Progressives SLAM Trans Man Critical of Hormones?

By | October 14, 2022

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One trans man has caught the ire of the progressive community. Her crime? Pointing out the side effects of testosterone use…

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Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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Hey Lauren here let’s talk about Leftists attacking someone online simply For sharing some of the downsides or Negative aspects of transitioning Medically so a few days ago a viral Video clip was posted on Twitter by Someone named Casey Miller the video now Has around 5 million views and it was Accompanied by this caption just for Some perspective this is what almost Five years of hormones does to a teenage Girl remember I’m 21. yeah Um so I got out of my haircut Um because my hair was driving me nuts And I shaved it because I’m tired of Watching my hair thin out and it’s less Distressing if I shave it so when I talk About being too far gone not I don’t Really know what else to call it Um this is what I mean this is how deep My voice is Um it’s gotten deeper over time and it’s Settled Um this is what I mean by hair loss and It just keeps getting worse it keeps Thinning it keeps receding backwards Um You know and I’m not exactly sure that’s Coming back Um those are the main things when I talk About being androgenized Um to a point of no return Um I really don’t see those being Fixable

So that’s when I talk about You know just kind of staying how I am Regardless of how I feel Um that’s why just because I I don’t Really see me personally being able to Come back from what’s happened so far Yeah clearly this is someone who was Born female but apparently in her teens Decided to start taking cross-sex Hormones uh one of the results of which As we can see was her developing male Pattern baldness at the Rival age of 21. Now in addition to this video clip Casey Also shared some more of her personal Experience having transitioned in such a Young age and some of the things she was Sharing shocked me and I think shocked a Lot of people and you know what once her Thread and her video started blowing up Uh you would think that perhaps leftist Progressives people who are so tolerant And understanding of people who go Through gender dysphoria you would have Thought maybe that they would reach out To her and say you know what I’m sorry You went through this I’m sorry you’re Dealing with all these negative side Effects even if they simultaneously Affirm that you know for some people Transitioning is the right thing to do Or whatever but no apparently in 2022 we Can’t say anything negative about Transitioning medically even if it’s Grounded in fact and personal experience

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Find the link down in the description so I think it’s important to note here that I wouldn’t necessarily call kcad Transitioner because it seems like even Though she’s maybe not entirely happy Being trans she doesn’t have any plans To detransition specifically when Following up her viral video she Released this tweet thread it might have Been misconstrued but I never said I Would definitively detransition I’m also Not definitively saying I’m trans and That this was the right decision I’m a Realist and right now it would require a Lot of effort for me to revert back to The presentation of my birth sex Compared to socially presenting as I do Now I also have non-related medical Issues I’m trying to juggle plus my Mental health so it’s a balancing act She also continued additionally I don’t Have a strong yearning to present as Female at this moment to be honest I Don’t know what socially living as a Woman is like because I transitioned Before I reached adulthood to say it Would be a learning curve is an Understatement it doesn’t mean it won’t Ever happen and it doesn’t mean that I 100 regret transitioning rather I don’t Know it’s all up in the air and to be Determined so from the sounds of it this Is someone who made the decision to try Transition very early and on her account

She also discusses how she was going Through intense mental health problems At the time but now that she’s older it Seems she doesn’t know what she wants That she’s confused she doesn’t know What it would even mean to live as a Woman now as an adult woman because She’s never done that but also clearly She is aware of how masculine she looks Right now and that even if she wanted to De-transition and look like a woman it May not even be possible and it seems Like her looking so masculine is Something that she is very aware of Because in a separate tweet thread she Also wrote I don’t see any benefit to Attempting to live as a woman at this Point I know I know I’m 21 I have my Whole life ahead of me Etc but I think Things are too far gone to switch back It’s less about how I feel and more About how others feel I am not about to Subject women to the same discomfort Trans women are subjecting them to I Know how it feels to be uncomfortable to Have my space breached by a man to feel Violated I will not consciously do Anything to cause this kind of harm now Obviously that level of consideration to Other people out there especially other Women who might be women only spaces That is a level of empathy that it seems Like a lot of trans women nowadays don’t Have because they are more than happy to

Go into female locker rooms and just Flash their male parts at everyone so Kudos to Casey for at least being Self-aware enough in that regard oh and By the way here real quick guys I do Want to mention that I now have a second Political Channel called rabble Rouser I’ll link it below in the description There are exclusive videos on that Channel that are shorter and more Specifically political than the videos On this channel so if you would like to See more content from me then please go Ahead and follow rabble Rouser it would Mean a lot and now when looking at a Woman who is so young and admittedly I Think confused yet who has also made Such a huge decision to take these Hormones you might begin to wonder how Exactly did this happen well Casey Explains that too and sadly this sounds Like a tale that is becoming far too Common she wrote years of battling Severe depression years of therapy and Medical issues years of actively living With suicidal ideation every day led up To me seeking trans Healthcare I would Do anything back then to make the pain Go away and so would my mom she writes We acted out of desperation and she Trusted highly trained professionals at A reputable Children’s Hospital that This was the right thing to do she was Told that if I didn’t transition there

Was an almost 50 chance I would commit Suicide that’s what she was told she Writes we followed medical advice and it Didn’t fix much of anything I continued To struggle I continued to be suicidal Albeit for different reasons and that Was my reality that is my reality okay So this makes my stomach churn Especially as someone who is a parent I Do sympathize with all the parents out There whose kid comes to them and says Hey I’m confused uh you know I heard so And so talking about this online or at School I think I might be trans and so When they take them to a health Professional who you think you’d be able To trust and they are told yep you’ve Got to medically transition even if a Parent is initially against it to be Told that unless you do this there is a 50 chance your child will try to kill Themselves that is basically emotional Manipulation to coerce the parents into Doing whatever you want them to and Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t excuse The parents who go along with this Because they should have done more Research they should have looked in the Stories of the people who regret this They should have looked into the Ideology that is driving this but still I can only imagine how terrifying that Must be as a parent for your child to be Going through this Mental Health crisis

Or whatever it is and then to be told That by a doctor who you think you can Trust that’s so gross and I’m so Disappointed with the healthcare Industry I mean if the pandemic was Enough on top of it we have all this Trans stuff honestly I think we need to Start seeing prosecutions for the Medical professionals that are behind This there is no way that in a just World these people should be able to get Away with what they’ve done to so many Minors if you ask me Casey’s story is Heartbreaking my heart bleeds for this Young woman who because of a choice she Made at 16 now is gonna have her whole Life affected I mean who knows if she’s Able to have kids at this point who Knows if she’ll ever be able to Breastfeed I didn’t see if she got Top Surgery but clearly this mistake or this Decision she made at 16 it almost Certainly wasn’t when she was actually Meant and emotionally equipped to be Making and you know what regardless of Political affiliation I would hope that We would all sympathize with Casey the Struggles have really been worsened by The medical community but instead we Have this take from well-known trans Activists Contra points Contra whose Name is Natalie wrote this is what five Years of testosterone does to anyone With genetics for male pattern balding

Should we put CIS Boys on puberty Blockers until they’re old enough to Decide five years of estrogen gave me Cellulite when will big Endocrinology Answer for its crimes the person in the Video doesn’t even identify as a d-trans Woman he’s posting liquid hormones do to Teen girls because it’s click bait for Bigots no one cares when boys go bald But girls invoke the Mythos of precious White female flesh defiled irreversible Damage so yeah the problem here isn’t That a 16 year old girl who was having Mental health struggles uh was given Hormones by if you ask me opportunistic Doctors yeah no the issue here the cause Of this person’s distress is actually Just genetics you know male pattern Baldness I guess it runs in your family Sucks to suck and all so let’s invoke Racism here because Why not I guess how disgusting how Absolutely heartless do you have to be To look at this person in pain and Saying well that’s that’s just a you Problem and what bugs me about Counterpoint’s assertion that Casey is Just trying to get clicks from bigots is That Casey literally just shares her own Experience in that video she doesn’t Even say I wish I was never trans I wish Never took those those hormones nothing Like that she’s literally just saying Hey this is a side effect of the drugs I

Was given why is that controversial you Can even be the most trans person on the Planet you want to transition heck Five-year-olds you should still want Them to understand the reality is and The potential side effects of the drugs That they are taking that is what Informed consent looks like and as you Might expect because Casey’s video was So popular Contra points was far from The only leftist to attack her as one Person commented regarding Casey’s Tweets about not wanting to De-transition unless she make women feel Uncomfortable trans misogyny really does Make the World Go Round And there are Other people online who essentially just Shamed Casey for not being aware of These side effects which is kind of Ironic because if any time someone who’s Been on these hormone tries to share the Side effect they’re attacked how is any Trans person supposed to fully Understand the side effects but one Person named Venus Evelyn wrote so You’re mad that testosterone does the Exact same thing it does in CIS men and You’re acting like you were surprised About this sweetie either de-transition Or get on minoxidil or finasteride or Microneedling or wear a cap like other Bald men but don’t sit here pretending Like you didn’t know testosterone would Make you look and sound like a man

That’s on you not on hormone provision Someone else wrote that’s a 95 chance Every man in your family looks like this Too I don’t know what you’re expecting Hormones will just heighten the patterns That already exist in your genetics in This case it gave you the same expected Hairline as every man in your family as You can see absolutely no sympathy Whatsoever which is interesting because As a 16 year old uh this person was Probably also online and she likely told The trans Community hey I don’t feel Comfortable in my body which case I can Guarantee you that these trans activists Fell over themselves in sympathy oh I’m So sorry what can we do to help you how Can we give you more hormones but now When the same person is once more Feeling uncomfortable in her own body Yet it’s because of the hormones that They gave her all of a sudden they could Give a damn about her personal feelings As sad as all this is It’s really just a Great reminder that ultimately the trans Activists they don’t care about Individuals they don’t care about the Kids they are trying to groom all they Care about is pushing their ideology in Destroying gender and unfortunately They’re doing a pretty good job of it That’s all I have to say for now and as Always if you enjoyed this video please Be sure to like share and subscribe it

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