By | October 26, 2022

John Fetterman’s disastrous debate performance says a lot more about Democrats and the media than it does about him, and you’re not ableist for pointing that out. Also, the media can no longer pretend lockdowns didn’t affect our children’s education. And Taylor Swift apparently hooked up with a trans model. #JohnFetterman #PASEN #taylorswift

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Apologize [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Horror movies just don’t work when You’ve got a Walter [Music] [Applause] [Music] That’s what I know [Music] [Music] Hmm bear with me today guess who’s back I have never uh you know it’s funny it’s Just low grade I don’t know but since I’ve had twins I’ve never been sick so Many times it’s true and I know exactly When it happened my son I was climbing Hold him up like this and the drool it Was like it happened in slow motion went Down and in my mouth like the embalming Fluid and dragged me to hell yeah and I Was like oh I’m gonna have a cold I Think I need to adjust my chair it’s Still at Dave’s setting yes it is yeah And I need just my headphones glad to be With you what are you saying boy Oh no the cat’s out of the bag no and Everybody’s gonna know I’m short oh That’s true how dare you well if they Find out I’m overweight I’m gonna have

To kill myself He’s from the Weight Watchers pygmy Truck It’s true uh no uh we have a lot to get To fetterman of course debated yesterday Are you okay Joe yeah I see you screwing Around it takes a minute yeah my Headphones are different everything is Changing when we switch seats I moved Your chair down a little bit and you’re Like what the hell this is a tad louder Yeah okay it is no I don’t Think we’re gonna talk about fetterman And uh versus Dr Oz and now of course Everyone’s talking about ableism that’s The only reason you might not like uh You know a guy who looks like American History X warmed over uh who can’t Pronounce his own it’s because you’re Ableist and my question to you is do you Buy it is anyone buying this anyone Buying the ableism stuff nope ableism is The new racism it’s another way of Shutting down dialogue before you can Actually discuss ideas And it’s based on an identity it’s shut Down dialogue based on identity so we Don’t get two ideas so we’ll be talking About that also Taylor Swift uh can’t do Anything right Good try to appease the lgbtqaip and Then uh you know ticked off the Fat Pride Community yeah they’ll do it No good deed goes unpunished all right

So we have that and more we’re going to Be talking tell me I really want to talk About today we’ve had this uh kind of in The wings for a while uh the performance Of students in this country and I don’t Know if you know it’s the worst that It’s been as far as proficiency scores Since 1991. geez and now we have a Really clear contrast between Public Schools run by the true heroes and Homeschooling Take a guess which one’s doing better Gerald a how are you sir I am so much Better now that my chairs adjusted Justin I’m back in my zone yeah yeah It’s very limited it’s a very Niche Zone Well and I know sound joke doesn’t work Twice idiot Like I said that’s why Gallagher brings One watermelon listen like I said two It’s too much too much of a good thing They end up like lizzo bad guys are my Zone what do you think I was talking About Yeah just let him he’s vibing he’s right In there All right so uh of course you know him You love him fastest man on his feet He’s actually going to be uh at the Tampa Improv November 4th through fifth Uh yeah do I have that right November Fourth and fifth not fourth through Fifth it’s two days you can go uh you Can go uh go watch him there uh Dave

Linda how are you Ahoy good you I’m fine You know it’s just it’s it’s staying Right here in my in my throat and in my My nose so I’ll be fine but it’s just it Sounds worse than it is it’s yeah you Sound better than yesterday a little bit Yeah it’s just you know this is what Happens when you have little ones They’re just they’re walking petri Dishes no I had just one and it was Constant so if you have one that’s just Going to the other that’s just going Back to you right just a triangle of Sick that’s exactly what it is what do They do before modern medicine they had Like 19 kids I’m surprised they weren’t All dead from SARS well they mostly were Yeah that’s why you had 19 yeah some Would survive yeah that’s actually true Yeah we’re gonna lose at least a third Yes we don’t know which ones of you are Gonna survive oh we did you forgot to Take into account the amounts who will Get kicked by horses oh sorry that’s Gonna be three-fifths they’re gone yeah Oh we better I have 20 and ruin your Body yes And don’t worry I’ll take another wife Later on and she’ll be really hot Imagine who discovered the C-section Poor broad okay oh geez so before we get To any of that Apparently healthy I discovered it on her

What is this I don’t know we’re rolling The dice this could be great for us I’m Gonna cut right about there You passed out when you’re saying push So we just did this yeah Good with it yeah she starts screaming And pain like I better get the leeches To suck the demons out of her That’s all you do is yeah So apparently being uh healthy now and Having I I was told not to watch this Before it aired and I don’t like that But that’s never a good thing apparently Being healthy and having a flat stomach Um is not considered attractive anymore By the way that was societal Conditioning you like women who are Healthy no no this is what you want This is just a reminder that your tummy Is so cute So cute Screw you Gary he pulled that clip and Told me not to watch it he knew exactly What was going to happen I ate oatmeal This morning well did it look like that Yes Exactly like that that’s the point I’m Such a hotter lady Play that again They’re trying to be cute with this You’re gonna Look at it This is just a reminder that your tummy Is so cute so cute where’s its arms

Telling Arnold Schwarzenegger yeah Foreign Okay Mojo That is disgusting well that’s not even Like I don’t understand how that Happened because the rest of the one Guess well [Music] Stab at it fell out of it take a lipo Hello a tractor Um Can I just clarify one thing though too Look you have never ever on the show Heard me just go haha fat person ever Okay it’s when people demand that you Praise them as beautiful and brave that I have a problem with it when I see when I see overweight people at the gym you Know it almost runs a tear to my they’re In there they’re trying to make it Happen I go out of my way to encourage Them and say hey man you know we’re all We’re all a work in progress hey I saw You here last week that’s more I make Sure to try and encourage them because I Know how hard it is on the flip side Also if I say a really fit person Jogging you ever do this while you’re Driving and someone’s jogging and they Look around they don’t think anyone sees Them and they quit and they start Walking yeah I roll down the window and Go yeah Whenever I see a very attractive person

Jogging I roll down the window and I’m Like Hey fat ass yes It’s not working it’s homeostasis yes You don’t get to declare yourself Beautiful that’s the thing it’s not Something that you get to declare Remember when we used to say don’t be Boastful wasn’t there a fable about that Somewhere Aesop what’s his name I Believe fables now it’s just boast about All the worst things that’s the issue Here and by the way the reason that I Want to see people when I see them in The gym when I see them bettering Themselves is because I don’t want People to no no no let me put it this Way Let’s put a finer point on it remember Your stomach is cute you’re dying On camera yes that’s what’s happening Yeah you’re dying that is unhealthy uh You can be obese and be healthy no you Can’t no you cannot it’s just as healthy No it’s not only if you change the Definition of healthy yes exactly then Maybe yes We’re all dying a little bit you know After a second of every day as soon as You’re born she’s just dying a lot Faster a lot faster yeah yes the Half-life is different yeah also the Half leg which she’s in she’s in she’s Sugar I’m just surprised it was so Hidden

[Laughter] And then the edit like it’s fat that Found out that there was no place to go South and so they just started going out Well you think the fat just gives up They’re like I don’t care how many Vertical stripes you wear this is Happening I got a belly and I just want To know where to get those pants I I Don’t know I’d like to feel more Comfortable yeah just shop at the Maternity store that’s where I’ll go Well you mean you mean continue to That’s probably where they’re shopping Now didn’t you didn’t you kind of pick Up the hint when you were not pregnant And you had to shop at the third Trimester section of the maternity store That’s because of the Miracle of Life Not Funyuns a shepherd husky boys It’s a 33-28 friend yeah What never mind all right Gonna like the way you look in your Coffin yes they’re gonna like the way You look The 19 year old bears are gonna like the Way And hate the way you wait oh my gosh all Right okay There’s some kind of a Halloween joke in There by the way we’re doing our Spooktacular on Monday costume contest That we will have uh oh there you go Look you’ve got that right there okay

All right let’s go to this and I Apologize I do have a lozenges in my Throat so can you guys hear that it’s Just my own head I think it’s just you Okay good I can’t really hear it Otherwise it sounds gross okay so last Night we did this whole segment Yesterday Joe did a very good job the The not only the debates but the actual Sort of state of our uh elections here In the midterms last night was a big one Because you have two pricks [Laughter] You have doctors it’s like Fair yeah and Then the third party it’s like a booster Two Pricks and a booster So you’ve got Dr Oz uh and I get it you Have to vote of the lesser of two evils At this point I don’t know how this guy And well I do know how and unfortunately I’m sad about it but not sad about it I Don’t know like I don’t have a dog in This fight I don’t like him what no you Should Fetterman either one of them but I would Vote for Oz if I had to right yeah but People in Pennsylvania comment below how Do you feel having to pull the lever for Someone like like Dr Oz Has there has there been a more Clear-cut example of someone who isn’t Really a constitutional conservative but Has an R next to their name and I get it You’re voting for the platform at this

Point believe me I’m certainly not Saying you shouldn’t go out and vote but That’s a pretty rough choice so last Night Dr Oz and fetterman debated um and He’s what you want to call it yes and Fetterman just said fire bad Pretty much you didn’t have to pull the Fire alarm either yeah well that was his Plan B So fetterman was as you would expect and People have talked about this is stroke We’ll get into that more um a complete And I mean he was worse than that he was Worse than that poor stomach lady he was A complete mess As lieutenant governor you’re running For a seat that could decide the balance Of power in Washington what qualifies You to be a U.S senator you have 60 Seconds Hi good night everybody Seriously Mr Oz I do want to clarify Something you’re saying tonight that you Support fracking that you’ve always Supported fracking but there is that 2018 interview that you said quote other Times so how do you square the two Foreign Fracking and there’s a question I don’t I don’t there was one I support fracking And I stand and I do support fracking Spend because you have 60 Seconds Till what No here’s what tomorrow you have to

Fight about inflation here right now That’s what we need to fight about Inflation you know right now because It’s a tax on Working Families Now we we all have to make sure that Everyone that works is able to that’s That’s the most American bargain that if You work full-time you should be able to Live in dignity as well true and I Believe they haven’t have any businesses Being being uh you can’t have businesses Being subsidized by not paying Individuals that just simply can’t to Pay their own way We are all now stupider Look look I get that you’re going to Think this is rude What do you even say to that what do you Look people that right now this is Trending everywhere we’ll get to it it’s Able lists to say that this guy is not Qualified I don’t know why there’s a Trend you know you put up someone like a Like a former Vice President Joe Biden And now you have this man now I don’t Know I’m not an expert I will be clear Could be just a processing issue where He’s not speaking properly with Strokes Sometimes your brain works fine and your Mouth just can’t it just can’t connect With the brain right so I don’t know But I do know that that was bad Well the answer itself if you made you Know if you combined everything really

Didn’t make any sense no so it would be Difficult to note his stance I don’t Know if Elsa was the stroke talking or Like he was trying to Jedi mind trick Good night everybody yes yes I won Let’s do it like Okay I also said I stand yes well that’s Good yes when you’re doing debate prep Because you know I make poop I’m voting for it yeah yes just for Entertainment value for sure bait prep Here like doesn’t your team go Oh crap like we we have a problem we Need to cancel this debate you should Have canceled the debate yeah like it Should never have happened if you were Going to be in that kind of shape to Perform because like you said maybe his Brain is working fine but I if I was a Voter right now who was potentially Going to vote for him maybe an Independent I would say write out your Answers for me yeah live show your Personal help and let me see that the Brain is actually still functioning and It’s just a speech processing issue Which if that’s the case fine but what Are we going to do tomorrow night Dr Oz Same thing we do every night pinky try To ruin the country lose an election Did I hit anything here toolman I hit a Button oh am I good all right thank you Okay so the the public was very clear as To who won the debate this almost never

Happens 82 believe that Dr Oz won the Debate and uh 18 18. yeah by the way There’s a plus or minus a margin of Error of 18. yeah seriously just trying To screw with the polling average they Also pulled blow up Frankensteins that Were in people’s front yards yes exactly Exactly they used car lot How do you think how do you think Fetterman performed yeah two hands up if Federman won okay got it all right good Good thank you all the News That’s fit To print here at quinnipediac all right So uh here’s how one Pennsylvania voter Put it uh themselves So I was definitely I’m an independent By the way I was definitely leaning Towards fetterman and I think I have Totally changed to the Oz side why I Felt that um fetterman I felt that Fetterman just looked like he didn’t Have command of the facts I do think his Condition unfortunately is going to Affect his ability to do the job I Thought Oz uh was pretty clear on the Issues and I thought he presented Himself well and uh definitely threw out Some plans where I didn’t see any plans Coming out of fetterman well Chris Chris Cuomo’s still alive he is I can’t Believe he has a show it’s not a sense Of the word yeah that’s true I wonder Who he molest there yeah that was uh so It’s pretty cool by the way hit the like

Button if you’re okay with us uh we’re Going to venture into ableist territory Here so just for those of you who don’t Know fetterman did suffer a stroke and Of course horrible and I hope that he Recovers absolutely um May I believe it Was about and he disclosed it about uh He disclosed it before the primaries Just to be clear just a couple of days Just a couple of days before the primary But he said that uh he was given a clean Bill of health from his doctor and it Says the good news is I’m feeling much Better the doctors told me I didn’t Suffer any cognitive damage and the Doctor in a letter Dr Clifford Chen said He has no work restrictions and can work Fully do full Duty in public office Which is good for him because I don’t Know like he’s more he’s more capable Than Lena Dunham Dr Chen is also Dr Oz’s assistant yes Yes he’s like oh yeah you’re good to go Yes exactly was Dr Chen watching last Night yes would you like to revise his Testimony and I don’t think it’s ableist If you’re worried about you know the Neurology of uh Yes because being able to date yeah Being able to communicate your point is Necessary in the Senate when you’re Debating other Senators when you’re Trying to get a bill going when you’re Trying to speak to your constituents or

The American people like being able to Communicate your point we’ve seen this With Joe Biden yeah we’ve made fun of it It’s like everybody says nothing wrong Here it’s just a stuttering problem and Now you’re going after him for Saturday’s like no other people are Looking at this other other world Leaders are looking at Joe Biden now Maybe other world leaders won’t look at Fetterman but definitely other states You mispronounced laughing yes I was Being nice yes yes yes you were they’re Looking at this and seeing somebody who Doesn’t seem to be all there well even If maybe they are I think the Differences is Federman admitted he had A stroke yes he did and Biden doesn’t Admit that he has one every 15 minutes Right well they’re called mini strokes They’re absent seizures yes that’s true But I’m not a doctor I’m just guessing Uh here’s the thing also again I’ve had People in my family who’ve had strokes And I’ve also had people in my family Who’ve suffered from you know cognitive Decline Um six months is a pretty it’s a pretty Important Benchmark for stroke victims That’s when you’ll have a pretty clear Idea if they’re going to recover or to What degree they’re going to recover Sort of like you know the first 48 hours After someone gets kidnapped also a

Great show Yeah just get a lawyer you’ll win good Uh when I watch it uh Tom segra has a Really funny bit about that by the way But it is six months and he’s at the six Month Mark he’s coming up right here in The six month Mark so if he hasn’t Improved now now maybe it’s just uh Again maybe it’s an auditory processing Issue as he says maybe he’s not able to Communicate the words but it’s fine uh In his mind he has full cognitive Abilities I genuinely don’t know what I Do know is it doesn’t matter because Like you said you need to be able to Communicate and articulate your thoughts Your job here is to be a conduit for Your constituents people who vote for You that is your job you need to be it Is effectively to put a voice to the People who vote for you and it’s hard to Do if you can’t speak without you know your pants and forgetting where You are I’ll be fine Well the president has set a bad Precedence yes Precedence I think it’s both Yeah it’s both in that case so uh the Debate performance right they clearly Show that he’s not able to do that and By the way according to a neuroscientist Since I am not one says you know he may Never be do you get better So it depends you know someone mentioned

Therapy and therapy can be very very Helpful especially if you are doing it Every day and you’re taking a lot of Time in your therapy essentially what we Know is that in the first three to six Months is where you see the most Improvement there can be some Improvement over the next year but I Think he’s about six months out now this Happened in May so I think if he was Doing therapy right after his stroke This is probably where he’s has improved To the most and by the way I genuinely Hope I’m wrong I hope he recovers Entirely he just shouldn’t be recovering On the taxpayer dollar that’s not an Appropriate place for you to be that’s What it is now of course people are Saying that this is ableism why because They need to carry the water for uh for Uh not for fetterman sorry Federman not Dr Oz it’s tough because in a lot of Ways and they’re of course using the Argument now it’s just the new racism It’s ableism Prejudice towards Disabilities is what it is yes exactly It couldn’t be that hey maybe for Example if you don’t don’t have legs It’s difficult for you to run a marathon That’s not ableism it’s a prerequisite And by the way we have this all the time We have qualifiers for jobs all of the Time if someone doesn’t have a college Degree because they they didn’t score

High enough uh on their SATs they didn’t Get into the right is that ableism There’s always a barrier to entry and This really does stem from a cultural Sort of poison of don’t judge me so the Only God can judge me no no only God’s Judgment is final only God’s judgment is What matters when it comes to the Ultimate truth you are judged each and Every day and you should be and you Should be judging others not judging Them as though you’re a judge during Executioner determining whether they’re A good person or bad person but you Certainly need to be making judgments When electing representatives that’s why We have elections but they want you To feel guilty about that so here’s MSNBC columnist Liz plank she tweeted Dr Oz just gave a master class on how to Bully people with disabilities by Talking and uh also when your side is so Bad you have to rely on ableism to win Here’s another one journalist Mitra Mitra Kalida tweeted it’s fascinating How stroke is wielded as a weapon in the Hashtag fetterman Oz debate literally Millions of us myself included who Identify as caregivers or survivors wait Wait how do you identify as a caregiver You either are or you’re not yes binary As I was understanding it I didn’t know There’s just someone sitting there with An empty IV drip yeah identified as a

Caregiver I didn’t know how to do it So I’m not a fan of Dr Oz just being a Doctor let alone in this but well yes What’s he doing he’s talking yes that Doesn’t what was he supposed to do mock Him and do an impression and of his Voice Simply to say this person may be unfit So it finishes with this identity Someone who identifies as caregivers or Survivors Embrace imperfection and Marvel at reinvention after stroke go Ahead reinvent yourself that’s fine just Don’t do it On our time on the taxpayer Time same Thing in any sport yes I hope they Recover knee surgery you see this but They can’t do it if it causes their team To lose and we have a segment we’re Doing a change of mind on this on women In combat roles in the military and the Police I’m against it women in combat Violent roles and enlisted Services Roles just to be clear it’s a selfish Mindset of well if this person has They’re Reinventing themselves they’re Breaking down barriers okay that would Be fine and you can make your own Decisions if it only affected you it Doesn’t it affects the guy next to you It affects your country it affects the People electing you this idea that I can Choose to do whatever I want with my own But sure you can and other people can

Choose to judge you based on your Qualifications and judge you based on Your performance that’s okay to do yeah Well and look you’re looking at a Person’s capacity to do a job and that Was the whole argument that we had Against Joe Biden is that it doesn’t Seem like he’s up to the task right he Doesn’t seem like he’s all there maybe Joe Biden 10 years ago I disagree with Him still right but at least he was all There at that point at least it appeared That that was a the case with fetterman I really do I’d ask a question to be Kind of funny earlier but when you’re Debating somebody Would you have been any less prepared if A guy had literally pooped and covered Himself in it and said fight me fight me Right I would have been like I don’t Know how to respond to either one you Stole my story of the the guy on PCP I Did yes yes but that’s the kind of thing You’re in a debate I saw it once Remember when uh Barack Obama Barack Obama got his butt kicked in the First debate and then the second debate They’re like oh you went a little too Hard after him you got to take Mitt Romney back a little bit with Mitt Romney yeah and he ended up not doing Very well in the second debate because He pulled his punches if you’re Dr Oz There’s nowhere to go here the guy just

Answered incoherently he said good night First you did I would have been like Well shoot I lost something what does he What does he do when he reached to his Kids ah good morning Moon Good night Moon that jumped over the cow What what huh Dad’s going to read us an upside down Book again yes He’s reading backwards and his head’s Spinning around oh it’s Halloween it’s Not any we’ve all had stroke victims in Our family and people that have had a Cognitive decline myself included as far As that goes but that was self-induced But honestly nobody wants anything bad To happen to this guy medically no of Course not like that’s what I don’t Understand why you would call it ableist It’s like it’s not anybody who is angry Or hateful towards a handicapped person Are the worst people on Earth and I’ve Only heard it like once in my life right Unless it’s like a 400 pound lady in a Hoveround who has a handicapped parking Well yeah then you tip her yes with a Group of friends yes you do oh yeah but Only Holding the security of the dark blanket Of night yes with no cameras yes I’ve Heard and then she jumped over the moon So I doubt it here uh by the way so That’s now ableism ableism ableism but Again it’s not even consistent it’s just

The new racism it’s a way to shut down Dialogue based on identity before you Get two ideas here’s how you know They’re not consistent this was them Back then Do you remember The media with Donald Trump where they Made it a big issue by the way and the Difference here is they were dishonestly Making it a big issue claiming he was Unfit for office here there are some Questions this morning about President Trump’s health and it’s because of this Video of the president where you see him Walking very haltingly one leg at a time It starts Happening Here people do tend To walk one leg at a time that looks Like me walking on down Museum stairs Foreign President Trump is not known for being Athletic So maybe he just has a hard time going Down a gently sloping ramp Do you see something possibly Neurological that could be throwing off His balance yeah by the way any of you Ever had a shoulder injury Is that what it was I don’t know what it Was but the point is it was it was for a Very limited time and they made a big Deal about it it could have been you Know yesterday I had vertigo we talked About that when I get head colds it’s Just something that kind of runs in the

Family that’s different from someone who Has had a stroke and consistently across The board is not performing to the level That is required of his job and by the Way unlike fetterman with you know his Response is good night Uh Donald Trump had some great answers To the media’s uh questions claims Accusations sir I’m ready General where we go Here we go now welcome [Music] I’ve got myself a problem General Because I’m wearing leather Bottom Shoes Which is good if you walk in on flat Surfaces it’s not good for ramps it had No handrail it was like an ice skating Rink I said General there’s no way I can Make it down that ramp without falling In my ass Jumping stamina or extraordinary if Elected Mr Trump against State Unequivocally equivocally will be the Healthiest individual ever elected to The president [Laughter] [Applause] I said doc I want to tell you I’ll be The healthiest president ever and he Said oh I think I agree and I think he Probably took my words he was the White House stopped he was a great doctor you Know he was a Admiral a doctor and now He’s a congressman I said which is the

Best have you had your choice And he sort of indicated doctor because He loved looking at my body it was so Strong And by the way that’s that’s why I wear These boots it’s absolutely true it has Rubber it’s a leather sole but it has Rubber there because this has happened There are actually stories of UFC Fighters getting into street fights and Getting their clock cleaned because they Were in leather shoes if you’ve ever Worn leather shoes you know oh there’s No grip you just slip all over the place So that’s it was an easy answer but I Mean even if let’s say that he was sick And not able to get down the stairs very Well that wasn’t a disqualifying Condition being able to move around and Run a race is not a qualification for Being president of the United States Being able to think kind of is is and Speak speaking is uh somewhat important But you’re ableist you’re ableist that’s The issue here you’re ableist when they Were making an issue that look can we I Think objectively we can all agree that Former uh former Vice President Joe Biden is certainly less spry than President Donald Trump and they this is How the media says no no he’s fine They’re being ableist they’re trying to Use it as an attack than with Donald Trump they would say well why is he

Lifting this glass of water there’s no Consistency and it’s very clear that It’s just used as a tool these people And when I say these people I mean People in the media the entertainment Industrial complex they are so quick to Weaponize it when it’s not significant When it actually matters it’s because They are repelled by truth right Donald Trump look for all of his faults he was He had an incredible amount of energy Too much energy you can’t say oh he’s he He’s not fit and like he’s tweeting too Much he doesn’t sleep he just doesn’t Stop he’s fundamentally changing the Country yeah because he’s enthusiastic And he has energy yeah but they’re they Are repelled by the truth and in this Case we know the guy had a stroke we Know that the six-month recovery point Is important and no no no no you’re Ableist there really is a consistent Through line If it’s true they reject it and they Fabricate a lie and then they accuse you Of insert ISM here racism sexism uh Transphobic transphobism if that’s a Term fat phobiaism I don’t know I have No idea and I don’t know how you get Over fat phobia is it touch therapy like When I was afraid of a spider I had to Hold it don’t touch that that we saw Earlier you have to dance with it grab Her Rose

I meant with the spider yes well look Every media outlet that I’ve seen Covering this this morning has put like A stroke survivor fetterman debate like They’re basically trying to carry his Water and lean into the fact that he had A stroke so that they can say oh you Need to be sympathetic to him you’re not Supposed to win public office on Sympathy it’s supposed to be Qualifications any vote yeah exactly and That’s exactly what they’re remember When Mussolini won on his dyslexia right That’s true Joe Biden won on a stutter So I guess it can work Pol Pot I have ADHD oh well I mean Hitler won because You could only grow facial hair right Yes Charlie Chaplin very sad uh so this is Also they want to draw attention away From the fact that when you do get down To the substance uh look fetterman let’s Get rid of it you can call me an ableist Races as well I don’t care he lied so Either he is not mentally capable of Serving in office or he’s a dishonest Person case in point he said he always Supported fracking is it a lie or is he Mentally unfit and he doesn’t remember You have to pick one I I’ve always Supported fracking I don’t support Fracking at all and I never have um yeah I called for a moratorium on frackings There’s no such thing as a green fracker

I’m not pro-fracking 2016 fracking Moratorium pledge that fetterman signed For an environmental Watchdog group as Well as a 2016 tweet he sent while Running for U.S Senate I don’t uh Support fracking I I think it’s Something that has to eventually go away And I would like to see it you know Transition out Foreign You take your your pick by the way he Also released a 10 convicted first Degree murderers from prison what and That’s just a micro all the references Are available as a mayor Uh he oversaw skyrocketing crime but of Course he’s a Democrat so that’s like Par for the course uh In fairness four Of those uh murders had Strokes yes ah Yes don’t want to be okay we don’t want To be ableist well and only eight of Them are repeat offenders that’s right Now so they’ve I mean you know it’s it’s Not as bad as it could be we need to Stop the overcrowding of our prison System with stroke victims yes who do we Release first I don’t know pick the Worst of the worst other than pedophiles Murderers it is yeah white collar crimes No no no no no this guy killed a bunch Of people ah yes he has a droopy eye he Got it out of his system on your way Friend yes you’re just misunderstanding Him

The the Braddock Town candle Face Killer Here’s a wheelchair and a blanket Way good sir and a ballot and be sure to Vote yeah by the way uh this is a live Show Monday through Thursday 10 a.m Eastern and uh next week we have Something that will only go on Rumble so You can watch us uh on YouTube on Rumble There’s audio Spotify Apple Android all That and of course Mud Club we have a Whole additional segment on Andrew Tate Today another 45 minutes of show where We’ll get into theology a little bit so Nothing would make me happier than you All switching and leaving to rumble and Next week we do have an interview with a Mortician an Undertaker who’s had to Deal with bodies in the face of new Stuff medical advancements but that Won’t be available on YouTube by the way So I need that admonishment I need it because I I talk to you and You understand this need don’t you yeah You’re right there and he wants one as Well if somebody’s getting one he’s Getting one when we talked about all of The races that were closer than we Thought we actually left out a very key Race that most people aren’t talking About because it’s New York assume that A Democrat is going to be governor of New York and uh it looks it’s it’s it’s Within the margin I think with the Quinnipiac poll um and also it’s uh it’s

Almost too close to call in other polls I’m a rasperson guy I just think that It’s fair New York we’re sorry Trafalgar You’re doing pretty well as well please Elect somebody other than Satan that Turns out to be a woman month You just brought it up to be admonished Yeah well I felt like I deserved it for Leaving out a very important detail so Good to get that little tingle down your Leg you feel good I did yeah you did Another one Give it to him Oh man here we go Why would I would do I’m just messing With you so uh name that movie line all Right it’s good Taylor Swift let’s move On to this now but we’re talking about Ableism and you can’t please everybody Because you say hey hold on I don’t Think you should be a senator why uh Because you can’t talk Ableist now let’s go to another example Of how you can’t please everybody Taylor Swift of course as woke as uh as one can Get uh decided to release well first you Know what it’s it’s our entertainment Minute [Music] Thank you Here we go hey remember when the Beatles It was scandalous because they wanted to Hold hands with ladies I do okay just Take that keep it on the Shelf because

It will be relevant now Taylor Swift Just released a teaser for her new Upcoming video and she’s in there you Would think appeasing the left because She’s getting it on her emotionally with A trans dude Foreign [Music] We’re a long way from teardrops of my Guitar aren’t we A lot of places to film yes yes it is Who is that a Lunesta commercial I think So yeah Thank you Then they’ll tell you about how Authentic they are so I’m sorry what Where was the trans person well here I Think we have an image right here It’s a Lunesta commercial it is so yeah You wouldn’t notice right not kidding Not a joke uh laith Ashley actually yeah It’s a is a love interest I guess that’s That’s a that’s a a trans woman whatever Uh What uh that use that he used to be She no but I’m curious as to why we’re Blurring nipples of a man uh because Solid solid transition yeah it’s a solid Transition hey I mean if you’re gonna do It good for you good on you you know you Can thank your surgeons from the bottom Of your enlarged heart you gave 110 yes And now you’re in a video do you have an Idea how unnatural that would be in the Female body to get that to put on that

Amount of muscle mass you have an idea How much testosterone would have to be Coursing through that lady’s veins and So oh yeah there’s a lot of quick to Anger moments yes We’re just supposed to okay okay what oh Nothing I don’t want to be here I don’t Want to get Benoit Yeah oh geez I see you’re putting a Weight bench in the basement What is this unbreakable geez okay I think you should I think that warrants A comment by the way comment below I Think look that is a pretty good that’s Not a barely passable that’s a passable Very not for the nipple bar five foot Four oh well that changes everything I I Don’t know excuse me yeah actually I’m Taller than that yeah good for you I buy Four and a half we take five five and a Half thank you sorry so let’s go let’s Do it then and now here because of Course people have been upset with Taylor Swift but back then and this is How Taylor Swift became popular she was An apolitical girl next door kind of Country music star right very talented I’m not taking that away from Taylor Swift was very talented for someone her Age when asked about politics back then Taylor would give responses like I don’t Talk about politics because it might Influence other people and I don’t think That I know enough yet in life to be

Telling people who to vote for still Don’t well no she’s figured it out so Yes now Um she of course began showing support For Democrats in the state of Tennessee It was a huge story and of course There’s there are a bunch of other Agendas that she just she’s decided to To take on as her but I think we have a Clip the major term race in her home State of Tennessee is a major battle Swift had avoided politics in the past But ABC’s Eva Pilgrim is here with more And Eva probably not a surprise to many She’s picking the Democrat in this race But it is a surprise to say that she’s Actually speaking about politics this is So out of the norm for Taylor Swift who Until now has avoided any comment about Politics even taking out a post at one Point encouraging people to just get out To vote but overnight the Superstar Making it clear to her 112 million Followers on Instagram and the world Where she stands Okay and then after the Roe v Wade Decision uh Swift retweeted Michelle Obama and wrote I’m absolutely terrified That this is where we are that after so Many decades of people fighting for Women’s rights to their own bodies Today’s decision has stripped us of that I love how it’s it’s it really is with The abortion issue and by the way they

Have not been getting the traction they Thought they were going into the Midterms which I’m really happy about It’s just no no I don’t have the right To my own body if I can’t abort a baby Again this idea that I have the right to Do whatever I and I know Libertarians Will maybe get upset with me here but we Did have a culture where you would take Into consideration how it affects other People certainly if you’re killing now If you’re terminating a life which we Know you are at the very least we can Agree in the third trimester at the very Least we can agree when it’s viable even If you’re not pro-life you’re certainly Terminating another life but when we Talk also about being a stroke victim Who’s maybe mentally unfit being a Senator that affects other people when We talk about women having to go into The military in the Marines where they Can do half as many push-ups and still Get a perfect score that affects other People it’s not always about you if it Puts other people at risk if it hurts Other people it’s no longer your Decision to make it’s not at your Discretion that’s the argument with Abortion is it a life that’s the Argument we’re talking about someone Serving in public office it’s not that We don’t like them because he had a Stroke it’s that we think he may not be

Fit for the job it’s not that you don’t Have the right to your own body and so You don’t have the right to dismember Another body that’s where the argument Is you may disagree but you need to be Honest about where the argument is and If we can all agree that we need to get To that point I’m not talking about Finding common ground I’m talking about At least being honest in representing Your ideological and political Opposition you don’t need to be nice you Don’t need to find false Common Ground You just need to be honest and I’m past The point of believing that the left Thinks it’s an honest argument to say You’re ableist thinks it’s an honest Argument to say they want you to be Raped and they don’t care about incest It’s not honest hit the like button if You agree that helps with the algorithm YouTube doesn’t like it very much and Again no good deed goes unpunished Because I don’t know if the control room Can bring up some of the uh the tweets It’s trending here this morning Uh Taylor Swift also pissed off fat People I knew that was gonna happen when I saw His washboard abs yeah that’ll do it So there’s big vagina pants yes Yes I’ve said it destigmatized Cap up here so you can pull him off I’m Not saying she’s not adorable she does

Have trouble keeping a man according to Her music yes she does yeah and by that You mean any man yes she’s gonna throw Some shade at John Mayer again who cares So fat people are mad because in a Swift Video even though it’s Pro trans and she Has a love interest who’s a a man with a I don’t know I don’t even know if he’s I Don’t even know if he has a John Thomas I have no idea but she showed a scale in Her music video that reads fat Time everybody agrees [Applause] [Music] So the idea there is supposed to be hey You’re being told that you’re not good Enough right right it would seem as Though she’s actually unfortunately part Of the pro-fat pride movement but they Were upset well it’s self-depth it’s Just it would not even sell deprecations Just it’s showing depression it’s Showing yeah can we bring that tweet up Again I don’t know if you don’t know if You can read it says there is no Explanation for portraying fatness as Bad and as something to fear which Doesn’t justify the hatred of fat people Oh really self-hatred isn’t a reason Because that’s what that’s supposed to Be I know fearing fatness is a basic Tentative how about that phobia Opera Didn’t lizzo have something with a scale Too was it in an actual video I think it

Was where it said skinny and beautiful Yakuza is that what skinny AF I think Skinny AF in her scale yeah so Taylor Swift is fat and lizzo is skinny AF well But if it’s so bad why would it say Skinny AF wouldn’t it just say fat Because that’s what beautiful yeah this Is this is the thing where they want to Act like they don’t this is the problem With feminism okay it’s the same that you see in She-Hulk you Want to see everything that is wrong With feminism try and stomach two Episodes of She-Hulk it’s oh all guys Are completely incompetent when she Clearly is terrible at her job I can’t Believe that people are mad at me for Being in this job but she was Unqualified for was given the job Because she’s a celebrity superhero and Then at the same time I don’t care what Anyone thinks about me while she’s Getting custom designer suits and Dresses to try and look better it’s the Same thing with lizzo I don’t care what Y’all say I think I’m beautiful as she Signs a multi-million dollar Beauty deal With makeup with perfume which by the Way you have to jump in a vat of that Because of the fat yeast infections the Point is they try and act as though they Don’t care of course they care and this Is why there’s no pleasing anybody Because it can’t be objective truth if

You think that lizzo is skinny AF And Taylor Swift is either fat or you Think that that commentary and that was Fat phobic then there is no truth that Can get through to you you’re living a Lie also I don’t know about you I don’t Know about you If you had your pick getting rid of Obviously like assuming like they Couldn’t talk Taylor Swift or lizzo can I just have the sandwich What do you think it’s prettier yeah Taylor well yeah I gotta go Taylor I’m Being honest it’s racism I do love well No it’s not it’s fat phobia apparently I’m afraid of fat people I think lizzo Would crush me and therefore I would die So get your Little Orphan Annie LGBT he Fat Pride decoder pen yeah but she would Play a mean flute while I was dying yes No but look I think Taylor Swift I love It that they go after Taylor Swift I Love it that people who go out and try To Virtue signal and say oh I can’t Believe and say stupid stuff like that We talked about with abortion what she Said about that you know it’s our bodies I can’t believe we’re losing our rights I love it when the left eats their own Because it shows you that like you said There is no pleasing them there is no Real Center to the left it is whatever We think at any point in time and it can Be completely taken out of context do

You remember and this maybe wasn’t do You remember when she got in trouble for Having cornrows and eating watermelon in One of her music videos I do is that Taylor Swift that was they looked like Sugar Shawn O’Malley I think I’m 99 sure It was Taylor Swift just hearing about It But it was just like don’t get me Started on the video where she had Dreadlocks and was shaking her head like Corn Yeah well yeah that’s true she had A headache now she’s not much of a Headbanger so she she absolutely got Roasted for doing that and I’m like what What makes you stay on the left fear Like you have to because you’re in the Entertainment industry you have to come Out and support these causes it’s guilt I’ll tell you it’s it’s guilt here’s What it is usually you look at business Owners right and I mean people who are Wealthy because well because wealthy in This country is you know 250 000 or more Is joint household income now it’s 400 000 or more because Is anyone making more than 400 000 That’s the ticket but the point is if You look at most people who are wealthy In this country they’ve had to create Businesses or they’ve had to provide Goods or services right they’ve had to Build it from the ground up and as Someone who’s been in both sides who’s

Acted uh but who’s also done you know Not only stand up but now employ 20 People I know what it takes to build This up and it’s hard-fought territory a Lot of people who are actors or in the Entertainment industry they’re Incredibly talented But they feel guilty because it’s God-given in other words they go from Nothing to millions of dollars and I Think they think there’s a part of them That says this easily could have been Somewhere somewhere someone else Somewhere else I didn’t earn this Imposter syndrome right I think it’s a Huge component of what happens I mean You know this you know stand-up Comedians don’t always have the most Amount of respect for actors who sit There and about their craft and How hard it is it’s like you’re saying What they tell you to of course there Are great actors and they’re fantastic Actors and they’re terrible actors But people who have to create something And say well hold on a second you have a Script you have a producer you have a Makeup artist you have a stage and a Microphone yeah and people are going to Boo you if you’re not good one try to Get you canceled and every other thing Yeah right but I think the real problem With this too is Um Taylor Swift is putting out a music

Video where she’s trying to show at Least from what I can grasp from it that People do deal with the fact that they Are say fat shamed or they do feel bad About themselves or they do live in a Society where they don’t feel like They’re good enough depression’s at an All-time high we give ssris to so many People that you know work as well as Pez You know and we we have a lot of people That are struggling especially after the Pandemic with emotional disorders so She’s pointing that out but instead you Want to look look at it rifle through it Find the word fat not realize what the Actual meaning of it is and then poison Her with it right it just doesn’t make Any sense to me it’s like she’s just Trying to point out how somebody else Might feel who’s one of her fans right But she has to like every other actor or Actress who has had this happen you have To come out and fight it you have to say Agreed I do not care what you think About this my point was this this is Art Trying to show you that people are Self-critical and don’t shall have to Apologize for whatever for her obviously She’s not fat that’s the whole point Right Yeah which one of those Right you remember Chris Pine when he Was listening to Guardians of the Galaxy At the movie theater or watching it

Responder Chris Pratt Pine the lesser of The Chris’s yeah um he’s he said turn it Up and he tweeted it out turn it up Hashtag Guardians of the Galaxy or Whatever it was and the deaf Community Came after him I’m not even kidding we Covered it on the show no I remember Right and he he came out and he actually Signed an apology and I was like You just you just have to say I’m sorry You can’t hear it this music’s amazing He didn’t have to at all deaf people no Yeah That is true he he really didn’t need to Target now the deaf Community is a big Thing you know uh reg obviously worked Here is brilliant he he has a son who’s Deaf and another one who is hearing Impaired and he said it’s really a Problem that doesn’t need to exist in Modern times in the sense that you know You either get to the point of Cochlear Implants or right you know hearing aids Have gotten much better for sure not Entirely solvable but we’ve made great Strides and there’s an entire component Of the deaf Community who says well no That’s shaming deafness and they want to Remain deaf go watch the sound of metal I watch this is great acting like wait He gets kicked out of the death the deaf Club because he got because he got a Cochlear implant you kick him out oh He’s no longer one of us yeah it’s like

Children of the Corn why not yes was That children of the corner freaks bro Yeah My point is this lizzo you’re not Skating as F or aaf skinny AF I don’t Care let’s move on to school this is What actually matters hopefully we can Safeguard against this this ABS Tomfoolery I’m trying to We Can’t yes That we can’t All Is Lost it’s like that Robert Redford filmed That was a terrible movie boy it left me Wanting to kill myself he made he’s made A lot of kind of back before being Honest yeah yeah speaking of crap let’s Move on to public schools here so in This country right now you may not know Of this and I think this is really Valuable because for the first time we Kind of have an Apples to Apples Comparison which we didn’t have before With homeschooling and with public Schools because the methods were so Different right yeah and now a lot of Homeschooling has moved online and of Course we know for the last two years Public Schools who have a way way way More money and qualifications have Largely moved online as well well the 2022 results from the national Assessment of Education sorry National Assessment of Education progress the Naep it’s the acronym isn’t even short Enough

So grades four through eight they’re in We have an assessment now It’s not good new test results from the Nation’s report card show in Most states Fourth and 8th graders are falling Behind in reading and math lesson scores Are historic the worst decline ever Recorded with roughly 25 percent of Fourth graders and 38 percent of 8th Graders performing below the basic level The lowest of the three achievement Levels for the test students who are Already struggling in school showed the Most dramatic drop-off Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona calling the Results appalling and unacceptable is That that guy that makes like 450 000 a Year uh I think he makes a lot of money Did we talk about that guy these results Are appalling and unacceptable well Who’s in charge here President against me yeah that’s uh it’s My fault I did a really bad job what are You gonna do about it well not much you Can’t fire me no don’t be absurd I Wouldn’t fire myself don’t be uh don’t Be Meritocritist I’ve got tenure yes I need A raise yep so ACT scores by the way Also uh for uh the 10th through 12th Grade have fallen to their lowest point More than 30 years the lowest since 1991 and by the way this is even for States that don’t administer

Standardized tests California for Example their proficiency is down across The board right only 47 percent met the Standard for English only 33 with the Standard for meth that’s a four and six And a half percent drop since 2018-19 Right that semester in both categories That is dramatic And that’s also I think putting children In public schools today is is tantamount To child abuse hit the like button or You can comment below if you agree but Here’s the thing with all of this Happening with people having the lowest Test scores with people doing very very Poorly in school and not being educated They want more money yes when they go to The workforce yes because they don’t Have enough they don’t have enough Skills right to earn more they have Degrees and they have all the money but They can’t out compete mom with an iMac And by the way though we do need to be Clear right both sides of the coin here Not all people were negatively affected Uh by the pandemic in the online Learning challenges for example here We’ve lived this right we’ve hired uh Some great new interns [Music] Hey dude what’s the craziest thing you Did during your online learning I Cheated on my Spanish final nice Um

I eat I use my brother’s old pieces on Stingrays to pass biology yeah I had had sex with my teacher Weren’t you homeschooled Yeah [Music] Won’t you come to me [Music] So I have a question for you The result The results for public schools are in so Let’s connect can we compare it to Homeschooling and by the way the more You dive into these numbers all References are available at We like to think that all homeschool Kids they’re they’re maladjusted and That’s bad they don’t do very well and There’s been there’s been a real Movement by the way not just people like John Oliver but people in the government From the left trying to make it more Difficult or nearly impossible to Homeschool in Canada where I was raised I knew one kid who was homeschooled I Don’t know the regulations and I know It’s a lot of Hoops to jump through and You made fun of him most likely yeah Well he was weird Simon was a weird kid According To You Porn it’s a sticky Situation it can be so here’s uh the United States census their pulse survey Showed homeschooling skyrocketed from

Five percent of households in the spring Of 2022 to over 11 by the Fall so a Doubling to be clear and we have the Results again they’re learning online Right in public schools a lot of Homeschooling now is online or at the Least at the very least parents are sort Of following along usually mom big Components with a syllabus I don’t know If you call an online syllabus exactly Or some kind of a course outline Homeschool students on average scored 15 To 30 percent above public school Students in the standardized academic Achievement test and here’s something Else that’s important black homeschooled Students black American homeschool Students actually did 23 to 42 percent Better than black students in public Schools and this is data you won’t have But I’m willing to bet why Or at least it’s component probably uh Young black Americans who are being Homeschooled I’m willing to bet that a Higher percent of them have fathers in The household because of the kinds of People who typically homeschool they’re Typically traditional you typically need A father there if you’re going to have One of the parents homeschooling a Strong family unit because it’s even More drastic than just the average it’s Higher for black homeschool students so For talking about this we’re talking

About improving we’re talking about Improving the black community here in This country why don’t we talk about Homeschooling because it’s not a money Issue yeah well I think there’s a large Amount of peer pressure as well that That they’re benefiting from at home School yeah yeah depending on the Neighborhood yeah well I mean it’s one Of those you made the point like you Obviously you’ve got to have somebody Earning living somebody’s staying home With the children right do the Homeschooling but I I don’t know if I Had to guess my impression of Homeschooled people like you said Maladjusted like socially a little bit Awkward I would not have guessed doing Much much better overall than public Schools oh I did I never would have Guessed that really no I I know some Smart people that were homeschooled but I would just assume that the school System would have you know billions and Billions of dollars to have better Educational Services for people and I Was wrong no no no I wasn’t I would Never have guessed that I just I know Are you serious I never would have Guessed that you never would have Guessed that homeschool students do Better than public schools too no I Would have thought that they just chart Their own curriculum well I mean I was

Like Mom can’t possibly be as good as a Public they still have to get their GED No I do they well Oh you mean the Homeschool yeah yeah no I understand I Thought you meant what I mean yeah sorry They’re good enough to agree yes So no I I’m surprised that you’re Surprised yeah no I I always said I’ve Always known that the numbers are higher But here’s where it also is is even more Important when you look at how much Money is spent on public schools you Know you see those stupid bumper Stickers when the Air Force needs to Host a bake sale to raise money for Their bombers and public schools get all The money they need if you look at total Spending when you include federal and State spending we spend way more on Education now let’s also look at Specifically right you would think the Pandemic People now could say well we weren’t Prepared the reason it’s gone down is Because we weren’t prepared for the pet By the way the pandemic did not cause uh Proficiency scores deployment it was the Insane dishonest reactions yes to covet 19. covid-19 didn’t make kids Dumber Also you weren’t prepared well 190 Billion dollars that was allocated to Schools in response to covet says you Were 190 billion dollars and you’re acting

Like it just came upon you like a thief In the night 190 billion should soften That Landing a little bit because that’s What you guys said you needed you said Teachers unions across the country one You said you couldn’t go to work because It was a scary place because people Could get sick right even though we knew A lot about the virus by that point you Just said we need more money they were Striking in Chicago for more money yeah They were striking everywhere that they Were striking for more money because It’s all about the student it’s not About the teacher but but if you pay me More I’ll do a better job that’s Essentially what we’ve been hearing but Then we give you 190 billion dollars in Additional funding that’s either Earmarked or taken already right and Your results well the average standing Spending per pupil um or the federal Government I believe I believe this is Only a federal government we have the References uh yeah only the federal Government That’s not including State Spending which is a huge component of Public schools spending thirteen Thousand dollars per student by the way In some low income districts the coveted Funding alone and by the way when I say Low income I do mean there’s a higher Percentage right this is where they’ll Try and accuse you being racist if you

Say there’s a higher percentage of black Americans but then they’ll say by the Way uh of course uh there’s Environmental racism because these uh These factories or these uh these oil Refineries they get set up in low-income Low-income areas which have a lot of Black people but if you say it here look This negatively affects black Americans More so in some low-income districts Coveted funding alone allocated an Additional thirty thousand dollars per Student wow and homeschooled kids Children do we say of color that’s the Term it feels dirty saying that I’m Gonna say black kids Person of color is any different from Colored people and I just feel like five Years from now it’s going to turn on us So black is always relatively safe there You go thirty thousand dollars per Student now let’s compare that to so That’s 190 billion just covet Okay now there are 3.7 million Homeschooled students right as of 20 20 21. that actually saved taxpayers 56 Billion dollars you know you’ve heard me Talk about this when people say well the Wall is going to be expensive the wall If you were to build it on the southern Border would be somewhere between 20 Billion dollars to 40 billion dollars Depending on the estimates you use Illegal immigrants cost the taxpayers

Well over a hundred billion dollars Annually right homeschooled students Save 56 billion dollars for taxpayers 190 billion net negative right you spend It versus making 56 billion hey we also Know the test scores are better we also Know that it helps students of color More how about we create this is a Perfect example we don’t need to spend More money we need to pull it back and Create incentives and make it easier and More efficient for kids to be Homeschooled and let them maybe Participate in sports there maybe Participate in some of the Extracurricular activities make it more Of a part of our society because we know That it performs better but it’s the Money that’s the money principles I mean The reason they have attendance policies It’s not because of the test scores of Course they have to have a baseline but When they go way below the Baseline and Hit their head on the bar they still get To do their job right it’s because the More days you’re there that’s how they Get their money and their funding if You’re not there they don’t get paid for You that day from the government that’s How it works there are taxpayers out There just waiting to give you their Money Are you man enough to take it do you Have the balls to take it it takes brass

Balls to be a public school teacher I’m Sorry real hero I’m here on a Mission of Mercy I wish when I was getting screamed at For never going to class they were just Like it’s about money yes yeah they Would have that’s exactly what they Would have just said it they should have Been like look oh okay 20 bucks a class Yes yeah make a deal we’ve known this Before but I’m hoping you know I talked About this yesterday you know you see Cuban Americans are the most Consistently conservative voting Bloc Why because they’ve lived it because a Lot of Cuban Americans they’re actual Refugees by the way they were a Generation of refugees right so they Fled a government which was legitimately Persecuting them okay to be clear and so Since they’ve lived it they have said we Reject socialism in all of its forms and They’re reliably conservative we’ve Always known that spending does not Correlate with Public Schools no uh to Any type of actual measurable outcomes By the way for example there’s no Correlation between spending and better Scores Washington DC they spend thirty Thousand dollars per student on average It’s the second worst okay in the Country as far as the naep wonderful Acronym who’s number one I really want To know is it Detroit first I have no

Idea I thought I thought Detroit would Be in the running it could be Poughkeepsie just be one Yeah didn’t Ellen give the school board Of Detroit like a giant check and then They just went and bought stuff for the Principal Several times everybody who has a lot of Money thinks oh I can just throw money At it Mark Zuckerberg gave a hundred Million dollars or at least contributed To the fund that raised 100 million Dollars for Newark Public Schools when Cory Booker was there and actually Running the program I’ve mentioned it Before it doesn’t do anything so it does Not do anything it went to him getting Some wonderful haikus for his Instagram Well yeah oh my gosh that guy’s just the Worst Tatum no here’s but now you’re Living it hey parents you’re what I’d Love to hear from you below right now if You’re watching if you’re listening have You had kids in public schools or if you Homeschool has it really been affected By the pandemic do we also really want An education system that is beholden Beholden to a a bad flu Four kids when we’re talking about the Death rates for children No this is the issue we’ve always known That spending does not correlate with Better outcomes and now hopefully you’ve Said oh 190 billion dollars more money

Than ever going into public schools are They better objectively they’re not Subjectively do you feel better about Sending your kid to public schools so Don’t ever let the left say oh we’re the Empathetics you’re not empathetic what I Don’t want to spend money in the Military I want to help our kids look That would work if the premise was Correct that throwing more money at the Education system makes it better it Hasn’t now I’m not saying that throwing More money at it makes it worse but I Can say that there is a reverse Correlation if you actually look on a Graph the more money we spend the Proficiency scores have gone down so I Can we can all definitively say more Money more money more money is not the Solution and we can all definitively say That homeschooling produces better Outcomes and saves the taxpayer money People want to talk about non-partisan Issues oh you’re just shouting over each Other okay Where’s the Common Ground here I can’t Imagine an issue where we should be able To find more common ground maybe Charter Schools but you guys don’t want that It’s really bad we talked about this Before we locked down the schools and The teachers didn’t want to go back to School we had doctors saying that not Only are going to have mental health

Issues the likes of which we have never Seen but this directly affects students And their ability to learn You made your decisions yeah well and One of the things that we didn’t talk About but if you look at Catholic Private schools yes in that same Proficiency report that came out and he Made Catholic private schools a state Right they would be number one in every Category for proficiency number one one Of the differences with Catholic private Schools one so this is the same solution With the ruler and make you drink uh Thank you last night’s vomit they beat You and then they sprinkle you so that’s Fine walking bull-legged yes no but the The two things and you can take these Over and you can apply these to public School as well one is parents are paying To send their kids yeah the private School so parents are invested there’s Buy-in in their education right and two Better quality teachers because there’s Competition at private Catholic schools If you don’t have a good Academic Program which means you’re sending People to the next level either for jobs Or to colleges they’re doing well They’re having good outcomes people tend To look at your program and go ah it’s Not worth the money I’m gonna go do Something else public school has never Had to compete right all you need to do

Right now is get rid of funding for Public education get get rid of all of The payments certainly on the federal Level yeah for the federal level get rid Of all the payment mechanisms whether it Be property taxes in the state of Texas Or other places that tax another way Give that money to parents and say okay Here you are responsible for your Child’s education because guess what you Are it doesn’t matter what the Government does you are responsible for Your child’s education and teachers You’re going to have to compete just Like everybody else public school was a Great try yeah we missed it we need to Change and we won’t unless teaching Unions are gone you know what it makes Me think of too people would always say You know they talk about Ebenezer Scrooge by the way but it’s my favorite Piece of fiction ever is A Christmas Carol it’s like the Fifth Gospel yeah But A Christmas Carol evanese it really Is a story of a liberal becoming a Conservative because remember when they Came to him for donations he said oh There are no prisons are there no poor Houses these are government-run entities In other words in his mind it was that’s Off my plate right I don’t need to do Anything about it the government’s Supposed to handle it is it and then After his moment of redemption he said

You know what it is up to me to get to Charity it is up to me to be a good Christian to do the Christian thing to Help my fellow man it is not up to me to Just pass it off to the government and Of course this is also I see the left That they want to remove the tax exam Status of the church this is why the Left constantly denigrates the church Constantly misrepresents the fact that They’re more giving that they’re more Charitable they’re more generous middle Class Christian conservative Americans Are the most generous people on the Planet as a percentage of their income Bar None it’s not even close references Available at we’ve Talked about this several times before It’s really easy for the left to say We’re compassionate especially when 47 Of Americans don’t even pay any federal Income tax maybe it’s down to 43 right Now I don’t know really easy to say yeah Yeah that’s being taken care of over There I’ve done my part it’s a lot more Difficult for you to sit down and look The people who are affected in the face And do your job to help them and you Know what your job is in this case your Mom your dad You need to teach your kids you don’t Need a degree You just need to care But of course we know all the true

Heroes that’s you know that’s their Problems they care too much that’s true They give too much and by the way I care Too much about quality Firearms so Before we leave uh Walter they’re the Official firearm of Lottery Studios uh This is the Walther PDP you can go to shop online or they’ll Find your dealer locator look I don’t Need to say this is like cheat codes the PDP with a red dot it’s absurd just go And try it they have the balls to Sponsor the show I think you’ll love it And uh you know look everybody out there If you’re a parent you put your kids in Public schools oh well I have no Common Ground With You YouTube we’re about to Talk Andrew Tate Is off [Music]

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