By | November 1, 2022

In today’s video, Christopher Greene calls on the Holy Spirit to Bring the TRUTH of Jesus Christ.
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All right ladies and gentlemen Diamond Nuts Productions Like and share we’re going to talk about The introduction of the Antichrist in Our lifetime because it’s here First little word of advice you want to Live a long strong healthy life A life of progress life of joy Get out there keep moving That’s my philosophy in fact if I’m Moving I’m not dead yet I think it’s good life of ice Anyways ladies and Gentlemen let’s talk About the Antichrist Elon Musk Emblazoned himself With a full devil outfit last night on The very holiday of Halloween And is dressed as Satan and like a seven Thousand dollar Costume dressed quite literally like the Devil with the beast emblazoned on his Chest and also upside down crosses all Over his body in addition his mother Who’s very much in the occult she was Dressed what appeared to be like a witch And of course has been in multiple Fashion shoots and magazines holding the All-Seeing Eye It’s important to know Elon Musk who’s Worshiped by most of our society for Almost being like a god a technological God who’s building all the AI Infrastructure The Hive self-driving car Web the Tesla bot who’s buying Twitter

For the AI to plug into the artificial Intelligence and more importantly the Neuralink chip which I believe is the Mark of the beast because I mean quite Literally it can’t get more obvious It’s the Mark if you’re going to put Something in your head it is absolutely The mark of the beast or your right hand And they’re transitioning all of our Society away from what’s already in our Right hands just like right now this Cell phone and they’re going to merge it Digitally with human beings it’s called Transhumanism and the agenda here is See Satan’s an idiot Smart and crafty okay but can never Replicate the Beauty and the amazingness And Holiness and the omniscience and the Absolute power that God has he can’t Make or create is the better word the Perfect human Being and could never create what was Absolutely perfect in the Garden of Eden Through Adam and Eve the only thing Satan can do And the Antichrist can do is perverted And so what we’re going through is this Alterations fourth generation Warfare Everything is tied into this by the way Everything going on with the AI the wars Overseas and by the way the United States government now admits U.S troops Are on the ground not only have they Been funneling in hundreds of billions

Of dollars to zelinski and other weapons Of war they are now officially on the Ground that’s been emitted by the Pentagon and all these events are Planned in my opinion so like the energy Crisis where in the Czech Republic They’re paying 15 times what they once Paid with energy bills Yeah that’s the plan dude so that they Can blame what’s going on with the Weather and they can transition out of a Petro dollar into the new currency not Just cbdc’s but what they’re promoting Which is clean energy and a transition From Big Oil and hydrocarbons which is What they want see they create the Problem to get the reaction to provide The solution very much in hegelian Dialectic fashion to go the direction That they want everybody to go And that’s exactly what’s happening so My point here is if we look at Elon Musk Particularly the entire ecosystem that He’s building Is all connected whether or not it’s a SpaceX satellites which are weapons of War that are replacing NASA that connect Those connected by chips which they say And this is how they sell it I’ve said This for years they sell it well it’s Only going to be for people with palsy Or people that are handicapped or can’t Walk or Alzheimer’s but no this becomes Ubiquitous

Even the future of Education isn’t College it is getting some kind of Certification from Tesla or Amazon for The future job the whole goal is to Replace Humanity with these transhuman Robots and this AI so the elites can Upload their Consciousness so to speak And live forever but what this is is Eternal damnation It is Desolation it is turning away from God it is allowing your soul to die and To perish in a very Fallen World and we Know these truths because we can see That most people really are deceived it Tells us even the elect will be deceived So people worship Technologists like Elon Musk Etc and Again all this is connected for example Bitcoin’s launched 14 years ago marked On yesterday occurred on Halloween very Few people know that I’m smart enough to Understand that understand the occult And obviously where all this stuff Originally had come from just like the Internet was a DARPA creation so was Blockchain what they did is they open Sourced the technology out to Silicon Valley people like vitalik booterin that Teal and others of the PayPal Mafia Funded to get that out and to develop it To a stage where later on they can co-op The space this is literally what’s going On this is why you need to get involved This is why I do everything I Do by the

Way because I’m a freedom fighter I Actually care about Humanity I don’t Want people to merge with machines take The mark of the beast and take the chip We’re losing our Humanity We’re losing Family Values we’re losing Community so here’s another piece of Advice if you think you’re just going to Go build your own individual Homestead And hide in the mountains that’s not Going to work this is a Multi-generational Fourth stage fifth stage style type of War if you’re not forming communities And if you’re not networking and Building your own new alternative Ecosystems you’re going to perish you’re Absolutely going to Paris because I see A lot of people doing that they’re like Well I’ll just get my two acres my plot I’ll drop out of society and uh I’ll Just kind of do my own thing well maybe That’s okay if it’s just you but if you Have a family and you care about your Kids and their ability to survive in This world then you’re gonna have to Form ecosystems again the Supreme Court Just upheld this over your face I don’t Know if you saw that they upheld it Proving in my opinion that the Supreme Court is completely compromised and I Would argue America is compromised I Mean personally I identify with Breathing so is that not a violation of

My freedom of not just speech but also My body of course it is but again we’ve Allowed this to transpire so you also Need to understand this too is that this Has already happened okay there’s no Resistance coming if it was going to Come it would have already happened the Resistance now is actually finding Solutions building new things that’s why I was really pissed off on Saturday Because Alex Jones was actually Defending Elon Musk and his brain chips Days before Elon Musk shows up in a Satanic devil worshiping quite literal Satan dress Garb for Halloween like all These people in my view They’re imperfect vessels maybe they’ve Done some good things but they’re Literally leading the Sheep to slaughter And the truth is not enough good people Stood up over the last couple years not Enough pastors not enough conservative Puppets look at how Ben Shapiro now is Saying he made a mistake going along With the party line him and his wife About that topic we can’t talk about so You’re telling me Ben that you had no Discernment at all and that in addition To that you’re part of the problem Because you helped lead Millions if not Billions of people to slaughter over the Last couple of years very very sad very Few men very few women actually stood up And so I encourage you guys to stand up

I encourage you to understand the truth I encourage you to understand that this Is a spiritual war this is a spiritual Battle and this is all about the new Ecosystem of Satan The Beast is rising and he’s being Introduced in our lifetime and we’re Seeing all this transpire of course in The great land of Israel and we’re going To watch this all transpire in our Lifetimes and get much much worse you Know to a certain extent a lot of this Is Unstoppable from the standpoint it’s Not like any man certainly not me is Going to stop God’s glory and the Prophecy of the holy book but we’re also Instructed to build stuff and to create Okay and to build things like the ark Like Noah did in the face of adversity In the face of cowardice and I see a lot Of cowards honestly in the United States Of America I see a lot of people that Say well I can’t do anything so I’m just Going to give up and bury my head in the Sands you’re a coward honestly you’re an Absolute coward real men and real women That have faith build stuff lead create Help give and you don’t need money to do That I talk about this all the time you Don’t need need physical capital they’ll Teach you that school how to get that You don’t need that you just need a pure Heart All that God cares about is a pure heart

Jesus cares about where you stand with Him what you’re doing with this short Time here on Earth Ladies and gentlemen Brothers and sisters so as we sit at the Edge of the Abyss as we enter and are Living quite literally through end times Today I want you to stand not kneel only for Jesus I want you to stand encouraged I Want you to stand with his eternal Reign I want you to stand with his glory with The truth and the light and understand And know with a hundred percent Conviction that not only does he win you Win and we win we will be rewarded Ladies and gentlemen for our faith Just like Noah just like David only had A few Pebbles to defeat Goliath As we approach the heartache and the Trauma and the weaponization of Minds This new fourth generation technological Tower of Babel Warfare it is important That our rock is the king It is important again that our very Foundation is Jesus So I pray with all of you today I hope you found this video and Lightning I hope the Holy Spirit spoke Through me I encourage all of you to Stand and resist and to only kneel for Jesus Christ Our King Oh Lord dear God I pray for this Audience I pray for everyone here today

For our strength and our courage our Ability to build great things to build Our arcs needed in a storm to never give Up and to completely rely on you Jesus Christ Our King Oh lord your power is amazing you are an Amazing Lord you are an amazing God Bless this audience and give them the Absolute courage today faith and let Them feel your glory in their hearts Bring joy and happiness to a fallen World and let your kingdom come Anyways guys I love you I’m Gonna Keep Moving because like like I said if I Ain’t moving it means I’m gone keep Moving look to the stars look to the Moon thousand X yourself I got links Below make sure you get in God bless and Share this video a thousand times Worldwide Foreign

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