President Biden Delivers Remarks at OB Johnson Community Center

By | November 1, 2022

President Biden delivers remarks on protecting Social Security and Medicare and lowering prescription drug costs.

Hallandale Beach, FL

That was the vertically challenged Adjustment Hello Hallandale Beach I am so so thrilled to welcome President Biden to Florida’s 23rd congressional District Good afternoon and thanks to everyone For joining us I have had the privilege of sharing many Stages with President Biden but never Have I been prouder to stand beside him Than I am today We have with us one of the greatest Champions older Americans have ever had In their corner Far none After Decades of frustration this President finally faced down big Pharma And said you will no longer price gouge Our seniors [Music] No more He has done so much more like Safeguard Seniors in nursing homes and support the Workers who care for them but I want to Focus today on the stronger Financial Security That netted from this president that he Put beneath every senior in Florida Democrats delivered several laws to make Life safer and more secure but the one History will note is the inflation Reduction Act It tackles climate change the deficit

And makes the rich pay their fair share But what it truly gives our seniors is Real peace of mind For the first time since the Affordable Care Act this new law will bring down And keep down prescription drug costs And insurance premiums That is so so critical How you might ask this law lifts big Pharma’s Chokehold by capping annual Medicare drug costs at two thousand Dollars and Insulin at 35 a month That is such a big deal That means 3.6 million Floridians with Medicare Part D will soon pay less for Medications making life easier for 100 000 seniors who count on Medicare in my District alone Just think about that And for nearly a quarter of a million Florida Medicare beneficiaries on Insulin they will finally see relief With 35 monthly cost caps You want to improve people’s lives I bet some people in here want to Improve people’s lives are you with me Okay Come on people let’s wake up we got the President United States in the house Come on now I know you got a little more Energy than than I hear okay thank you Very much that’s the crowd I know those Are the people I represent okay just Wanted to make sure you were still here

So if we want to improve people’s lives How about not weakening Social Security And Medicare as Republicans propose to Do How about you stop making seniors choose Between buying insulin or food every Month how about that The inflation reduction act also finally Allows Medicare to negotiate lower costs For some of the priciest prescription Drugs If drug companies raise Medicare prices Faster Medicare drug prices faster than Inflation guess what they pay a penalty And they have to rebate the difference Back to Medicare We don’t let them get away with that This new law also means Medicare access To additional free vaccines including The one for shingles Now we all know someone with the with This painful illness and sadly we may All know someone who put off the Shingles vaccine for it because it costs Too much President Biden and Democrats in Congress are helping to end all of that And make prescription drugs and access To life-saving health care more Affordable The inflation reduction act also helps More than seniors it builds on the Affordable Care Act success by expanding Coverage and cutting premium costs this

Saves about 2.7 million Floridians who Have ACA coverage an average of about 590 annually that is real money my Friends real money And it lowers their drug prices helping A hundred and thirty nine thousand People in my district alone more than Half a million Floridians will have Health insurance who would not otherwise Have had it without this new law that is Vital life-saving care and who did that Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats Look We all know that social social security And Medicare are on the ballot in Florida it is a top of Mind concern for All of us if we protect these critical Lifelines if we make then we’ll make Lives less stressful and more dignified For millions of our older friends and Neighbors protecting Social Security and Medicare helps every American Family Whether it’s today for a loved one or Tomorrow for yourself quite frankly My friends it is the professional honor Of my life to have the privilege of Representing our community in our Nation’s capital and it is incredibly Special to have President Biden in our District here today [Applause] And now I’d like you to help me welcome Sheldon armis who will share how this Life-changing legislation helps millions

Of Americans gain greater access to less Expensive Quality Health Care and Prescription drugs Sheldon Foreign Thank you for inviting me here Mr President my name is sheldonormus I’m 74 Years old and I live in a senior Community in Boynton Beach or as we like To call it the mothership for senior Citizens Eight years ago just one month into Retirement I underwent a quadruple cardiac bypass Operation that saved my life But it left me taking seven drugs each Day Two of these medications Xarelto and Brilinta are blood thinners they prevent Me from developing dangerous blood clots That could lead to heart attack and Stroke I’m grateful to have safe and reliable Medications To keep me alive but these medications Are really expensive Johnson and Johnson has raised the price Of Xarelto every year Much more than the rate of inflation It is currently priced at over five Hundred dollars per year per month Of Xarelto if Xarelto price Just went up the same rate as inflation It would cost 300 per month That’s plain and simple price gouging

Absolutely Thankfully President Biden and Democrats In Congress passed the historic Inflation reduction act which will Prevent big Pharma from Raising prices Like that and it will cap out-of-pocket Costs for Medicare Part D patients Providing real savings for and peace of Mind for millions of Florida people The inflation reduction act finally Puts patients before pharmaceutical Companies But Republican officials like Senator Rick Scott Here in Florida They don’t support it I met Senator Scott and talked with him About the astronomical cost of Prescription drugs but instead of Working to lower the cost of drugs For millions of Florida seniors He decided he wants to keep them high Why hi I don’t know So Knowing that we have leaders like President Biden fighting to bring down Our drug prices not keeping the money in The pockets of the pharmaceutical Companies Means the world to seniors like my wife And myself Who have been waiting for this relief For years

I’m proud to introduce the man who stood With patients Took on big farmer And he won He won Please welcome President Joe Biden [Music] Hello Hallandale Beach God love you well Thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you please have a seat please have A seat thank you Thank you very very much Thanks Sheldon for that introduction and Sheldon there’s uh millions of people Like you all across America Who went through the same thing And uh and not only uh seniors but uh a Lot of Americans my My son uh Had stage four glioblastoma thank God he Was in the military well that’s how he Got up but anyway he was a year in Iraq But uh he had coverage but the costs are Astronomical Costs are astronomical you all know Somebody who’s had a serious disease Some of these drugs can be 10 12 15 000 Bucks a year Some of them and so what Sheldon went Through is something that A lot of you maybe some in the audience Have gone through as well And uh well look let me start off by Saying I love Debbie Wasserman Schultz

And I make no apologies She is not only one of my best friends In the United States Congress I I know I don’t look it but I served 36 Years in the Congress And I spent time working with Debbie she Wasn’t there nearly that long when I was There but my point is we became good Friends Because she has enormous integrity Enormous Integrity she has a sense a Sense of understanding what people are Going through and she plays it out she Works it out and so she was one of my Biggest biggest supporters in helping me Not only pass but draft and move some of The legislation we’re going to talk About today a couple pieces of it And I don’t have a greater friend in the United States Senate and I’m a great Defend when I was vice president nor as President so Debbie thank you kiddo I Don’t know where you’re sitting but oh There you are Debbie thank you Folks Last time I was in Florida was almost a Month ago because of Hurricane Ivan Ayan excuse me and we surveyed the Damage in the ground of Fort Myers and It was the surrounding communities by Air helicopter The damage and destruction was historic Almost uh almost unimaginable and I’ve Said then it’s going to take not weeks

Or months but years to fully recover and Rebuild but also made a commitment made A commitment to my Administration the Federal government would give the people Of Florida the commitment that we’re Going to not move or until it’s all done We’re going to stick with you until it Gets all done And look for my Administration has been Through uh going to follow through on Those commitments to get the people of Florida what they need as fast as they Can get it and to help to rebuild so far We put in through the legislation Debbie Helped me pass as well 1.7 billion dollars in federal grants Disaster loans and flood insurance Payments Have been derived to the state and small Businesses and households FEMA has made Assistance available 26 counties and We’ll provide temporary housing and for The survivors of those six counties We’ve sent 24 disaster recovery centers Across the state for survivors to Register for help and FEMA Federal Emergency Management assistance is going Door to door to reach people as well They’ve also performed over eight 180 000 Home Inspections 130 000 personal Inspections the U.S small business Administration has approved 460 million Dollars in low interest business loans For renters and homeowners like I said

This is just the beginning of effort and We’re going to be with you every step of The way And by the way the very piece of Legislation I’m talking about today Contained uh 369 billion dollars for Environmental Protection Folks Well I’ve come to Florida today to talk About two very very very Important programs two very important That’s going to affect as many Americans As anything else and a great deal of People in this state are going to be Affected And uh and they’re under siege by our Republican friends And by the way this ain’t your father’s Republican party this is a different Deal right now and uh there’s a lot of Good Republicans out there But they’re under a lot of pressure Social Security Medicare are the two Things I want to talk about You know they’ve been around a long time President Roosevelt signed the social Security law and the law 87 years ago And Lyndon Mays Johnson signed the Medicare into law 50 years ago These programs these programs are are do Something so basic and so important Almost half of all seniors in the United States lived in poverty before Social

Security let me say that again 50 almost 50 percent of all the seniors In America lived in poverty before Before this law was passed almost half The seniors half of them lived in Poverty even those who spent a lifetime Working Not enough to put food on the table Until Medicare came along no Health Care They could count on and think about what That does to your sense of security what It does to a person’s dignity Unless you were wealthy people often Worked until they took their last breath They couldn’t even think about retiring That they did they’d starve Then long came and came together as a Country Democrats and Republicans said we have To do better than this After working hard for decades people Deserve better than what existed at the Time They deserve to retire with dignity and Peace of mind And that’s uh that’s how it should be in The United States of America Some of you are so on social security or Your parents or your grandparents are They earned it They enact for earned every single Paycheck they put money in since they Were teenagers to pay for the Social Security

And those are more than government Programs they’re a promise Promise we made as a country To work hard and contribute when it Comes time to retire we’re going to be There for you we’re going to be there For the basic needs That’s been a rock solid guarantee An ironclad commitment Generations generations of Americans Have counted on it and it works The number of elderly people living in Poverty is plummeted since Social Security was created Is transformed millions of people’s Lives Here in Florida 21 of the people over the age of 65. It’s the second highest of any state in The country as a percent of their state Some are people of Maine’s but the vast Majority live day to day relying on Social security and Medicare and maybe a Little help from their families That’s why I’m going to keep fighting For these programs because I believe the Word my dad uses all the time Everyone’s Entitled to be treated with dignity How you know I mean just basically Basic stuff How could a child look at their mom and Dad And not be able to afford to take care Of them

And still maintain their own dignity I believe hard work should be rewarded And I believe that we should leave no One behind not in the United States of America So that’s why we passed the inflation Reduction act which Debbie helped right Pass and uh and monitor all the way Through thank you And the number of Parts here but I want To talk about one I want to talk about Medicare Every single Democrat in the United States Congress voted for the inflation Reduction Act Not us every single one Every single one voted for it not one Single Republican voted for it in the House of the Senate Take prescription drugs folks we pay the Highest price for prescription drugs Than anywhere in the world Prescription you have from a Drug manufacturer in the United States You get at the local drugstore You’ve gotten a plane and fly to Paris You can get the same exact drug for Less Every other major capital in the world Would be Why is that the case A very same prescription by the very Same company For years for years many of us have Tried very hard

Bring prescription drugs under control But for Years big Pharma has stood in The way They beat us every time I ever started This battle when I was a 35 year old United States Senator Over the past year drug companies raised The price To to make a reference to what my Introducer said raise the price on 1 200 Drugs more than the rate of inflation Let me get something clear here hold for A second not something clear It’s not they did anything more to the Drug more research and development on That particular drug to make it better Did nothing Nothing same exact drug with no change I Understand If they have a breakthrough in that drug And make it more effective and charge More I get that But none of that none The average price for those drugs was Raised over 30 percent 2022 the price of one blood pressure Medicine one That millions of Medicare recipients are Relying every day Increased 500 percent Five times The exact same drug No change whatsoever Another drug treating autoimmune

Conditions increased by one thousand Dollars One thousand dollars For an autoimmune disease again No change in the quality of it just Changing the price And they talk about inflation You know we’re dealing with it for a Couple of SEC inflation is a worldwide Problem right now Because of a war in Iraq and the impact On oil and what Russia is doing I mean Excuse me the war in in Ukraine And uh think of Iraq because that’s when My son died The uh because he died the but the point Is that they’re uh you know that’s why It’s up we have the lowest inflation Rate of almost any major country in the World We’ve done a lot to try to take it under Control I’ve released millions of barrels oil From our strategic petroleum Reserve Keeping the price down it’s down about a Dollar 25 and going down needs to go More But they talk about inflation all the Time What in God’s name And they asked why I call this the Inflation reduction Act If you have to take a prescription Cost you an arm and a leg and I reduce

That you don’t have to pay as much it Reduces your cost of living it reduces Inflation in your paycheck And by the way [Applause] I’m serious my dad used to say everybody Deserves a little bit of breathing room Granted when the price of a gas or the Gallon of gasoline went up we talked About at our kitchen table we weren’t Poor we were average middle class family We lived in a three-bedroom split level House and a development in a suburban Area We’re in a situation where uh you know We had four kids and a Grandpop living With us and uh but it was we weren’t Poor but we didn’t have any money we Didn’t even left over And so it was you know do you have Anything left to have a little bit of Breathing room Look what’s happening to drug prices on Average Americans It’s actually outrageous but this year We finally beat farmer and finally be Fun no I’m I’ve been trying this a long Long time Kevin I’ve been trying to do It finally Big farmer lost and Americans wand Thanks again to the Democrats in the Congress and I you know I have a bad Reputation of Biden’s not partisan Enough

Well in this one I’m partisan Because a lot of these guys came up to Me and women said you know basically Said Not up to me they can’t come up to me in The white house as much when I see them Though Saying I know you’re right but I cost me In my election I’d lose a primary if I Supported you Well look Starting in January a big Pharma tries To raise the drug price faster than the Cost of inflation They’re going to have to write a check For the difference back to Medicare We cover the distance the difference Lowering We started the money going to the Pockets of Big Tub companies buying back Their own stock which is the way in Which this is why they keep buying their Own stock back that’s how the executives Get paid 89 percent of their salary I Think that’s the number is paid on stock Well guess what if you have a hundred Shares of stock and you buy back 50 the 50 left are worth more than 100 each one Same total amount And also they’re in fact putting them Into the pockets of their shareholders They’re not nothing wrong with that per Se Unless they’re some time you’re ripping

People off to get there We’re going to you this time it goes Into your pockets For lower drug pressures And look The Practical thing at least in my Household where I was raised is that Means you have more money for the car Payments more money for groceries which Are high because of what Putin cutting Off grain supplies You have more money to put toward Holiday shopping for your grandkids It’s about basic standard of living For ordinary Americans The drug companies are doing now is Really inflating your cost of living And we’re doing something about it We’re going to give Medicare the power To negotiate lower prescription drug Costs period period we fought for years To make this happen this year we got it Done Medicare is going to finally have The power to negotiate lower Prescription drug prices like the VA can Do the Veterans Administration we can They they can do that now and private Insurance companies VA can say look you Want to sell all our veterans that Particular drug we’re not going to pay That much for it we’re not going to pay Ten dollars we’re only going to pay 7.50 If you don’t want it we’re not going to Buy it you don’t want to sell it to us

Well it’s a gigantic customer Well the biggest customer in the world For the drug companies is Medicare And so whether a VA negotiated prices That are 54 percent lower on average Than Medicare prescription drugs the Same if you’re a senior veteran on a Medicare drug on a drug that another Person because you’re VA another person Is on the same drug who’s a retired Banker or retired Auto worker guess what The person in the VA and they deserve it Because it’s paying 54 less for the same Exact medicine prescription Doesn’t make any sense But now Medicare Is going to have the power to negotiate Lower drug prices so for example When these guys come along and say you Know we’re going to charge you I’m Making this up we’re going to charge you 10 cents per an aspirin And they said no we’re only going to pay Five well we’re not going to sell it no Problem they’re going to lose 50 billion Maps at aspirin or where the hell they Sell Point is they’re going to have to Respond Seniors are going to see their Out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions This is really important It was really important to my mom and my Dad thank God you know we had four kids

We were able to make up the difference From Mom and Dad But But guess what now the total amount of Drug prices prescription drug price you Have to pay in any one year if you’re a Senior on Medicare or Social Security Will not be more than not be more than 2 000 a year that’s it [Applause] You can need to purchase you can Purchase fifteen thousand dollars worth Of drugs you only pay two thousand Dollars Two thousand dollars for prescription Drugs period Whether it’s expensive expensive Cancer Drugs or any other drug they need for The pharmacy My son Who died at stage four gliobus some of The cost of those drugs was enormous Enormous We’re talking about drugs that could Cost nine ten fourteen thousand dollars A year Thanks to this law seniors are going to Be limited to having to pay two thousand Dollars for all the drugs they need All the time Now starting in January We’re also capping the cost of insulin How many you know somebody with diabetes Needs an insulin

Well guess what And we when we when when we when Debbie And I passed this law it included Everybody not just seniors And so what happened was we said okay You know how much it cost to make that Insulin drug for diabetes Cost it was invented by a man who did Not patent because he wanted it Available for everyone I spoke to him Okay And guess what It costs 10 bucks to make 10 bucks to make and if you count Package and everything you could maybe Get it up to Fifteen dollars Well guess what They’re not gonna have to pay more than 35 a month Still make a significant profit instead Of an average of four hundred dollars a Month Look there’s some well it’s important And guess what it affected I was at a an Event like this in Virginia about four Months ago talking about this what are You doing And a woman stood up and she said I have Two children They both have diabetes And I can’t afford the insulin so we Have to share it we have to cut it back We split it in half Imagine a parent looking for a child

No they don’t have the money or the Insurance to be able to pay for it talk About being deprived of your dignity Look at your child We’re going to have permanent damage or Die without access And by the way We’re making hearing aids more Affordable Available over-the-counter So people have to pay expensive visits To Specialists folks who need them these Hearing aids are available now the FDA Estimates it’s going to save patients Three thousand dollars per senator Plus procedures a Medicare Part D Recommended vaccines like shingles Vaccines are now available for free 2 Million people who are paying 200 for Those shots up to now On average folks on average They’re paying two hundred dollars For a hundred dollars as much as two Some places I should say and guess what You have to wonder how many seniors Skipped the shot because they couldn’t Afford it Well they’re going to be free now You won’t have to make that choice Anymore And for years The fee you paid for Medicare to cover Your visit to your doctor’s office has Gone up now for the first time

In more than a decade it’s going to go Down We’re gonna go down for real And my watch for the first time in 10 Years seniors getting an increase in Their Social Security checks So checks are going to be up and Medicare premiums are going to be down And look it’s a big deal for seniors Just add up how much we’re reducing the Cost of living on Medicare for those in Need of Health Care two thousand dollar Cap on total drugs 2 000 for seniors in A year we’re also in a situation where We’re going to make it difficult for Them to charge so much more thousands of Dollars a year are going to be saved by Reducing insulin costs We’re saving some people thousands of Dollars as I said a year reducing the Cost of hearing aids to three thousand Dollars by three thousand the cost of Single shots from 100 to 200 to zero That’s real money Seniors in Medicare that adds up Somewhere between five and ten thousand Dollars a year Some breeding room as my dad would say The end of the month end of the year Folks this is progress It’s hard won and Hard fought by Debbie and some of her Colleagues I wish I could say a Republican friends in Congress made it Happen I truly do by the way I truly do

Because we used to be able to do a lot Of bipartisan things The truth is every single Democrat in Congress voted for the inflation Reduction Act Single solitary Republican Congress Voted against these savings every single One Including Senator Rubio who now acts Like he doesn’t no but I I really I was Disappointed It really disappointed Republican Congress are telling us that Their number one priority if they gain Control of the Congress next Tuesday Is the repeal number one and the speaker Said the the the the leader Republican Leaders said the number one priority is To repeal the inflation reduction act That also includes all the all the Matters going to save hundreds of Thousands of dollars for people in terms Of their energy bills because they’re Going to do away with the the whole Issue with regard to weatherization but Let’s be Crystal Clear what it means if Republicans in the Congress have their Way the power we just gave Medicare to Negotiate recipient drug prices goes Away gone two thousand dollar cap on Prescription drugs gone 35 a month cap On Medicare For insulin for Medicare gone savings on Health Care premium is 800 a year for

Millions of Americans and Affordable Care Act Ghana and of course they’re Still determined to do where the entire Affordable Care Act that means an end of Protection for tens of millions of People who can’t get insurance because They have a pre-existing condition Only means to do that is through the Affordable Care Act The Republicans get their way that’s Going to be gone as well and folks if Kids it gets even worse They’re coming after Social Security and Medicare in a big way Folks here in Florida you need to know This I mean this sincerely you need to Know this Need to know why because of your own Senator Senator Rick Scott I have a Brochure here he has He is he isn’t he’s he’s in charge of Electing Republicans as a senate he’s The head of the campaign And he laid out a clear plan he said Every five years Social Security Medicare would have to be reauthorized And this is from The report I I made it larger listed all They want to do Quote all federal legislation Sunsets please go out of it goes out of Existence in five years If the law is worth keeping Congress Will pass it again

So every five years The Congress have to vote to reauthorize Social Security Reauthorize it or else it goes away Would have to vote to reauthorize Medicare We authorize veterans benefits Now go down the list but guess what The very idea that a senator is from Florida wants to cut Social Security Medicare and by they don’t have to just It doesn’t go away they can cut it they Can change it basically A senator from Florida Going after Medicare and Social Security I tell you what I don’t know where as They say and something doesn’t know Where you all been Hot damn boy I tell you look It’s so outrageous you might even you Might not even believe it and again word For word all federal legislation sunsets Means goes away in five years if the if The law is worth keeping Congress can Pass it again In other words It goes out of existence if Congress Doesn’t vote to keep it isn’t that Wonderful And then Along Came Senator Johnson From Wisconsin He says five years too long to wait No I it’s hard to believe no I really

Mean it It’s hard to believe He says it takes that’s too long every Year Every single year it should be on the Chopping block along with veterans Benefits and everything else that Federal budget Congress doesn’t vote affirmatively keep It it goes away gone You’ve been paying the Social Security Your whole life you earned it Now these guys want to take it away who In the hell do they think they are Excuse my language [Applause] Just imagine what that would mean Imagine a child care worker in her Mid-60s Been at it for 35 years she’s paid in The Medicare and Social Security every Paycheck could easily get cut or it’s Gone she’s getting ready to retire Trying to make plans for the future She thought she could count on Medicare And Social Security to help her through That But with these guys she doesn’t know Anymore And republicans in Congress vote to take Away Another Medicare benefit in a few years What’s that due to her planning They’re going to increase retirement age

For Social Security And Shrink benefits that’s that’s what They’re moving to do Well imagine the Widow here in Florida And all she has left is social security What’s she going to do if it goes away If she didn’t have social security the Poverty rate people over 65 years of age Would be four times what it is now Imagine a senior who takes a couple of Expensive medications for arthritis and High blood pressure He’s one of more than a million people With Medicare Will have to spend more than two Thousand dollars in Pharmacy drugs yeah Look for years he’s been struggling to Keep up with the cost of these Prescriptions now finally as you leave For the two thousand dollar cap but if Republicans have their way instead of Looking forward to having extra money in Their pocket it’s not going to happen Will this drug cost Skyrocket in Congress the Republican get rid of the Cap Well they’re going to need a hell of a Lot of votes because I’ll veto it But Look if you make changes that drive drug Costs even higher just imagine living With that uncertainty Once Republicans want to do with the Money

Well guess what they talk about they Want to cut taxes For the wealthy incorporations and two Thousand twenty 55 of the corporate 500 companies the Largest companies in the war in the United States of America Made 40 billion dollars Paid zero in income tax So I passed the law saying they got to Pay a minimum of 15 15 you all pay more Than that 15 percent Well they want to repeal it Would allow some of the largest most Profitable companies in America go back To Penn zero and they want to extend two Trillion dollar tax cut Which overwhelmingly benefited the very Wealthy the biggest corporations in the Last Administration not a penny which Was paid for in the Trump Administration Become of us Folks benefits are focused on inflation Right now But let me say something I want to point Something out and talk about big Spending Democrats Yeah I spent a lot of money doing these Things but I can’t I cut the deficit in half We have Federal deficit this year alone One trillion 400 reduction 400 billion Dollars reducing the debt and last year

350 billion dollars reducing debt give Me a break I’m so sick and I shouldn’t Get gone Come on man I mean it’s just amazing No that’s a fact As As my granddaughter she used to say Google it you know I’m serious We’ve cut the federal deficit in half While doing all this And we did it by just growing the Economy in many ways and also also Making sure people began to pay their Fair share and by the way the largest Tax increase we had was people for Companies who are paying zero to fifteen Percent School teachers pay a hell of a lot more Than 15 percent So I don’t know what the deal is here Quickly that’s talking on and let’s talk About inflation if you want to raise the Cost of living in seniors Go ahead and give free reign to drug Companies look at what these truck Companies have done republicans in Congress are cheering them on go ahead And re do and go ahead and reduce Social Security Medicare watch what happens if The cost of living your hard work and Floridians That’s What I Call inflation The end of the month what you have left If you have no money that’s inflation

What’s what are you the things you need Are they going up There you are They are and now they’ve come forward The real ticking time bomb This one is outrageous I mean it I’ve Been there a long time Now The Republican leader is saying If I don’t cooperate in cutting Social Security between going back into session And the end of this term And I don’t I don’t support cutting Medicare and Social Security they’re going to shut Down the government By not providing the votes to pay our Federal debt to other countries in the World Be the first time in all of American History They love her they’re not going to get It done but guess what Remember last time Republicans tried This And as I was literally as vice president Negotiating with the Republican leader Until almost Christmas Eve day I mean New Year’s Eve day until close to Midnight we finally got a resolved Because they they couldn’t take the they Weren’t going to continue they knew what Would happen remember what happened the Entire

Credit of the federal government was Degraded internationally Because we played that game it didn’t Even do it and degraded it Look This is irresponsible Nothing nothing would create more chaos And do more damage the American economy Than playing around with whether we’d Pay our national bills Let me close to this Over the past few years we’ve faced the Most difficult challenges in our history Both at home and abroad But we’re making real progress Just have to keep going while protecting What Generations before us did and make Sure we’re the nation we thought we were Look I know we can do this I really do Confident For everything we’ve been through I’ve Never been more optimistic about with American prospects we’re better situated In any nation in the world we really are We have to just remember who we are We’re the United States of America No I’m not joking and there’s nothing Nothing beyond our capacity if we set Our mind together and work together so God bless you all God protect our troops And God gives some of our Republican Friends some Enlightenment thank you [Music]

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