Ouch, Jordan Klepper #dailyshow #comedy #jordanklepper #latenight #jimmyfallon

By | January 1, 2023

Trevor no I was leaving the show How do you feel about that yeah I feel Like he was the best correspondent Trevor's the most talented thing on that Show but there's other talented people Who are on the show currently yes Trevor It's Trevor another correspondence there Are your favorite might be Yeah Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon is not a Correspondent okay that is he has a Totally different show I know yeah I'm Talking about there's other people who Work on The Daily Show or equally Talented that's all I know Trevor's Dealer when you know Jordan clever does A ring about yeah it does a ring a bell Not even even that's the guy who goes Out puts his life on the line multiple Enemy nominations I just love Noah you Just love Noah yes you can be confronted With Jordan Clapper and you wouldn't Know no man we're still talking to him You're still talking