PROOF: Fox News Has No Sense Of Humor

By | December 29, 2022

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And then today Giselle uploaded this Picture outside of John fetterman's Senate Office this time Half his body was cropped Out In Fairness at least he's wearing a suit And not a hoodie and basketball shorts But still Giselle take Center Stage Which of course was the plan here all Along You know sometimes I don't like it when People say well is it a slow news day is That why you're doing this random story Specifically in this case people might Say that about Fox News there is a Tucker Crossing tonight villain host uh Talking about John fetterman now if There is a slow news day the reason I Don't like that insult is there's Nothing I can do about it right you just Have to pick up with whatever but if You're gonna do something like this Randomly on a slow news day each at Least know what it is that's happening Fox News is losing their minds over John Fetterman being cropped out of photos by His wife can you believe it now this is The Scandal as a matter of fact he's not The only one around took across at night Harris Faulkner also talked about it Let's watch Going after Senate Senator elect John Fetterman's wife Giselle after she Posted this pic many were quick to point

Out that her husband has partially Cropped out And accused Mrs fetterman of using it For her own 15 minutes of fame one Critic said she wanted this so badly for Herself LOL another first day for Senator elect Gisele fetterman and why Is she even there your thoughts Well she's a lot better looking than he Is so as a man who's married to a wife That is far better looking I'm sure John Fetterman would say I don't even need to Be in this photo but he's not able to do The job Harris and uh and the reality Here is that it does feel as it Basically Pennsylvania has elected his Life and she certainly is furthering That idea uh with these photos maybe She's gonna step down and the new Democrat governor-elect is going to end Up appointing her when her husband can't Do the job Yo this is what happens when it's a slow News day you take something like this You can joke about it that's fine but Then it goes to that means she's gonna Be a sworn in and she's taking over over A picture over him being halfway cut out Of it are we for real or there's this One other thing you can do Look into it because if you did you Might find out things that I didn't know My producers found this out because they Did this small thing it was uh looking

Into it uh it's an inside joke if you Follow if you actually care about the Person that you're disparaging before They come into the Senate uh giselle's Instagram actually points out that they She does this because of how tall he is In comparison to her as you can see in This picture there's another one though It's like it's like a series where she Does this and it's uh kind of funny Here's another one she says DC date Night Pennsylvania senators in the house There he is oh but his nose is in it I Think she screwed that one up but there Was even an explanation John fetterman Talked about this two years ago I Understand you weren't following her in As closely two years ago but again he Did say this the origin of my head Exists Years ago Giselle Federman found a Bargain pair of shoes that she's excited About In order for post of her outfit and Shoes to fit into the frame she Literally cropped my head off people Messaged me thinking it was an accident So I call her and this is the call he Says it happened he goes hey honey my Head accidentally got cut off in that IG Pick she says I know he's you know sad Face she says it was the only way I Could make it fit in the frame and in The subsequent years the the only uh

There's only shock now when my head Actually makes it into the frame of These photos it's weird because it's Like they have a back and forth Relationship where they enjoy each other And they uh maybe some fun jokes here And there and in regards to women voting You know that was the worst thing that Ever happened to America too look at us Now women overwhelmingly vote Um on their emotions and their emotions And the Liberals are very good at Appealing to emotions oh look at these Migrant children they have nowhere to go Look at these uh this pregnant migrant Woman she has nowhere to go we have got To open up our borders and give her cash Assistance for the rest of her life here In America and women vote for that they Vote to have a uh weapons taken away our Second Amendment rights taken away women Used to vote uh they used to not vote Because their husband would make the Choice for them now if just our husbands And landowners were voting we'd be in a Much better place than we are now we'd Have closed borders we'd have uh no Infringements on our Second Amendment Rights red flag laws would be a thing of The past and uh we as women wouldn't be You know have such Authority and power Over who gets into elected office Because we don't deserve it the way that Women vote it's been terrible I'm

Apologizing as a female voter for the Rest of my fellow female voters It's almost like Herschel Walker if you Listen too long and I feel like wait Where are we going how do we take this Many turns Lauren whiskey doesn't want Women to vote as you heard there she's Pretty vehement about it the ironic part Is that she ran for office So wait should you hold office or should You not vote who should vote for your Ass men rich landowners as you said you Know we'd have that she said you know We'd have if we had like just the rich White men and landowners voting like we Used to and men making decisions for Their wives we'd have indentured Servitude we'd have slavery in fact That's what we had when we went through All those same things that you were Talking about cool fine whatever you Love it or you're trying to just I don't Know get kicked off of the not get Kicked off of the train Of stupidity and the hatred of the Country I guess you choose your sides