Rapper Takeoff From “The Migos” Shot Dead At Age 28 OVER THIS…

By | November 1, 2022

The rapper known as Takeoff from the group ”The Migos” was shot dead at age 28 in Houston, Texas. The story is still developing but some of the basic details are known… (CONTINUE READING / SOURCES: )

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Here we are yet again [Music] How’s everybody doing my name is Anthony Brown Logan and today we’re going to Talk about the shooting death of rapper Takeoff from the group Migos he was just 28 years old now this story is really Crazy but unfortunately not uncommon I Just did a video the other day or a few Weeks ago about the rapper pnb Rock who Got shot and killed over in L.A and you Could do a story pretty much every month About a rapper that is being killed in That year I think I saw a stat that said 300 Rappers died in one year recently it Might have been 20 21 or 2020 Y’all let me know for wrong about that But it’s becoming more and more common When I was a kid And Biggie and Tupac got shot and killed It was like unheard of like really they Got shot killed wow rappers really Getting shot and killed now of course Rappers got shot and killed back then But it wasn’t to see a popular person Like that just get murdered at 25 26 Years old it was not very common at Least not to hear about but now this Seems to be the norm unfortunately now Let’s get into what happened as far as What we know and a disclaimer this is Going to be some speculation some rumors That are floating around but I think we

Have some pretty good sources because One of the sources had a picture from Right there on the ground right when it Happened or right before it happened so This person was in the mix of the Incident let’s talk about what happened Now this incident happened in Houston Texas At a hotel from that mistaken or close By Hotel There was a dice game going on if you Don’t know about diets game basically Just gambling for money you know you’re Rolling Dice and that’s that’s the whole Thing it’s about money trying to win Some money gambling Now The group Migos has three members Recently there was a little bit of a Split in the group so one of the members Who has been doing more stuff with his Wife cardi B offset he is not really in The group anymore okay because of how Popular he has become just being cardi B’s husband So the two remaining members of the Group are quavo and takeoff takeoff is The one who got killed quavo is Takeoff’s uncle But they’re only about three years apart In age cuevos three years older than Takeoff So The Story Goes quavo was In today’s game Roland dice whatever and

He’s getting beat real badly he’s losing His pockets or being quote unquote Running as they say So he’s getting upset about losing the Dice game allegedly again this is all What I’ve been able to see from a source This might be wrong but I don’t think it Is So he’s losing the game And then he begins to get a little bit Heated with some of the guys who were Out there in Houston and I think these Are local Houston Texas guys He’s getting heated he’s getting upset a Scuffle breaks out and gunshots go off And take off who was not even really Involved it wasn’t even in the dice game Like that he was just kind of in the Corner just quiet not saying a thing he Just happens to get hit because he’s Right there in the midst of the gunfire Now what also is being stated is that Members of the Migos meaning quavoin Takeoffs Entourage they began to shoot At the other guys first But one of the guys from there Entourage Accidentally hit take off and that’s the Shot that got him on the ground Now they’re also saying that the other Guys the Texas guys were shooting back And one of the bullets may have hit take Off again and that could have killed Them but I think the very first thing That happened was friendly fire from

Takeoffs on people so people are saying Hey why wasn’t there any kind of Security these rappers got a lot of Money and they’re big targets so why Boys in their into security I think the Guys who had the guns and his Entourage May have been in security but see the Problem with that is And I’ve said this a lot and again I’m Speculating so y’all this is just my Opinion about what I think happened this Is not like verbatim underground news Reporting A lot of these rapper guys get their Homeboys from the hood To carry a gun and be security But a lot of these guys aren’t really Trained as security So that’s when a lot of problems happen These guys are getting gun charges and These guys you know they might try to Snitch on you or make up a story to get Out of trouble it’s just a bunch of Other stuff going on I think it might Have been uh DJ Vlad that said this he Was like look I’m not gonna Deal with just my friends my homies from The hood I’m gonna get retired law Enforcement maybe even current law Enforcement somebody that is going to do The right thing I know they’re trained In certain situations I know they’re Ready to use their weapon they can use It properly when it comes time for court

Action they’re going to be there they’re Not going to try to do anything funny Because they already are law abiding They’re former law enforcement so they Understand the law they understand how To operate in these situations and it Just makes more sense rather than Getting your homie from the hood who may Be able to carry a gun but it’s not Really using it properly who does not Have the right situational awareness Because in that moment where they’re Just fighting and there’s no gunfire Going on or no threat of gunfire going On then maybe it shouldn’t have been Gunfire started from the Migos Entourage And again this is just what I’ve been Able to read so far but the facts of the Matter is that Take off with shot and killed at age 28 In Houston Texas and it originated over An argument over our dice game Which he played he probably wasn’t even Involved with it he probably was just There as an innocent bystander and got Hit by a crossfire that is what it’s Looking like right now and it’s really Unfortunate but people are saying you Know this is a result of the music if You don’t want this kind of violence to Happen then stop talking about it in the Music Blaming the music in my opinion is a Cop-out we got to get down to the core

What’s going on that’s black American Culture you got to get down to that you See and people sometimes they say hey Man you’re not part of the culture what Culture what are you talking we’re Talking about people getting shot and Killed every day we talking about just Uh degenerate Behavior you know it like Not participating in society properly is That what we’re talking about is Black Culture I reject that as being part of Black Culture but unfortunately too many Black people in America specifically Subscribe to that and I’m just not Really with it and it’s weird because Those of us that don’t want to subscribe To it we’re often ostracized by the So-called black community which I hate That term as well because that kind of Goes into the whole Black Culture thing Or you got to have this negative culture This this hateful resentful destructive Culture that does nothing to help anyone It might help some guys get a bunch of Money from pushing these violent Ridiculous rap songs but it doesn’t Really help you as far as Being able to move forward in the real Way because these guys and Amigos Multi-millionaires and what I know They’ve been around for a long time You’ve heard music before you’ve been to A pro basketball game pro football game You have heard their music you’ve heard

It on television on the radio you know Who cardi B is which is Um offset’s wife You know about these guys you’ve heard Their music they’re multi-millionaires Rich and famous but yet they’re still Out there playing dice rolling dice like They’re in the streets I mean it’s that that kind of mentality You got to get away from which is why a Lot of guys when they start to get a lot Of money they have to leave the So-called Hood you gotta leave Not only do you leave the hood Physically but you leave it mentally you See these guys could physically leave Out of a bad neighborhood and go to a Nice neighborhood build a house out There in the hills in Los Angeles live Very good lives but then they wouldn’t Bring their their gang banging homeboys Up there they wouldn’t bring the the the The the weed smoke and all kind of just Ridiculous stuff up there Damaging the culture of a place and Still putting themselves in danger you See just like pnb rock it’s like sir you Are somebody I’m not really sure if he Was rich and famous but he was somebody Right I knew a little bit about who he Was I heard his name before So which is which so what are you doing In this gang infested area in Los Angeles where are your jewelry on you

Can’t you can’t be there like you just Want to keep it quote unquote keep it Real and have ties to the hood and now You’re dead Keep it real and artists and that now You did So I don’t know at a certain point Blaming the music is A cop out it’s an excuse at a certain Point it’s just us As American people as black Americans And the culture that we perpetuate not Me I’m just saying we because I’m Included in it because people say hey Why aren’t you part of the culture why Aren’t you part of the so-called Community I mean what how how can that Assist me how can that help me all I see Coming from the so-called Community is a Bunch of negativity and violence and Death so who wants to be part of that Everybody wants to to leave it and go Higher now I’m not saying that’s all Black Culture quote-unquote is but There’s too much of that right there and Too many of us celebrate it as a virtue When it’s clearly not But I think I’ll leave that right there For now and what should you how do you Feel about what’s going on here with uh The rapper known as takeoff being shot And killed at age 28 In Houston whatever your thoughts are Let me know in the comments below you

Guys pretty much know where I’m at this Is something that has become far too Common Um and it’s just over the pettiest Things I think pnb Rock got killed just Because he had some jewelry on while Eating some food at the Roscoe Chicken And Waffles the guy uh what’s that pop Smoke he was killed who knows what Happened with that it might have been Some some more it could just be envy Jealousy I mean just just no reason just Little petty beef uh a fight an argument A wrong look stuff like that can get you Just wiped off of the planet And it’s like at the end of it was it Even worth it was it worth it to go out There in today’s game was it worth it to Take that man’s life was it worth it to Be having your your homeboys be security And then they shoot and kill you by Accident Is it worth it I’m just trying to figure It out but whatever your thoughts are Please let me know in the comments below And that’s all I gotta say for this Video if you like what you heard please Comment rate share And subscribe Peace Foreign

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