no it’s It’s just it’s so odd I mean even as a

Teenager there’s a reason like you can’t Drink until you’re 21 because you’re Irresponsible you can’t rent a car until You’re 25 because of all the synaps he’s Having right they haven’t finished it They’re like why can’t why can’t I get a What you’re selling a call until 25 yeah Because the insurance rates are like Nine times higher oh is that because I Used to but is she okay you know what You’re part of the Hertz Gold program Just get out of here yeah we might as Well just start letting big wheels on The freeway yes what’s the difference I’m gonna take my business down to Enterprise Fine So here’s another claim that he makes uh That uh you know people merely exploring Their gender identity as though that’s All it is Why is that a bad thing you hateful Bigot and to the extent that some young People are just exploring their gender Identity how exactly is that a bad thing Who the are they hurting themselves Yep so let’s go through this uh a point By Point statistically here’s a truth Attempted suicide rate for transgender Individuals is uh somewhere around 40 Percent Okay and by the way it doesn’t get much Better pre or post-op it’s always Between about 40 to 42 based on the data

That we have So the idea that this transition would Help uh or fix it well the data doesn’t Show us that Who are they hurting well there’s an Answer for you it’s good if you see a Therapist and he just flips a coin right Yes exactly well shouldn’t have gone to Therapist to face Well uh it looks like you’re going to be Prepay yes [Laughter] Just so you know this is not covered by Insurance yeah we’re not billing you That’s okay should I come every Tuesday Oh I I doubt it let’s wait till Monday And just schedule for the next day Okay so we have this dramatically High Attempted suicide rate okay You might say well honest I can pre and Post up the reason it’s the same is Because of how mistreated they are for That to hold water and there might be Something there of course that Transgender people feel ostracized I’m Not saying that they don’t uh you would Have to compare it against the control Are there other groups that are Minorities that have been marginalized And have their suicide rates uh been Comparable well gays it’s seven to Twenty percent Blacks during slavery it’s about 7.2 Percent according to surgeon logs

In concentration camps about 25 so You have to ask yourself is this suicide Rate pre and post-op likely due to Societal ostracization Or hold on a second maybe not because I Don’t believe that current transgender Students in California have it worse Than Jews and Auschwitz or American Slaves We have control after control after Control of people who experience the Worst conditions Beyond not being able To leave a little curly three-ring Circus at the Target bathroom Wow has a curlicue we were just talking About that yeah we were above water I Had again it was a putting tea it’s Above sea level you know yes yes use the Tea to putt but I understand I Appreciate the effort Uh and yeah post-op transgenders still Also night to give you Scope 19 times More likely to commit suicide than the General population post-op transgenders 19 times more likely references post got Everything you want 19. got everything You want you look like a woman you have All the same rights you can compete Wherever you want to compete you’re on Puberty blockers you’ve gotten the Estrogen that you want you’ve got the Whatever hormones that you want if You’re a woman to man testosterone and The suicide rate is still a multiple of

Jews and concentration camps American Slaves and gays lesbians not to mention Of course every other racial minority It’s not even close I I can’t tell you The one other demographic where they Attempted suicide rate is so high Because the exact comparison might get Us removed from YouTube it will there’s Only one other demographic that has this Same rate of attempted suicide well Reveal it in mug Club but do some Research won’t be hard to find well it Would seem to the the attempted suicide Rate is up and this is speculation Um just judging by you know people in my Own family I guess but amongst uh Teenagers just in general and I would Assume that it has to do with a lot of Woke think probably when you’re a Perpetual victim and you believe that Everything is outside of your control Exactly that makes it hopeless or if You’re the person who they think is the Victimizer right either way it goes it’s Bad because then you still have bullying Either way yeah one or the other that’s Why I I have a I have an issue where you Say okay all these people in California That are transgender kids are having a Tough time in school How right yeah it’s California squin That’s what it’s being catered to right Is exactly who you are well here’s the Thing no one’s saying that there isn’t a

Isn’t discrimination that occurs of Course at some level on an individual Level I’d say as far as systemic you can Give me an example if you want to say Systemic oppression but again I think it’s a good point when you talk When you remove the tools of people To deal with this Namely that there’s some kind of Autonomy that you have some control some Say in your own destiny you create Hopelessness that’s why even though the Conditions the treatment of American Slaves African-American slaves Absolutely horrible abort well not even Close to the suicide rate of people why There were tools there was hope they Actually saw some kind of progress that Could take place it took a while we did That for the rest of the world you’re Welcome same thing with Jews and the Holocaust think about it they felt as Though they had more hope than Transgender youth today in California Where the legislation that they want has Already been passed that tells you that It’s not just Society it’s that these People they they have been victimized by You telling them that they are Perpetually victimized you are actually The Predator uh which brings us to Another truth per the FDA by the way Purity blockers can cause brain swelling Vision loss other kinds of psychiatric

Issues here’s something else that nobody Wants to talk about they say oh the Science is out on hormone replacement Therapy well not exactly here’s another The truth excess estrogen in the body is Of course believed to be cancerous now I Cannot say definitively 100 percent just To be clear on YouTube that injecting a Boy with estrogen or altering his Hormone levels might actually prove to Be cancergenic because we haven’t done Those studies yet because we’ve never Had to but men with high levels of Estrogen have had a multiple Increase in their odds of breast cancer Than men who have normal levels also Anyone out there women women right now Have you had breast cancer I’ve had many people are survivors of Breast cancer in my family it runs my Family What’s the first thing they do What’s the first thing to do if you have Breast cancer or one of usually the Protocol immediately evolves in a what They call an AI no not talking about Skynet aromatase inhibitors To try and slow the conversion to Estrogen because even with women we know That excess estrogen Can increase the rate of metastasization So we even with women say the first line Of defense is let’s try and reduce Excess estrogen in the body the science

Isn’t on that that’s what they do that’s A scientific protocol same thing with Men excess estrogen levels go and get Your hormone levels checked when Injected directly into the thigh of a Seven-year-old however we don’t have the Long-term studies therefore let’s make It the Wild West Shouldn’t the we don’t have the Long-term studies be we need to wait Until we have the long-term studies how Many times are we going to do this Injecting things into people without Long-term studies and no I’m not talking About something that could get us banned Right well you know why you know why They don’t want to because it would be a Complete violation of medical ethics to Even try and conduct a long-term study Because of based on what we already know You could not find a clinic or a doctor In clear conscience to say yeah let’s See what happens with these kids we Inject with estrogen versus the control Group it would be a violation of the Hippocratic Oath So instead let’s just make you Society Of the experiment it’s not like we’ve Done that any other time by the way Dave And I uh on tour here we have uh some Dates left uh at the University of Nashville November 12th we added a Second show at the Ryman Auditorium the Original Grand Ole Opry 9 30. there’s

That second show some tickets there and Then Baltimore December 3rd lotto’s I think those are the only Shows with tickets left yes uh jersey Sold out and yeah we’ve got the lyric in Baltimore that’s as close as they’d let You to DC yes they would just yes I Apologize pictures up on walls Everywhere there you can’t get in if you Want to see us in that General Mid-Atlantic area you have to live out Your wire fantasies yes All right let’s go on to the next claim Sir there’s so much here but all the References are available I think again I Think this is more important than taxes Um They’re trying to uh well let’s just go Just show his next client notably young People are showing up in public forums Where adults are feeling hungry about Letting trans kids into Youth Sports and Bathrooms and try to talk some sense Into them I will not let a board full of People who barely represent me tell me Who I am and what I can do grow up and Fix your behavior the leader of the My Chemical Romance fan club I’m worried About if I’m gonna fail Spanish in my Next class you will use these bathrooms Repeatedly alongside trans people and Have never once felt threatened well Look at you I don’t see those rooms just Got humiliated by teenagers as we all

Know the most brutal form of humiliation That there is wow he’s walking human Clickbait got humiliated absolutely Smashed by this girl who shot this Assistant manager at all topic Is he watching a different clip than we Were nobody owned anybody in that clip They just said no it’s not a problem and I’m like okay okay thanks you’re Fear-mongering here are some anecdotal Examples of right largely white women Who don’t care who don’t compete in Sports who don’t really have a dog in This fight Oh you just got owned here’s the truth If we’re going to go to the anecdotal There are far more examples Of it being a problem than a few people Who speak at a Podium there guy Literally dressed as a girl sexually Assaulted a girl in Loudoun County Remember that then the father was Arrested because he was speaking out Against it because the school board Basically covered it up in in Brevard County in Florida a gorilla accused a Trans female of groping her in the Bathroom And by the way plenty of other girls I Think we have a clip have expressed Issues and fears and outrage at trans Bathroom policies what happened to leave All women Being a girl is not all in my head boys

Who identify as girls are no different From boys who identify as boys But boys but feelings are not why we Have separate bathrooms we have separate Bathrooms because of what our bodies do In them Bodies matter Calling girls bigots because they don’t Want to use the toilet in a stall next To a boy or get undressed next to a boy As cruel and wrong it is embarrassing Enough for a girl to change a pad Knowing all the other girls can hear the Critical of the packaging but telling Her that she must be okay doing it in The presence of boys because their Preferred pronouns are she her how evil Can you be Notice even the difference in the way That the the children who lean right and The children who lean left argue she she Doesn’t just to appeal to emotion she Says biologically they are the same that Is correct biologically they are the Same regardless of how they identify Yeah it is not something that just Exists in your head it is something that Takes place in the body that is Scientifically that is factually correct The girls he presented said who are you To tell me what I think we’re not Telling you what you think we’re telling You that you’re a young girl who can’t Think straight and we’re going to think

For you as we do in all other scenarios With young girls and boys yeah and by The way I don’t care if you’re Comfortable with it I really don’t like This one girl you bring up says well I’ve used it next to transfers fine You’re comfortable with it now let’s Line up all the girls who are not Comfortable with it just like this one They don’t forfeit their rights because You have an uneducated opinion I’m fine With blacks not being able to vote said That reporter to that head coach yes So why do you have a problem with it Well it doesn’t matter Well the girl makes a very well educated Honest point and the other ones just Showed up like Cartman like I’ll do what I want I’m more concerned if I’m gonna Pass Spanish I mean as you should yeah why Because I’ve been cheating I’ve been Cheating on Zoom all year and then Failed the acts record lows we’ll get Into a segment by the way by the way uh Spanish goal has to be trafficked Masculine and feminine uh uh words there And yeah they still have it in Spanish Are you gonna still take it I don’t know If you should because it’s it’s just Binary yeah yeah there’s no language It’s a language of love and sexuality Which is also male female only male Female gendered nouns from all the

Romance languages boy I sure hope you Don’t end up taking Latin don’t worry That’s a dead language It’s a theme uh here’s another claim From John Oliver and this is this is Really important because he makes the Claim right before refuting himself must Be nice to live in a world where you Don’t get called to the mat on anything Ray tells you So I’ll just roll this and roll the clip Right after that children don’t don’t Worry children are not in they’re not Eligible for any kind of medical Intervention But to his song Tell it as soon as a Child declares themselves trans there Was an immediate irreversible surgical Decision undertaken and there just isn’t So let’s break down exactly what gender Affirming care consists of be very clear Prepubescent children are not eligible For medical interventions And then immediately goes immediately Into talking about medical intervention And advocating for it on a legislative Level this is what happens right after That clip at the onset of puberty an Adolescent and their family might Consider puberty blockers hormones that Delay puberty and importantly if that Treatment is suspended then puberty will Resume meaning this is reversible think Of it like a pause button the thing you

Can’t do easily on the HBO Max app now The next potential medical intervention Is usually hormone therapy which boosts Levels of testosterone or estrogen Opponents of gender affirming care About hormone therapy from saying that It’s experimental which it is not to Arguing that it sterilizes people and Look for some in specific situations There can be risks to fertility but for Others the effect is anticipated to be Reversible if the medication is Discontinued okay couple of things this Is the he acknowledges that there Doesn’t give you the actual severity of It Um right it says experimental which it’s Not hold on a second birth control isn’t Considered experimental is it for Nine-year-olds That’s the he’s pulling here of Course testosterone for people who are Older and I’ve talked about this I Advocate for it if you’re older get your Hormones checked if you’re in your 50s Your 60s and you’re not feeling well yes That is something which by the way Unfortunately the medical experiment Sorry the medical community in many Cases does consider it experimental Because we think it may have some Negative effects when you ask them about Estrogen injected directly into a child However oh no no no no it’s not

Experimental yes it is there are plenty Of things that are not experimental for Adults that would be experimental with Children for the same reason they can’t Smoke For the same reason they can’t consent To sex with an adult So let’s also get into the truth here Many countries many countries have has Warned us about puberty blockers yeah uh Which I don’t even know that I need to Get into this because he acknowledges That it can cause sterility he says but Maybe but in many cases this can be Mitigated it’s a if it’s one percent It’s enough to say nope yeah by the way He said uh it’s anticipated that this Will be mitigated if you stop taking the Medication I’m like John you’re quoting Something from 2018 from October 1st do We not have any day any data between October 1st 2018 and what is today October 17th yes 2020 that’s over four Years John that’s a good question we Have a lot we have from Sweden we’re From the UK and then New Zealand just Sometimes it’s the information that they Don’t present they quietly remove the Description of safe and reversible what From the Ministry of Health Website gone Now yeah I can’t imagine that there’s Any real proof that your puberty uh Would just start right back up as normal Oh yeah there couldn’t be like years of

Testing of this to actually know that I Just can’t imagine like even if so could You prove that it was the exact thing Right that it was supposed to be I don’t Think that’s possible no it’s exactly And the absence of what would be a Natural process you couldn’t you can’t Necessarily know what outcomes are part Of your manipulation right there’s no Way yes Jeff Goldblum knew this yeah he Told me There it is now also you should note This is the problem With the propaganda that comes from the Left is you have the John Oliver’s there They spout this nonsense and then I did And you can go to a lot of One of the advantages is everything That’s been banned from YouTube to the Tune of hundreds of millions of views Is available there And I did a segment where I went Undercover at a Vermont town hall where They were showing us how to get our Young children on puberty blockers and I Believe how to use Medicaid for it yeah Uh when we released that video on YouTube and we actually refuted the idea That they are completely reversible Without any health ramifications which I Cannot address here because of course That got us into trouble they removed it They removed it so that’s no longer Available this is at a public town hall

Mind you They were telling you how to get your Children on period on hidden cameras you Can go watch it on a Mud Club just can’t See it on YouTube So the facts are not allowed the science Is not allowed John Oliver’s opinions And the anecdotal is allowed that Changes perceptions that changes culture That changes policy and it’s a deadly Outcome yeah all right Let’s go into another claim from him uh Oh this is another thing where it’s just To get an appeal to emotional fallacy Where he says uh you know no no kids are Just casually dropping in to get surgery You bigot some things may be eligible For instance for Top surgery or chest Masculinization medical intervention but How many is that pretty rare it like all Of this would only happen after a team Of medical professionals discussed all Of its risks and benefits with their Patient and their patient’s parent or Guardian all of whom would have to sign Off no kid is casually dropping into an Operating room because they just decided To get their uterus removed with Impulsive recklessness normally Associated with getting bangs yeah a Board of medical professionals like this That’s a huge You think that person’s going to be Unbiased who’s openly said that they

Want To be uh more aggressive in Interventional therapies that’s the First female five-star general you’re Talking about they didn’t even say woman They said female star she’s a biological Term and that but remember you were a Bigot if you said hold on a second I Don’t actually I I think you’re the one Changing gender and sex we used to use Them interchangeably oh you don’t know The difference between sex and gender Well apparently the former vice President Kamala Harrison the entire DNC and Rachel Levine doesn’t as well because They refer to Rachel Levine as the first Female Not woman You bigot why would you try and change Words All right I’m a little pissed off at Knowles for the way that he categorized This and this is what led to John Oliver’s jumping off point saying oh you Can just walk in let’s get this woman Right into surgery I’m like he kind of Made it easy for him Michael I know the Point you were trying to make but you Didn’t make it in a way That made a whole lot of sense what Really is going on here is he’s saying You guys will get together and you will Come up with this okay so we just talked

About the medical professionals being Pressured by their own agencies to make Sure that they offer gender affirming Care otherwise there could be some Ramifications down the line they didn’t Say that but eventually that’s what Happens right right parents they’re Getting together with parents and Doctors to make decisions okay you mean The same parents that you’re saying if You don’t do gender affirming care that You could possibly lose your children That is happening in places around the Country right now people are talking About that as being bigoted and hateful Yeah and reason enough for the state to Come into your home and start to do an Investigation of why you won’t let your 14 year old transition how about Johns Hopkins being suspended on social media Because they said that they wouldn’t be Performing this care yeah or that’s not The suspensions just the Twitter just The Twitter Facebook YouTube mob going After what was a respected Medical Institution yesterday now they’re just a Bunch of quacks today believing that Penises are a thing yeah you’ve got two Groups of people that are being Bludgeoned into going along with this And that’s the triumvirate the person Who’s making this decision and these two Other groups that can’t speak out Against it for fear of being ostracized

From their job or losing their kids Those are the people John that you’re Saying will get together and make an Informed rational decision right and by The way it’s also astronomy because Here’s the truth from 2019 to 2021 uh These are statistics from children ages 13 to 17 from Reuters there were 56 Genital surgeries 776 mastectomies it’s Pretty damn significant uh and then I Don’t know if this is another claim from Yeah I think John Oliver right where he Says that the state shouldn’t be Intervening And this is where it comes to why do you Want to kill children all of us here we Want to kill children that’s the only Reason we could Present the arguments or the thought Processes that we do the thought Processes that we do we don’t care about Children we want to kill them by saying Ah maybe don’t put children under the Age of well really children period on Puberty blockers perform sex Reassignment surgery unnecessary vanity Surgery that a kid doesn’t really want Right You meant to say I’m a child murderer Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah what did I say One Boy that was wordy I know just we’re all Child murderers because we believe that You shouldn’t uh mutilate them and I do

Mean mutilate here’s the difference it’s Only considered mutilation If the child Regrets it and we sound to people who Regret it which is a growing contingency Otherwise it’s reassignment surgery so Here’s another claim that he makes State Should intervene because transitioning Children saves lives and there it is and The Very notion that the state would Suddenly interfere in any of this is Understandably infuriating for both Trans kids and then yes you hate State Interference you socialist legislators Were Banning among other things hormone Therapy for young people describe what It did for her son who suffered from Severe depression before transitioning I’d say like a month to two months in I Started seeing that kid come back come Out of a shell talk to us more laugh What did that feel like it was like That’s it this has this has been the Answer all along why would anybody want To take that away from them there’s no Reason why you should be butting in to My care for my child what do you want to Say and exercise thank you Makes him feel good why would you want To take that away from him for the same Reason that people might think it’s a Good idea to take away your Funyuns Right Just because it makes you feel good Doesn’t mean that it is doing good

Funyuns does the body good no no that’s Milk But it’s a vegetable yeah there’s a lot Of things it was a vegetable yeah at one Point in time you know what else oh man You know what else on itself to Depression obesity oh obesity not only As far as your endorphins but it also Becomes a vicious cycle people know this As it relates to your insulin resistance As it actually affects your hormones and Yes because a lot of people actually Understand this men who are often very Fat will suffer from low testosterone High estrogen because if you look at Where estrogen convert converts so I’m Gonna say the conversion of testosterone Estrogen actually happens in the Presence of fat adipose tissue in other Words there are a lot of reasons that a Child may be depressed she has decided It is because my child is the wrong Gender and Fu and she is the Pinnacle of Uh Parenthood yeah and I hate to say This I have no idea what’s going on this Situation I’m leaning towards what I’m Saying being true but there are a lot of Things that can make kids upset my son Wants to drink milk like it’s going out Of style but if he does he’ll end up Throwing up or he’ll end up not being Able to sleep well his stomach will hurt That’s what being a parent is I can look At yours desire right now and have the

Ability with experience to say oh that Doesn’t lead to a good place so let me Tell you so that you don’t have to learn The lesson the hard way except in this Case the parent just said oh thank God Something worked well but what about Four years from now what about five what About one year from now for this child With what you’re doing for them helping Them in this moment you’re taking these Short easy way out instead of saying hey Long term I’ve looked it up the studies Are terrible for this it’s a 40 percent Suicide empirically she’s wrong John Oliver’s wrong yeah well we left him in His room is what we did and then we gave Him anything he wanted to eat yeah I Don’t know why he was sad and the Nintendos yeah so we gave him a vagina And now he kind of talks to us yeah yeah Sometimes he talks through his vagina Like a lactose to senior Wednesday so That’s all right he’ll be like what’s For dinner is it spaghetti again yep Hey don’t play with that you need to go Do your dilator oh boy And just to be clear I feel bad for These children yes I have a problem with The parents and I have a problem with John Oliver and I have a problem with The people who perpetuate doesn’t have a Problem with I’m sorry the Suburban Female voters who don’t stand up to your Friends in your circle this is the

Reason it’s happening men understand That it’s not good particularly it Relates to sports and black women and Latino women do not support this I broke a guy’s hand at Golden Corral oh Dear yeah last day yeah you think you’re Gonna get that last Salisbury I got Something for you yep send it right to Hell if you’re going to go travel the Other one Who are they tell me if this is what Works well you know what your diet and Exercise regimen works right now until Two years from now when they have to Take off a foot and by the way again It’s sort of like yeah unfortunate with Diabetes I will say uh this isn’t Necessarily medically true uh this might Be what is referred to as a joke uh you Just have to push past it because then When they cut off your feet your BMI Resets yeah And you lose weight it’s like Apollo 13 You have to go around the Moon you got To keep going to use the slingshot back Of fat Hit the like button by the way if you’re Tired of this uh coming out from John Oliver I don’t think you can have diabetes when You’re dead too so there’s that yeah Well I well corpses are lighter cured That’s true they are later I go grave Robin

Oh I haven’t I watched an episode of Lore with grave robbing and it was so Disturbing oh it really is it actually Happened in the UK oh were they anyway That sounds sexy it’s unrelated but it’s Uh I’ll talk it’s how I get my jewelry Yes Claim that he tries to make again to Guilt you John Oliver is uh if you stop Kids from transitioning you You are the one not the lady there who Maybe is actually making horrible Medical decisions that could negatively Affect your child for the rest of the Rest of the child’s life you’re the one Who’s responsible for suicidal ideation I Survey of around 28 000 trans people Found that of those who wanted hormone Therapy and didn’t receive it 58 Reported Suicidal Thoughts in a given Year which is why the three major Professional associations of Child and Adolescent doctors psychologists and Psychiatrists have endorsed gender Affirming care and condemned efforts to Deny it okay so a couple of things here Let me get to a truth for you and this Is tough we have to sort of piecemeal This why because we have some data on Transgender youth we don’t have the Long-term data on transgender youth Again we talked about that reverse Nirvana fallacy it’s because no one Thought we had to study this because it

Wasn’t this kind of an issue so Trans youth are about three times more Likely to attempt suicide than non-trans Youth okay we don’t have the long-term Suicide rates from transgender youth Post operation because there is no data From that yet nothing reliable that I’ve Seen but we have three times more likely Transgender Youth and then we have the Fact that overall throughout their Lifetime post-op transgenders are 19 Times more likely to commit suicide than The general population by the way one of Those stats comes from Harvard You can you can check out all the References I highly encourage that you Do the the data is overwhelming here Sure you can say maybe a subset the Science is out and even then I would Argue no but the totality of it is Completely irrefutable it’s why they Don’t uh address it it’s almost entirely Anecdotal from John Oliver I just lost My he just threw it to the other side of Your head that man’s mad with his pen Clicker And that someone threw it at you yeah What happens I look like a direct hit it Was good That’s what would be now with home alone Uh you know when it’s like his whole Fantasies he goes and eats nothing but Sugar right in the in the giant hotel Suite now it would just be double-sided

Dildos yeah just and a sewing kit still The sugar but his parents are there yes It’s just called Home Alone three Transitioning in New York yeah it’s just Called home yes Laughs Oh Harry you’re missing some balls my Goal my fake gold yeah I’m a cow all right that’s that kid We’re gonna break in and have consensual Sex with him yes I don’t think you can do that Harry what Are you talking about he can choose to Remove his uh remove his doctor when He’s six years old but he can the point Is it’s a slippery slope it is it’s dark Now next claim From John Oliver is that he says uh People uh and this is something because There’s a huge contingency and again we Don’t really have all the data on this Uh because this hasn’t all been studied But every time we follow up on new Studies for example when people would Say that uh there was evidence of Different brains uh you know in Transgender individuals I can’t remember Which study it was and there was a Swedish study I believe it was the Remedy study that when they finally Actually looked at it and did a control Group of people and checked their brains Uh they actually did MRIs and checked The sort of the neuros I don’t know if

It was I know they checked the actual Frontal lobe portion of the brain maybe Someone can grab it gray matter they Wanted to see what was changed or what Was different with people who claim to Be transgender they found that the Changes when they followed up only Occurred after cross-sex hormone Replacement therapy this was a study That was cited for a very long time I Said well hold on a sec we didn’t Actually study them before they Underwent the hormone replacement Therapy let’s let’s create a new study With a larger sample group I believe it Was a Swedish remedies study I can’t Remember which one I’m going by wrote Here it’s a while ago I said okay so We’re going to look at their brains First look at their oh the changes occur After we administer hormones which if You understand the relationship between Hormones and uh neurotransmitters They’re very some people argue that They’re almost one and the same in some Instances so we don’t have data on Everything but the data on people who Are detransitioning as it comes out is Alarming it’s a very large percentage of Them Particularly children who transition So he tries to cut that off with the Pass and silence people who have De-transitioned saying the only reason

That they have like that lady with the Black coach the Buccaneers saying you do Understand that black people need Representation to a black man they’re Trying to say right here John Oliver to The women and men who’ve de-transitioned You do know the only reason you’re doing That is because of social stigma right Here he is doing that and you May have seen or heard from a small Subset of people who D transitioned but It is worth knowing such cases are rare And highly individualized studies show An average of just two percent of people Who transition Express regret and that The vast majority of those who have Opted to de-transition did so not Because of changes in their gender Identity but due to external factors Such as stigma and lack of social Support Okay remember we talked about if you Don’t intervene with children the vast Majority of them grow out of it but if You do almost none of them do It’s really hard to study that as the Point you know point that you made with Puberty blockers you don’t know what Puberty would have looked like without Them even if you pause even if you stop Them right you can’t know it’s Impossible And by the way something that uh sort of Anecdotal here but it’s interesting and

I would love to see a comparison you see It with a lot of people who compete in Combat Sports particularly wrestlers who Have to cut weight I had friends who Were wrestlers and what happened one of Them was on dialysis because they’d have To cut weight you go into college your Freshman year you have to wrestle let’s Say at 182 and then you graduate you Still have to keep your spot at 182 when They’re consistently wringing out their Organs and some of them actually don’t Go through puberty because of the damage That that causes to their endocrine System so imagine how much more severe Would be we don’t some of them Afterwards have to get in hormone Replacement therapy for the rest of Their life the point is when you take These drastic measures while you’re Growing sometimes uh it is catastrophic And it is permanent and it’s very very Hard to study uh he also by the way goes On to criticize these D transitioners And uses uh what is he has an example Here let’s just show I don’t know the Next clip I’m going there’s so many here Bear with me it’s more I could Keep reading you stats and studies I do After all love doing that Or I could just let you watch this boy Talk about what it felt like to have Someone actually see him for who he was Dylan explained how as early as fourth

Grade he’d had confusing feelings that Stretched on until his teenage years I Really wanted to cut my hair like really Bad and so when I did that that felt Really good and then I held the door for Somebody and they said thank you sir and I was like oh yeah that yeah that this Little thing little thing uh sir put Words to how I was feeling and I was Like oh yep that that felt nice yeah That’s incredible no it’s not That’s not incredible kind of rude sir I Have felt good this should be the basis Of our medical community that that young Jake Paul look alike with thicker Eyebrows said it felt good to be called Sir who are you to say otherwise a Doctor Not me but I’m saying hypothetically Yes there’s a lot of things that don’t Feel good I could present facts and Evidence and you know Actually I don’t because you don’t do it You’ve been quoting from one study Saying there’s no new information since 2018 but instead here’s a young Transgender individual who says he likes Being called sir Let’s be true oh yeah no better than Empirical data no it’s just going back To the original argument the emotions Food court yes exactly is this young man At an Auntie Anne’s saying that he likes Old windows

He’s going to Lids now to get a baseball Cap done Nothing else to see here off to Spencers To get condoms for his invisible I’m one of those plasma orbs I love Those plasma orbs you cheeky plasma yeah You know what would have been like the More balanced approach to this is to Have somebody who’s transitioned on and Say well well how do you feel now what Happened to listen to All Trans yeah Exactly they’re only good because of Peer pressure As opposed to kids who are transitioning First because oh it felt really good They said sir okay doesn’t matter It doesn’t matter it felt really good This is conflating the idea of what Feels good in the moment with happiness They’re not the same thing not at all Not the same thing guess what you may be Married you love your wife she’s Fantastic it would feel really really Good for you in the moment to cheat on Your wife with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Doesn’t mean that it’s going to lead to Happiness yeah it’s going to lead to a Miserable life it’s going to lead to Guilt It’s going to lead to Calamity because It feels good doesn’t mean it’s right You’re dealing with narcissists you’re Dealing with narcissists and what they

What they seek is control like the Meghan Markle like the Amber Heard it’s An entire party an entire ideological Wing of those people Gaslight you to Gain control accuse you of doing what it Is that they are doing and discount any Information or people who might question Whatever their truth is that’s why they Use words that’s why they use phrases Like speak my truth it’s silly it’s Nonsensical have you ever tried to break That down that phrase speaking my truth Those words don’t fit in that order in That sentence well that’s a just because It’s a lie yes exactly it used to be Called a lie yeah we’ve changed it and Now it’s just well it was my truth ah Yes okay I wish I could chalk my way out Of a DUI with that here’s my truth oh You’re gonna be in jail right your honor Of my truth was I was sober and did not Hit a pedestrian yes you are free to go Oh no no I understand where you’re Coming from my truth is that’s always Nothing more than club soda with lime Yeah exactly your honor I identify as Trends oh sir please right this way it’s Like you just put on the invisibility Cloak yeah awesome who’s on trial I Can’t even see you anymore you’re free To go it was a man worked for Caitlyn Jenner yes how many hit and runs 19. all References available a lot of questions Here’s another claim which by the way is

I mean it refutes the earlier the clinic He was trying to make about trans Individuals right if they’re being Ostracized by Society he was talking About how much more likely they’re to be Depressed or attempt suicide so it’s Kind of a half half rebutting of his own Claim but if you watch it he tries to Sort of BS his way out of it where he Says that trans people aren’t any more Susceptible to depression than most People While opponents of trans rights will say That these kids are either a menace or Brainwashed their Defenders will often Gravitate towards the same sad Statistics that I’ve shown you tonight Of depression and suicide and while that Is understandable on one level it’s the Most devastating harm that can be Inflicted by these bills it’s clearly Not the whole story which is that when Supported trans kids can experience full Vibrant lives because trans people are Not by default unhappier or more prone To suffering than everyone else that is Something that we are putting on them This is what and notice by the way this Is also something Dave made a good point Earlier about puberty and not being able To study something when it’s occurring Without in the absence of the natural Process yeah okay so you have Tran Here’s what we know trans children far

More likely to experience depression far More likely to uh attempt suicide of Suicidal ideation then we know that Transgender adults even post-op 19 times More likely The trick they pull is transgender Children right they’re more happy after They transition because they now go into A new study group they’re no longer Children So it’s a delayed it’s a delayed effect It’s a fuse that’s lit and then you say Hold on a second they’re really Depressed right now before transition Most of them are happier after Transition what happens when they’re Older than 18 years old we don’t have That data if you look at that data in Tandem guess what it gets worse it Doesn’t get any better But they’re no longer a child so you can Have maybe a one two three five year Honeymoon period where they feel really Good and then they become one of those D Transitioners who John Oliver completely Discounts by the way as it relates to Depression 44 transgender people suffer From clinical depression that’s compared To the United States in general about 8.4 percent that’s what we call Statistically significant well and to Call them a menace for that that’s the Part that I don’t get he just put that On people that are compassionate about

That it’s like you think that we think That they’re a menace because they’re Suicidal and depressed no it would be The complete opposite right the complete Opposite Menace John and people like you That won’t dig deeply into what’s going On with these kids and just uses them as A prop for your ideology yeah that’s who The Menace is in this situation look in The mirror hey Mr Wilson she’s dangling From the porch Just doubt and kerosene But that’s like that he just throws that At it’s like you have no clip that says Anybody called them a menace right now One person said they were a menace no This is what you’re not afforded the Benefit of that you just want to kill Transgender youth hey you know what I Don’t want to put my uh my son or Daughter in a shallow cancerous grave That’s why I want to leave this world a Better place for my daughter my young Son Than it was before I came here and I Don’t think the way to do that is to Inject them full of hormones And most people don’t most doctors don’t I guess you’re going to apply pressure And leverage and that’s what’s really Evil with this try and exclude people Exclude the voices exclude doctors Who say this is actually This is actually medically it’s

Empirically a bad thing to do you’re Just hateful How can how can you call that progress All right let’s move on to the final Claim here uh from his clip I encourage You to go watch this whole thing that we About covered it all that children Should be able to do Whatever makes them happy and again this Is through line the anecdotal versus Empirical and gaslighting you this is Narcissism all the kids we’ve seen Tonight shouldn’t need to be activists They should get to dress how they want Go to the right bathroom for them and Play the sports they want to play we are Working toward the goal of every trans Kid knowing that they are loved valued And indispensable as Dolly Parton loving Weird pets owning freaking dope Individuals and never ever going back to A point where anyone feels that if they Appear on TV they have to hide behind a plant so this is what they do They conflate love with full-fledged Support for any decision that a child Makes if my kid can’t can’t eat Exclusively Pop-Tarts does that mean I Don’t love them It makes them happy If your kid needs to be parented he Needs to learn to be part of a society You need to know how it works he doesn’t Need a friend who lets him do whatever

They want exactly it’s unbelievable to Think that that’s a good idea and to Think and again that combined with the Empirical evidence that we have as it Relates to these medical decisions we What we know is bad No everything but almost all of what we Know is bad It’s we love all of them look Doesn’t mean that you don’t love you Don’t love your son or your daughter if They suffer from some kind of serious Condition that maybe they need to be Institutionalized for does it mean you Don’t love your son if your son becomes Addicted it develops a chemical Dependency and you send them to rehab He’s gonna be mad at you He feels good doing it in that moment And you’re gonna say are you comparing Uh trans of people to drug addicts no I’m not comparing them to drug addicts But certainly we are talking about Exogenous hormones we are talking about Medical intervention often drugs That will cause long-term ill health Effects That would require A responsible parental figure to Intervene in the correct way none of That has to do with not loving your Children don’t be gaslit into believing You’re crazy or that you’re not Compassionate and why by the way is the

Personal happiness mean that fleeting Feeling of what feels good why is that The virtue to Trump all other virtues at This at this point in time I don’t know When that happened we weren’t raised With that as kids I’d always say don’t Do that not to put it but I like doing It yeah but it’s wrong Oh okay but it feels good it’s wrong Oh now I know but it feels good to drink Uh to create a graveyard at Burger King Of every single soda imaginable and go Back for 19 refills he goes well you’re Probably not going to feel good in an Hour or two and don’t do it because it’s Bad for you now extend that hour or two The delayed reaction of five ten years And that exact same scenario that parent Doesn’t love you because they’re not Letting you do whatever it is that you Want Again something else really important we See throughout this entire segment in Order to make you believe that you are Not compassionate in order to make you Believe that you’re a bad person for Holding your opinions which is what they Always do you’re racist you’re sexist You’re homophobic You hate women and in this case you hate Women because you believe they shouldn’t Be at a biological disadvantage at their Own sports it’s the gasoline that takes Place and then we bring it back to and

You know uh What we really should do is what feels Good that is classic narcissism it is a Way to manipulate you to silence anyone Who doesn’t agree with them Why to lay it all at the altar of Self-worship the sacrifice to what makes Me feel good in the moment This is this this is there’s a reason Legislation has had to exist across the Country this is for the soul of our Country the idea that men and women are Fundamentally interchangeable and the Idea that parental rights are a thing That’s as important as it gets Thank you uh I think I’m going to make Use of this uh hit the like button hit Share we’re going to go to mug Club YouTube I hope you enjoyed it I know you Didn’t piss off Foreign [Music]

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