Racist Schoolboard Fires Black Superintendent

By | December 14, 2022

A newly elected, Moms For Liberty and far right supported schoolboard immediately fired the district’s first ever black superintendent. They claim to be doing this on behalf of their district’s children but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Jackson White breaks it down.

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Ladies and gentlemen you are being Fooled by these six watch what's the Next motion watch the motion listen Carefully you all have been sandbagged I Make permission to terminate the Employment of Mr Dion Jackson the Superintendent of the Berkeley County School District effective immediately do We have a second you want your children To not know the truth because Because you're racist it's so funny how All these conservative Patriot Pro-american causes are always you know Like founded in racism you know what I'm Saying on day one my man literally Didn't even have a chance to make a Reputation for himself within that Position he didn't even have an Opportunity to you know show people what He's made of in that position I know the Justification and the rationale Reasoning for firing an individual who Just was proficient in his first Annualization Foreign [Applause] Mr chairman you made the motion what's The reason why are we terminating his Employment Mr Barrow I'm not going to Discuss Personnel matters no no we don't Want him because well he's black and Critical race there he's going all over The place and that means that he's going To push that when in reality people in

You know kids in fourth and third and Sixth grade aren't learning about the Intricacies of the the this battle and That battle and this slave ship and that Slave ship and this is how uh you know America intervened in in Central America People when you're in the third grade You're not learning super in-depth Details about American history you're Learning basic things and most public School systems are rather pro-american In the way that they teach stuff anyway So all of this outrage and fear over Critical race Theory really just goes to Show how racist these people are all in Favor please respond by saying aye Aye any opposed The motion carries six to three it is Unbelievable that on the first night of A new That such would come up We have people all over the country who Honestly believe that public school Systems that barely have budgets to Afford anything are putting litter boxes In their schools for kids who identify As furries even though that's you know Not been found anywhere because it's Completely ridiculous Joe Rogan he he Talks about it and then he has people Like Matt Walsh who come on his podcast And you know luckily Joe uh and his Editor corrected him on the spot are you Talking about hormone blockers yeah but

Millions of kids have been on hormone Blockers really uh I'm sure someone's going to fact check Me out man but my my guess is that we're In we're into the millions now at this Point yeah that'll be my guess it says Over the last five years there were at Least 4 780 adolescents who started Puberty blockers and at a prior gender Dysphoria diagnosis that while she's Just like millions of kids are Undergoing uh gender surgery and puberty Blockers and all that and it's like and They look at the numbers like actually It's about a thousand a year so or a Thousand and a million not one million Millions that's quite a gap that's quite A distance because conservatives just Make stuff up they just make stuff up That's all they do they literally just Get on camera and say things and Millions of people around the country Believe it's so much to the point that We gotta fire this black man on day one Because we don't want our children Learning about the truth about the United States Okay I make I make a motion to name Anthony Dixon [Applause] I mean like what are you so scared of Like I'm very concerned uh that my child Is going to learn that in fact what

Christopher Columbus wasn't a good guy And like seriously what are you so Afraid of because I mean whether it's Christopher Columbus or the fact that we Had segregation in this country let Alone slavery but you know the process Through the Civil Rights era of what we Did to get the Civil Rights bill passed And so on and so forth why don't you Want your kids learning about that what What do you want them learning you want Them learning that you know the pilgrims Came over here and we just got along Great and somehow a hundred million People practically just disappeared you Know from the tip of North America to The tip of South America practically Well there's a much more indigenous People in Central and South America but Still we're talking about the United States you know when was the last time You saw an indigenous Native American You have to really look hard for them When they used to be all over the Country right how are we going to Explain that did they just disappear one Day they just woke up and walked up a Staircase to Heaven I mean well what are We talking about here you want your Children to not know the truth because You're racist