OOPS: Poll Shows Woke Democrats Offending 99% Of Hispanics

By | November 4, 2022

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Daily wire reports, “Latinx” has emerged in recent years as an alternative to preferred identifiers such as Hispanic and Latino through propaganda from news and entertainment outlets, corporations, government agencies, and universities.

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Oops Paul shows woke Democrats offending 99 of Hispanics while another woke Attempt to remove words from people's Vocabulary has failed miserably and Shows that they were being racist wait Till you see this thanks for watching Next News Network I'm Ivory Hecker Filling in from my YouTube That's Ivory Hecker on YouTube every day we work to Write the ship of state with real Reporting join us tap subscribe below Enable notifications and let's grow the Next news Army Watching liberals try to change everyday Words is funny though not so much funny As scary funny yet the Hispanic Community openly rejects the Overwhelmingly white liberal mindset That seeks to remove words from the Hispanic language over issues of racism And gender neutrality daily wire reports Latinx has emerged in recent years as an Alternative to Preferred identifiers Such as Hispanic and Latino through Propaganda from news and entertainment Outlets corporations government agencies And universities a pair of national poll Polls show that only one percent of Hispanics prefer the representation woke Politicians and pundits impose on a Culture that has survived without it for Centuries on behalf of the Latino Advocacy group bienvenido WPA Intelligence conducted a poll of 1 and

288 Hispanic registered Democrat Republican in independent voters with a Three percent margin of error earlier This month recent National polls found That the community preferred to identify As Hispanic While others say that say American or Latino What is also super interesting is that 20 percent of respondents prefer to be Called American more than any other Category We have a clip to drive home this point Watch Talking to college students and on Alvera Street talking to Hispanics in Honor of Halloween and to see if my Outfit is offensive Would you guys like to chat with us Today That's what we want to talk to you about Hola You find my outfit offensive You find it off do you find it offensive Uh uh maybe a little do you think my Outfit is offensive Are you Mexican no yes We can I just ask you do you like my Costume I like your your mustache Monthly does my outfit offend you you Look no no no you look nice thank you do You like my costume yes does it offend You Yes offensive no no no nothing that's Good

Me Guapo this is a beautiful beautiful Well Democrats had a lot to say about The poll it turns out Which shouldn't be any surprise to us Conservatives political reports as Democrats seek to reach out to Latino Voters in a more gender-neutral way They've increasingly begun using the Word latinx a term that first began to Get traction among academics and Activists on the left only two percent Of those pulled refer to themselves as Latinx well 68 percent call themselves Hispanic and 21 favored Latino or Latina To describe their ethnic background According to the survey from Ben Dixon And amandi international a top Democratic firm specializing in Latino Outreach among Democrats 40 percent said Latinx bothers or offends them while 30 Percent said that they would be less Likely to support a politician or Organization using the term Democrat white women with college Degrees blamed Hispanic rejection of the Made-up term on Machismo culture or too much homophobia And transphobia among Hispanics According to the poll Hispanic culture Has more pressing issues to worry about Rather than buying into identity Politics pushed by far left left Extremist groups to gain votes from Minorities

Then uh Uh relying on them empty uh platitudes After another election season All right it's no secret that liberals Have been trying to Rebrand Hispanics in Recent years with the term latinx but as We all know it turns out that Hispanics Don't actually want that in fact none of Us want any of the changes that the woke Elitists are pushing what's even more Interesting is that 20 percent of Respondents said that they prefer to be Called American this just goes to show How out of touch the liberal Elites are They are so caught up in their own Racist woke agenda that they forget that Most people just want to be called American thankfully Trump is standing up For the rights of Hispanics and all Americans with his policies and rhetoric He's helping to expose the racist agenda Of the left and energize conservatives Across the country there's a red wave Coming and it's going to be better than Ever before Thanks largely to Trump let me know what You think though let's continue this Conversation in the comments below and Be sure to follow my independent Journalism on my YouTube search Ivory Hecker on YouTube for Next News Network I'm Ivory Hecker And now let's continue the conversation About veterans suicide rates because a

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