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By | October 10, 2022

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If at the beginning of 2022 France and Germany dreamed of accelerating their distancing from the United States and NATO, now Eastern pressure has meant that they will have to follow the opposite path. And this is just one example.

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Did you know that there is a country in Europe that has changed so much over the Years that it has even moved from one Location to another Yes that’s what I said and I am not Exaggerating I’m talking about Poland The country that has shifted to the west And I mean literally not figuratively Look at this Poland as a country has one of the most Complicated histories of the 20th Century invaded and subjugated time and Again this country was under German Control then invaded by the Russians Later occupied Again by the Nazis then Again by the Soviets and finally ended Up as a satellite country of the Soviet Union until 1989. now however its Fortunes look very different since Joining the European Union in 2004 Poland has been one of Europe’s best Economic performers its GDP has soared By 164 between 2004 and 2021. this Growth is 20 higher than that achieved By the Czech Republic during the same Period very similar to that of Latvia And only slightly behind that of Estonia And Lithuania two of the most successful Countries in Europe in the last decade

As a comparison during this same period Of time economies such as those of Spain And Italy barely grew by 34 and 16 Respectively And so although it still has a long way To go to catch up with the more Developed Europe Poland has become Thanks to its relatively cheap and Well-qualified labor force and Industrial Powerhouse in addition its 38 Million inhabitants give it considerable Demographic weight in the old continent For example Poland is the fifth largest Country in the European Parliament with 52 of the 705 members which guarantees It in theory a strong voice within the European Union [Music] And now as we’ve already told you here On visualpolitik the country is building One of the largest armed forces in the Entire continent so taking all of this Into account anyone would think that Poland has all the ingredients to become One of the strongest and most Influential countries in the European Union however slow down a minute let’s Not go too fast reality is often not so Straightforward and if there is one Thing that categorizes Poland today it Is precisely that it is outside the Brussels mainstream and visualpolitik Viewers on this occasion the question is Very clear to what extent could Poland

Become a full-fledged European power in Geopolitical terms well let’s take a Look [Music] Naughty boy in the class [Music] There’s no other way to say it the Polish case is complicated yes it’s true That during recent decades polish History has been fundamentally a success Story however not everything is Rosie Far from it particularly the current pis Government the law and Justice party Which has staged a direct clash with Brussels some decisions such as the Attempt to increase the executive’s Control over the judicial system or the Response given for example two LGBT Matters have caused the country to Practically be ostracized in Western Europe including the upper echelons of The Community Club since 2015. so what Exactly happened in 2015 to cause one of The European success stories to become a Kind of black sheep in the eyes of Brussels well let’s just say it was the Year pis came to power [Music] Pis the law and Justice party is a party Belonging to the conservative right with A nationalist populist and even somewhat Euroskeptic overtones so from the very First minute their objective was very Clear under their government Poland

Would put the traditional and moral Principles of the country before any Campaign or narrative coming from Brussels campaigns that according to Them are dominated by an ideology that Is too biased to the left which means Also calling into question ties with Germany a friendship that the previous Government of Donald Tusk prime minister Of Poland for seven years had taken Great care to Foster In mind we use the words question the Friendship with Germany but the truth is That we could also say to freeze to Break even to blow up what’s more we Could say it without the slightest Hesitation look at this there is no Doubt looking at the actions of the EU That it has to be a continent under German hegemony this is the Implementation of the fourth Reich Martin romanovski under Secretary of State in the ministry of Justice we do Not fit into the German Russian plans to Rule over Europe an independent Economically socially and Military-strong Poland is an obstacle For them from a historical perspective This is nothing New Jersey Pis party leader pretty hard line don’t You think Well then another moment that Contributed to the calling of warsaw’s Relations with Berlin Paris and Brussels

Was Poland’s blunt refusal to take in Refugees during the 2015 migration Crisis their justification was that the People were largely not refugees but Migrants it was a position which earned Poland the image of an unsupportive Racist and xenophobic country so as you Can imagine at that time this country Became almost toxic in European power Circles no one wanted to get too close To them in fact many political analysts Even described it as a pariah country so What did all this mean in practice For instance the European Union blocked The delivery to Poland of the 36 billion Euros of Next Generation post-covered Recovery funds to which it is entitled In fact this has been the case until Recently and thanks to Poland’s role in The Ukrainian War the tension has eased Although not without a lot of Controversy May 2022 EU finalizing deal With Poland for 36 billion Euro covered Recovery plan Brussels is closing in on A deal with Poland to free up tens of Billions of Euros in Grants and Loans After a year of Deadlock a senior EU Official has said July 2022 Russell’s Questions Poland’s judicial reforms to Unlock EU recovery funds Poland’s first Payment of EU recovery funds risks being Delayed after the European commission Detected one key element missing from The country’s proposed judicial reforms

Now hold on a minute because this is not The whole story During the last few years and while it Was time and a game threatened and Sanctioned by the European Union Poland Has developed a very strong Regional Role and has led alliances such as the Vice Grant group or the three C’s Initiative which we have already covered Here on visualpolitik and now following The Russian invasion of Ukraine it has Become clear that Poland’s role is much More important than anyone would have Thought so listen up The new post Ukraine Paradigm A history shared by Poland and Ukraine Has not always been as good as the Friendship that unites them today do you Want a fact according to polls Ukrainians or other people polls liked The least second only to Romanians The historical relationship between Poles and ukrainians has had many Dark Episodes in 1943 and 1944 for example It’s estimated that several mass murders By Ukrainian nationalist partisans Connected with stepan Bandera killed Between 70 000 and 100 000 poles in Volcania the idea was to ethnically Cleanse the region of Eastern Galicia Now part of Ukraine so that it would Never be polish again for their part the Polish resistance responded by killing Between 20 000 and 25

000 Ukrainian Villages and historically What has bothered Poland most has been That some of the perpetrators of these Massacres have been revered as national Heroes in Ukraine You already know that the 20th century Was terribly harsh the thing is that as Recently as 2018 the Polish parliament Passed a law declaring it a criminal Offense to deny the crimes of Ukrainian Nationalists now wait a minute because In spite of this things have changed Radically over more recent years [Music] In fact Poland and Ukraine are the Living example of the fact that in many Cases settling historical quarrels is The best possible decision we’re talking About two countries that became close Allies long before the Russian invasion Of Ukraine and now of course they are Even closer visualpolitic viewers Poland Has been guiding the Ukrainian Authorities for years on what reforms to Make and how to improve its economy Institutions and political systems to Adapt to an eventual accession to the European Union Yes you could say that Poland has become the mentor for Ukraine Not to mention that Ukrainian immigrants Have become the largest foreign Community in Poland a country that as You remember is not a receiver but Typically a sender of emigration but the

Question I’m sure many of you are Wondering is so why on Earth are two Countries that for decades have Practically hated each other now getting Along so well well the truth is that This strong Alliance is not only in Ukraine’s interest but it is also at the Center of Poland’s strategic interests And this is for several reasons On the one hand for Warsaw with the Exception of kaliningrad Ukraine is a Kind of buffer a security Zone with Respect to Russia for Warsaw this has Now become absolutely clear wherever we Live in Europe we must be aware that Ukrainians are defending not only their Independence and sovereignty but also Europe as a whole Putin will never stop He will constantly expand his Empire Matthias muroviesky prime minister of Poland on the other hand Ukraine allows Poland to greatly increase its sphere of Power and influence throughout Europe Even more so if in the future Ukraine Becomes a member of the European Union Together these two countries would have More than 80 million inhabitants which Would equal the population of Germany And therefore their combined Representation in the EU institutions What’s more if we take into account Other countries politically close to Poland such as the Baltic states or Slovakia Warsaw would become one of the

Most influential capitals of the old Continent you know you have to keep an Eye on the horizon now following the Russian invasion of Ukraine this role And ambition of Poland has become Clearer than ever for example Poland is Not the only country that spends the Most on defense in all of Eastern Europe But also its efforts will multiply in The coming years to become one of the Strongest armies in the whole of Europe Poland will double military spending as War and Ukraine rages Poland were more Than double military spending in next Year to as much as 138 billions Lottie 29 billion dollars additionally the Government plans to spend as much as 40 Billion zloty 8.56 billion dollars to Buy arms abroad this is something we Talked about in detail in a recent video That I’ll link for you in the Description but it’s not just about Military spending The truth is that during the Ukrainian Conflict Poland has taken the lead and Has become one of the major political Players the largest recipient of Refugees and one of the largest senders Of aid for example to date more than 5 Million ukrainians have passed through Poland and more than 2 million remain Living there since the beginning of the War what’s more since the Russians Launched their campaign of annihilation

And destruction which have seen polish Leaders constantly traveling to Kiev and Launching a lot of communiques and Statements in English a addressed Primarily to Western Europe which has Moved much much more slowly and Timorously For example in April 2022 the Polish Government itself launched an International campaign to embarrass the Western leaders of countries such as Germany we’re talking about the hashtag Stop Russian now Campaign which the Polish prime minister himself introduced On his own Twitter account a campaign With which Poland has been traveling on Mobile Billboards in various European Capitals with particularly harsh and Critical slogans and images there is Even a Polish government YouTube channel Dedicated specifically to denouncing European leaders for their lukewarm Stance in helping Ukraine Warsaw has not hesitated to lead the European response to Russia to lead the Block of Central and Eastern European Countries supporting Kiev and to put Pressure on the rest of the community in This way this is brought into Focus the Enormous political Capital that Warsaw Has been building for years Beyond Brussels it is even not hesitated to Throw an icy picture of water on the Strong relationship that links to the

Polish pis government with the Hungarian And now for many pro-russian leader Victor Orban I confirm the words of of Prime minister Orban that the paths of Poland and Hungary diverged Matthias Murivetsky prime minister of Poland on 29th of July 2022 but beyond Hungary Warsaw has become the reference capital Of Eastern Europe including the Atlantic Axis A position that has caused it to clash Head-on with the old heads of the European Club take for example the words Of French president Emmanuel macron at The beginning of September 2020 words That were aimed like a dagger directly Against the Polish government and also Against the baltics we must do Everything to make an negotiated peace Possible not letting Europe become Debated will there be a daily challenge For us all nor should we align ourselves With the most warmongering types which Would run the risk of extending the Conflict and closing off Communications Completely we shouldn’t consider either Leaving a few European States on our Eastern flank to take action alone Emmanuel macron French president there Is also a widening Gulf between the Positions of Western Europe and those of Eastern Europe So on the one hand we have the France Germany axis and all its major

Peripheral allies such as Spain and Italy who are eager to enter the war and Negotiate with Putin if only to secure Energy supplies and on the other hand we Have the Eastern Bloc led by Warsaw Which Advocates arming Ukraine to the Teeth defeating Russia breaking Completely with Moscow and strengthening Ties with Washington and London And take note that we are talking about A fracture a crack that is getting Bigger and bigger and that even Threatens to split the European Union in Two and Warsaw wants to be ready to lead One of these two blocks he wants to do So from the political point of view from The economic point of view as the great Industrial power in the region and also From a military point of view and in This game Ukraine could play a key role Foreign Politics viewers perhaps we are not Aware of it but in Europe a new center Is emerging parallel to the one set by Brussels Paris and Berlin a new European Block that is much more pro-american Pro-british pro-nato and with political Positions far removed from the Mainstream that Reigns in the current European union and that that is a social Opportunity for Poland to become one of The great political powers of the old Continent so you see this war has Brought a lot more to the table than

Vladimir Putin’s lack of humanity and Sanity the war in Ukraine has even put The leadership of Paris and Berlin in Czech and may end up changing the European Union forever what seems clear Is that the war in Ukraine will be Followed by a new war this time of a Diplomatic nature in the heart of Europe The question is will Poland end up Becoming a kind of political Counterweight to the Paris spell in Tandem within the European Union to what Extent could the Eastern European Bloc Influence EU policy do you think there Is a risk that the European Union as we Know it could split into leave us your Impressions in the comments and let’s Open up a debate and of course if you Found this video interesting don’t Forget to like And subscribe to Visualpolitic thank you so very much for Being here all the best I will see you In the next one Foreign [Music]

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