Old Joe Does the Unthinkable at the White House

By | December 15, 2022

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So Joe Biden invited a bunch of drag Queens and people with dozens of Different genders to the White House This week to celebrate him signing the Aurelianly named respect for Marriage Act it's really an assault on marriage Or as ABC news reports effectively this Means that all same-sex and interracial Couples who are legally married today Some 710 000 same-sex couples as of 2021 According to the U.S Census Bureau going Forward cannot be denied civil benefits Of their unions in any states if the Supreme Court precedents were to be Overturned but first the message for Your Slackers out there there's still It's time to order a trump claw Sweatshirt or any of my awesome designs From markdice.com and get him in time For Christmas but because you are a Slacker you have to pay for Rush Shipping which is just an extra I think Five bucks this weekend is to cut off I Think it's Sunday night so be sure to Get your orders in now seriously though Old Joe brought a bunch of drag queens And gender whatevers to the White House Too so celebrate him signing this new Abomination of a bill into law many of Them of course like to participate in The drag queen Story Hour and reading Books to small children one of the Famous ones that he brought has of Course a sexual innuendo name as many

Drag queens do because drag is a sexual Performance but here's old Joe a decade Ago before his dementia set in I can't Believe the American people can't see Through this Rowdy have a law the Defense of Marriage Act we've all voted Not or I voted another said look Marriage is between a man and a woman And states must respect that Nobody's violated that law there's been No challenge of that law why do we need A constitutional amendment marriage is Between a man and a woman what's the Game going on here you know actually Respected marriage more than old Joe and The Democrats today Bill Clinton well I Mean not in that way he also Disrespected marriage obviously but in Other ways he signed the 1996 respect For Marriage Act into law legally Defining marriage as between a man and a Woman that was when the gay Mafia was Just starting to get organized but Bill Clinton of all people put his foot down And stood up against him basically Telling them to go to hell but in 2015 The Supreme Court overruled that when The Marxist takeover was gaining steam In America not only have they redefining The official definition of marriage and By the way whenever talking about gay Marriage you should always use a mocking Tone of voice or air quotes when you're Typing it you should use quotes around

It to signify that you're not going Along with this cultural Marxist agenda And redefining words and relationships After tens of thousands of years of Human history it's not a marriage just Like these laboratory concoctions that These big corporate food conglomerates Are trying to pass off as synthetic meat It's not meat it's garbage the Cambridge Dictionary now changed their official Definition of woman they now say that It's an adult female human being which Of course it is but also an adult who Lives and identifies as female though They may have been said to have a Different sex at Birth they may have Been said to have a different sex at Birth that's from the Cambridge Dictionary I'm not kidding when I say That it won't be long now until it's a Violation of the terms of service on the Big Tech platforms and violation of the Code of conduct and most businesses Schools and Government offices to call a Transgender woman a transgender woman if You just simply use the word transgender When describing them that will be Considered to be hate speech they're Going to demand that you you call them Just a woman a real woman you know that Infamous arms dealer who old Joe did a Prisoner swap for with Russia in order To get out that basketball player Brittany Greiner well since he's a free

Man now he did an interview with a Russian television station and was Mocking or probably really just pitying The Ridiculousness in America Plus You know things are bad when The Merchant of death that's his nickname Because he was such an Infamous arms Dealer is making more sense than the President of the United States and in Case you're just getting up to speed on This the 72 different supposed genders Thing I mean well it is a joke uh the Liberals actually take that seriously They literally do believe that there are At least 72 different genders years ago Facebook identified 58 different genders And then it just keeps growing and Growing there's no other way to describe What's happening other than we are a Collapsing Empire what's happening to American culture is far worse than in The fall of Rome or even in Sodom and Gomorrah all they wanted was the right To get married they said but now gay men Across the country want to put on makeup And women's clothes and torque in front Of five-year-olds I'm tired of seeing Them I'm tired of hearing about them and I'm tired of talking about if these People are assaulting our society Especially the children the very Possible method they can imagine from Nickelodeon now to Disney and many of us Have tried to warn Society about this

When it first started happening about Five or six years ago when the drag Queen Story Hour first came on the scene Drag kid Desmond is amazing appeared on Good Morning America back in 2018 for Almost five years ago now not on Buzzfeed's YouTube channel ABC's Flagship show Good Morning America to a Salivating Michael Strahan while an 11 Year old boy danced around dressed in Drag where was the outrage back then Where were the Republican members of Congress where were the conservative Political pundits they were all silent Back then because they were afraid of Being called homo phobic so Society just Kept sliding further down that slippery Slope Alex Jones myself and a handful of Other independent conservative YouTubers Who aren't connected with any mainstream Brand name media Outlet have been Announcing this extremist agenda for Many years including drag queen's store Hour when it first started happening Back in 2017. there's a reason Alex Jones was right is a meme now and back In 2018 when he was banned from YouTube Of course he was banned from everything But one of the strikes that led to his Band on YouTube was literally him Denouncing an all ages drag queen event Where there were small children that Were being forced to watch drag queens Do simulated stripteases and he called

It an Abomination and YouTube said that That was hate speech but America gave Them an inch in 2015 with the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex Marriage and then just a few years later They had taken a mile but it really Wasn't until about the middle of this Year that it became a major issue Amongst conservatives and finally Members of Congress are talking about it Parents are showing up the school board Meetings even the proud boys are showing Up the drag queen events that involve Children to protest them but the Marxists are doubling down so buckle up America Because by the time the 2024 Election starts heating up in spring or Summer of next year things are really Going to get crazy and a reminder for You Slackers out there you can still get A trump cloth sweatshirt a climate Change shirt a classic liberalism find a Care shirt or any of my awesome designs By Christmas but you have to order them By this weekend and because you're a Slacker you have to pay for Rush Shipping which is just I think about an Extra five bucks but if you use the Promo code slacker at the checkout you Can save 10 off of anything so head on Over to markdise.com or click the link In the description below order your Trump claw sweatshirt and F Joe Biden's Shirt an ultra Magna shirt or any of my

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