Petty Cop Harasses Driver Over Ludicrous Law

By | November 4, 2022

This ignorant, power-tripping cop from Minnesota proves why policing in America is in desperate need of change. Jeff Wiggins breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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For last night I'm getting a I got an Appointment Monday that I'm getting hey What's this object came from the rear uh The windshield what this thing yeah It's a radar radar detector for Ambulance and stuff yes oh that's Illegal to suspend between you and the Windshield same with the air fresheners Those have to come down oh my God what's Your badge number seven eight seven six Okay Look at this guy got his hands on his Gun yeah I was in the car I don't got Nothing in this car well I can't see in The car What the hell What caused you to rub your engine while You were driving by that's how the car Is it pops like this oh it's unsafe No yeah mechanical issues with my car Okay you need me to take those down here The other cars out here yeah I hear a Lot of illegal cars why don't you take Those items down can you like bag up a Little bit once you take those items Down I still want to defund the police I Will boldly Proclaim that while some shy Away from this kind of messaging EG Democrats because they're told that the Upticks in gun crime in homicide the Last two and a half years are due to Police departments being defunded I know That's not true it didn't happen in any City no City actually defunded their

Police Department let's talk about it Bring your conservative cousin over here And have them watch this defunding the Police simply put means to reallocate Money in police budgets to social Programs and others in order to meet the Needs of communities so that law Enforcement who is trained to be Warrior Cops doesn't have to help with say A Mental Health crisis which they are Ill-equipped to do now as the 50 largest U.S cities reduced their 2021 police Budgets by 5.2 percent in aggregate Often as part of a broader pandemic cost Cutting initiative law enforcement Spending as a shared of General expenses Rose slightly to 13.7 percent from 13.6 Percent according to data compiled by Bloomberg City lab even with their Budgets Cuts Seattle Minneapolis and Austin Police were still getting 22 Percent 33 and 31 percent of their City's budgets respectively none could Be realistically considered defunded Most controversies about attempts to Defund in 2021 involve fights over a Small fraction of a Department's budget A push to redirect 865 000 of the 23 Million in Norman Oklahoma allocated for Law enforcement erupted into city-wide Outrage Asheville North Carolina shaved 770 000 from the 30 million originally Reserved for police despite its anti-cop Reputation Portland Oregon reduced its

229 million police budget by only 8 Million dollars with that in mind 26 of The 50 largest cities raised their Police spending for 2021. but regardless Of motivation several cities were forced To make across-the-board Cuts because of Budget shortfalls driven by the Financial impact of the pandemic as I Mentioned earlier cities like Denver and Seattle had their police budget shrink In proportion and relative to the sizes Of its General City budgets of course if The city lost money during the pandemic As a result then the police departments Did too police budgets did increase Less In 2021 than in previous years some Cities simply didn't refill vacant Positions after an unprecedented number Of officers retired or went on Extended Medical Leave following George Floyd's Murder a lot of people are talking about How police departments are understaffed And underfunded and here many Minneapolis is a short story that can Explain why that's happening the Underfunded part is just not true the Minneapolis Police Department has more Cash on hand now than they did before They murder George Floyd the Understaffed part well it could be Explained like this May 30th five days After the MPD murdered George Floyd an Unmarked police van pulled up on people Standing outside and began firing less

Lethal rounds at them one of those less Lethal rounds fractured the ice Act of Black eye socket a black Army veteran Jaleel Stallings Julia Stallings fired Back and didn't know who was shooting at Him but upon learning it was police he Put his gun down and laid down Julia was Acquitted but then filed a 1.5 million Dollar civil lawsuit against the MPD but Who pays for that not the police we do The city does so when we talk about Defunding the police that's not actually Happening what's happening is the police Are defunding the city the understaffed Part those three officers left either Voluntarily or they were fired but they Earned 22 thousand dollars combined per Month upon leave so when we talk about The understaffed part you know the Police are doing that to themselves According to the Chicago Tribune Homicide rates also increased in cities That didn't cut spending in Houston a City led by a Democratic mayor killings Had increased but so too had funding for Police Nashville Tennessee also led by a Democratic mayor increased the police Budget but had seen homicide Spike 50 Percent over the previous year Tulsa Oklahoma and Fresno California also saw More killings in 2021. both cities have Republican Mayors Tampa and San Diego Also increased their police budgets and Also saw spikes in homicide per

Bloomberg Austin had the biggest cuts to Their police budget did they have the Largest spike in homicide no Austin Reduces Police Department's budget by 32 Percent in 2021 then like Minneapolis Gave it all back in 2022 and there were Cities that maintained the status quo Didn't touch their police budgets either Way Politics as Usual in Columbus and You better believe the homicide rate Spiked here too despite the fact that The Columbus Police Department budget Makes up a third of the city's budget as Always ways I'm not saying that a Decrease in police funding unless police Officers didn't play a role in Rising Gun crime in America since the start of The pandemic but if it were the only Factor all other or most other crime Would have had a sudden increase as well But that's not the case crime is still Lower than what it was in the 90s and The reasons why it increased is complex Multiple things led to this one more Thing so when representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Senator Ted Cruz say They want to defund the IRS and the FBI This is reactionary this accounts to Well I wanted to change it because it Can affect me or I don't like it anymore They're against defunding the police but It's almost like when law enforcement or Government doesn't meet the needs of the People

We know we should take away its funding Because we give it to them for Rebel HQ I'm Jeff Wiggins my Architect no Japanese for more from The Young Turks Stay right here to see additional Content from yours truly click on the Jeff Wiggins hashtag you can also find Me on my YouTube channel we gonna be Alright thanks for watching

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