Patriots DUPED by Right Wing Commentators Sharing FAKE Trump Press Release about Twitter!

By | October 28, 2022

Right Wing commentators were duped into sharing a fake Trump Press release about being reinstated by Twitter.

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Hello Patriots thank you so much for Joining us here at The Newsroom and Today I have a very interesting story This one comes courtesy of again that’s now Ray Wingers Were duped by a fake Trump press release Regarding Twitter So as you guys know Elon Musk now owns Twitter he has taken control and he has Fired pretty much everybody at the very Top of Twitter all of the executives Have been fired he got them out there And then he posted last night a tweet Saying the bird is free pretty much so Right as as all that was happening A fake Trump press release had been Circulating so let me show you guys that Press release that they’re talking about And it’s this one right here now Remember this press release is fake But right Wingers commentators and all These other people That all they do is just Express their Opinions which their opinions should Never matter but they do for some reason Um they shared this Fake press release Without even verifying if it was true Without verifying if it was accurate They just boom put it out there and it Says statement by Donald J Trump President 45th president of the United States congratulations to Elon Musk on

His purchase of Twitter Many are saying that the change was Needed As the old management was too concerned With the woke agenda I have been told That my account will be back up and Running on Monday which is not true we Will see Happy to be able to engage with an African-American owned business So that is what that press release said Now again that press release is fake so Here we go this comes courtesy of and it says a Statement from president Trump hailing His imminent return to Twitter was Routinely hailed by right-wing Commentators until it turned out to be Fake The fake statement appeared shortly After Elon Musk sealed his 44 billion Dollar deal to buy Twitter Mascot musk has said previously that he Intends to reinstate Trump’s account now Will trump go back to Twitter the way That he did back in 2016 or even before That no because he said himself that he Wanted to focus more on Truth social and Don’t forget Elon Musk continues up Until recently to make fun of true Social saying that Trump should have Just called it trumpet Which I think is true I think it would Have been a way better name for for that

Social media site if he would have just Called the trumpet compared to True Social But that’s just me But so Elon Musk is not a fan of trump The only reason why Elon Musk wants to Reinstate Trump back onto Twitter is to Show that it’s not biased towards one Side of the sphere compared to the other That’s the only reason Musk has said very many times before That banning Trump from Twitter was a Very very bad idea Because Twitter should be a place where Everybody gets to express themselves Freely But also legally As he as Elon Musk released a Press release yesterday to advertisers On Twitter Telling them that it’s going to be a Place where people can express Themselves but in a legal way So let’s see what happens with that but It goes on to say That the statement Which was circulating on Twitter As you guys um already let me put it up Again one more time It says that Trump is going to get his account back On Monday There is no plans of trump getting his

Account back instantly the same way that Kanye West did Kanye West got his account back Instantly as soon as Elon Musk took over Last night Kanye West got his account back Trump did not get that same treatment Because again Elon Musk does not like Trump the only reason he wants him on The on the social media side is to show Everyone that they’re not going to be Biased against one party or one type of Thinking compared to the other that’s The only reason why Trump is might get Reinstated very soon It says right wing commentators Dinesh D’Souza I have no idea who that Is posted a screenshot of the fake Statement on on Twitter Thursday the Tweet was shared by by people like Leo Terrell I have no idea who that is in Amassed over 13 000 likes according to Reports but then it was deleted why Because it was fake Whoever it is the Nash is The the Nash or the Nash or whatever the Hell his name is Whoever this clown is didn’t actually Take the time to make sure that it was Legitimate He didn’t take the time to actually go Into into his emails and made sure that It came from Trump’s own accounts

He probably just found it somewhere on Social media and then he just reposted It So here was deleted It says that Robbie Starbuck I have no idea who that Is another right-wing commentator said That he’d been duped after the news site Posted the fake statement He said it was funny and that he hoped The statement would be memed into Reality So they can care less if it was fake or Not but here we go here here’s the Kicker here’s another this is the Craziest part of the whole situation not That right-wingers are posting fake Stuff online and passing it off as true Or not verifying or whatever The craziest part of the whole thing is That in MSNBC show Alex Wagner tonight I guess that’s what It’s called Was also duped And later issued an apology for sharing Bad information about Trump’s reaction To the deal So everybody was getting duped last Night Whoever did this did a very good job in Making sure that he got a bunch of Idiots to circulate it It says Trump and Twitter did not Respond to requests for a comment

So Everybody has to in a way be careful About what information Is shared on social media Because this kind of stuff happens a lot Believe it or not And and it’s very dangerous for this Type of stuff to to Um to be circulating knowing that it’s False because If I see a Trump press release regarding something Very important We have to go and make sure that it Actually came from the Save America pack Which sends all of the Trump releases Via email And we have one specific email account That is just designed to get those types Of emails it gets nothing else So whenever Trump I see a trump press Release On social media I go back to that email account and I See if it did come directly from them So then that way I don’t call my Microphone and say oh yeah look Trump Says he’s going to come back on Monday Now I did see this email Circulating Twitter last night I was not in my office I was doing some errands and I was Looking through Twitter and I’m like oh Well let’s see what happens

I didn’t share it I didn’t retweet it I Didn’t do anything with it Because I wanted to confirm Because people like uh Dinesh de Souza or Leo Terrell or any of Those people are not reliable sources to Be able to Just share it Or retweet it Because nobody knows who they are So Everybody has to be careful when things Are are shared and retweeted because 50 of the time they’re fake It’s just some leftist troll out there Laughing at everybody as everybody’s Sharing Something that Is false So I just wanted to let you guys know in Case you guys did see this Press release yesterday or today or Morning whatever Just know that it’s fake Trump is not Getting reinstated on on Monday who Knows when it’s going to happen maybe Sooner maybe later a couple months from Now after the midterm elections who Knows He’s not Kanye West because Kanye West Got his account literally instantly After Kanye West sign on the dot I’m sorry Elon Musk signed on the DOT

Kanye West got his account back after Being banned instantly But Trump is not getting that treatment From Elon Musk so let’s see what happens But I just wanted to let you guys know That these right Wingers are sharing Fake information Fake posts And they got duped And I think even Trump is laughing the The way that you guys see it on the Stream even Trump is laughing at them Like these guys are stupid But let’s see what happens let’s see When Trump actually gets reinstated if There’s a press release a real press Release from Twitter Letting everyone know when Trump is Getting reinstated which most definitely He is but he’s not going to be on Twitter the same way that he was before So let us know what you guys think about This whole situation in the comment Section below don’t forget to click the Thumbs up button and share this video on Social media thank you so much for Joining us and visit our website and I’ll see you Soon peace

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