Prince Harry’s Emasculation (“Spare” Book Tour”)

By | January 9, 2023

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Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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What Megan had to go through was was Similar in some part to what Kate and What committee went through very Different circumstances but then you add In the race element which was what the Press British press jumped on straight Away I went into this incredibly naive I Had no idea the British press was so Bigoted hell I was probably bigoted you Or the relationship with with Megan You'd think you were bigoted before the Relationship with Megan I don't know Put it this way I didn't see What I now see I know that when women Are struggling with infertility and Getting pregnant sometimes doctors will Prescribe them hormone supplements to Try and encourage their bodies to Ovulate so Is that what Meghan Markle and Oprah Have been slipping into Harry's drinks Because honestly if so I feel like They've overdone it at this point they They need to pull back as we all know Several years ago the markles is as I Like to call them Harry and Megan Decided that they would be leaving Royal Life in order to pursue greater privacy For their family which makes a lot of Sense because I personally can't imagine Being under the media scrutiny that Comes with being part of the royal Family and so in order to celebrate that Privacy for the past year around Harry

And Megan have been essentially doing a Giant media tour promoting themselves as A power couple Megan released her Feminist podcast archetypes with Spotify And just recently as part of their huge Netflix deal they released the Documentary Harry and Megan which is Basically just six episodes of crapping All over not only the royal family but Also just the British press and public In general as racist and by the way if You would like my full review on both of Those things the podcasts and the Netflix special or limited series I did Do separate videos on each of them on my Media channel mediaholic I haven't Plugged that second channel on here for What feels like a hot minute but we've Been having just a blast over there and I've really been enjoying exploring pop Culture more with a lot of you so if You're not yet subscribed definitely go And do that but in any case today's Cringe from Prince Harry comes from the Promotional tour for his book spare Which I think is set to release any day Now and now once that book is released I'm a very well read it just to review It if I do that video would be over on Mediaholic but for now I think we know At least enough about the book from Excerpts that have been released as well As Harry's interviews about the book to Just discuss the emasculation of Prince

Harry because I think a lot of us Remember Prince Harry used to be Somewhat of a chat or a lad as they call Them in the UK you know he was in the Military he had a reputation for being a Bit of a party boy and a bit of a Womanizer I'm not saying that that Persona is necessarily a good thing that Kind of lifestyle is a far cry from Being like you know a Christian Family Man or anything like that but still I I Think it's a better position to be in Than what Harry currently is which is Essentially the living embodiment of Worm Jerry if you're familiar with Rick And Morty basically a spineless Sniveling beta male who is bossed around By his domineering and just as Insufferable wife now regarding the clip That we saw at the beginning of this Video I talked about this in my review Of Harry and Megan but if you ask me 99 Of the negative coverage that the likes Of Harry and Megan and all of their fans Attribute to racism are not actually Racist it's not racism to point out a Somewhat rags to riches story of someone Like Meghan Markle who used to live from Why I understand it in a not so great Neighborhood all of a sudden becoming a Literal princess if anything it's Classist and so for someone like Prince Harry to so readily and repeatedly Report the absolute lie that people

Didn't like Meghan Markle so simply for Her race it's not only frustrating but I Think it speaks to how just disconnected He is from his own people and I think That's a large part of why I and so many Other people get frustrated by Harry Speaking like this it's like you're Really going to call your own country Your own people the British people Racist simply for not liking a woman who Granted is your wife I understand that Instinct to protect her but it just rubs A lot of people the wrong way I think Understandably we don't like being Called racist it reeks of privilege to Be able to just brush off any criticism As racism and we have a lot more bad Takes from Harry to get to but before we Do I want to say thank you to today's Sponsor Health with Lauren so thick skin Is about more than just protecting Yourself from mean words on the internet And if you ask me Harry and Megan could Learn a thing or two about that but it Also helps keep you looking young Because as we get older our skin tends To turn from Supple and smooth to Thinner and less elastic and this is Where wrinkles can come into play so Help fight wrinkles and sagging skin With multi collagen multi collagen helps Improve skin texture hydration and skin Elasticity it's made with the top five Most critically researched forms of

Collagen that can help fight against Wrinkles and not only that but thousands Of customers also report seeing Improvements in things like their joints As well as their hair and nails guys I Know that supplementing collagen isn't Always the easiest thing but this stuff It Blends so easily into not only hot But also cold liquids my husband and I Say this all the time we have it in our Smoothies every day so you can get your Bag for 51 off plus receive several free Bonuses by going to Again that is you'll Also find the link in the description There is a 60-day risk-free guarantee With this stuff so you really have Nothing to lose by trying it out so in Addition to just blanket and general Accusations of racism against her body Uh Harry's promotional book tour has Also included several very specific Allegations against his own family Specifically as the Daily Mail reports An extraordinary excerpt from his Upcoming autobiography spare leaked to The left-wing Guardian newspaper Harry Calls what he claims was a physical Attack by his sibling which he says left Him with visible injuries including Scrapes and bruises the Furious row Allegedly broke out in the kitchen of His London home Nottingham Cottage in The grounds of Kensington Palace in 2019

Shortly before megsit they continued Describing what he claims happened next And insisting he was scared the former Soldier said referring to his brother Prince William who yes is next in line To the throne Harry said he set down the Water called me another name then came At me it all happened so fast so very Fast he grabbed me by the collar ripping My necklace and he knocked me to the Floor I landed on the dog's bowl which Cracked under my back the piece is Cutting into me I lay there for a moment Days then got to my feet and told him to Get out and all this allegedly according To Harry happened after Prince William Called Megan difficult now once this Report was released there were a lot of People online I guess men who have Brothers saying that this isn't a big Deal this is the type of thing that Brothers do all the time you know Sometimes with male family members Things can get a little bit physical as A woman I can't really speak to what the Dynamic is Between Brothers but in General I would disagree that getting Physical over confrontations should be Normalized or is something that does Happen regularly in any case though I Think that whole conversation is kind of Irrelevant because I don't believe for a Second that this happened at all I mean Harry's really trying to get us all to

Believe that Prince William beat him up And that Harry did nothing about it he Just kind of took it I mean Prince William who apparently is so polished And proper that even when he's dissing Harry's wife Megan all he can do is call Her difficult you're really supposed to Believe that that guy is the type of Person to start a fight with his family No I I'm sorry I don't believe that if You disagree with me and you think it Did happen let me know down below and if Nothing else I think that allegation Really just goes to show how comfortable Harry is now throwing his entire family Under the bus and look I understand that Sometimes family members can be abusive Family relationships can be toxic and in Those cases it probably is best to just Cut them out of your life and I can also Potentially end hypothetically Sympathize with the fact that okay if You're someone who's grown up in the Public eye and you've been silenced your Entire life unable to speak about the Mistreatment you've received it might be Freeing and you might actually feel the Need to at one point once you're out of That situation I mean just tell your Side of the story and I'm sure that That's how the Defenders of Harry and Meghan Markle are going to spin this Tell-all book The reason why I really Don't believe any of this is that at the

Same time Harry is saying all these Terrible things about his family members He's simultaneously saying that he would Also like to reconcile with them and Have them back in his life PBS writes Apparently Prince Harry says he wants Reconciliation with King Charles and Prince William it's written that Prince Harry has said he wants to have his Father and brother back and that he Wants a family not an institution but Here's the thing if they're literally Physically abusing you and like flat out Race Isis liars and we're gonna get into The liar part in just a second why would You want them back this doesn't really Make sense it's like even if we go along With the narrative that Harry and Megan Are painting their motives are just all Over the place like Harry has also tried To spin him smearing his family as the Way to reconciliation which is just not How that works I don't think that we can Ever have peace with my family unless The truth is out there and a lot of People like to hate on Dr Phil but he Does have good advice sometimes and Something that I have really taken to Heart from watching a show is when he Says you can either be happy or you can Be right but it's not always both it's Like look Harry even if everything You're saying about your family is true If you actually wanted to reconcile with

Them I doubt that the first step you Would take would be saying all of these Terrible things to the world and Actually of all the promotional clips That I've seen leading up to this book Launch there's really only been one that Has struck me as in any way genuine why Be so public you say You tried to do this privately and every Single time I've tried to do it Privately there have been briefings and Leakings and planting of stories against Me and my wife they will feed or have a Conversation with the correspondent and That correspondent will literally be Spoon fed information and write the Story and then the bottom of it they Will say that they've reached out to Buckingham Palace for comments Harry Says he tried to handle these Family Matters privately but it just didn't Work out which maybe is the case but I Mean the reason why I'm just so doubtful About all this is that look even if this Was true handling it privately didn't Work the solution then is not to sign a Multi-million dollar deal with Netflix In which you launch a limited Docu-series and then smear your family In that while trying to spin it as your Way of coming clean like if you would Have just done honestly like a YouTube Video uh posted to a private account or Even just like a blog or something it

Would have just appeared so much more Genuine but because of all the media Fanfare surrounding you're coming clean Yeah you're gonna get doubters like me But in any case uh this next part is What I think is important when we're Being told for the last six years we Can't put a statement out to protect you But you do it for other members of the Family there becomes a point when Silence is betrayal if you ask me this Whole smear campaign is due to the fact That the royal family I do believe this Part did not come to Meghan markle's Defense enough to Harry's liking he does Seem genuinely hurt by the idea that Silence is betrayal as a result of that I think he is lashing out emotionally at Literally everybody I mean he's going After the Press which I'm not even mad About as a concept because I also hate The Press but it's it's the way he's Doing it with the allegations of racism That I find tiring their docu-series Again basically goes after everyone in The UK who just doesn't like Meghan Markle as a bigot and it's just now the Family stuff if we believe everything Harry and Meghan Markle says there are a Bunch of racist liars and terrible People and granted I can believe that The royal family are probably jerks Because they're the most privileged People in basically the entire planet

But do I believe that they are so Terrible as to make the likes of Meghan Markle seem virtuous no and there's all Of this story that's been floating Around the that I think really speaks to The Ridiculousness of just how hard Harry is trying to publicly shame his Family I mean in ways that don't even Make sense I mean we have this story From people Prince Harry claims Kate Middleton and Prince William told him to Wear a Nazi costume in 2005. if you guys Remember very infamously at one point For a Halloween costume Prince Harry Actually dressed up as a Nazi which I Mean 2005 was way before the current Trend of being outraged by Halloween Costumes and social justice but Considering he's a royal and he was Wrestling as a Nazi even back then it Was scandalous this was definitely a Blunder on Harry's part but it's like Now he's even trying to share the blame With William and Kate because oh they They found it funny and it's like no oh My goodness this is the most childish Attempt to seem less guilty while at the Same time trying to make someone you Don't like seem more guilty that I've Ever seen here's the thing though with So many face palm moments coming out of This book even though it's not even been Released yet I I admit I am somewhat Tempted to just read it and view it

Essentially for the hate views but Anyway that's pretty much all I have to Say for now and again if you guys would Like me to review the book once it comes Out let me know and definitely subscribe To mediaholic to catch it when it's Released if it does happen that's it for Now though and as always if you enjoyed This video please be sure to like share And subscribe it helps me out so so much Until next time